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In case some of you guys already read the whole chapter and know the ending, I'm opening this thread so that you guys can add your opinions and discuss how the series has concluded on this thread. smile.gif

This thread will be full of spoilers!! If you would like to avoid being spoiled, please do not go on beyond the first page.

This thread is for posting your thoughts and opinions on the ending of FMA manga, as in how the story has concluded:

(Adding your general/casual thoughts for the ending of the chapter/ending of the series, as part of your general thought on the chapter 108 on chapter 108 content discussion thread instead is quite fine also. ^^)

But, if your post is solely about how the story has concluded, or if you would like to go "in-depth" with your comments on how FMA manga story ended, or otherwise you wish to add your comment on the ending of FMA manga story in general (vs the ending of FMA-1, etc,) then we hope to have your post with your thoughts and comments here! ^^

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Chapter 108, the final chapter of FMA manag is just about to come out, so.... I'm opening this thread so that you guys can add your opinions and discuss how the series has concluded on this thread. smile.gif
Kaori Ayanami
On FMA manga ending:
Given that it ended the way it ended, I think it's all right.
Hope sooo many mangas were this way. Maybe this ending will start a trend. XD

I already said this, but now I'm even more convinced: Arakawa, for manga readers sake... Start a new manga, pleeeease! Even if it is to be a half or less good than FMA, it will be something worth a lot of re-reading.

Ok, I’m posting this here because the final chapter discussion thread is already 20+ pages, I don’t like posting without reading everything before (to avoid repetitions and such) and there isn’t much to talk about the chapter other than the conclusion, since 50% of the chapter was made of epilogue.

First, let me talk about this epilogue thing: I can’t really say I hated or loved the ending yet, since I’m still kinda shocked; I just don’t think all of that was really necessary. What really bothered me was how fast things were done: they’re home and, in a matter of panels, they’re already leaving to distant places, then there’s the photos, and you’re like, ok, they’re back home and settled, and so on. I mean, it was HP all over again. I actually didn’t mind HP epilogue that much, since it was brief and presented in only one scene. But with FMA, I can’t really tell where (ok, guess I can, see my selfish rants below), but somewhere along this long conclusion I lost interest, and was passing by the pages of the raw, didn’t even bother to try to comprehend the sentences I didn’t get the meaning… I lost interest on the final pages. I don’t think I can ever forgive myself for that.
Guess that’s how my brother told me a while ago: the problem with endings is that, if they’re too loose, the plot won’t wrap up; if they’re too, how should I say, worked up, with correct pairings and destinations for characters settled, etc, it leaves the reader with a strange emptiness. Sometimes, it’s good not to talk about the future, to give the audience something to dream about. (ok, that is nothing like he put it to me in words, but I had to adapt). Of course, people will be able to fanfic at will about what the brothers did in their travels to help others, but it’s just not the same, idk. A little bit overdone.

Now, on to my really selfish rants. First, let me say that, since I entered the fandom through the first anime, I realized I was missing a lot of interesting things because of my obsession with Ed and Al’s fate. All I wanted to know was how their story ended: all the other characters were little more than fill-ups for me, and I didn’t pay attention to their interests, therefore missing the whole. When I started with the manga, full of hope of a better conclusion than that of the anime series, I made a personal commitment to not focus in only one or two characters side, like last time. This time, all of them would be equally important to me – because FMA just has the most awesome cast ever.
...Boy, I wish I could stick to that. I made progresses, but the brothers’ goal is still my main concern, although I understand why other fans may be more interested in other characters.

Considering all of this, after Ed managed to bring Al back (I particularly liked how it turned out), I was expecting everything would – how should I say? – settle down, so we could have full fruition (no idea if this is the right word) of the experience. After all, this IS the primary objective of the story. Let’s say, to me, it was too short. Though I liked the humoresque tone of the whole thing, Al’s face was priceless, him rediscovering the feeling of warmth; it made me smile all the way through, like I was also there celebrating with them. After that, the radio broadcast begins, and I was left like “this is it? The moment I’ve been waiting for ages?” Don’t know what I was expecting, if a more touching reunion of the brothers, some kind of private talk between them before the whole “let’s party with all the characters!” thing… I really don’t know, but I was left disappointed, as if it was too shallow. (just to clarify, though, I’m not into Elricest)
After that, all seemed a little opaque, and thus the epilogue started (for me). And then there was the Edwin scene; the thing I dreaded actually happened. Let me get this straight: I don’t like Winry, and probably never will. And I don’t buy this “childhood friends falling in love” thing either, hence I don’t like Edwin. But my main reason to hate it is the shippers: not all of them, but a bunch of them. It’s all they care about, I remember people saying whole epic chapters sucked because there was no Edwin. So, after this scene and the one with the babies, I probably won’t discuss this chapter in FMA communities, because of irritating, spamming Edwin fangirls’ squeals. That’s it. I was reasonably sure there wasn’t going to be any romantic development, since it’s a shounen series, but, now, can’t be helped. What can I say? I wanted it to end in open so I could imagine things didn’t work out for them, is this a sin? Would have been all good, if not the babies and all. Again, it’s a totally selfish and biased criticism.
For those Edwin shippers, my warning: I know what it is to be obsessed with one part and miss the story as a whole; believe me, stay away from that path.

Nothing much to comment (phew), liked how the Selim thing turned out, really glad for Mrs. Bradley. Still have a thing against Grumman, that he didn’t do anything and got all the prize. Didn’t quite get the Roy thing, need to re-read the chapter, paying attention this time. Who knows: maybe then I’ll be a little more satisfied. Oh, and on Ed and Al traveling in opposite sides of the map, didn’t like either. I know it is important for them to develop lives of their own, but them journeying alone kinda ruins the image we have on our minds; the image that will always be the synthesis of Fullmetal Alchemist for me: them traveling down the railroad side by side.

Sorry if I offended anyone here, not my intention, and sorry for ridiculously long, barely comprehensible post, I'm just upset I didn't like the epilogue that much sad.gif . All in all, I think the ending tried to satisfy all sides, without clinging to cliche bittersweet endings, and that was okay. Looking forward to whatever Arakawa-sensei is planning after this masterpiece.
Maybe I'll come back and comment on particular points, now I'm exhausted.
EDIT: couldn't sleep. Re-read the chapter, and felt a little better. With time, I can grow fond of it.
Anomia Grey
No, Anakishi, don't resent not enjoying the epilogue - there was so much hype and such a build up of suspense and excitement directed towards this chapter that it's bound not to be perfect. Also, your preferences in fiction and previously read mangas shape the way you feel about it. I specifically lowered my expectations just in case the ending was lack-lustre.

So my thoughts now? I was expecting the edwin - I'm happy it's still got Arakawa's twist and doesn't have a fanfic feeling. I'm not a huge Edwin fan, and I see why Winry can seem a quite a stereotypical character that is barely saved by her relevance to the brothers' character development. But the ending was nonetheless alright, not too sacharine, and very in keeping with Edward's character (I mean, seriously , if you had the guts to face an unholy allpowerful monstrosity and have come close to death multiple times over the past few months, you should be able to muster the courage to ask a girl out! edit: he did need two years to do it though)

It's true it sped through the lives of the characters, but the lack of sense of settlement is what makes me like it more than the HP ending. I felt it made me wander a lot more about what Ed and Al will be doing that I did about Harry - but then again this is the sort of ending I prefer, a dynamic open one that makes you feel that the fictional planet you have just visited will go on spinning after you've closed the covers of the book. And about the brothers traveling apart - well, to be fair, that is probably a feeling we all have. I've also gone into the fandom through the first anime, and have always been really fond of Armour-Al. As amazingly cute and fit Al may be now, I'll always find his former armoured self more interesting. The canon FMA universe will obviously not be the same, esp w/o Ed's clappy alchemy (I haven't read any translation of Roy's ending, so I don't know whether he keeps clapping transmutation or not). But so many new doors have been opened (the brothers traveling, Amestris' still wobbly political situation, unresolved Royai, Alkahestry now practicable in Amestris) that I don't mind it that much.

I can't wait for the translation so as to find out what's actually happened to Scar, Roy, Marcoh, and Bob the Blob. Please don't tell me Scar joins the millitary - now THAT I would have a problem with.
I'm REALLY disappointed with the lack of conclusion for Roy and Riza...that's going to bother me for a very long time...
I had a "d'awww" when little Selim showed up biggrin.gif

My biggest complaint is Roy and Riza.
I agree Roy and Riza should have a better conclusion, but everything else was perfect.
Ed's request to Winry was epic happy.gif
My fresh thoughts (not in order):

I liked what Ed has done to bring back Al. Sacrificing all his knowledge about alchemy for him is like sacrifice his whole life (or at least a big part of it)

I liked how the Greed - Ling "problem" has been solved, and the departure of Hohenheim. Really touching.

However I'm a bit embittered about the whole Roy thing. I do really hoped to see him as fuhrer despite the fact that Grumman has taken that role is a bit more "realistic" but highly unfair. Plus no hints to the 520 cenz promise. But the saddest thing is the no Roy - Riza interaction, I mean after all that is happened in the previous chapters...dunno I hope that Arakawa will do something like a "what's happened to the others?" chapter...

In conclusion I liked the ending, but , despite it was long, 100 pages weren't enough to solve everything with the usual and not rushed pace that Arakawa has always used in the other chapters.

Aw gosh I will really miss this series D:
A happy ending is not what i wanted to be honest . But after reading thru the raws , translations and everythin i could get my hands on , i'm pretty satisfied smile.gif no complaints .
Just finished reading the scanlation, and I've got to say that I was REALLY happy with the way the series ended. Of course there are still certain plot lines I wish could have been covered more in depth but like Anomia Grey said, I like endings that make you feel like the FMA world is an entity that will keep on changing for the better, in the ways the characters were striving to get to all along, and that the manga was just a little visit into that world. And what a visit it was. (WARNING LONG POST)

I'll admit it, I cried halfway through the chapter, once father was defeated/Al wasn't back/Hoho-papa and Ed had their little talk/yell/cry. And I don't get that way for many books/television shows/movies/mangas. Usually I'm able to keep myself more emotionally detached (generally just because the things I'm viewing or reading just aren't that good) but I felt like the denouement to this manga was done very well.

I'm an Edwin fan so of course I was happy that that happened (AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH BABIES! /spazzing). I'm also happy about Al/Mei. Overall I'm just happy that the brothers, after such a long journey, have been able to overcome most of the hardships and mistakes they've made. I'm actually happy that they're traveling separate. I think it shows not only that they've reached a spectacular point of independence, but moreover that they've reached (or are reaching) a peace in their life. Think about it. For me the brothers bond is one major pieces of DNA to the story. The image of them walking side by side and going home together was beautiful. But I feel like part of the reason that they had a hard time staying apart was not just because they were lonely, but because they were scared. Scared to be alone, but also scared that something bad would happen to the other. Now a bit of worrying isn't a bad thing, but I think since Trisha's death it became so much more than that. So the fact that they're able to separate at the end makes me happy, because I think it shows the readers that they're in a healthier state of mind/that they're comfortable enough in the world to take such a journey. And it's not like they're truly separate--after all they're chasing after the same goal, just like they always have been.

And that last point is what brings me to my feelings about Roy/Riza. I'm a Royai shipper as well, though to be honest not as heavily as any other pairing in FMA. Which may be why I wasn't too upset with their ending. Yes it would have been nice to have a reunion between the two, but as someone said before we know that they were reunited in the end, with Riza protected Roy's back as always. I think a lot of people are disappointed in the ending for Royai not because Riza's back in her original position under Roy (I assume) but because there wasn't any change to show anything more between the two of them. But I'm not upset with their end because even if we don't see it happening, I think its implied that their ending is a happy one. I think through this battle (the whole promised day struggle not just this chapter) I think they've really come to realize not only how much they care about the each other, but they're able to see how much the other one cares for them. And in the end, just like Ed and Al (except that the relationships are better), they're reaching for the same goal, just like always, and their doing it together.

Also its just pretty much implied Roy's about to be Fuhrer. I mean Grumman implied Armstrong and him are the two people who are helping him the most, but we already know that central is hesitant to except Briggs after the promised day, and we know that Grumman favors Roy at this point (especially if Roy, I don't know, marries his granddaughter?)

Hoho's end was nice, I like that he died happy and with Trisha. The Xingian's ending was nice too, especially since we know Ling/Mei/Lan Fan get what they want (the crown, Al, and Ling hahaha) and that everyone stays in touch. I also really like the radio broadcasts at the end, because I liked hearing about what Roy was accomplishing two years later, and made me feel confident that his promise to become Fuhrer would be reached. Also the ending line "you will gain an irreplaceable fullmetal heart" WAS EPIC. I almost starting bawling there. It cemented to me that Arakawa is a freaking GENIUS story crafter. All hail the cow! (Who needs to come out with more works soon!)

I'll miss this series A LOT. It's been one hell of a journey.

Can't stop crying right now.

Hopefully I'll write more coherent thoughts when I reread it again.
I enjoyed it very much. Will be rereading again, will probably get teary eyed again. I need to gather my thoughts and will probably be editing this post later.
....after calming down a bit, it actually wasn't a half-bad ending. I was just upset because of the random Edwin ending, and no 520 cenz promise or anything like that. Oh well, I'll take what I can get. And that is: Al's body, Ed's arm, Hohenheim dying.... it was over all a good ending for the story, and I'm done being mad. smile.gif

I couldn't have wished for anything more intense, emotional, beautiful and satisfying.

Love you Fullmetal Alchemist, I'll miss you. Thanks Arakawa-sensei!
All right, let me just add a quick reminder to EVERYONE:

Please remember that this thread is for posting your thoughts on how FMA story has concluded (you can discuss any part of it, or all of it in general, etc. etc.) What you can NOT post here is dissing of other FMA fans, be it shippers of certain FMA parings, say, Royai fans, EdWin fans, RoyWin fans or whatnot. If any of you happen to forget and make such comment, please don't mind that the board staff may EDIT your such comments, with or without any further notice. smile.gif

@Hagaren_4ever - To prevent possibly inciting any further such comments, I edited part of you post. Hope you don't mind. smile.gif

(I haven't read all the posts here yet, but if anyone sees any post that's "dissing other FMA fans, FMA pairing 'shippers, etc." please PM me or any of the Mods and let us know, and we'll take care of it. smile.gif )
^Aw, I don't mind. Sorry about that. Just a post earlier on the thread set me off. ^^"

Anyhoo, the second part of my post said that I didn't mind the ending now that I had thought about it... but actually, I'm upset that Scar's name wasn't revealed. What was up with that? Arakwaw lied. sad.gif I reeeaaaally hope she does a Gaiden and/or Guidbook. >_<

(@Hagaren_4ever - I edited out only the "possible 'shipper-war inciting" portion of your post, and I left your comment on the ending of manga on your post intact. ^^ ~ Tombow)
Full Metal Elf
My initial reaction is that I enjoyed the happy ending. I don't see why every story has to end so sadly, this one started out depressing... it deserved a happy ending.

I am disappointed there was no Roy/Riza stuff in the last few pages. I hope she does something to clear-up a little about what those two are up to.

Otherwise, I did enjoy it. I never considered what Ed would sacrifice to get Al's body back, and I am glad it wasn't Hohenheim.

I'll have to read it a few more times and write a better review.
This is exactly the type of ending I LOVE.

A lot of series would be just fine to end the series after the big fight and that would be that; here, Hiromu Arakawa went out of her way to resolve loose ends and complete the characters' arcs in what is really a very fitting coda to the series. This may be the last chapter of FMA, but is far from the last chapter for Ed, Al, Mustang, Hawkeye, Scar, Ling, May, and everyone else in that world.

It's a very bittersweet ending too- especially with the sacrifice of Greed, the death of Hohenheim at Trisha's grave, and Ed giving up his alchemy in order to bring his brother back. That just makes it even better- some of the best happy endings have some slight sense of loss. The only thing, though, is that I wish they had more thoroughly addressed the issue of the atrocities committed at Ishval, particularly Mustang and Hawkeye. One of the most moving parts of their characters' stories is their overwhelming sense of guilt for what they did down there, and how everything they were doing- taking down a corrupt government in lieu of a more democratic and just system- meant they were putting their own necks in the guillotine, all for the sake of future generations. They wanted a system where they would inevitably stand trial for war crimes; I was a bit disappointed that they didn't bring that up.

Overall, though, I think it's very, very satisfying. Some people said this ending made them feel sad; I can't say the same for me, because the way it was ended made it feel like things didn't really end. I don't mean that it lacked resolution; quite the opposite in fact. What I meant that was the story ended, but the characters and their lives have continued on.
Mr. Deathy
So I guess I would say I'm satisfied. A lot of things were expected, some things weren't, but overall at least we don't have any forced "shock" ending for the sake of it. The ending followed logical sense in FMA, it still had some tragedy, some room for fans to continue making theories (or fanfiction if they desire) and a lot of happyness.

I'm very glad that Ed didn't accept Hohenheim's offer and found his own way in the end and it did still make sense.

The pairings that did happen I'm happy with and they seem cute.

I do have a few issues though, but they don't spoil the ending as a whole for me:

- Roy's story feels incomplete. Perhaps this was intentional on Arakawa's part, but considering he felt like the third main character of the series, it seems he and Riza lost out with the ending. I guess this at least leaves something open to Fan interpretation and perhaps this was Arakawa's intention. Perhaps she appreciates that some areas of the hardcore fandom love to have one last thing to ponder about after a series and continue to debate.

-Greed's death overshadowed Hohenheim's. It was the most powerful one in the chapter, where as Hohenheim's was kind of downplayed, but I guess you can argue there that's how it should be, because all he wanted was to die together with his wife, always there's a nice tragedy in the fact at the very end he wished he could live a bit longer with his kids.

-No real explanation behind Father's existence, but I did expect that. At least we got a resolution to the idea that he came from the gate of truth (Hohenheim's truth I guess) and the end was locked back from where he came.

-Gruman as Fuhrer? Really?


Anyway yeah, other than that, I was happy...and I look forward to seeing this animated.
Winry Rockbell~
It was GORGEOUS. I couldn't have wished for a better ending. The only thing wrong with it was how some of the fans are upset over lack of Royai and too much Edwin. (Edwin seems to be really unpopular <.<;;). I agree that Royai didn't get the best closure, but it was satisfying enough for me. They are working in Ishbal together to help the Ishbalans get their lives back. I think ti's perfect. I always thought of them as very very close friends more than lovers, anyway. But that's just my opinion ^.^;; I found that Al and Mei getting together was cute, and not unexpected. Like I mean, look what they did for each other in these last few chapters. And no one can whine about their relationship being "cliche" (like how many people refer Edwin to), because it's not everyday a fangirl and a hero hook up. tongue.gif I have no problem with the Almei.

Ling is Emperor now (boy, he looks so weird- sitting there all stiff and strict. I can't really imagine him being emperor, but I guess he'd kinda have a split personality now, his "silly, Ling one" and his "stern, Emperer one." Congrats on him for finally reaching his goal, and for Ranfan to be faithfully behind him. also bless Fuu, he was incredibly brave and we will all miss him.

Now, the Father beat up scene was gruesome, and I loved it. No matter how sexy Father is, he deserved it. Every square inch of abs and toned muscles deserved that beating and defeat XD. His death was pretty unique, too. I also loved how Ed called Hoho "father" for the first time, with tears running down his face. Hoho's death was beautiful too. Now he and Trisha are together, finally.

I loved it when Ed got Al back. So crafty how he could sacrifice his eternal knowledge for his brother. Guess that destroys the whole "No one can take your knowledge form you" saying. XD And the happiness everybody showed when Al came back-gorgeous.

Now, on to Ed, Al and Winry reuniting. This is permanently my favorite panel in all of Fullmetal Alchemist. The three main characters of FMA: The two heroes and the heroine, finally embrace each other in a hug, and finally, everything is all right, happy. It was so gorgeous, I got teary-eyed. So happy that the brothers and Winry are together. Ed and Al definitely worked for what they deserved. Bravo, magical, mystic, marvelous.

I also liked Al talking to Gracia. Happy she got some panels, too. I also like how the chimeras are still focused to keep going to gain their real bodies back. It's great that Al is gonna help them and they'll be his "bodyguards", too.

Of course, the gorgeous Edwinry "proposal scene." It is SO like Ed and Winry to do that. For Ed to use his geeky little scientific brain to try and tell Winry he loved her. Really, Ed. XD Using science for love? Who knew THAT could happen...only Ed can make it possible. I also liked his expression when she told him that she was going to give him ALL of her. Innuendo, much? Maybe that's why she was blushing when she started making up percentages. So sweet. And the hug was just perfect. I'm SO glad that Ed made the move. I don't know why, but I always wanted Ed to do the confessing first. Just cause guys don't do that often, and he did. What a brave litt-I mean VERY TALL guy. I mean, I'm serious. In the future pictures, Ed grew a whole head taller than Winry. In fact, EVERYONE is taller than her! Looks like she is the new "chibi-san" now. Loved the future pics of everyone- especially the Havoc rehab one and the Ed, Winry, Al, Mei and babies picture. Those two are my favorite. Me, being a huge Edwin fan, loved the ending. It left me perfectly satisfied and happy, no matter what fans says.

Thank you SO much Hiromu, for making this the most incredible piece of literature/art I have ever seen or read. Se real, so gorgeous, so emotional, so-EVERYTHING. I will miss FMA, but it will stay with me forever. Thank you. smile.gif
Overall, I couldnít be happier about this ending. Not all loose ends were tied, but I felt that the ones that needed to be given resolution the most were given just that, and the ones that werenítÖ well, thatís precisely what fanfics and fanarts are for.

Thoughts in no particular order:

- I read the spoilers against my better judgment, but that hardly lessened the impact of this chapter for me. There were so many moments: I didnít expect Greedís departure to be so touching, and was really happy with the way his character developed. The scene with Ed trying to decide what to do was also very heart-wrenching, especially when he cried in front of his father. I got chills at Ed performing his final transmutation to bring Al back, and then walking together back through Alís gate. I found the Selim thing to be a little odd, but Iím wondering if it has anything to do with Arakawaís experience as a mother. This chapter sure had a lot of family themes, at least.

- Iím glad that in the end the theme of friendship, family, and not having to be alone was given the most importance. Although itís a very standard shounen theme, Arakawa does it in a very believable and effective way that makes this series great. It was really moving how Ed realized that he was not alone in his journey, and gave him the answer to bring Al back. I had a lump in my throat watching Ed just smile serenely, completely at peace with his decision. Homunculusís end could not have been more fitting and in sharp contrast to Edís humility and realization at the end. Although I felt a little sad watching him no longer able to perform alchemy, he said it best that alchemy had been a crutch for him and was hampering with his development as a person.

- The theme of life/rebuilding versus death/self-sacrifice also came up again. I love how Arakawa turns self-sacrifice on its head as an act of selfishness rather than selflessness, as she shows in how Ed gets Al back without sacrificing any part of his body. Another great example is in Scar, who believes that he should be dead, but is instead convinced to live and make a better future for others. And Ed and Al are making good on their promise to ďlive and perhaps find a way to help girls like Nina,Ē which came up back when Al scolded Ed for trying to sacrifice his life in front of Scar. I was surprised at first but then very pleased to find that Arakawa hadnít forgotten about this.

- I also found it interesting how both Al and Ed discovered ways to ďupendĒ the law of equivalent exchange. It reminded me of Al asking Kimblee why they could not get their bodies back and save everyone. With that very scenario coming true at the end, I guess itís no surprise that Al now believes in a better way than equivalent exchange. And of course Ed now sees how easily equivalent exchange can be overturned just like that biggrin.gif

- Although I wouldíve also liked more screentime for Roy, I was satisfied with what did happen in this chapter. Roy was and always will be an idealist, and him immediately wanting to gather his subordinates now that heís been given a new mission is 100% like him. I was very happy to see that heís still very active and helping to change the country for the better. Although we didnít get to see much of him on an individual level, we heard a great deal about him through the radio and Grumman, and it sounds like heís doing a lot for the country as well as helping to confront his and many othersí personal demons from what happened at Ishval. As for Roy/Riza, I was slightly disappointed at first, but now that I look back a bit I think the hug scene and everything theyíve been through together up until now is enough. Unlike Ed and Winry, whose feelings for each other developed over the course of the manga and had yet to resolve their romantic tension, Roy and Riza have been on the same page from the very beginning. Although we never got an overt confession from either of them, the way they work together and can understand each other is on a level thatís already very intimate.

- That last photograph of the new Elric family was so beautiful that I nearly cried looking at it. Iíve never seen Ed smile so happily, and itís just so beautiful that the brothers finally have the family theyíve always been looking for. This entire chapter was pretty much everything that Iíve been looking forward to forever, and seeing it all finally happen was justÖ incredible.

QUOTE (hawkflame @ Jun 10 2010, 03:51 PM) *
Overall, though, I think it's very, very satisfying. Some people said this ending made them feel sad; I can't say the same for me, because the way it was ended made it feel like things didn't really end. I don't mean that it lacked resolution; quite the opposite in fact. What I meant that was the story ended, but the characters and their lives have continued on.

That's exactly how I feel! I love that the characters are still moving forward smile.gif

Thanks, Arakawa, for this amazing manga. Itís been one fun ride thatís lasted years for me.
It definitely did what it needed to do, but the epilogue was kind of meh.

Why would they bring Selim back...and does this deserve panels over other stuff? They don't even really explain how Selim is growing or what his existence is like, and as far as I know we were never made aware that homunculi could live without a philosophers stone. I mean, the idea they brought up -- of humans and homunculus living together -- it's inane drivel. A homunculus is a monster -- it lives on a philosophers stone which is fueled by human lives...the idea of keeping a homunculus around is not only idiotic and insane, it's politically correct nonsense.

But, in short, I'm just disappointed there weren't any Roy/Riza or even Roy/Ed panels (think 520 cenz promise).
Mr. Deathy
^A homunculus is a "created human", that's what the term really means in alchemy, a human created that wasn't born from parents.

The philosopher's stone powered kind were Father's way of putting his sins into people and controlling them as his own personal obedient homunculus.

Edward seemingly destroyed Pride's stone but somehow with the alchemy knowledge he's gained throughout the series, he "reset" Selim into the form of a child with no memories. He allowed him to be born again and live as a human child.

It wasn't something the Homunculus Pride deserved, but he done it for the sake of Mrs. Bradley and because of his resolution not to kill.
Killer BOB
NO DENNY/MARIA?!?!?!?!? *burns collection of volumes* tongue.gif

I have mixed feelings on a lot of things, but I'm betting that, much like other series I've followed religiously (Lost, Battlestar Galactica*), once I'm detached from the initial hype and emotional surge the finale brings around I'll be better able to put my thoughts into order.

The two aspects that I can say at the moment were note-perfect were Father and Hohenheim's endings. Homunculus getting just desserts (was the implication that he at one point was one of the creepy eyes that come out of the door?) and Hoho (I'm so sentimental at the moment, I'll break my traditional aversion to cutesy fan nicknames) slipping quietly were just brilliant, with the latter getting me a wee bit misty-eyed.

*Though I probably would have appreciated an epilogue of Lust and Gluttony walking through modern New York while Jimi Hendrix blasted.
I'm not disappointed in the lack of Royai. I never once thought Roy and Riza were in love. I see it more like, you know how some cultures have it where if you save a persons life they're indebted to you obsessively for the rest of their lives? That's how I see Riza's relationship with Roy. I don't see romance there, but a commitment.

Also, why do I feel like Arakawa kept Pride alive partly in case she ever wanted to do a sequel. I know she'll never DO a sequel, but he just feels like a set up for villain material to make the fans wonder. I guess we'll never know.
@Tombow - really sorry, guess I was the one who incitedHagaren_4ever. Feel free to edit my post too, if you will, though I was just trying to be honest to myself so I could make my point.

@ Anomia Grey - thanks for the reply, yes, that's how I feel about it now. After reading the chapter twice alone and once with my brother I'm getting a diferent point of view. The epilogue was not wrapping all the plot up, it was actually introducing new possibilities (the ishval railroad, little Selim, etc) and, like you said, making sure the FMA world will keep on spinning after we close the book. It made me really happy. happy.gif

I especially liked the feeling of "deja-vu" we get in many of the lines (in the original version, at least), the facial expression and lines of the characters often took you back to old chapters, really a nice touch.

And like tigerchic121 said there IS a meaning in the brothers taking different routes (really liked how you put it), although I'm still unsatisfied with it. Maybe I'll change my opinion, maybe I'll just erase this little detail off my mind. Who knows?
I think this chapter really brought home a lot of the main things this manga was about, and that everyone's fates were well-suited. Ed sacrificed his alchemy in order to bring Al back, and he said something along the lines of, "I've always been human." The manga was about being human - about suffering, messing up, and then pulling yourself back up, fixing your mistakes and using what you learned to better the world and those you love and wish to protect. So, that's what Ed did. He "beat Truth." That was a brilliant scene, and something I've been looking forward to since Ed swore, "We're going to take down that bastard Truth and get your body back!"

A nice touch was Ed's right arm wrapped around Al's body when they exited the doors. I don't mind that he didn't get his leg, because I agree with him, that it's a nice reminder of all they've gone through. A reminder of their mistake and, in a way, a souvenier, I Winry WOULD kill him if he got rid of it.

Hohenheim's scenes were phenominal - all of them. Ed crying for the first time (I believe) since almost losing Al, finally calling him a father, and then his tearjerking death scene. It's sweet simplicity was so much stronger than a melodramatic self-sacrifice ever could have been. His last thoughts really brought home what his character was all about, and that final "I don't want to die" was so very human and moving. Now, he's with Trisha, and who could ask for more?

Ed and Al's return to Resembool ate up a few tissues as well. When Winry cried 'tears of joy' and came and they all hugged, the panel was beautiful and the scene was breathtaking. Al insisting to walk on his own two legs to the house, and then later pledging to see the world with his eyes and travel it on his feet was great. That was one of the best parts- Al finally getting back everything he lost after all he's gone through, and regaining his body (which I'm not going to lie is looking pretty damn good towards the end there!) And, it was a nice surprise that he lived up to fans' predictions and decided to move to Xing to study alkastry with Mei!

The mentions of Nina were great, too, since she really did changed a lot of what the manga was about, and how the brothers looked at life, and their role in the world as alchemists and as humans.

Roy regained his eyesight, which was a huge relief, and agreed to atone for what he did in Ishbal by pretty much reversing it, which I think is an important thing for him to do before becoming Fuhrer. I think that was a very good move on Arakawa's part, because I hadn't thought of it myself, that he should fix up the last bits of his imperfect past before moving forward to lead the country. And I'm glad to see Riza's by his side as well. My only regret is that there weren't any scenes with Roy himself, really- he had the Marcoh scene, and from then on we learned about him through Grumman and the radio. I would have liked to see him speaking to Ed one last time, or had a mention of the 520 cenz promise.

Ling becoming Emperor was rewarding and conclusive. I was glad to see him reach that goal, and I really liked the last scene with Greed, where he sacrificed himself for his friends. What an un-Greedy thing to do! Rather than being tied down and forced into a pot of boiling lava he sacrificed himself for what he cared about. A nice contrast, and a very interesting way to settle the Greeling issue.

Ed's proposal was another one of the genius scenes. It was so in-character for both of them, and very Arakawa-ish. Comparing it to "equivalent exchange" was adorably geeky, and made me laugh and die of happiness at the same time. I was glad to see this resolved (I knew it had to be) and to see that they made babies together XD

Although I was like, "WHAT???! NO SCAR NAME???!!!" the line, "I already died twice. Call me what you'd like," was so amazing, so fitting, and very climatic that I'm not too disapointed here. It's interesting what he's decided to do with his life, and I'm so very happy he didn't die, especially in that bizarrely hilarious way the first anime pulled it off - you know, losing both arms, building hopping, and getting shot.

Another thing I like is the hopefulness of the ending. Another main theme of the manga has always been hope - the boys always trudged on, even when all seemed dark, every character fought against everything from physical handicaps to emotional scars to scarring pasts, and yet each of them overcame their weaknesses and became better for it in the end. Ed learned to live without alchemy, and to live as a man trying to better the world, and he started a family with Winry. Al went on to try to help the world as well, and, I'm assuming, is with Mei. The chimeras are trying to figure out a way to reverse what happened to them for themselves and people like Nina, Havoc continues to struggle to 'catch up to' Roy, Roy and Riza are making up for what they did in Ishbal, Scar is taking all he's been through and learned and trying to bring meaning to the rest of his life, Black Hayate reproduced, and Hohenheim finally got what he wanted- a reunion with his beloved wife, Trisha. People like the Armstrongs, Roy's subordinates, and even good old Yoki overcame obstacles in their life and moved on.

This is why it's the best manga, and one of the best series ever written - the plots were all crafted perfectly, the characters were all likeable and well-developed, and the themes were true-to-life and well presented. This story is, as far as I can see, unparalled.
Oh yeah.. I'd forgotten about the 520 cenz promise. Now I'm a little upset about that. Arakawa had a chapter named about it even.. Oh well..

I wish we could have had more conclusion on Roy's eyesight.
Anomia Grey
I know many people are unhappy with the Roy ending, but I like how he's not a Fuhrer just yet - it gives the story a sense of movement and doesn't slap a sense of finality to it.

And let's be happy Ed doesn't have to return the 520 cenz, being unemployed and everything. If I could draw, I'd make a small strip of him washing dishes and changing nappies, with the caption: 'I am... a housewife.' The legacy continues smile.gif

How does he even have money to travel? I can so see him ending up broke and starving in a comedic way, like Hoho in Lior.
His Name is Unknown
...and so, the story ends as it began...

The cycle of the great Philosophers from East and West begins again, as the sons of Hohenheim begin a new quest for the sake of mankind. A quest, not to nullify the horrors of alchemy with an equal trade, but a quest to move beyond the principle of an eye for an eye and to replace Equivalent Exchange with Unconditional Exchange.

What a fitting conclusion. I think I'm going to shed manly tears. laugh.gif
My thoughts:

-Ok..did anyone else cry when Hohenheim died in front of Trisha's grave??? Because I had a STREAM of tears rolling down my face.

-When Al felt his father's touch, that made me tear up a bit too.

-I wish there was a little more resolution for the Xingese. (I'm also a big fan of LingXLanFan....but I knew that wouldn't happen!)

-I am not a fan of Royai, (obviously) but I am VERY VERY annoyed with the lack of resolution for both characters individually. I feel like there are just too many unanswered questions for them!!! Riza's tattoo, Roy's sight, his role, his past, Roy's promise, ROY ROY ROY!!! I just wanted a little more ROY!!! **shakes fist**DAMN YOU ARAKAWA!!!

-SELIM....REALLY??? meh...

-I don't know how I feel about Ed giving up his ability to perform alchemy....I understand WHY it had to happen, but I guess deep inside I know that this is REALLY THE END, And because he lost his ability, Arakawa will not continue their story in any way shape or form.(I know I know...but a girl could hope, right??) It's like she left the story of the other characters open, but the main ones CLOSED FOR BUSINESS. sad.gif

-LOVED LOVED LOVED THE EDWIN!!!! Unlike many other people, I LOVE WINRY!!! I think she's just a great, sweet, and loving character. I love Ed X Winry, even though I'm not really a shipper of the pairing. Ed's "proposal" of sorts was just so special, and made me smile! biggrin.gif

-The final photo montage....well...I dunno how I feel about it. Basically, the photos brought closure only to Ed, Al, Hoho, and Ling. But Roy's photo.....*sigh*.....oh well....

In comparison to the first anime series, I gotta be honest. I prefer the way the first series ended over this one. Of course, I have my own personal reasons for it! haha...

However, what I loved about the manga was its broad cast of characters. Especially, Ling, Lan Fan, and Olivier. Those characters really made the whole manga series stand apart from the first anime for me.

I think I'll manage getting over the loss of FMA, by continuing my fanfiction. (of which people keep asking me to finish! lol)

I'm soooo going to miss it...

The last page:

"Thank you for reading all these years. Please look forward to Arakawa-sensei's new work."

"NEW WORK"....I can't even.....I.....****CRIES****
well, this is the end beautiful friends.

9 years...and now it's over sad.gif

EdxWin fanservice, EdxWin babies, happy.gif

I am, however, disappointed at how Hoho went away, I always thought he'd give himself up for someone and there would be an emotional outburst from Ed, but *shrug* Arakawa knows best.

As for the Royai, here's my feeling: their future is left to our imagination, and perhaps fanfiction will take over.

overall though...the message of the last page was clear and summed up the whole series, and is actually similar to a lyric sung by singer corey taylor

"The only way out is through the pain."
Guess I'll pop in for my once-a-blue-moon-epic-manga-chapter-sqee.. =]

I'm still in shock... Read the final chapter earlier today, and I'm still stunned. I don't think I've quite absorbed everything that's happened, so my input is mostly emotional.

A lot of things that were on the edge of my mind were said earlier in the thread, with a lot more expansion and eloquence on the topic(s), so I don't have much to add.

I wished that a little more time was spent on the epilogue part - another chapter, at least. I think the quick wrap-up is the reason why the ending seemed somewhat inconclusive. It went too fast and brushed by a lot of characters, and that's my main complaint.

I'm so glad, though, that Ms. Arakawa gave the manga a happy ending. It might not have tied up everything, but I don't know if we ever really expected it to... The Reuniting/Tears of Joy panel with our favorite Resembool Trio was enough for my sentimental heart. Really beautiful. I love the smile on Ed's face. I couldn't think of a better reunion between them... and Ed's proposal and his hug. Brilliant. So in-character, and the photo of the Elric family followed that up very nicely. It's nice to see them all grown up.

I know certain other things were left hanging intentionally, and I think that was a good, sensible move. With the Elrics, the ends were a lot neater to wrap up (as it only involved a small amount of people), thus a more conclusive ending. With Roy and Amestris, however... I like what Anomia Grey said about a sense of movement and not total finality. But it also reflects a sense of realism. It wouldn't have been possible for Central to recover so quickly, even after two years... A country through so much political turmoil and upheaval would certainly take longer than two years to get back on its feet and functioning normally.

So in that regard, Arakawa did the right thing. Although... I'm still not so sure how I feel about this new Selim. And I can't say much about the lack of a Roy-Fuhrer or Royai conclusion... although someone mentioned that Ed's and Winry's romantic relationship/non-relationship? developed over the course of the manga, whereas Roy and Riza have always been on the same page. So I guess I can accept that.

Right now, I'm still trying to process everything, but I feel at such a loss. I've only been in the FMA fandom for about four years, and it was almost the entire duration of my high school career (kinda weird it ended right after grad...), but damn...

A lot happens in four years, and I'm definitely not the same person who started reading this all those years ago.. So, Hiromu Arakawa, thanks for being there every month, without fail. I'm sure as hell gonna miss this.
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