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As the manga we've all devoted years of interest, passion, and feeling into draws to an end, I have to pay tribute to my favorite parts of Fullmetal Alchemist - the excellent writing, characters, scenes, and storyline. And so, I will be counting down the last thirteen days until the final chapter (Jnue 11th) by posting a countdown in tribute to the excellent manga that we all love so dearly.

Here are the topics I fill in starting May 29th:

- Top 13 Scenes

- Top 12 Cover/Chapter Illustrations

- Top 11 Sexiest Characters

- Top 10 Funniest Moments

- Top 9 Panels

- Top 8 Quotes

- Top 7 Battles

- Top 6 Pairings

- Top 5 Heroes

- Top 4 Villains

- Top 3 RIPs

- Top 2 Mascots

- #1 Manga Ever Written

I've figured out everything I'm going to fill these in with, and I'd be interested to see if anyone agrees, and to have us all reminsce our favorite moments and characters of FMA as the topics go along day by day.
My Top 13 Scenes of Fullmetal Alchemist (in chronological order):

1. The Nina/Tucket Incident
Up until this storyline, Fullmetal Alchemist was just like any other shounen manga: a couple of superheroes who come across a new obstacle each chapter, and always overcome it with their beliefs in justice and whatever their "superpowers" (in this case, alchemy) are. They righteously revealed Cornello, ran Yoki out of the mining town, and saved the passengers of a hijacked train. A pattern had developed, but it was suddenly shattered by the devastating story of the Tucker family. For the first time, the brothers couldn't save the day.

Nina, a sweet toddler who captured all our hearts in an instant, and her large, loveable dog immediately gained our sympathy and our love, so when their horrid, irreversible fate was revealed, and the apparently eyeless Tucker proudly presented his experiments to the brothers, we were all just as disgusted, just as horrified, and desperate to find a way to undo Tucker's terrible experiment as the Elrics. We found the brothers were not perfect, that they could not save everyone, and saw their strengths, weaknesses, and the differences in their personalities. At the end of the chapter, we are also presented to Scar, who takes Nina and Alexander from their misery in the name of his god.

This was the turning point of the manga; the start of the long, fierce and unfair battle the brothers would find themselves caught in, and introduced the main players. The dark, chilling story of the Tucker family not only haunts the Elrics, but the readers as well.

2. Hughes' Death and Funeral
This was another major turning point in the story, and an emotional one as well. We all still miss Hughes, and always will. The friendly, obsessive family man who'd call Roy up just to brag about his baby girl made us laugh and eventually cry during his heroic death, where he "learned too much" and then met his devastating fate: being killed by an enemy disguised as his wife. His tear-jerking funeral only added to the strong emotions as his daughter cries for her father, and Roy sheds tears at his best friend's grave.

Hughes' death, and the clues he left behind, were vital to the events that followed: Ross' flee to Xing, the discovery of the military corruption, Roy's obsession with revenge, and, most importantly, Winry's baking talents. Once again, we learned how dangerous the world the Elric's lived in was, and how anyone could go at any minute if they weren't careful.

3. Edward Digs Up His Own Mother's Grave
A scene full of strong emotion as Edward, with the assistance of Pinako, goes to his own mother's grave, clutching onto a shovel, and digs it up in the rain, driven by his father's words: "are you sure it was really Trisha?"

Ignoring the pain it gives him, Ed completes the task and realizes it wasn't his mother, that no one can be brought back to life. Despite the loss, he feels relieved, and sees it as confirmation that Al can regain his body.

4. Lan Fan Cuts Her Arm Off
It's really quite simple: it was pure bad arse. As a sacrifice for her Prince and their protection, she raises a blade to her shoulder and slices her arm off to mislead Bradley. Not to mention that it led to her getting automail, which only added to her epicness. The scene was shocking, and at the same time you felt a surge of pity for her, the thoughts, "Holy ...., she is f*!@ing brave" kind of overpowered that, and her character gained our respect and trust.

5. Winry Tries to Kill Scar
This was a heart wrenching, jaw-dropping scene where the Elric's mechanic and childhood friend places down her usual wrenches and points a gun at her parents' killer, tears streaming down her cheeks as she demands a reason for what Scar did as the brothers stand by, at a loss for what to do or say to make her lower the gun. It was a highly dramatic scene, and a key point for Winry's character as she finally sets down the gun as Ed reminds her "these hands weren't made for killing," bringing her back to the time she delivered a baby in Rush Valley, and all the people she's helped stand again with her talents.

6. Ling Becomes Greed
This was probably one of the biggest shockers next to Hughes' death: the hilarious Prince of Xing, Ed's newest partner in crime and our newest favorite character for comedy relief, willingly accepts Greed, and survives the transformation into a homunculus, ripping away the beloved Ling to replace him with a new villain. It's a scene that keeps us asking, "Did that really just happen?" and gave us hope when Ed punched Greeling, demanding, "What about Lan Fan?" and caught a glimpse of the old Ling- he was still in there, he had gained the Philosopher’s Stone, but there didn't seem to be a way to get him back.

This scene also led to the great character of Greeling, the strange combination of two very different characters living in the same body, arguing constantly, except for the few moments they compromise, allowing one to take over for the other, depending on the situation. He proved to be one of the most interesting, and coolest characters of the series.

7. The Ishbal Flashback
Riza relates the story of the gory, terrible war that destroyed so many lives, wiped out an entire nationality, and shaped the corrupted country of Amestria. The story of Ishbal was so realistic, so chilling, so bloody, and so well presented. The confusion of the battlefield, the devastation of the lost, hopeless soldiers, and the battle for survival and justice was breathtaking, enthralling, and in the end, chilling. We were able to see how characters like Roy, Riza, Armstrong, and Kimblee became who they are today, why they do what they do, and the secrets of Flame Alchemy. Ishbal was one of the threads that pulled the entire story into focus, and was a perfectly crafted storyline.

8. Hohenheim's Story
All along, we were wondering, "Why the hell did the bearded bastard leave? How could he turn his back on the sweet Trisha and his two adorable sons?" In this quick half-of-a-chapter, we get a glimpse into Hohenheim's domestic life, his struggle to find a place to fit in, and his final decision to leave and do what he knows he needs to do to protect not only his family, but all the innocent citizens of Amestria.

While we were on Ed's side all along, cursing his father for leaving, we suddenly sympathize with the tragic hero: we see his love for his family, but also his torment as he fears touching his own children, viewing himself as a monster. Despite being the strongest alchemist, he finds himself clueless and helpless when it comes to raising his sons, feeling as if he can't do anything to help him. The real killer was the photograph scene, where Trisha reminds him what it means to be a family, tells him, "Don't call yourself a monster," and finally says, "Honey, smile!" to which he sheds a tear, an emotional moment captured on camera- the only picture of the four of them together.

9. Selim Bradley is Pride???!!!
A shocking, jaw-dropping, did-I-really-just-read-that moment, and probably one of the best. We speculated for so long over the identity of Pride- was it Hohenheim? Was it Kimblee? Was it Hayate? Was it a mailbox? All the theories were shattered when the adorable Selim Bradley – the boy who said he wanted to grow up to be like his father and left readers crying in sympathy for the cheery, sweet little boy – was actual the strongest villain, the creepiest villain, and was stalking Hawkeye. This scene sums up the unpredictability of Hirumo Arakawa’s story: just when you think you know what’s going on, she throws you off track again, shocking readers and refusing to fall into the usual clichés other shounen writers have.

10. Trisha's Final Message is Delivered
"Sorry I couldn't keep my promise. I'm going first."
The message Edward reluctantly delivers to his father, who immediately breaks into tears. Edward, feeling uncomfortable, runs off with the chimeras, leaving Hohenheim by the fire. "So, you went on without me. We weren't able to grow old and die together, but you still believed I would come and join you later. ...I'll be with you soon, Trisha."

Even though they're separated by death, Hohenheim and Trisha's relationship is one of the strongest, most constant things in the story, and one that has reached out to nearly all the fans. We can feel their love for one another in the short glimpses we catch of their life together, and view this scene in a bittersweet way: we're moved by their love, and realize that, if Hohenheim dies, we can let go of him, even if it'll be hard, because he has someone waiting for him, someone he loves. (Though we don't know if he dies or not)

11. Olivia, Alex, Izumi, and Sig Kick arse
Do I even have to explain this? The two most bad arse characters - Olivia and Izumi - FINALLY meet! The fan's speculations and omakes finally come to life as the two fight side-by-side, kicking arse like no one's business. Armstrong shows his newfound bravery, refusing to run, and he and Sig flaunt their muscles. 'Nuff said.

12. Roy's Chance at Revenge
After years of buildup, the question, "Who killed Maes Hughes?" is finally presented to the actual culprit. This battle was shocking, exciting, violent and, in the end, emotional. The month in-between Roy pulling on his gloves, Riza pointing a gun to his head, and finally, Ed, Scar, and Riza talking him out of revenge were some of the most suspenseful, addicting moments Fullmetal Alchemist had had in quite some time. We all wanted to see Envy suffer for killing the beloved Hughes, but when we saw the inhuman look in Roy's eyes, we suddenly began doubting it ourselves.

This battle was a turning point for Roy's character: revenge, which had driven him for so long, was finally let go - he focused on his real goal of leading Amestria. Plus, it had some great RoyAi in it.

13. Al Sacrifices Himself
First, the sweet Al decides to join the other sacrifices rather than taking his body, wanting to help as much as he can. Sure, things probably would have been easier if he hadn't, but the thought was still nice.

Next thing you know, he's jumping in front of Mei, taking Father's blow with his armored body to protect the small Xingese girl. Once again, his heroism startles us.

As if all that wasn't enough, he sacrifices himself AGAIN in the same chapter to give his brother his arm back. At last, he is reunited with his body, and Ed regains one of his limbs: it was an amazing, startling moment, where once again, all we could do was gawk at Al's self-sacrifice, brought back to his oath during the battle against Lust: "I won't watch anyone else I care about die!"

Top 12 Cover/Chapter Illustrations (in no order)













I personally love Arakawa's group pictures best because she has such a great cast, and I love seeing them interact with one another.

Feel free to comment and let me know if you agree/disagree, and what your favorites are!
Your "top 13 scenes" synopsis and analysis was dead on as far as I'm concerned.
What are your favorite volumes of the manga? Or can we not do that one yet until all the collections are out?

For me it's:

#1 - Volume 15 - The most intense volume of the manga was this one, which told the story of the Ishbal war. Really very chilling and memorable.

#2 - Volume 7 - In thist volume, we first meet Greed and his gang, see the true nature of Fuhrer King Bradley, and learn the dating preferences of Alex's youngest sister. It's hard to ask for more!

#3 - Volume 19 - In this volume, we learn of Hohenheim's terrible past, Edward is greviously injured in a fight with Kimbley but uses himself as a Philosopher's Stone of one, and Kimbley puts into action his plan to create the blood seal in the north.

#4 - Volume 20 - In the following volume, Envy is defeated by Doctor Marcoh, Greed regains the memories of his old gang, and Al reunites with his father and has some moments of bonding.

#5 - Volume 2 - The second volume takes what the first volume built as far as basics, and continues to build, and at the same time tear down our expectations and replaces them with something even better, by putting the brothers through the ringer with the Tucker incident and being targed by Scar.

My least favorite volume is #5, which has three chapters dedicated to Rush Valley. Urgh.
^ I agree with your favorite and least favorite 100% XDDD Ishbal was by far the best, and Rush Valley had me falling asleep at my keyboard the first time I read it.

Now, it's time for *drum roll*

Top 11 Sexiest Characters

1. Young!Hoho - He looks like Ed, but with even sexier hair.

2. Edward - After all, he IS competing with Armstrong for the title of "Shirtless Alchemist", and we're loving every moment of it.

3. Roy - There's just something undeniably hot about him, and it has absolutely nothing to do with BONES making him disturbingly buff in episode 19.

4. Lust - Do I have to explain?

5. Winry - Her breasts are like inflatable balloons, and expand every chapter. That note aside, even as a girl I'm not afraid to admit she's sexy.

6. Greeling - He's not bad all. And I loved the scene last week where he ripped his sleeves off. 'Nuff said.

7. Riza - The lovely, mature woman of the manga, with some of the dirtiest eyecatches in FMA history.

8. Olivia - Even though she'd kill you if she knew you were looking at her that way...

9. Havoc - As always, we're at a loss as to why this guy can't keep a girlfriend...

10. Kimblee - We can't deny the pimp suit!

11. Garfiel - No explanation needed tongue.gif
^What, no Gluttony? Tsk you have no taste. Think many people won't approve that Scar didn't make the list, though personally I was never a Scar fan either (Miles on the other hand). Hughes is fairly buff, but I suppose lack of appearance hasn't helped him.
Garfiel, lol. Though I don't find Winry all that sexy, even thought I'm a guy.
Personally I would have added Envy to that list..ignoring his 'little problem'. He could take on the appearance of any of thoose characters.
Jealous Rogo
Are we allowed to do our own picks? If we are... here's my Top 13 Moments

13. Father is weiiiiird

So after years and years of build up, we finally get the true identity of the master planner whose been hiding in the shadows aaaaaand he's WEIRD. I mean Hohenheim was a little odd but Father is just WEIRD. I mean the guy has no idea how personal space works, he's pretty absent minded and he never seems to change his expression beyond bored indifference. This should have been the big 'I'm a huge bad arse' moment but instead we were all left scratching our heads and thinking 'um... are we supposed to be SCARED of this guy?'

And then we got that kickass moment where tells us just what he thinks of humanity.

Epic and unpredictable, Father's first appearance reminds us that Arakawa does like to screw with her audience.

12. Ed and Al's past

I kinda had to put this in because... it's the entire crux of the damn story! As back story's go, Ed and Al's is a pretty iconic and amazing. Comapre to other shounen series like Naruto and Bleach and laugh your arse off. The abck story of two young boys who lost their mother and do anything to get her back, is heartwarming, sad and beautifully told. You could easily take the entire story of Ed and Al's past and make it into a movie, it's that well told.

11. Envy and Lust shut up Slicer

I can't explain why I like this moment so much, I think it's just becuase it literally comes out of no where. Last we saw of the mysterious Lust and Envy, they were in Lior and East City, so we never expected them to just turn up like that. On top of that, after Ed just made a big deal of keeping those two alive, to have Lust and Envy come along and kill them anyway, was just cruel and showed the key difference between our heroes and villains beautifully. Also you can't argue with Envy's badass smile in that last image of Chapter 12, it just screams 'we're badasses'.

10. Nina Tucker

Another obvious choice, this was the turning point in the series. I haven't got much to say on this than has already been said, but this is a great stand alone story. In the grand scheme of things, this did little to add to the plot other than give Scar a person to kill, but ultimately this was a story that showed the darker side of Ed's world. It raised questions in Ed's mind and audiences, in about how horrific Ed and Al's crime was, and if they were as bad as Shou himself. Emotionally powerful and shocking, I don't think there was a dry eye in the place when this chapter came out.

9. Scar murders Winry's Parents

I'm counting this plot line from beginning to end as one moment. Scar kills two doctors out of rage and it comes back to haunt him. While the original anime in my opinion never really went anywhere with the whole 'winry's dead parents' and 'end teh cycle of revenge' plots, Arakawa knocked them out of the park. Winry's hatred and despair in that moment where she takes the gun was there for all to see, and finally gave the character some much needed developement beyond her role as Ed's squeeze. Not to mention giving some of the most iconic scenes of the entire series.

8. Greed/Ling VS Wrath; the Final Battle

Greed, Ling and Wrath have a really interesting rivalry going throughout the series, with every time these characters face off being greater than the last. Wrath VS Greed, awesome. Ling VS Wrath, EVEN MORE AWESOME. Greed VS Wrath again, OH MY GOD I'M GOING TO PASS OUT THAT IS SO AWESOME. So when Wrath turned up after being supposedly dead, I was on the edge of my seat. I knew it was coming, but I had no idea how awesome it would be. How could you not get chills as you saw that image of Greed sitting upon the ledge, his trademark grin as he looked down and challenged his rival to the final battle. KICK. arse.

7. Scar looks down on Kimblee

Another great rivalry, Scar and Kimblee always made for interesting watching. But the greatest moment of their shared hatred, is the moment Scar, escaping with Winry, stands high above Kimblee, mocking him that their positions have switched. You can just see how much Kimblee despises Scar in that moment. This was a character who was so carefree and smiley all the time, it was down right terrifying, but here we see Kimblee showing his anger for all to see. It was another great iconic moment, and a geat way to end their battles.

6. Mustang burns Lust to death

Now if it were up to me, all the Homunculus deaths would be on this list, but I have to be fair I suppose. Lust's isn't the best in my opinion, but she set the standard higher than some of her siblings could meet (sorry Wrath and Sloth, you're deaths just weren't as epic) Her dying words, the sheer epicness of what we were seeing, the Manga was perfect.

Then episode 19 of Brotherhood came along, stuck a kickass song in there and we got one of the greatest moments ever. Sheer pefection.

5. Pride swallows Gluttony

Yeah are you surprised that Pride's gotten onto my top 13 list? I'm sorry but this is the moment that got me interested in reading the manga again. If I'm honest, up until this point, things were still okay and gripping, but nothing had really set my imagination alight. Nothing had made me desperate for the next chapter. Well luckily things were ignited again as we have this super creepy moment as Pride proves just what a bad arse he is by mercilessly killing and absorbing his brother. Look at that page after he's finished, licking his lips with a sneer as he announces his new power, and tell me you don't get chills.


So yeah, after years and years we finally get to see Al's body and... it's skinny and weird looking. Okay that's pretty epic right there, so what do we get to top it off? Ed screaming and yelling and promising Al that he'll come back for his body some day. Okay, that's so cool I just wet my pants. Surely the anime can't make it any cooler? Right.

WRONG. The anime with music and altering the scnee slightly so Ed PUNCHES THROUGH THE GATE OF TRUTH, Brotherhood managed to make me squeel with delight all over again.

3. Envy confesses his true feelings

Wow that sounds odd. Yeah I know there's mixed opinion about the whole Envy matter, and I should add that number 14 in my top 15 would've been teh first time Marcoh takes down Envy. However, in my opinion, this scene is fantastic. Not the burning and angsting that Mustang does before, sorry but that was only okay. No, what is great to me is the moment that Ed realises what Envy is really all about, and Envy is torn apart by his grief. Seeing such a fan favourite character get such an emotionally gripping and even sad death, was just fantastic.

And AGAIN I'd say Brotherhood improved it, actually making me choke up for one of the first times. OVER FRIGGIN ENVY.

2. Ed takes down Pride

Yes another Pride moment, and a pretty recent one at that I'll add, but I'm sorry this moment is one of my favourites. The entire fight is just so well done. Pride is a great character and his true nature is revealed here. He's a freaking coward. He's probably the most cowardly of the Homunculus. He hides in the shadows and gets others to do work for him, because he's afraid of dying. He ate his own brother to keep himself alive. He goes on and on about his pride as a Homunculus, but he tries to take a human body first chance he gets. And it bites him in the butt. Kimblee returns (already epic) and holds back Pride so Ed can take him down once and for all. I can't wait to see this moment animated in full, because with the right music and animation, this will end up giving you chills.

1. Hohenheim's Past

Yes again already been mentioned but it's worth repeating. This moment in the series is fantastic. It shows us so much and yet is so character driven. Yes all these epic things are happening, but it's also all about these two characters. Hoho and Father are the central part of this story. We learn so much about our villain it's unreal. We learn what kind of person he is, we see glimpses of the children he will spawn in his personality (Envy and Pride come through him here so much it's unreal.) Name one other series where a flashback like this could be driven so hard by the personalities of the characters like this, instead of by the ideas.

So there's my top 13, I'm sure some people wont agree with some choices, but those are the moments I love to read over and over again smile.gif

13. Bradley invites Mustang, Elric bros. over for tea
Way to be nice and open about everything, Wrath. "Yup, we're the bad guys. And we're taking all your loved ones as hostages, so you won't be causing any problems for us now will you? And I hope you don't mind that I just split all your loyal followers to the four corners of the country, plus Hawkeye who will be working for me now."

12. Winry turns a corner with Scar
Finally presented with an injured, incapacitated Scar - Winry talks to him face to face and decides not to live a life of hate. She goes to help tend Scar's wounds instead. She tells him she does not forgive him, but that she will carry on. A nice turnaround for Winry, and surely a defining moment for Scar as well. Plus then she's brave enough to come up with that plan to get everyone out of there safely. Nice going, Winry - showing you can be useful for more than just automail and emotional support.

11. Olivia kills Raven
It starts hitting the fan with this. Fortunately, Olivia was able to use the situation to weasel her way deep into the enemy's territory.

10. Ed sees Al's body at the gate
The escape from Gluttony's stomach is secondary compared to the emotional impact of Ed coming to grips with using Envy's philosopher's stone, and then seeing Al's skin and bones body waiting at the gate.

9. Scar completes his brother's research
Scar of all people, is the one who figures everything out. So much for being an obsolete character - he is basically responsible for the ability of everyone to fight back against Father. Who knew.

8. Nina Tucker
First major tragedy of FMA, and a nasty one at that. A dose of real life for the Elrics. It's not all daisies and roses anymore.

7. Hughes' death
Major setback for Mustang and crew. The emotional impact aside, Hughes would have been an invaluable asset to the team had he not been killed. And of course this sets a lot of things in motion.

6. Hohenheim's past
Particularly Xerxes and the family portrait. Enough said.

5. Roy saves Maria Ross
If you are watching FMA:B or reading the manga for the first time, without having seen the original FMA anime, the character of Roy is not very developed at this point in the story. The idea that Roy actually killed Ross, particularly in the manga, is extremely believable - and in the manga, it is not right away that we find out that he did not kill her. This, followed immediately by Roy killing Lust, goes to prove early on how awesome Roy is.

4. Al sacrifices himself for Ed
We still don't know how everyone will end up, but this was pretty intense.

3. Edward discovers the main ingredient for the stone
Ed decodes Marco's research notes. Not only is this a crushing blow to Ed and Al's aspirations to regain their bodies, but it opens up a huge can of worms which involves the corruption of the military and those who are behind it all, plus directly leading to the death of Hughes.

And the two winners, I couldn't decide. I think they are the two most intense/profound scenes in the manga:

TIE - 1. Roy's vengeful flamerape and Envy's death
The culmination of years' worth of built up emotions. Between Roy's stubbornness and being forced to let go, Riza's desperate attempt to stop Roy, and Envy's tragic last moments, you're not even sure which character to feel more sorry for. Roy even turns his back on Riza for a moment, and Envy totally breaks down. Definitely one of the most epic moments in the story.

TIE- 1. Greed kills Bido
This scene was one of the few where the anime actually lived up to the intensity in the manga. This is an intense, key moment which eventually causes Greed to team up with Ed and crew, and sets the stage for a very complex character.
Greed: "Sorry, pal, that was probably the old Greed. I don't know you at all."
Lin: "Well well well, this is a new low for you, Greed! Betraying one of your closest friends? What's WRONG with you???"
Greed: "They are not...friends!"
Lin: "Then whose memories are these? You trying to tell me that Bido was lying?"
Greed: "Those are the old Greed's memories, not mine!"
Lin: "Then why does it hurt so bad?"
Greed: The last Greed's soul had all the memories wiped - it was purified! I've forgotten the past!"
Lin: "You can't forget it! The souls of true friends are linked by a bond! You can't wash a soul clean of something that's become a part of it! Look! Their souls are screaming in agony! Greed! - You've cut down your souls family - with your own hands! And you call yourself Greed? He who wants the whole world for himself? You're a joke!"
Top 10 Funniest Moments

1. Al is mistaken for the Fullmetal 100 times

2. "You're useless in the rain" Honestly, it'll never get old.

3. Hughes. No specifiation needed.

4. Al in the Devil's Nest, particuarly when he makes it seem like his brother's dead and they all begin feeling guilty.

5. Barry the Chopper

6. Ed runs around Central fixing things in order to catch Scar's attention.

7. Ed and Ling eat boots.

8. Grumman dresses as a woman to meet Roy

9. Kimblee mindf*!@s a security guard with a toy watch

10. When reunited with his son, Hohenheim cries, "MY VINTAGE ARMOR???!!!!"

(honorable mention: Bradley's mangos and Garfiel attempting to give the brother's a strip tease in Rush Valley)
My personal favorite funny moment is Barry the Chopper meets Riza and subsequently falls for her. Wrong victim, dude.
One of my personal favorite funny moments was Ed getting all o_0 when Winry doesn't notice he's there until she's got her shirt nearly off plus the following sequence, and Heinkel carrying Ed as they run away from the M.P.s
I loved it when Ed freaked out in front of Winry and started naming the Periodic Table of Elements.
QUOTE (RoyxRizaFan @ May 31 2010, 03:41 PM) *
Top 11 Sexiest Characters
3. Roy - There's just something undeniably hot about him, and it has absolutely nothing to do with BONES making him disturbingly buff in episode 19.

4. Lust - Do I have to explain?

5. Winry - Her breasts are like inflatable balloons, and expand every chapter. That note aside, even as a girl I'm not afraid to admit she's sexy.

6. Greeling - He's not bad all. And I loved the scene last week where he ripped his sleeves off. 'Nuff said.

7. Riza - The lovely, mature woman of the manga, with some of the dirtiest eyecatches in FMA history.

8. Olivia - Even though she'd kill you if she knew you were looking at her that way...

9. Havoc - As always, we're at a loss as to why this guy can't keep a girlfriend...

I totally agree with all of these laugh.gif
Everyone in FMA is just so darn beautiful. But Roy wins hands down, not just the looks but his personality has something special to it too.

I'm loving this idea though, very nice thread!
Thanks for all the feedback! It's great to see what everyone else's opinions are as well. The funny thing is, I already posted my opinions, but I also agree with everything everyone else has written - the great thing about FMA is that there ARE so many excellent scenes that it's almost impossible to be able to disagree at all!

Top 9 Panels









^Nice selection of panels there, especially the one of Ed comparing his and Ling's heights. And the one of Hawkeye pointing her gun at Mustang. And the one of Hoho crying... hell, all of them really. Arakawa draws some pretty awesome panels. Here's a few that didn't make your list, but I think are worthy of a mention:

And my personal favourite:

(it's been coloured, but still counts.)

There are heaps more I could add, but I'd be here all day so I won't.
I probably would have replaced Olivia with Lanfan on the sexy list. I think of Olivia as more "intimidatingly beautiful" than "sexy." It feels strange to see Winry on the sexy list, because she was always the cute, innocent girl close to the Elric brothers. She's really blossomed throughout the series, though.

I think that GreedLing/Bradley's recent fight (throw Scar in there too if you want) is definitely on the best moments list.

I loved the panels of Winry's expressions where she'd see Ed's broken automail. I like all the other panels posted here, but here are a large panels on a page I thought were impacting:

QUOTE (BirdieNumNum @ Jun 3 2010, 01:17 AM) *
And my personal favourite:

(it's been coloured, but still counts.)

This is awesome, I haven't seen it coloured like that before. smile.gif
Top 8 Quotes

1. "I'm a housewife!" - Izumi Curtis

2. "A king exists for his people. Without his people, there can be no king. King Bradley, you will never be a true king!" - Ling Yao

3. "One is all, all is one" - Izumi Curtis

4. "For vengeance alone, I will survive!" - Scar

5. "You say I'm an idealist, but unless someone chases after pipe dreams, nothing will ever change." - Roy Mustang

6. "I told you, I don't want your chair. Any chair that would seat your rotten arse isn't fit for me to crap on, you wrinkled bastard!" - Olivia Armstrong

7. "One day, I'll be a wrinkly old lady, and look like a monster myself. But, no matter what I look like, I want to be able to smile and take a photo with all of us. So please...stay a part of this family. Don't isolate yourself and become distant. And please don't hurt yourself with labels like 'monster.'!" - Trisha Elric

8. "We're going to go track down that bastard "truth" and pull your body back from that place!" - Edward Elric

Honorable mention: "Al, don't pull things out of your crotch" - Hohenheim
"But we're not devils or gods. We're humans. We can't even save one little girl." - Edward Elric

"It's the hand of man, not god, that we need to be watchful of." - King Bradley

This one had more of a personal impact on myself, but I don't know if I'd put it on the list:

"Please Colonel... don't go where I can't follow!" - Riza Hawkeye
"I'm a housewife!" = best quote of all time. My favorites? Hawkeyes entire speech about Ishval she gave to Ed in volume 16. Also, from the first page of chapter 1: "Lessons that do not speak of pain have no meaning; for humankind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return."
I have a few moments in the manga that were big to me.

1. The Ishbalan Extermination Campaign. This was a crucial point in the manga, because it was a turning point for a lot of characters. The Ishbalan Exterminaton Campaign was when Roy decided he would be the future fuhrer and have the strong protect the weak. We also learned how far back Roy, Hughes, and Riza's bond went. It was when Armstrong ran from the battlefield and disgraced himself, and lost the respect of Olivia. And how later he said he would never run away again. It was when we learned how disturbing Kimblee was. the Extermination Campaign was also when we learned about Winry's parents, and how committed they were to helping people. And how cruel it was when Scar murdered them. Which left Winry without parents. And how she had to learn to deal with the pain and sadness of not having parent anymore, and having them cruelly taken away from her. The Ishbalan Campaing basically gave birth to Scar. it was after he killed Winry's parents that he pretty much threw away his name and decided to hunt down State Alchemist. And finally finding out the truth about the Ishbalan Extermination Campaign was a huge deal. I mean to find out that an innocent child was shot on purpose, so that Father could use humans as his pawns to cause bloodshed. And how the homunculi enjoyed it, really showed how viscious they were.

2. Ed and Granny Pinako digging up "the thing" that him and Al transmuted. That was hard to watch because we knew that Ed was wondering if he was actually digging his mom's remains up. And if it was him and Al's fault that they made Trisha that creature. Then Ed confirming that it was never Trisha they brought back, but realizing that Al can still regain his body. Then it was bittsweet when Ed told Al and Izumi what he found, and how both of them were relieved that they didn't cause a love one to die again.

3. Ranfan cutting her own arm off. It was when Ling realized that Ranfan had more conviction in their mission then he did. And how he willingly became Greed to become closer to his goal, and he abandoned his friends to do so.

4. Hughes' death. Hughes being killed showed how even likable characters could be gone in a moment. And the phone booth scene with Hughes blood covering his family photo was devastating. It was a raw emotion because even though Hughes was a family man with a young daugther he was still killed and can never see her grow up. But I also like how this touches upon real life. Because sadly people who are young and have young children can die before their children grow up. Hughes was also the first one to realize what was happening in Amestris. And Hughes death was when Roy vowed to do anything to avenge him. And it was because of this need to seek vengence that Roy almost lost sight of his goal. The goal of him becoming Fuhrer that him and Riza were working hard and making sacrifices to reach, and that Hughes wanted to see too.

I have a few more but this post is becoming too long.
QUOTE (Amalthea @ Jun 3 2010, 08:32 PM) *
"It's the hand of man, not god, that we need to be watchful of." - King Bradley

When did he say this? During the Ishval chapters?
*nod* Chapter 60, during the Ishbal war. That quote is from the VIZ English manga.
Top 7 Battles

1. Roy vs. Lust -
This has always been a fan favorite, and even the favorite of our favorite cow goddess as well! I mean, Roy was useful, he got his shirt open, and a major character - two, if you include good old Barry - literally bit the dust. The funny scenes between Roy and Havoc, Havoc's dramatic fate, Riza's emotional breakdown, Al's brave determination, and Roy's bad assery all contribute to making this one of the most intense moments in FMA. Plus, it was one of the few first 20 episodes BONES didn't screw up.

2. Ling and Ed vs. Envy -
The revelation of Envy's true form was shocking and chilling, and had us all wondering, "NOW what is Ed going to do??!" Besides, the chemistry between him and Ling is priceless. The setting was intense as well- what could be more gory than a fight that takes place in an ocean of blood?

3. Kimblee vs. Scar -
That moment on the train was so intense. Their first meeting since Ishbal was full of strange emotion and some awesome fighting skills. The battle ends with Kimblee still undefeated, though he DID lose his hat, despite his many efforts to protect it. It was also a great way to lead up to the moment where Scar looks down on Kimblee, which was awesome as well.

4. Ed, Greeling, Ran Fan, Fuu, Hohenheim, and the chimeras vs. Pride and Gluttony -
It was SUCH AN AWESOME FIGHT simply because there were so many amazing characters in it, giving it their all, it was the first time seeing Pride in battle, and there were some big shockers in it, such as Ran Fan's return and Gluttony's death. It all took place in the dark, and hey, it was awesome seeming Heinkel beat the living .... out of Pride.

5. Greeling vs. Wrath -
I am not narrowing this down to any specific moment. Any time these two fought was intense. They're matched so well in battle, and are both so stubbornly determined that it always makes for a dynamic, interesting action sequence.

6. Olivia, Alex, Izumi, and Sig vs. Sloth and zombies -
Olivia kicked arse as usual, Alex decided not to chicken out, and she finally accepted him. Not only that, but the two toughest ladies in FMA FINALLY met, and Alex and Sig flexed their muscles. And Sloth finally died.

7. Roy vs. Envy -
Do I even HAVE to explain???? It was so emotional, so scary, and sooo OMGWHATSGONNAHAPPENNEXT???!!!111!!!1!one!!!!
Top 6 OTPs

1. HohenheimxTrisha -
At first, we're led to believe Hohenheim is an insenstive man who left Trisha, but as their story together gradually unveils, it captured the hearts of every single reader of Fullmetal Alchemist. I'd go as far as to say it's the only pairing we can all agree on.

Perhaps it was the comical, casual, and comfortable feeling we got when we read their scenes together? Their simple, yet strong love. Even more so, I think it was Hohenheim's commitment that caught our attention- a man who has lived hundreds of years and gone through so much being swept off his feet by a simple, sweet woman like Trisha. He's lived for so long, and only one woman ever caught his attention, only one woman raised a family with him, and only one woman kept him in love even through years of seperation. I think that their commitment to one another is what captured all of our attention, and won our affection, especially in a world where faithfulness is considered old fashioned or weak.

2. RoyxRiza -
Opposites attract, but perhaps, while their personalities do clash sometimes - Riza being more serious and formal when Roy can be goofy and irresponsible at times - they're not quite so different after all. One of the more mature couples of the manga, the Colonel and Lieutenant whose relationship dates all the way back to their childhood - the deep bond they shared when she shared the secrets of flame alchemy, and when they fought side-by-side in the dreadful Ishbalan war.

The strong trust they share is one of the strongest aspects of their relationships. They rely on one another and have intrusted theirs in the other. They use intimate ways to relay messages like codes or a simple glance of the eye. They keep each other safe and alert (Roy reminding Riza to keep her cool when she gave up on life, and Riza pointing a gun to the back of his head before he lost himself.) Their relationship isn't cliche, or overdone. It's subtle, sweet, and moving. They're one of the more mature pairings of the series, but at the same time, they can be amusing as well. A relationship so subtle that we have to live off of glances and short exchanges, until finally, their care for another shines through in the recent chapters. They're dedicated to one another in a way like few couples before, and trust one another in a deep, understanding way that is inspiring and beautiful.

3. EdwardxWinry -
What can I say? They're so adorable, comical, and yet crazily in love (and in denail on Ed's part.) She throws wrenches at him, he recites the periodic table, and they give us the funniest, cutest banter. Their relationship is that of not only romance but friendship as well; as Ed opens up more and more and becomes more honest with her, they become even closer.

There are many serious moments, too. Ed is really concerned about her, and looks out for her a lot. And the best part? She's not your typical shounen female counterpart. She's independent in her work, determined in her goals, emotional but not wimpy, and is brave. She's ready to do anything for those she cares about. Ed is the same way, which is another reason why they fit together so well. Also, since he can be careless or oblivious, she keeps him intune to the emotions of those around them. And they'd make beautiful babies.

4. AlxMei -
Probably the pairing with the most argument surrounding it. You either love it or want to see it crash and burn. I have always loved it, first because "Well, I want to see Al with someone!" but as their relationship grew, it became a lot more than that.

Mei, like most young girls, seemed fickle - she leapt from one brother to the other easily. But at the very least, her immediate affection for Al developed for the right reasons: his sweet, gentlemanly behavior. But it wasn't until she spent more time with him that she saw that he really WAS what he said he was, and honestly fell in love with him rather than the prince in her imagination. Al's BETTER that that prince, even in all hsi pun intended. Anyhow, she saw past that armor and loved who he was, and what can I say? They're hilariously adorable together. I'd love to see them as friends for a while, and then end up together in the end. I think there's something here.

5. Ran FanxLing -
Ling is one of the funniest characters in FMA, and his eccentric behavior combined with Ran Fan's determined, yet gentle behavior is such a great combination. Regardless of whether or not there's anything romantic between these two, their relationship is very interesting and moving. She's so devoted to him, and he is devoted to her as well, even though SHE works for HIM. He cares about her just as much, and they're both willing to sacrifice for one another.

6. MariaxBrosh -
We all know it's canon, somewhere, somehow. And Maria tops. It's hilariously adorable, and extremely amusing. They can't hide it!
^Shame on you, you didn't include IzumixSig!! XD
Wrath/Mrs. Wrath

He's so sure of her that he doesn't need to leave her any last words. And she's head over heels. The TMI moments are love.


The broken watch. Him reminding her that not everything is black and white. Her telling Wrath's corpse that he was one helluva soldier. I think it speaks volumes that Arakawa doesn't show us her face when she gets the news of his death.


That couple that keeps making random appearances, the most recent with Ed hijacking their vehicle.
Top 5 Heroes

1. Edward Elric -
It seems obvious that he'd be one of the five, but believe me, having the series named after him ISN'T all that got him as number one. It's the unparalleled character development, his stubborn bravery and devotion, and his strong, never failing hope that has earned him this position and captured the hearts of readers across the globe.

He started off as a pompous, naive teen. When he was a child, he believed anything to be possible, and lost his limbs and his brother's body to that assumption - still, he always seemed to believe things would go his way, one way or another, until the infamous Tucker incident, where he sobbed, "We're humans! We can't even save one little girl!" It was as if all the things he had been burdened with all his life collapsed on him at once; alchemy didn't make you a god, and we're all fragile humans, and have to fight with all we have to get what we want. And that's what he did. He fought, and fought, and fought for what he believed in, those he cared about, and more than anything, his country, his brother, and himself, all the while stubbornly refusing to kill.

As we read Fullmetal Alchemist, he see him grow as a person as he discovers the secrets of alchemy and the corrupt military, becomes independent, leaves behind past grudges, and trudges forward no matter what the world throws his way. His knowledge of his country (such as the Ishbalan war), his budding feelings for his childhood friend Winry Rockbell, and his adventures to the North (including being forced to work with 'enemies' like his father and Scar) he grows from a naive boy into a man. Emotionally, mentally, and physically, he grows into an adult and learns the beauty (witnessing the birth of a child at Rush Valley), devastation (the death of Nina, Hughes, and many others) and strife (all his battles and the truth about alchemy and philosopher's stones) of the world. Moving forward with each chapter, he certainly earns our respect as a realistic, relatable hero who trips just like us, but always pulls himself right back up.

2. Alphonse Elric -
"I won't let another person I care about get killed - not if there's anything I can do to protect them!"
Al is always seen as the more sympathetic and gentlemanly of the two brothers, always ready to sacrifice himself in order to save the people he cares about. He himself is walking irony, a large, intimidating armor hiding a humble, kind soul of a young teenaged boy.

While he sometimes seems inhumanly sweet, he isn't perfect either. He has to struggle with living in this large shell, is forced to overcome many emotional obstacles (such as when he doubted if his memories were real) and is open to as many horrific truths (no pun intended) as his brother. Yet, he remains his sweet, kind self throughout it all, always wanting what's best for everyone and being as accepting as he can be of others (such as welcoming back his father and even calling him 'Dad' after their long separation), though he can still get fierce when he needs to (such as the Tucked incident).

He works as a perfect foil for his brother, and their companionship and deep relationship are really what has shaped the manga and all the adaptations of the story. They always worked side-by-side, and during the time Al was separated from his older brother, he showed that he was more independent than his anime counterpart, and proved his strengths and bravery as well. His kind, welcoming and honest personality is what has made him a fan favorite, and such a likeable hero: he's the kind of character who is always true to himself, and will never do anything we wouldn't expect of him.

3. Roy Mustang -
A man who fought in the bloody, gruesome, and terrible Ishbalan war, he's seen the worst the world has to offer. Still, in his mind, he sees the best the world can be, and has dedicated his life to changing his country into a democratic nation. No matter what obstacles fall in his way, even the murder of his greatest supporter, Maes Hughes, he continues to move forward, never giving up on his "pipe dream."

When Roy Mustang looked up into King Bradley's eyes, silently vowing to take his place someday, he had an idea of the feat before him, but probably didn't predict losing so many people he cares about, having to fight seemingly immortal homunculi, and be tossed into a bizarre plan involving a nationwide transmutation circle that would, in fact, strip him of his eyesight. Even so, as these obstacles presented themselves to him, he tackled them all with stubborn perseverance, never surrendering to his enemies or even to his own raging vengeance as he pursued his dreams.

Although is a determined, career-orientated man, he is also very dedicated to the people around him, and couldn't accomplish what he does without their support. Just as he will someday (hopefully) lead the nation, he has partners like Hughes die for him, and subordinates like Havoc lose so much on his way to his goals. Through everything, the thing he has always cared about most, and the thing that has always tried to pull him back, was his concern for others, which nearly led him to performing human transmutation when Riza Hawkeye's throat was slit. Still, it is also these emotions that have forced him onward. His respect for his friend Hughes, and knowledge that he gave his life for his dreams has forced him to pursue his goals despite the problems he has faced while doing so. Riza's devotion and support have helped pull him along and keep him focused, including when she brought him out of his obsession with revenge. Although villains like Bradley try to use these relationships against him (when he took away all of his subordinates, including placing Riza as his personal secretary), even when Roy reaches the ultimate low, he always finds his way back up, and never stops seeing that dream of his, waiting for him on the horizon, even after he loses his eyesight.

4. Van Hohenheim -
At the beginning of the mana, he was a mystery to use - a shadow of a man hunched over a desk, or walking out of the front door, leaving his two sons and wife behind to fend for themselves. He is viewed as a failure father figure, the man who destroyed their family and led Trisha to her grave. He is a villain, and yet, here he is, listed under the heroes; as the manga progressed, his story unfolded and revealed the true Hohenheim: a man who sacrificed everything he ever loved and cared about in order to protect that and the world they lived in.

Hohenheim didn't want to leave. All he had ever wanted was to raise a family (as he told the dwarf in the flask) but when he finally got it, it was that very dwarf in the flask that took it away from him. Yet, without Hohenheim's sacrifice, the counter attack against Father's plan would never have been prepared, and the entire country would have been doomed. Hohenheim gave up what he wanted, realizing what he needed to do, even though his wife had to move on without him, and his two sons viewed him as a traitor.

Not only this makes him one of the best heroes of Fullmetal Alchemist, but his originality as a character. He's been living for hundreds of years, carries the souls of thousands of murdered civilians in his body, has the major villain running around with his face, left his family to save the world, and is still one of the most amusing characters in the series. His dry humor and strange remarks (such as his reunion with Al, "My vintage armor??!" and his conversations with Ed, Pinako, Lan Fan, Rose, and pretty much any one else that walks into his path) make him just as hilarious as any of the other characters in FMA. Not to mention, his alchemy is intense and he can be terribly sentimental when the moment calls for it. He is one of the eccentric and interesting characters of Fullmetal Alchemist, along with being one of the most heroic.

5. Alex Lois Armstrong -
It may be surprising to see his name up with the other four - I'm sure most people would expect the next one to be Izumi, following the order of the sacrifices - but while there are many characters who were competing for fifth place in my mind, Alex was the strongest opponent. He's the man that ran away during the war's most brutal war, and has been regretful and ashamed ever since, and who proved himself throughout the series by being one of the most compassionate, brave, and trustworthy characters of Fullmetal Alchemist.

At first, all he is to the readers is "that shirtless guy who likes to hug Ed and cry all over him." But, like with any other character, as the layers of his personality peel back, we see him to be so much more. One of the most caring characters, he is dedicated to all of his subordinates (breaking down when he hears Ross was 'killed' and is a 'traitor') and has always supported and helped the Elric brothers and Colonel Mustang, remaining by their sides, protecting them in every way he can, and refusing to run away again when Roy tells him about the homunculi - through it all, he moves forward alongside them, fighting and supporting whenever he's given the opportunity. He's a compassionate, trustworthy alley who proves himself to be a true hero when he refuses to run during and after his fight with Sloth, and even gains the respect of his disapproving sister Olivia. He's the kind of guy we all sympathize with and root for from the beginning. He's grown so much since his time in the Ishbalan war, while still retaining that kind and caring aspect of her personality that makes him so likeable and adored by readers.

Top Four Villains

1. Scar -All right, so now he's not necessarily a villain, but I didn't feel like he fit under the 'hero' section, and he DID, after all, spend half of the manga trying to kill Ed and Roy. Still. he must be mentioned one way or another for being one of the most interesting and unique characters of the series.

He began as a murderous, unforgiving man who pursued vengeance with his deconstructing left arm. After losing his entire family and nation during the Ishbalan war, he unwilling took his brother's arm and dedicated his life to revenge, starting will killing the Rockbells and going on to kill all state alchemists. He's blinded by rage, wanted by both the military and the homunculi, and the only companions he has are forced by his side (Yoki and Marcoh)

When did he start changing? Was it after staring down Winry's gun while tears streamed down her face and she demanded, "Why did you kill my parents?" Was it the nagging memory, "You must endure"? Was it his alliance with the sweet and helpful Mei Chang, Winry's forgiveness, or Miles' example? Whatever it was, Scar gradually changed until he was fighting alongside the heroes, developing new ideas for the country and what he wanted to do with the remainder of his life. He never forgot who he was or what he did, but rather embraced it and used it to make the most of what time he has left.

2. Wrath -
Partially human himself, yet still completely demented, one of the most sinister, strongest, and evil of the villains, and yet the most interesting because he is so human, at least in his interest with the human race. A man who follows his father’s orders no matter what, and yet still claims things like, “I chose my wife” that leave us wondering how much is an act and what’s sincere.

Of course, even though he leaves us wondering and, sometimes, moves us, we can’t ignore the fact that he’s one of the most devious and destructive of the villains. Easily slaughtering his own brother, Greed, tearing apart Roy’s group and taking Winry hostage, and his bloody battles with Greeling remind us that he is, after all, still a villain. That has never stopped us from loving him, though, and even his dying words leave us gripping onto phrases, searching for meaning and answers: who was King Bradley, and what was he, really? Opinionated, brave, superhuman, and at times, mango-obsessed and downright hilarious, he’s one of the best villains in any manga there is to read.

3. Envy –
The defensive, jealous, and cocky villain who shape shifts into anyone he wants, hides his true, monstrous form, and can be demoted to a small, shrimp-like creature on the brink of death. He’s the most charismatic, original, and eccentric of the villains, with an odd wardrobe and a track record that includes beginning the Ishbalan war and killing the beloved Maes Hughes. The conceited, self-absorbed homunculus who eventually met his death through a cowardly suicide after being consumed with Envy of humans, especially Edward Elric, shortly after having his arse kicked by Roy Mustang.

His teasing of Ed, his bizarre hair, various transformations from humans to animals to monsters, and the dynamic battles he’s been in make him one of the most interesting and charismatic villains of Fullmetal Alchemist but, in the end, none of us were too sorry to see him go.

4. Greeling –
The only thing more epic than the hilarious Prince of Xing, Ling Yao, is the unpredicted combination of him and the homunculus Greed. As these two rage over one body, and fight for control, switching back and forth continuously, we watch as they affect one another – as Ling realizes immortality isn’t going to save those around him (such as Fuu), and as Greed embraces his past memories and his one true wish: to have friends. We watch on the edge of our seats to see who conquers the body, and wonder what their fate could possibly be, all the while enjoying their strange dynamic, awesome fight scenes, and the way they interact with other characters.
Wow, great lists, all of these! Some I agree with more than others, but everyone's entitled to their own opinion, right? And it's not really so much that I disagree as I think EVERY list should be the top 13, 'cause there's some lists you just can't cram all you want into.

For instance, I thought all the pairings in that list were great! But then, I thought of some of the less-mentioned pairings, like King Bradley and his wife, and Izumi and Sig. As to the former, we don't know if he actually ever did love her, but he respected her, "raised" a "child" with her, and, lest we forget, he chose her, indicating by his choice of words that there was some reason there. (What I'm getting at is that he was easily able to play the part with her, and I doubt that would have happened if he didn't see something in her.) Izumi and Sig's love and devotion to each other can't be discounted, either. Though Sig's pretty much an inconspicuous, (well, as inconspicuous as is possible) mostly gentle giant and Izumi's a non-traditional housewife/alchemist combo with slightly violent tendencies, these two just have what it takes.
This is the order I would put them in-

Five Heroes:
5. Hohenheim
4. Alphonse Elric
3. Greed/Lin
2. Roy Mustang
1. Edward Elric

Four Villains:
4. Pride
3. Wrath
2. Zolf J. Kimbley
1. Envy
I hope I can join in the middle! I love this idea, btw and I've enjoyed reading what everyone has ranked in the last few days.

My rankings for Heroes and Villains would be:

Top 5 Heroes
1. Edward Elric
2. Roy Mustang
3. Van Hohenheim
4. Alphonse Elric
5. Ling Yao

Top 4 Villains
1. Pride
2. Envy
3. Wrath
4. Father
Lt. Misha Mustang
Top 9 Panels =]

Top 6 Heroes:

1. Edward
2. Alphonse
3. Olivier
4. Roy
5. Izumi
6. Ling

Top 5 Villains:

1. Envy
2. Homunculus
3. Kimblee
4. Bradley
5. Tucker

Top 4 Funniest Comic Relief Characters:

1. Maes Hughes
2. Yoki
3. Edward
4. Alex

Top 3 Greatest Sidekicks:

1. Alphonse
2. Riza
3. Heinkel

Top 2 Antiheroes:

1. Scar
2. Greed

Most Useless Character Overall:

1. Xiao-Mei the panda

Most Well Fleshed Out Character:

1. Hohenheim

Most Interesting Character:

1. Bradley

Saddest Character Death:

1. Hughes

Most Impactful Character:

1. Trisha

Best Female Character:

1. Izumi

Worst Female Character:

1. Rose

Best Male Character:

1. Edward

Worst Male Character:

1. Cornello

Best Animal Character:

1. Black Hayate

Worst Animal Character:

1. Xiao-Mei the panda

Envy's Coolest Transformation:

1. The horse on the hill

Envy's Worst Transformation:

1. The fetus bug

Biggest WTF Moment:

1. Father's master plan

Most Boring Moment:

1. The Elric brothers in jail at Briggs

Most Interesting Moment:

1. Roy Vs. well...anyone

Best Battle:

1. Roy Vs. Lust
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