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Full Version: House M.d Role Play
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house walks in
Welcome to the Community termanter656.

As you are opening the thread, it would be helpful for other members if you set the scene and named the various characters to Role Play.

I'm guessing you mean Greg House, so I'm altering the title so more people will come and take a look and hopefully start RPing with you. If I'm wrong let me know so it can be changed again.
House promptly falls flat on his face, his cane skittering across the floor. It seems in their escalating prank war Cuddy had set up a trip wire. House grinned in appreciation. He hadn't expected her to stoop to knocking a cripple off his feet.
As he slowly picked himself up, wincing in at the pain shocking through his leg he noticed the red pool surrounding his table, the sound of dripping. Next he noticed the bodies around his conference table. Each member of hiss team was dead. You didn't have to be head diagnostician to know something was wrong. DEAD WRONG!

House quickly limped toward his desk, which wasn't that fast. He brushed aside some papers, sent his PSP crashing to the floor in a frantic search for his phone. He lifted the receiver to his ear but there was no dial tone. His keen eye quickly noticed the cord had been slashed, most likely by a medical scalpel wielded by a right handed person holding the scalpel in their left hand. The person had probably been wearing a off white suit with a low cut blouse underneath and a pair of spike heels that on any other day House would have happily called wh***sh. today was not such a day though.

The fact he could tell what the person was wearing because said person was standing in front of him holding the bloody scalpel nonchalantly.

"Let's see you top this, House."

Before House could respond, before he could even comprehend what was going on Cuddy ran up to him (with impressive speed for a lady in wh***sh spike heels) and slashed across Houses throat severing the artery.

OOC: I don't really do the role playing this. Is this right?
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