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Full Version: Happy Birthday, Arakawa-sensei! ^o^
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AA battery
As this will (likely) be the last birthday Arakawa Hiromu-sensei be spending together with the series Fullmetal Alchemist, I think it's appropriate to make a topic - specific for congratulating her birthday, and to tell her (not that she'll read them lol) what we feel about the series up until now!

(the center lady should be her)

Some basic bio:
Arakawa Hiromu 荒川弘
- Female
- She is always mistaken as a male mangaka as her published name and drawing style are very male-like
- Age 37 (as of 2010 May 8th)
- Birthday 1973 May 8th, Taurus
- Born in Hokkaido
- Her self-portrait is a cow because of her background as a farming family
- She has karate black belt back when she was in high school
- Gave birth to a son in 2007
- She wishes to show her manga to her son when he reaches 15, and hopes her son will tell her that her manga is very interesting
- She never took a break from serializing her work, despite her pregnancy
- Comes from a family of 5 children (3 older sisters and 1 younger brother)
- She debuted as a mangaka in 1999, by getting the Enix 21st century manga award, with her work Stray Dog
- During 1999-2000, she worked as Etou Hiroyuki's assistant until she is ready to be on her own
- Fullmetal Alchemist (2001-20xx) is her first serialized manga and her most well-known manga, with "equivalent trade" as the manga's main theme
- Fullmetal Alchemist won the 49th Shougakukan Manga Award (Teen) in 2004, and the 5th Tokyo Anime Award in 2006
- Past work includes: Stray Dog (1999), Totsugeki tonari no Enix (2000), Under this Street (2000), Shanghai Demons (2000), Raiden 18 (2005), Bat of the Blue Sky (2006), Hero Tales (2006), Hyakushou Kizoku (2006)

All info based on Japanese wikipedia and from what I remember about her. Please correct me if there are mistakes.

Although this isn't a lot of translating, I'd still appreciate it if you could credit me if you decide to repost this elsewhere...

As for what I have to say to her at this point... I don't really know, other than that I hope I will be crying of happiness when I read the series finale. This is a great series that has been with me for the past 5~6 years (that's like... a quarter of my life!), and I am really thankful that Arakawa-sensei has written such a beautiful piece of work. With the end of this series, I think my "life" as a hardcore anime and manga fan will probably end as well... as I have never loved a fiction as much as Fullmetal Alchemist before. I don't think I will ever forget this series and the characters I have loved, even after 10, 20, or 50 years. Good luck with the rest of your career and I wish your son will grow up to be a cheerful and healthy boy. Thank you for everything! ^_____^
Thanks for all the information AA Battery!

Although I hope to find other works that I adore as much as Fullmetal Alchemist, I'm not sure I will be able to. It was such a delight to get pulled into the story as it was being serialized. I'm sure your son will enjoy the story as much as the rest of its readers. Good luck and good health in the future!
Happy Birthday, Hiromu!

You've created one of the best mangas I've ever seen.
Happy Birthday to the person that filled my life with so many beautiful things! <3 (And she wouldn't even manage to imagine that XD)

Happy birthday Arakawa smile.gif She made me love anime and manga and introduce me my first shipper, and I never will forget.
Happy birthday, dear Arakawa-sensei!
Thx to your manga we have (soon: had) something to look forward every month. Your manga gave me motivation with every single chapter. Thank you for you work! I even would go so far and say that I learned something while reading your manga.
We wish ourselves to your birthday that you give us like 100 extra chapters/specials to our favorite manga xD Pleeease xD We kinda love you! Stay healthy and stuff!
The Monkey Is God
Never has a series like this one inspired me or made me reread it so many times or make me actually follow it month to month. I'm terrible at series, I always just kind of come back when it's all over and then read it slowly this I have non-stop constantly read since I discovered it's wonderful manga form in 2006. Too bad it took me that long! I had already watched the original series when it came out. So many inspiring chapters, I think I have actually pulled several of my life philosophies from this series. I probably will reread this series at least 10 more times in my life, the idea of not doing that is saddening. I think I've reread the whole thing once every year since I discovered it, I don't want to let these characters leave my mind! They are so rich and so beautiful and so worth knowing, I wish they were real.

Thanks for everything! Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday, Hiromu Arakawa, and thank you very much for creating an awesome story! FMA will stay as my favourite manga, I'm sure of that. biggrin.gif
Kaori Ayanami
FMA it's a graphic novel, and by that I mean a novel in comic (OK, manga) form. Given that I have always liked novels, I could hardly find words that could praise it more than these.

Hope there are more graphic novelists in manga. As for now, long live the cow! ^^
Happy Birthday, Ms. Hiromu Arakawa!

Here's wishing that it's a good birthday today and for many more years to come.
Your work is one of the best that I've ever read, Fullmetal Alchemist is a very compelling story, and I've always been excited to read every new chapter that comes out! happy.gif

I also thank you for creating something that introduced me to a lot of good friends, as I found a love that I could share with many other people.

You are an amazing woman who has never given up, even in tough times and that is a very admirable quality.
I wish you all the best for you and your son in the future!
Happy Birthday Arakawa-Sensei !!!!
Thank you for being with us for yet another year, Arakawa-sensei!!
And thank you for introducing me to a whole new world, the world of Fullmetal Alchemist. I will forever admire you for your throughout work, commitment and reseach in the series, and for believable and compelling characters and plot, and for encouraging me in life's all aspects!
I would also like to thank you with all my heart for making me understand that I might not have such an odd sense of humor after all!
Happy Birthday, Arakawa-sensei, and thank you for being such an awesome person and birthing awesomeness like FMA and Juushin Enbu and for all your hard work and for never taking a break and generally for being you smile.gif
Happy Birthday Arakawa!

I have to thank you so much for creating the characters and the story I love so much, and using them to create the best manga I've ever read... I admire your hard work! You have the best fans ever and I'm so glad to have been, and still be, a part of it all these years!
Happy birthday almighty cow! *bows*

I first began to read this in the beggining of my course and now it's endding along with it ^^; It really helped me to keep working through the late hours of the night because when I got sleepy I'd read one chapter of any manga at reach so that I'd wake up with a smile on my face and keep on working! It's been such a long time that , when it ends, I'm sure it will leave hole in my heart ._. Never before I've been addicted to a story like this, every day I've got to look at something that's fma related! It's really a vice that will end in two months ._.
So once again congrats for your birthday and for your wonderful work that I'm sure inspired many people throughout the world! ^^
Mr. Deathy
Happy birthday to the best mangaka out there!
Happy birthday!!

I love your work so much. Your humor, your ability to capture the audience, you way of storytelling, and your art. It's all beautifull. Fullmetal Alchemist has been the only story to truelly suck me into it's world. I have read many books, seen many shows, watched many movies, and played so many games that I thought had taken me, but just 6 months ago I discovered fullmetal, and after that day I think it's safe to say I haven't been the same. Fullmetal is a beautifull story that teaches so many life lessons and inspiring things. It's a masterpiece that I wish every person on this earth could read. If I ever were to meet you, I think I would be too humbled to say anything but Thank-You. I respect you so much and I hope you have a wonderfull year. Again, thank you.
Katya Martin

Happy birthday. I can't really describe how good your work is and what it means to me... but thank you for the journey you've taken us on, Arakawa-sensei.
Oh, my, it's today! Happy Birthday, Arakawa-sensei, I wish you all the best, hope you keep on being such an awesome, talented and humorous person.

I've been more like a lurker here than an actual member, but I thought I'd show up once again in this epic day. Like many here, I also found strength and hope for the future by waiting for FMA chapters every month, especially during such a disturbed period of my life. In my country, we spend all high school preparing to college-entering selection exams (just like in Japan), and all the students use to freak out. And, what's worse, we have to pick a specific course (what kind of 18/19 kid can decide what they're gonna do for the rest of their lives?). So, I picked up architecture without even knowing what it was, just because people said I'd like it. Got into a good college, at least, but the course program there is a total mess, etc. And Fullmetal Alchemist was there, during the stressful studying and hard adaptation period, giving me something to look forward to every month, so I could overcome all the obstacles, making me laugh when I was about to cry (and the other way around too, lol). And now I'm more or less settlled in life, I suppose it's time to say goodbye. T_T

I just wanted to thank you, Arakawa-sensei, even though you'll never know it, for your wonderful work that kept me motivated. Your manga gathered people from all around the world into a single community, with one single objective: to appreciate all your hard work.
All hail the geek cow-goddess!
The Monkey Is God
I'm so glad I went through my manga/anime phase because that's how I picked up this series. I rally don't want watch anime or manga anymore, this is the only series I have followed and have continued to follow for years and years, the sad thing is so many people will dismiss it just because it's a japanese comic thing.
Thank you and Happy Birthday Arakawa Sensei for creating the first manga I ever bought and read! I hope you do more and more awesome manga until you have to go back to the gate! So... Live long and prosper!!! artist.gif And please don't kill me in the next 2 chapters... I want to be a fan of Fullmetal Alchemist long after it's over! heart.gif heart.gif heart.gif
Now i have to make a note of may 8th in my yearly calender . . Its such a great day . Happy birthday arakawa sensei . . Man , fma is just the best manga ever . . No other manga gives me the spine chillers that this one gives . . Absolutely spectacular . Hope to see more of you (and more awesome work) , once your done wit fma .
Happy birthday Awakawa-sensei!

I loved FMA when I first discovered it in 2004, and rediscovered it in 2006. This manga has been one of the staples of my reading and watching, and is in fact the only anime series that I actually own DVDs of. Your manga has made me laugh, cry, dream, and scream in joy, sorrow, anticipation, and fear among a multitude of other emotions. I look forward to it every month, and the thought of the next chapter keeps me sustained during hard times, and giddy during good times. I cannot fathom a world in which this wonderful, thought-out, creative, beautiful series doesn't exist, and I wouldn't want to. As long as I live, I know that FMA will have an impact-though I hope that it'll never lessen as I age. Thank you for letting us see your world, and thank you for all your hard work.

Happy birthday!!!

Thank you oh so much for creating this brilliant manga and for never taking a break from serializing FMA. This manga is truly awesome and I really can't describe how much I love it. You've taken us on a wonderful journey Arakawa-sensei.

So live long, have a happy life, and be prosperous!!
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