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Katya Martin
Whoa, can't believe there wasn't a Portal thread already.

Oh man! Portal 2's been announced! And a patch has been sent out for the original. Among other things, there are a bunch of radios all over the place, a new achievement, and a bit of a change in the ending. Before you black out, a robot finds you, and begins to drag you back into the facility... There's also been a lot of interesting content found in various ways from the new radios. has also been around for a while, but is still quite interesting.

Anyway, generalized Portal discussion?
I tragically never got to experience Portal properly. I wasn't in a position to buy the Orange Box, and the Portal standalone price was waaay too high.
After having it vaguely spoiled, I finally got the demo and then had to watch the rest on YouTube.
That kinda sucks.

Still, I admire what they did. It does seem like a damn good game. (even in video I grew attached to the Companion Cube)

The ending thing is quite interesting. I haven't actually seen it, but they just added something to the end, not changed something that was already there, right?

I'm looking forward to seeing what they bring to the table in the sequel. But with bringing both Chell and you-know-who back, I'm a little worried it'll be too Portal.
Katya Martin
They just added a snippet onto the end, is all.

I think you can get it on Steam for a decent price... not sure though. (I got it as a gift.)

Portal 2 is probably going to be the first PC game I ever buy... lol.

"Too Portal?" I don't know, I think it'll be neat to have more of the same feel- and apparently it's set years later, so it won't even be quite the same. Plants all through the Enrichment Center... this'll be interesting.
Wow I had no idea. I just recently finished it and I was kinda disappointed it was so short. Thanks for posting about it. smile.gif
portal is too smart for me so i wont be buying it (i suck at puzzles after like.... level 10 X.x) but i will be watching a walkthrough on youtube if one comes out. im really curious about the storyline. like will the still be cake(XD)? or what about glados and all that. either way, i'm looking foward to it.
Since Steam has it for free (till the 24th!) I got to play it for the end, and even with the surprises spoiled, it was still amazing.
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