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Please post the discussions on episode 2 "Body of the Sanctioned" here. smile.gif

They fixed it!
They ended it 5 whole mins early, but hey, I don't care.
I get to watch it. happy.gif

I think they cut the ending shorth though...........

(I've never seen the Jap. verson.)
oh so happy that they put in the WHOLE beginning.
It was the second beginning but beggars can't be choosers.
Plus they already let us know that the second beginning would play throughout the whole series.

A bit disappointed by the ending though.
They cut it off early. -__-
OMG!!! That was so much better.
There's the opening (Though the second opening), a little bit of Kesenai Tsumi, and not too many of Ed's cliche lines.
Cornello did sound strange when the fake stone rebounded, but overall good job Funi.
This is becoming a very good dub. (Come on, admit it people!)

I am surprised.
I thought they would translate the ending songs, shorten the anime to add commercial time, and destroy Ed's character.
I like Funi but I thought there was no way on Earth we would see the beginning and the actual Japanese ending!
Well here it is!
You've got to admit that Funi is making sacrifices because they would normally never show both the ending and beginning (In Japanese no less).
It shortens the commercial time and that's their money source we're talking about (Besides the merchendise).

One problem though.
Al's voice didn't bother me before but now I'm feeling the monotone.
Kind of worried about the last scene in episode 3 when feeling is needed in Al's voice.
The scene when Ed and Al fight by the river.
It was great seeing these episodes again.
Its been over a year since I last watched them

I loved that they used the whole Ready Steady GO! Intro.
I wanted to get up and dance , its my favorite of all the openings.

We got to hear a bit more of Lust and Gluttony's voices..
Lust sounded pretty good.. but Gluttony sounded a bit odd.

To me, when the fake stone was going out of control, and Cornello was screaming.. it sounded like Sean Schemmel.. the guy who voices Goku from DBZ (I'm not positive if ti was)

True FMA
Like many people say, the shows just keep getting better.
I wish there was just a little bit more fighting in this episode, though. biggrin.gif
Major Armstrong
*Sigh. They should keep the whole entire song.
I liked the second episode.

It's better in Japanese though.
Yup, FMA airs on Cartoon Network (Adult Swim programming block) on Midnight on Saturday Night/Sunday Morning (since, by the time it comes on, it is technically Sunday, heh).

And for those who do miss the premieres, Adult Swim now has Premiere Repeat Night on Thursdays.
Watch (or record) at 12:30 am, and you'll get to see last Saturday's episode of FMA
QUOTE (Major Armstrong @ Nov 15 2004, 05:59 PM)
*Sigh.  They should keep the whole entire song.

I was expecting that they may cut the theme song short.
It's Cartoon Network, they have to trim SOMETHING to shove more adverts down our throats.
On American TV in general credits have been turncated for the past five years, at least.
It's a depressing trend.
I'm rather impressed they gave us as much as they did.
I saw episode 1 and 2 on Adulswim and they rocked! biggrin.gif

I think Edward is my favorite character so far, he totally kicks but! (not to mention totally hot! wink.gif )

Anyway, I think it comes on @midnight but I'm down here in Texas so it's 1 full hour back.
I didn't know that it repeats on Thursday!?
I need to set my alarm clock for that.
I was so excited to see the opening song, since they didn't show it for the first episode.
But I was even more surprised to see that they left it in Japanese.
Funimation usually translates the songs! As for the voice acting, I loved it.
I haven't seen FMA in Japanese, so maybe that's why.
But it seems to me that however you see it first is the way you like it.
Kirby of Doom
QUOTE(Raitakimaru @ Nov 19 2004, 01:05 AM)
You guys who havn't seen the jap anime are seriously missing out on some good music, listen to them when you get an oppurtunity to.

They're using the same music, though I'm not sure at the exact same times.
I've never seen the Japanese version but I'm still in love with this show

This show rox my sox. its great!!
so far i <3 the storyline.
everything pulls together so nicley. cool.gif smile.gif
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