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So I'm gonna take a creative risk here, but I've seen enough adaptations to know that fans can get scared and upset beyond belief when things aren't close to the series or when changes don't reflect the original spirit.

I'm working on a FMA adaptation that should play out into a trilogy if things turn out right and before I get too deep into it, I'd like to know what people think: should I include the "origin" as far as showing the initial transmutation of Trisha and the boys' training or would it be acceptable to reveal this pain through dialogue in order to give more screen time to the main events? I've included the first 10-ish pages of a script that has the origin in it.

Long story short, I'm giving you/us fans the choice in this decision. Based on your responses I'll move forward in one direction or another. I'll also take suggestions into consideration if you feel like leaving them.

Keep in mind that this is a Spec-Script and in no way signifies that this movie WILL get made, but the more input I have, the better chance there is of that happening.

If you're gonna be the screenplay writer, can I be the director? biggrin.gif (Just kidding. Sort of.) *would LOOOOOVE to help make FMA into a movie trilogy someday...* I'm cramming for a deadline so I only had time to skim over the script, but I liked what little bits I saw. I especially liked the little "Maurice" bit you added in. Very cute. (Do spiders live that long, though?...)

Anyway...I think you could probably work it both ways. Reveal some stuff through origin/flashback stuff and some through dialog. You should definitely do the failed transmutation scene through origin/flashback, though. The readers and viewers - especially the ones who are FMA newcomers - need to understand exactly why it was so wrong and so traumatizing for Ed and Al (Ed especially. Gotta love his guilt complex...), and I don't think mere dialog can fully express the horror they saw. There are times when words fail, and only images can really connect with you. That scene is definitely one of them.

I heard once that "movies are emotion machines", and I think that's especially true for FMA. It's not so much about plot and action and saving-the-world as it is about the characters, the relationships they have and what they go through together. So as an FMA fan, I'm not too worried about what liberties you take with the plot. (Though it would be nice to see a faithful adaptation, because Arakawa is a genius.) biggrin.gif What I really want is to see the incredible themes and spirit of the series done justice - sacrifice, unconditional love, humanity, pain, hope, finding redemption and all the rest. And above all, I want to laugh, cry and feel for the characters I love; to see their personalities and their devotion to each other unspoiled and un-hollywoodized, and watch them grow and develop through the events that happen to them.

If you can achieve that - if you can stay true to the characters and do the original source some justice - my hat will be off to you a million times over. (I do realize there's no guarantee that this will made made into a movie, but I wanted to spit out my thoughts anyway.) tongue.gif
That is by far the best response I could have hoped to have gotten. After working on prep work for this script for so long, it's nice to get input from someone who isn't required to be nice to me (friends, family, etc.).

I think you are absolutely right about needing to see the failed transmutation. I just wanted to hear the opinion of a voice that ISN'T in my head lol.

I plan on staying as true to the series as possible, but through the transition of mediums, certain things are going to happen. For example, to give more development to Mustang, he's going to be the one that first finds Marco with the brothers on the train ride.

I don't want to give anything else away right now. At the very least I don't want the movie to be spoiled for everyone wink.gif
Oh yay! biggrin.gif I'm glad my response was helpful. Heck, I'm glad you wanted to get input in the first place! xD Too often I feel like movie people use the "staying-true-to-the-spirit-of-the-source" line as an excuse to throw the story around however they want, and they don't care how the fans might feel about it. So it's really nice to see that you do care. smile.gif If you want input on anything else, anything at all, don't hesitate to ask! I think you're doing something really cool, and I want to help in any way I can! (What? Sneaking around for more spoilers? Me? Naaahhh...) wink.gif

So Mustang's gonna be with them instead of Armstrong, eh? That actually sounds like a really neat idea. I can definitely see how it would provide opportunities for character development...though I'm wondering how he'll convince Riza to let him ditch the paperwork at HQ, lol. And it'll sacrifice Ed's epic "morally bankrupt colonel with a god complex" line. tongue.gif But other than that, it's sounds awesome.

And I totally understand that some changes will have to happen. I'm not a filmmaking expert by any means, but I've read some books, studied my favorite movies and taken a couple workshops to learn the basics. So while I'm a die-hard FMA fan, I know that the story has to fit a certain structure to work as a movie, and I'm okay with that. (At any rate, I know that adapting any kind of book to a movie can't be easy; so I have a lot of respect for people who can pull it off well.)
cooooooooooooooool can i audition for ed at age 16?
the only problem i have with it is the fact the boys don't have thier injuries at the correct age. they're gonna be pretty old when they get to the incident don't you think? i liked the maurice bit. it was pretty interesting. i like it so far but really i would like to see an acurate order of events going on here. i know it must be annoying screening something you didn't actually make and so eventually it will get boring but i just say stick at it.
It really has nothing to do with being boring. It's more along the lines that it's hard to get an entire audience to relate with a couple of VERY young boys then it would be for them to be adolescents and have the main story involve them as young adults. It's more about marketability than anything else.

And just for possible clarification, the Maurice bit was leading into Ed understanding "One is all and all is one" lesson when Maurice finally kicked the bucket.

Not to mention, I've seen the original series, read all the manga so far, and watch the new episodes every thursday, so I'm well aware of the sequence of events. But if you tried to map out everything in the proper order, you'd have 10 movies whereas I'm aiming for a trilogy (or possibly a quadrilogy the way things have been shaping out). And while I'd love to write FMA movies forever, that'd just be too much and no studio would ever buy or finance it.


ETA: March 30, 2010
Ok loyal followers! Some thoughts that I'd love replies on!

1. How do you feel about leaving out the details about training with Izumi until movie 2?

2. Would it be acceptable to leave out the alchemy exam and certification?

and (this is the most difficult one for me)

3. The Tucker and Nina series of events... are they NECESSARY in this movie?
what i was really trying to say was i think 16 is a bit too old for them. maybe 13-14 max. but that's just what i feel tongue.gif

1. fine
2. i'm not sure. it might make a difference.
3. not really. then again the barry the chopper part seemed unneeded. although i did like eisode 8.
Oh God, a FMA movie... I've been dreaming of that moment since I first saw a thread about it somewhere here in the forums... biggrin.gif

At first, I was kinda wondering why Ed and Al's ages where different. But then I read the posts above me, so I understand now. ^^ I wonder though how old they'd be when the failed transmutation part occurs... 17? 18?

1. Well, I like that idea better... leaving out those details until the second movie. Mostly because I'm afraid if you squash the entire Elrics' backstory into the first movie, along with present day timeline, the movie will feel... very rushed.

2. Well, as Lunneth said, it might make a difference.

3. I think so.
Hey guys! Thanks for the input. I've now got all of movie 1 planned out and the highlights of the sequels written down. I've gotten a good deal into the first script and I should be done with the first draft by November (It'd be sooner but I work 2 jobs. Writing a script has to take the backseat while there are bills to be paid lol)

What would REALLY help get this into motion is if you guys and gals could help find some contact info for VIZ. The only thing on their site is for general questions and I haven't received a reply in regards to which (if any) studios have optioned the rights to a live-action FMA. The sooner I know this, the sooner I can start shopping this out. Your assistance can make this happen!


I didn't actually reply to anyone lately, my apologies!!!

So, with the ages, that's something I'm still toying with. I'm sticking with the plan of the boys being older, but the exact ages are a little up in the air. I do know that they'll be between 10 and 13 at Trisha's transmutation and somewhere between 16-18 for the rest of the series.

Unless someone can come up with a good reason not to, I've officially decided to save the events from Hoho leaving to the end of the brothers' training for the opening of movie 2. State certification is still up in the air for placement and ideas are welcome.

After some soul searching I've found the perfect way to incorporate the Tucker/Nina arc. It is going to be by far one of the more emotional and gut-wrenching parts of the script as it shapes a major part of Ed and Al's outlook for the rest of the series.

As always, questions and suggestions are welcome!
I will love you if Scar dies in your story smile.gif
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