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Full Version: My Current Fanarts
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The Ed one is drawn quite a while ago, and I finally can drew a character I've admired all these years.. and also, a fanart of my current obsession.

ps: The Ed fanart is a gift to my friend, so excuse the "possesive"-ness.

IPB Image

and here's the rest, coz I don't want people having the computer load so slow, I'll just give the links..

The Kaitou Fanart

Current Obsession

Feedbacks please!
It's pretty good with a little bit of modifications it can be really cool.
yes, these pics look good^^...

for someone who didn't copy it from an original pic, it's quite good^^
can someone teach me how to draw hands?
Yea I'm still working on that myself. I usually hide the hands in gloves cause that's a lot easier. Of course, what a high school person is doing wearing gloves, I have no idea.

Ed's a bit chubby, eh? tongue.gif
^ yeah, he needs to go on diet... been eating to much.. lol
RoyxRiza BigFan
u need an anatomy book guideline or an fma manga copy copy, its all about pratice! >O< *whacks myself*
Good point. Practice, why didn't I think of that? Maybe I should start letting go of the gloves.
trying to work on that though.. I ask my mom if I can buy those dummy thingy with the human's anatomy structure's base for drawing.. she said no. sad.gif
I think you could just borrow books from the library or use your own hand (the one you don't use to draw). If you want to draw the kind of fingers they have in a shoujo manga real hands kind of don't work though. laugh.gif

Or actually, you could just try copying positions from various mangas. After awhile you'd be able to come up with your own style if you want.
Wow... that's are hard thing to ask of someone!! it's easier to teach someone to draw something when they can actually be there in person!! o_o i guess it's just practice... i look at my own hands when i draw em... if i'm trying to draw a right hand, i look at my left hand in a small mirror in front of me (i'm right handed)!! >w< as for anatomy, those manikin things don't help much. i have one, but i bearly use it :\ they're not flexible enough to do most of the poses i want them to. >o< i would just have to say a full length mirror is your best friend if you want to practice anatomy!

I'll one day make a drawing tutorial on my website.... but that will take a while!! OwO I hope this helps!!
The first two are all right but I really liek the Kakashi.
I tried to look at my own hands, doesn't really work to me though...

and thanks Haroken! Kakashi's my fave too!
anyways, I'll double post since it's a whole different thing... sorry.. ><

the latest banner I made:

and here's the Kakashi thing, I coloured it, using the Pen Tool:
that is really nice...i love the little "belong to" thing on his back..happy.gif
yeah, I drew it for my friend.
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