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Full Version: Reminder Of Time Changes (start Of Daylight Savings Time) For European Audience!
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<Temporary thread. It will be taken down later...^^>

REMINDER For European viewers of FMA: Brotherhood anime:

For those living in the applicable areas of certain European countries, there will be a time change ..starting of Daylight Savings Time.. on this Sunday, early morning, 1 AM (changes to 2 AM.) (please double check with your local authority. ^^)

* For the viewers of the Keyhole and other streaming of FMA:Brotherhood ep 50 as it airs in Japan, please remember that there is no time change in Japan although there will a time change in the certain European countries (where applicable,) and make sure you catch the streaming on right time. ^^


* For Aussie audience (where it's applicable) it's the "reverse" and the Daylight Savings Time ends April 4, 2010, I think, but please double check with your local authority for more accurate information. ^^
Thus my viewing of keyhole ends. No way I'm losing an hour of sleep.
Too bad episode 5 doesn't air sooner though haha!
hmm. In sweden we don't change until the 28th, I think. We'll be unsynced.
Kale Mustang
Well, for me, Keyhole shows at 1am in the problem here, though I was enjoying it at midnight.
Thank you, Tombow!

3 AM, huh? I guess the final episodes are worth it. happy.gif
Reminder again. ^^
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