I can't believe they re-released this game... AGAIN! For those of you who are familiar, Lunar was a 2 part RPG series on the Sega CD and PSX, (plus some spin-offs) even the editions on PSX could be considered remakes, but since for their time they were actually complete over hauls, I'd like to think of them as more than just a simple remake.

Anyway, this latest one if released onto the PSP, with updated sprites, maps, and voice acting.... yet, they kept all the cutscenes from the PSX release. I'm actually working on putting together a "English-Dub Comparison" video, for those who are interested. Only down side, it's my first time working in any kind of video editor. I wanted to chain all the example videos together instead of having you load many different videos.... *shrugs* I mean well.

That all aside. When are they going to make the promised, Lunar 3???! pokey.gif