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Talk-back/content discussion for English dubbed episode on Adult Swim starts on page 3. smile.gif

Please post the discussions on the content of episode 47 here.
This thread is declared as a Spoiler zone for the content of the first 47 episodes.

Screenshots: see Omni's post.

Full Screenshots: over at livejournal, provided by Moogledaime

Summary: Ed and his group go to see Hohenheim. He tells them about the Promised Day, and Ed tells Hohenheim Trisha's last words to him. As Ed and his group leave, they run into Al. However, after a warning from Lin, it is revealed that Al is being controlled by Pride. Pride first gets the upper hand, but Ed responds by blacking out the slums and taking away the light so that Pride cannot use his shadows. Heinkel uses this opportunity to find and attack Pride, but Ed, Greed, and Darius are then attacked by Gluttony. Greed, having a disadvantage in the dark, agrees to switch places with Lin, who uses his homunculus detection abilities to fight Gluttony. As Gluttony starts to use his full power, he is overwhelmed by the arrival of Lan Fan, who is now equipped with automail - provided by Wikipedia.

Extra Note: Please don't ask for links on where to watch this episode. Discussions on 'where to watch' belong in Where/How to Watch FMA Series 2. Don't post screencaps unless highlighting something important about the content of the episode.
My initial thoughts:

- Ed's punch is lulz.
- Oh Ed, you're hilariously hostile!
- Aww, Hoho crying
- Trisha ;_;
- Boom, instacoat!
- How is Pride speaking with Al's voice? Did Envy give him lessons in mimicry?
- Oh Selim, looking as spiffy as you do in your little vest, how can anyone hate you?
- Gluttony is also adorably creepy. Like Boo in DBZ.
- Bah, Ling returns to control.
- New music heralds the return of Ranfan!

Decent episode. It'll probably be better when I can see it in better quality.

Next episode: Ed actually does something!
- Ed & Hohenheim reunion. And a punch. smile.gif
- And now Ed knows the truth about him.
- Trisha and Hohenheim flashbacks. And Hoho is crying.
- Al with Pride’s eyes and shadows is really creepy.
- New PSP and Gangan CM!
- Where’s the new music?
- Surprise attack from Heinkel!
- Ling is back again.
- Ran Fan! And finally the new music.
I want the next episode now. The animation looked really good from the preview.
I'm still amazed of how punctually shows start in Japan. In Poland it's like a roulette, you don't know if it's going to start 5 minutes earlier or 5 minutes later.

- Oh, the manga scene, "Alphonseee.... staaay focuuus" loved it!
- Edo, punching your own father? how rude!
- Oh noes, it's dark! Bad sign! But I love the lighting and shadowing here.
- Trisha! Somehow I really do sympathize with her.
- Evil Al is evil. The scene was intense.
- Another Greed eyecatch? Love it though.
- "The promised day" game commercial, great music.
- New Gangan commercial? Nice cover.
- Time to fight! I love the animation so far.
- Chimeras strike!
- And the new music from last week's preview.
- Beating a child like that? Oh wait... it's not Selim anymore it's not selim anymore...
- Gluttony!
- hahahaha, poor Ed, pwned by Darius.
- Ling! I'm glad he's "back" I really missed his VA.
- no, is thaaat..... yeeeess....
- RAAAAAAAAAN FAAAAAAAAAAAAN! I can't even find words to describe how good that scene was and how glad I am that she's back.
Ranfan's comeback with music which was in one of previews lately was totally kickass. I loved whole episode, but Ranfan made me fangirling so hard aaand... man that was awesome.
And I almost cried when saw Hoho crying :<
WOW at the episode. it's awesome!!
my thoughts

- Ed's punch is... cruel.. biggrin.gif
- Hohenheim's cry... T.T
- Trisha!!! I WANT TO BE YOUR DAUGHTER, really.
- what is that?? an instant-coat? cool.
- eeh.. pride can use al's voice? hmm
- selim looks freaking hott!
- yay for ling!
- new music for the come back of ranfan!! awesome!

hmm.. a bit OOT but anybody notice? after the first screen-shot, then there are ads. *so many FMA ads*, and one of them is shonen gangan's. it's about this month's cover/edition. is it just me or i saw ed, sitting (i think), half naked (again, i think.), with a ver ver very very sexy face as the cover???? or it's just my fatamorgana? =_______________=
shanry - actually, that part in spoilers can be explained here thanks to amestris and Michiyo. Please discuss it there not here, that means everyone.
Screenshots and Impressions:
My thoughts:

-Nice punch there. Ed
-Hoho crying... and the music... T___T
-Hoho and Trisha's flash back... ;A;
-WHY THE HECK does Selim could use Al's voice?
-YAY FOR RANFAN'S RETURN~!! and that tornado.

overall, Nice episode biggrin.gif
Mr. Deathy
Err episode was all around good but not quite as good as I'd hoped from last week's preview. The best animation from the episode was in the preview, most of the rest was a bit more static than I'd expected and I wasn't as impressed with some scenes as I thought I'd be. I can see next week's episode is certainly going to make up for that though.

It's funny that even though he's just been reintroduced, Next week will be Gluttony's last episode
Not surprised at the animation quality of this episode. It's done by episode 37's animators (that explains why Pride doesn't look scary). Next episode's preview brings hope for that, though. Anyway, it's only the beginning of all the action, so I guess it'd be better to get all the low animation out of the way first, right? (Though ep 49 seems to be done by ep 19/38 so *shrug*)

I noticed this in the screenshots. I think it's laughable, Pride's facial expression in particular.

Does anyone know whose arm was reaching out to Alphonse? Was it Trisha?

And of course Lanfan makes an awesome return with the new music.

But next episode? I am glad I didn't get too happy to see Gluttony back.
(to avoid getting bashed again.. )

Really liked the ep. I am glad they are paying attention to the small details in the manga for some things. Ed's hair still seems so unstable, some times its long sometimes its not, sometimes its epic!
I am having a hard time hating pride he looks too cut as a little boy in his vest and when Heinkle was attacking him it was more "aww noo..." haha. When Ed got punched by donkey i cringed that HAD to hurt epicly. Can't wait for the next ep when Ed gets to do some action. The animation looks fantastic, they seem to be spending all of their money on those type of scenes like the Wrath/Greed fight. Phenomenal animation. It feels like Al was captured more in the manga but it's probably because thats monthly and much slower. They made it just as creepy. very creepy. Hate to see this opening go- its been one of the best openings in all the FMA series (even the first).

I am so looking forward to gluttony getting eatin, things are getting interesting!!
QUOTE (mandymtt @ Mar 7 2010, 07:50 PM) *
sorry for being totally random- but where did you get the pics for your banner i love them!!!!!!! Sooo cute. A japanese site?

It's highly inappropriate to ask such questions in any unrelated topic, my advice is using PM for such things.

Now, about the episode:

I watched it with Polish subs and I don't know if they're 100% accurate, but I will base some my opinions on them.

-It was more static than I thought, but good nevertheless,
-"I want to go inside you",
-I see a lot of things are taken straight from the manga. Good. They finally learned, at the end,
-I like how Ed reacted to Hohenheim's story, even Hoho remarked that Ed was more shaken than Alphonse was. I see a tiny methamorphosis of their relations in here,
-Scene with Hohenheim crying was done better than in manga, less humorous content, more feelings attached. Ed looked guilty. ("So daddy really loved mommy after all. Huh."),
-"It's not that, he just surprised me" was nice too. Sorry, I'm such a sucker for Ed and Hohenheim relationship. I really wish they would come to terms at the end of the manga,
-"Tommorow, Trisha" - So that means Hohenheim really wants to die in the Promised Day. Meh, if he does, let it be something really heroic,
-The scene with Al is basically all manga with very tiny changes, which I don't mind,
-Grunman being Greedy? And I thought he was somewhat noble one,
-Yay for Ranfan.

Good episode.
I loved the episode. Lanfans return was made of epic win. And I was so happy they kept in Gluttony tripping over that log. I love him.
I loved how Ed was shoving food into his face. Made me laugh.
YAY awesome song. It fit so perfectly.
I got emotional when I saw Hohenheim crying.
I LOVE how they animated Greed switching to Ling. It was pretty awesome, and it's good to have Ling back.

I'm pretty pumped for next episode. Preview looks promising.

My one complaint on this episode was the animation. There was a part when Darius was talking to Ed and the QUALITY was so amazing I cringed. I'll get a screenshot and post it later.

The quality wasn't like this for just a moment. It actually continued for a while. During the whole conversation they were having.
And Pride is as creepy as ever, this time he's screwing with Al's mind instead of Riza's! laugh.gif

Aww, the moment when Ed looked over and Hohenheim was crying was so sweet and emotional. That's right Hohenheim, real men cry! Make sure you pound that lesson into your son! I don't care what anyone says, Hohenheim and Trisha are the best pairing in FMA.

I'm having trouble not staring at Darius and Heinkel's muscles... tongue.gif

Possessed Alphonse will now haunt my nightmares! You know there's something wrong when the animators give Al extra attention and the creepy music starts playing.
Ed's alchemy, especially when he was shutting down the lights, was awesome! Lol, even Hohenheim's fire of sadness went out! The utter silence after the lights go out is a nice effect.

YAY LANFAN! What else can I say? Besides that Chuck Norris couldn't even do better.

I didn't notice the QUALITY a lot, but I'm sure it was in there somewhere. (It's always just lurking around the corner...)
This weeks episode was good, but nothing made me go crazy about it. Ya good fight scene, but meh... maybe it's my fault for expecting more from this week than I should have. Or maybe I just need to watch it again....
My thoughts:

- I do really love the scene where Pride takes control over Al's body at the beginning, in particular the shadow shaped as Al's armor (it was in the manga too if I'm not wrong)
- Crying Hohenheim! The animation gives a lot of more intensity to the already intense manga panel.
- I really really love how they've animated Pride!Armor ! All those freaking red eyes!
- Plotting Grumman! What an old fox tongue.gif
- The scene where Heinkel attacks Pride popping from the dark, is one of my favorite manga part, however the anime transposition disappointed me a bit. Probably 'cause in the anime Heinkel's chimera form is less feral than in the manga :\
- Yay! They used the same panel of drooling Gluttony!
- I don't really like the new arabian music, but I have to say that it fits the return of Ran Fan.

It was a good episode, but it should have been more intense especially during the conversation between Pride!Armor and the rest of the gang.
Jealous Rogo
Few interesting notes for me personally this week.

1. Hohenheim explicitly states the eclipse is important here and he never said that in the original manga. In fact as far as I remember, the eclipse isn't even so much as mentioned until volume 22 at the earliest? I guess BONES felt it needed clarification or something? Seemed like an odd addition.

2. I liked how they got Pride's voice actress to do her best Trisha imitation at the start, made the scene so much creepier.

3. I like how they mixed Pride and Al's voice as well for when he was being possed. Surprised Possessed Al wasn't the eyecatch as well.

4. Ling was the one who warned Ed? Okay how did I never realise this before, that makes everything make more sense.

5. Pride's Child voice has gone back being manipulated again. Eh not fussed but i did prefer it how it was last week. Also I like how much more brutal the anime was in that scene. Pride still didn't bleed or recieve any major injury but he definately got smacked about a lot more than in the manga from what I can see. On a similar note, they changed Gluttony's voice for when he's in 'rage mode' to something really... not Gluttony. I mean it worked but why now? Seemed really weird.

6. This episode really cut out alot of the comedic moments from these two chapters - Ed's running away when Hohenheim started crying, Ed describing red as badass, Ed walking into Heinkel, Ed asking Al if being possessed by Pride was his 'teen angst'? Basically alot of stuff that made Ed fan girls squee.

7. Yay Ran Fan returns, with new music. An awesome moment, slightly lessened by the fact I knew it was coming but still awesome.

8. (I have no idea why I'm numbering these) Next week contains Pride's Crowning Moment of Badass and my number one favourite moment in the entire series; needless to say I'm eager for next week. Am happy to see my narrator going back to his 'nudge, nudge, wink, wink' to us that have read the manga again.
All I can say is....GLUTTONY GOT PWNED.

A Pierrot's Aria
Just finished watching the episode and I really enjoyed it! It kept me on the edge of my seat, that's for sure! : )

I thought the beginning was brilliant; I loved the contrast between the tranquil atmosphere when it seemed that Body!Al was talking to armour!Al and then the darkness and malign atmosphere when it changed to Pride.

I loved the bit with Ed and Hohenheim and I'm so glad they kept out the "grown men don't cry! That's just weird!" part as I thought that in the manga it just ruined the emotion of the moment. : )

I'm glad we got to see more Ling and the music at the end was great!

I'm looking forward to next episode.


Pride is awesome. And creepy.

Sad they cut those funny Ed moments, but it was still a great episode.
They kept my favorite Pride line in biggrin.gif
That pleased me verrrry much.
The "You're right, I won't kill you. But that doesn't mean I won't take off 2-3 limbs"
HAHA!! Oh I love him.
I liked how they made the Ed/Hoho-papa-stuff more mush mush then the manga, I can never get enough of that! Actaully, everything seemed a bit streched in the first half, and I loved it! Ed seemed more mature... to match his looks, hmm?

So, that monologue wasn't actually Grumman's thought? It was what Miles thought he thought?


And one more OST out the 24th march, yes?
QUOTE (deet-tastic @ Mar 9 2010, 08:42 PM) *
They kept my favorite Pride line in biggrin.gif
That pleased me verrrry much.
The "You're right, I won't kill you. But that doesn't mean I won't take off 2-3 limbs"
HAHA!! Oh I love him.

He doesn't HAVE 3 limbs! AAGGH!! This line actually irritated me. XD
Can't wait for the next one.
Pride is awesome, I really liked how they mixed Al's and Pride's voices together.
When Edward turned that peice of red fabric into a coat it always amazes me haha.
I enjoyed this episode very much. (:
Broken Chouchou
Ed does have three limbs, he got four of them, only two of them happens to be metal ^^
QUOTE (Hagaren_4ever @ Mar 11 2010, 02:25 PM) *
QUOTE (deet-tastic @ Mar 9 2010, 08:42 PM) *
They kept my favorite Pride line in biggrin.gif
That pleased me verrrry much.
The "You're right, I won't kill you. But that doesn't mean I won't take off 2-3 limbs"
HAHA!! Oh I love him.

He doesn't HAVE 3 limbs! AAGGH!! This line actually irritated me. XD

He still has his left arm, right leg, and left leg from his knee on up. I'd say that counts.
Holy freak did this episode kick arse. Animation was good except for the bits in between fighting Pride when they just stayed in the same position for minutes and talked. Animating Pride must be suicidal. All of those eyes and teeth and tentacle arms.

Pride is my favorite homunculus so this whole episode was basically a fangasm for me.

I like how they cut out the Ed-is-short joke after Darius punched him. And Ed freaking out when Hohenheim starts to cry. Those jokes seemed a little gratuitous in the manga.

Al's little dance in the second half of the episode is the creepiest thing ever.
Speaking of Al, when he said that one line--"Your soul is weak" or something--it freaked me out a little because it's so incredibly opposite from his usual tone.

Ran faaaan!!!

Looking forward to next episode.
Kaori Ayanami
QUOTE (MsLinn @ Mar 11 2010, 12:00 PM) *
So, that monologue wasn't actually Grumman's thought? It was what Miles thought he thought?

Maybe Miles was remembering what Grumman said earlier? Otherwise it just seems odd.
Actually I think it is what Grumman is thinking there... and Miles is reading him like a book. Grumman believes that his ploy will not be noticed by the naive 'kids' around him; but in truth they see right through it. But there is really no use in calling him on it, so they allow him to believe that they are blind.... and work that into their plans
Bag of Magic Food
That is confusing. It's like the screen equivalent of this comic book panel.
Broken Chouchou
I'd say it's Miles' estimation of Grumman's motives/agenda. It's pretty clear it is in the manga, anyway. The use of Grumman's voice here is just to not make it obvious from the start. Which, text bubbles accomplished equally well, only it didn't lead to any confusion.
Please add FMA:B English dubbed episode 47 (on CN on Adult Swim) talk-back/discussions here. smile.gif

FMA:B will air 1:00 AM - 1: 30 AM and 5:00 AM - 5:30 AM eastern time. smile.gif
For anyone who missed this episode, it will be aired again on Adult Swim (U.S.) tonight. smile.gif
For anyone who missed this episode, it will be aired again on Adult Swim (U.S.) tonight. smile.gif
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