....Recently, I had noticed my school library had the manga 'Shoulder-A-Coffin Kuro' in it. I wanted to read it since I'm a fan of the mangaka and 4-komas.

I have to say, this manga is quite awesome. I absolutely love it. Sadly, there are only 2 volumes out as of October 2008, and it's listed as on hiatus, but there is a possibility of a volume 3 this year around mid summer, so lets hope ^^

The series follows a girl named "Kuro" (her actual name is girly, and she feels it doesn't fit her, so her names herself "Kuro" due to her dressing in all black), and her travels with her snarky bat friend "Sen", and the two cat eared children Nijuku and Sanju~

The characters: (from top to bottom in the picture below) Sen, Kuro, Sanju, Nijuku

(Source: AnimeNewsNwtwork)
Plot Summary: Clad in black and carrying a coffin, a mysterious girl calling herself Kuro is embarking on a long journey to find a witch. She carries the coffin with the knowledge that she will inevitably have to use it by journey's end. On her way Kuro is accompanied by a large group of bats who tag along in her coffin, among them being Kuro's primary companion, Sen. Kuro is also joined by two adolescent cat-girls named Nijuku and Sanju, whom of which have a large number of strange abilities. Along her way, Kuro meets a plethora of characters who constantly confuse her for a boy, devil, mortician, God of Death, or a vampire due to her appearance. Despite these outward appearances and the morose nature of her journey, Kuro always helps those in need and leaves a lasting impression on all.

There isn't much more to discuss on this, given that there's no anime and the manga is only 2 volumes in, but there is also a drama CD.

- Also if anyone else has read it, I've been speculating something about volume 2, and would like to know what the person thinks, because I'm confused on something...