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Full Version: Introducing/announcing Our New Moderators/appointments!
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Extra, Extra!! Announcing our newest board staff!!

We asked one of our long-time board members, ScarMySoul to serve as our Gallery Moderator, and she has kindly agreed! biggrin.gif

Also, Chiyo is now in Moderators group!! (she has kindly agreed to switch from Gallery Moderators group) ^^

Than you so much, ScarMySoul and Chiyo for helping our board in your new positions!! biggrin.gif

ETA: Also, Michiyo- will be helping us in FMA:Brotherhood anime forum. ETA 2: And FMA Manga forum also. biggrin.gif

ETA: Razzy will be helping us in Roleplay Community forum. smile.gif

Thank you all for your awesome help!! happy.gif
Oh, I didn't even notice.

I shall strive to do my best *salutes*, Thank-you sir Tombow.
Yay! For Chi! hahaha looks like we both got a promotion laugh.gif

I'll do my best with the gallery, though it shouldn't be too difficult! Thanks so much! happy.gif
We have more moderator appointments! biggrin.gif

A Pierrot's Aria has kindly agreed to help us in Welcome New Member forum.

Also, Razzy and jacksparrow589 will be helping us as Gallery Moderators.

ETA: Also, Michiyo- is now helping us in FMA Character Discussion forum also. biggrin.gif
ETA 2: She is now helping us as a moderator in Operation 'FMA info Shrine' forum and it's sub-forums as well. biggrin.gif

ETA 3: A Pierrot's Aria is now helping us as a moderator in General Anime forum and it's sub-forum as well. biggrin.gif
ETA 4: She is now helping us as a moderator in FMA Characters Discussion forum as well. biggrin.gif

Thank you all for your awesome help! happy.gif
Welcome welcome!!! happy.gif
A Pierrot's Aria
Congratulations, Razzy and jacksparrow589- you'll both do a fantastic job! happy.gif
Thanks! happy.gif

And congratulations, Razzy and A Pierrot's Aria!
Thanks! And congrats to A Pierrot's Aria and jacksparrow too! biggrin.gif
We have two new appointments! biggrin.gif

Both Michiyo- and A Pierrot's Aria have been helping us as moderators in various forums (each with total of 15 forums/sub-foums!) on our board for quite sometime, and now both of them have kindly agreed to step up and help us in the whole board, and we are very happy to have them as our new Global moderators! biggrin.gif

Thank you both, for all your awesome help! happy.gif
Congrats to all of you laugh.gif laugh.gif you guys deserve it
We have a new appointment! biggrin.gif

Alligatorbucket has kindly agreed to join our team of forum watchers!

Thank you, Alligatorbucket for your help! happy.gif
A Pierrot's Aria
Welcome to the team, Alligatorbucket!
Welcome to the team, Alligatorbucket, and thanks for your help! smile.gif
Thanks you guys!
I'm looking forward to using my mod superpowers to help slay some spambots and deliver us from their evil! happy.gif

- Alligatorbucket
I'm so busy that I rarely have time to do anything other than check the gallery lately. (Add a nasty head cold into the mix this week. Ugh...) But I did want to take the time (a week and a half after the fact) to add my team-welcome message to Alligatorbucket. Glad to have you with us, keeping the forum safe from spam! smile.gif
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