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Full Version: Favorite Rpg
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well i could not find any posts about this so my top 5 favorite RPGs are
1. Legend of dragoon
2. Final fantasy x
3. Dot/hack sign (all of em)
4. Fable 2
5. Fallout 3

so please tell me yours happy.gif
The Mad Bomber
Funny how none`s made a thread like this before... here`s mine...

1. Dragon Age - Origins
2. Baldurs Gate I & II including expansions such as Throne Of Bhaal
3. Suikoden II (best of the suikoden games)
4. Mass Effect
5. Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines
Meitantei Conan
1] Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep (Mainly all the Kingdom Hearts Games(Including KHIIFM) are my favorite, But BBS is my favorite out of the series.)
2] The World Ends With You
3] Final Fantasy VII
4] Pokemon Soul Silver (I also like HG, but SS is my favorite out of the two.)
5] Chrono Trigger
The Copycat Alchemist
"Pretty much the Pokemon Games, Kingom Hearts games, and... Final Fantasy."
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