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Full Version: "the Last Lecture" By Randy Pausch (book And Lecture Video)
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Katya Martin
(I wasn't quite sure where to put this, as we don't have a "Books" section and it's only really half about a book anyway.)

I know these are sort of old news, but has anyone seen/read The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch?
It's a lecture, later sort of regrouped into a book, about really achieving your childhood dreams.

Pausch was a professor of Computer Science at the Carnegie Mellon University. After discovering that he has developed a terminal pancreatic cancer, on September 18, 2007 he gave a lecture called "The Last Lecture: Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams" at Carnegie Mellon.
You can watch the entire lecture (about an hour and fifteen minutes) on Youtube here.
He died on on July 25, 2008, but before he died, he also wrote a book, "The Last Lecture."

People who have seen/read one or both: What did you think?
People who saw/read both: Which did you like better?

For me, I had watched the lecture on my dad's recommendation when I was applying for college. I thought it was pretty powerful; the man managed to do some really incredible things, because he was determined to achieve his dreams. When college actually started, we were sent copies of the book for summer reading. I think the lecture itself was better, personally; it captured more of his spirit, I think.

I think it's also pretty cool that they gave him a small part in the 2009 Star Trek movie. Especially cool was when my school had that as one of the dollar movie night showings, and everyone applauded when Pausch went onscreen. Pretty inspiring guy.

So, what do you guys think? Have you read/seen the lecture?
Discussion time!
@Katya Martin - I edited your first post and added additional info on Professor Pausch. ^^

Besides that, Youtube video of his "Last Lecture" is one of the well-watched videos, so... this might go to General Video forum also, IMO, but it also depends on exactly what you'd like to discuss on this thread, I think... (such as, would you like to limit the discussion on his lecture/book content? As in "book review" kind of way? Or would you like to go into more general discussion on "life philosophy" kind of stuff? etc., etc.) But, I'll leave the rest up to Chiyo. ^^
I think perhaps at some point we could open a thread in Open Chat for people to leave reviews for books, rather like we have a Film Review thread. That way people can leave in depth discussions and reviews.

I won't act Katya until you let us know which you'd prefer people to discuss. If it's more about how the lecture played out visually we'll move it to Video Chat. I think for Open Chat it is too specified to be a stand alone in...only people who know what you are talking about can get involved in the discussion.
Katya Martin
Well, it's really more about the content than anything else... but Video might be a good place for it.
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