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Full Version: Which Manga Volume/chapter/scene Is Your Favorite? And, Why?
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As wonderful as the entire series of Fullmetal Alchemist is, nearly all of us has a favourite scene or chapter in particular. This thread is to discuss what chapter or scene or even volume is your favourite and WHY that particular scene appeals so much to you.

Declaring this entire thread a spoiler zone. Please only post images here if you feel it is required to back up your comment. Avoid in-depth discussions about new chapters (as we have seperate threads for those).

Dearheart - I hope you don't mind me editing your post. We thought it a good idea to finally have a "Favourite Manga Scene" thread. All credit to you for inspiring the idea.
That's an easy question.

Volume 15, the Ishbalan Massacre flashback, is probably the greatest single volume of manga I've ever read. It was well-written, well-drawn, and a gripping, impactful arc in FMA I can never forget.
^^ Agreed. 15 was definitely the one volume I loved most. "Loved" because I was an idiot in the eighth grade and deicded to spread the FMA love by allowing people to borrow my manga and I ended up losing volumes 14 and 15. Along with what penguintruth already said, I have an odd attachment to our beloved military characters and it's great to be able to actually comprehend what happened during Ishbal to make Mustang, Hawkeye, Hughes, Armstrong, and several others the way they presently are. The events in Ishbal were a major part of character development and an awesome addition to many of the themes FMA has to offer to display what it means to be a single human making their way in a vast world.
I'd have to third those comments laugh.gif That was the one volume that I literally couldn't wait for, and so I read it online. (silly me) And it certainly didn't disappoint, especially with all the research Hiromu Arakawa put into it. I'd say this volume is especially important because not all of its scenes are shown in the Brotherhood anime.

I also love volume 10, since it had Mustang's epic battle with Lust in it and Ed's visit to Xerxes. And 13 was good with Ed and Lin's trip inside Gluttony's belly. 19 was awesome as well with Hoho's past.
which is ur fav fullmetal alchemist manga chapter? huh.gif well mine is chapter 95
Welcome to the board saldon.

We now have a thread especially for everyone to discuss their favourite scene, so I am merging your thread with that one. I am removing the attached image though. Could you also explain more thoroughly why this chapter is your favourite?

I have a lot of events and scenes I would class as favourites so it is difficult to narrow down. Certainly my inner EdxWin fangirl loves chapter 84. Not only for the interaction between Edward and Winry, but because it is also where we get to see how far she has come and how prepared she is to be ready to help them. Of course recent events seem to have suggested she can't do whatever she can to help, but perhaps waiting itself is enough.

Oh man. See this is very hard for me, because I love it all smile.gif
I have read volume 10 more than any of the other volumes.
So I suppose that would be my favorite.
My favorite chapter is 89 though I think. "soldiers come marching home"
It has everything I love.
I'd have to say volume 13 is my favorite, as I absolutely love all of the chapters revolving around Ling, Edward, and Gluttony's stomach. They've held a special place in my heart since they were first released.
I think 10 for me as well, by a hair. Seems like 10, 13 and 15 are getting a lot of love.

Shukumei Taisa
... such a difficult question!

My first love was volume 10.... but I think that the most sad and beautiful volume is the 15th.
I liked the 11st,the 12nd and the 13th too, but i still prefer 15.

At the moment I really love also chapters 95, 101 and 102..... very sad, but very interesting.
Definitely volume 15! Though the recent chapters get more and more interesting and crazy as they come, so I know that will be an amazing volume too, once it comes out.
Mmm...let me think...

Favorite chapters: 94 and 102
Favorite volume: 15 the whole Ishvar flashback was very intense almost like a true war movie! I think that I will enjoy volume 23 as well.
Favorite scene: too many to be listed, but so far I love the scene when Ed discovers the truth about Nina!Chimera, the battle between Roy and Lust and the whole dialogue/fight between Ed, Ling and Envy in Gluttony's stomach. Oh when Riza deceives Envy!Roy is a wonderful scene as well.
Volume 15 here too.

It's a very special volume in that it feels much less like a shonen manga and more like a Vietnam war epic. I don't know that many manga or comics that really captured the sense of insanity and chaos of war that this volume did, and it's not just wall to wall brutality, though that's a big part of it. There are a lot of thoughtful, quiet moments as well, where characters meditate on their experiences, and it brings in so many different points of view. There's the Mustang/Hughes/Hawkeye perspective of once bright eyed recruits who have become emotionally deadened by the war, you have the deliciously chaotic and yet logical point of view from Kimblee, You have Scar, the POV of someone whose homeland has been raped by these foreign invaders, Scar's brother, the idealist who believes in change and the power of alchemy to help end this war, you have the jaded and guilt laden Dr Knox, Dr. Marcoh the coward who feels powerless to follow his conscience, the Rockbells caught in the middle who put everything on the line to do what they feel is right, and the kindhearted Armstrong, whose sensitivity is ultimately his undoing on the battlefield. And then you have the nameless Ishbalan civilians, who just hit one struggle after the next. That's a -lot- of perspectives to hit; a lot of war movies will hit several of these, but not -this- many, and the manga does it without losing any sense of narrative focus.

Reading volume 15 is less like reading a manga and more like going through an experience.

Favorite chapter? Hard to pick from so many good ones, but one I can read over and over again is 89, with Mustang's attack on Central. That one, to me, is the true beginning of the end. All the other stuff in the chapters beforehand, with the fight with Gluttony and Pride, dropping off Winry in Resembol, blowing up the train, etc.- that's to me just the preparation for the ending. The revolt in Central is for me the start of the actual final battle ( it does kick off on the morning of the Day of Reckoning) and the point where everything starts to hit the fan.
Kale Mustang
Vol. 15 is definitely my favorite of all (as well as "His Battlefield Once More" gaiden) as it offers a fully fleshed out experience of the Ishval War. So many of the characters we know now were basically 'born' from the chaos of the battlefield. Would so many of these characters turned out the way they did had they not served? Hard to say, but it's definitely an important piece of character development and plot.

Favorite chapter would be 89, as it's almost a 'redemption' of sorts for the soldiers of Mustang's troupe to make right what went wrong during Ishval as well an extremely well-calculated overtaking of the city by a handful of soldiers. Chapter 89 also features the return of Havoc, who has realized just how powerful and useful he could be, despite not being by his teammates' sides.
I have to say the popular vote comes through on Volume 15. The raw emotions are so tangible and the storyline just compliments the characters so perfectly. It stands as my favorite volume. However, the same could be said for Chapter 100, which I just have an irrational love for.

I also like the scene in chapter 83, "Promised Day", where the secret message gets passed down through the chain of information from Al to Mustang like they have their own miniature bamf army. I just found that cool.
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