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Full Version: Soaking Through Alphonse
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~ Pendulum - Hold Your Colour: Song Makes Me Sad And That's Why I Made This Amv! ~

My AMV, "Soaking though Alphonse" on Youtube

My little sister (16) always asking: watch with me FMA! I (26) said: Okay okay! But still I didn't watch it. Then come FMA brotherhood and follow it. It gave me an idea to make anime music video. I choose the song Pendulum - Hold your colour. Because of the lyrics.

This is one of the quotes of the lyrics and I'll tell you a reason of it. I think this song really fits for this sad part, when Alphonse and Edward try a human transmutation, but it failed. And what sad ending it has.

Hold your colours against the wall <--- I think this is kinda warning

(Twisted the knife and opened your eyes) <--- An amazing thing

Soaking through <--- the colours went away and something bad happend?

Ahhh, she looked into your eyes, <--- when mother of Edward and Alphonse looked in their eyes
And saw what laid beneath, <--- Edward floating in the chaos.
Don't try to save yourself, <--- Edward try to save Alphonse but it's to late because...
The circle is complete, <---... the circle that they made is complete.
We're reaching out and to tell you, <--- Alphonse and Edward got splitted.
Nothing else can touch me <---Edward try to reach his mother's hand

Ahhh, she looked into your eyes, <--- Mother looked in Edward eyes..
And saw what laid beneath, <--- Edward knows where he was
Don't try to save yourself, <--- he cries and lost his family and offer...
The circle is complete <--- his hand.. he made a circle of blood and put the soul of Alphonse in the armour.

Fading gently, <--- Alphonse and Edward really messed up together
Soaking through, <--- in the rain
and starting not to show at all <--- Winry and granny take care of them.
We're reaching out and to take you, <--- Edward being sad of Alphonse lost his body
Nothing else can touch me <-- it tocuhes him

Soaking through <-- Alphonse being sad of Edward too.

I hope you enjoy this AMV!

Greetings, Miranda
I'm getting goosebumps just from reading the text and your meaning of it! Gonna go check it out!

Wow, it was truly amazing! So extremly well done! I like how you mixed the first anime and Brotherhood, cause they covered diffrent stuff concerning the failed human transmutation and all the things you had in the video.
Wow, you made me wanna watch the first anime again!
It was brilliant!! aaah!
I love it when you let the sound through, around 3:15, super-mega-ultra-bombastic-- ! --talented!
Make more! Please! give_heart2.gif
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