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Full Version: Chapter 103 "Regular" Discussion Thread For First Time Readers (and Others)
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First time FMA manga readers, please post your thoughts and discussions on chapter 103 here. smile.gif

For info on the "Reading Reference", go to page 11.


Raw (complete set) available at Raw-Paradise at this DL link, and mirror on MegaUpload. (info kindly provided by Michiyo-)
<NOTE: If the link is busy and not available, please wait for a while and try later. smile.gif>
<Note: This raw comes with an instructions NOT to re-upload. Please honor this. ^^>

Mangastream version of scanlation is up for online reading here. (thank you for the info, Edwy03 and Ropespinner.)
<Note: This scanlation is not downloadable, and Mangastreat site has a note stating that the site prohibits the making of this set of scanlation into downloadable files, and/or re-using of the available pics on the site for other International scanlations. Please honor these. ^^>

The 30 pages of "preview" raw scan is available for downloading at Raw-Paradise. (the info courtesy of Edwy03, posted here.)
Page-by-page views of these 30 pages of Raw chapter are posted on page 2 of this thread. (Kindly provided by Qashqai.)
Tombow's quick translation of these 30 pages is posted on page 2. CAUTION: It is NOT covered with Spoiler tags.

And, the following is the spoiler summary of chapter 103:

Ed wonders if the homunculus are able to "force" Mustang to open the gate, why didn't they simply use that method to gather the sacrifices they needed.
He also says how it's not fair for "the truth" to penalize someone who didn't initiate human transmutation on his/her own will.
Only those who did it by their own initiative, such as Al, Ed, and Izumi, should be penalized for the sin.
Both of these points were frequently brought up among fan discussions in the past few months.

Mei declares Father to be her target and tackles him alone, and Al & Ed doubleteam Pride.

Meanwhile Scar vs Wrath is going pretty even.
Wrath manages to slice up Scar a few times, but Scar also manages to destroy one of Wrath's blades.
Wrath uses the broken blade and stabs through Scar's arm, and it seems he cornered Scar....

But then Scar reveals his hidden trump card to turn the tables!
His other arm now has inscriptions on it too... inscription for reconstruction. Newly added after studying his brother's research book.
He used alchemy to create stone thorns much like how Ed and Al does when they fight, catching Wrath off guard and damaging him.
(Source: Original post)

As a teaser, Click here to view the last page of this chapter with Scar and Wrath

Thank you, everyone!!! biggrin.gif

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So early! Thank you biggrin.gif
*gasps* That's early!

Thanks smile.gif

(And that Ed talk makes me even more optimistic with respect to Roy...)
Wow, that's early! ohmy.gif

Thank you for the info! ^^

Looks like it's going to be another exciting chapter!! biggrin.gif
Forsaken Love
*squeel* thankyou!!! can't wait for the whole chapter <3
Kaori Ayanami
Seems that Scar did finally get over his issues with alchemy. (I wonder if Mei had to do something with that...)

As for Ed's speech, it demonstrates either: a) that Arakawa lurks FMA fandom forums; b) she had thought it all along and now looks at us fans the same way Father looks at humans (well, maybe not that much, just as Ed would look at regular alchemists tongue.gif). Or even better: both. XD
Yes, yes, before someone posts and asks... I will go ahead and post the very quick translation of the posted page: biggrin.gif

(As usual, reminder that this is a VERY quick translation, and the real translation would be likely to change once we get to read the full chapter... )

Click to see the last page of this chapter with Scar and Wrath

(Quick translations below)
Scar: "I'd pondered for a long time, about what 'I' can do [to help (I guess... ^^)]" "And, finally I reached to this."
Scar: "This is what I recieived from my brother's study note," "The Translmutation Circle for 'reconstruction'."
Caption: Deconstruction and Reconstruction, now he has both powers among his both arms!!
<Shot of eclipse-in-progress>
SFX: Rumble Rumble
(End of chapter 103, the next chapter: chapter 104 will be out in Japan on Feb. 12, 2010)
Not posted yet?

Full raw, apparently.
^ Thanks for that and...

Only 30 pages? Seriously O_____O
I think this is not the entire chapter, actually, cause pages 2 and 3 are numbered as 15 and 16 of Shounen GanGan (in the image), then, page 6 is numbered as page 24.

So, either they have 6 pages of advertisement inside the chapter, or they skipped pages. XD
^ That's actually relieving smile.gif
QUOTE (Edwy03 @ Jan 6 2010, 06:33 AM) *
Not posted yet?

Full raw, apparently.

Damn, I can't open it. Is there any other place where I could get the raw? Or preview pages?
Kaori Ayanami
Ahhh! Now it makes sense. I thought it was quite a stupid move of Mei to tackle Father alone while the brothers were to finish off a worn out Pride... BUT, who else can fight, no, even scratch Father if not Mei? Man, I feel so dumb for not realizing that before.

Besides, now that I think about it, it's better to send the cavalry at once against that monster. It's a good tactic maneuver to wipe out the minor hindrances when fighting a powerful enemy at the same time. (Too much Japanese RPGs, I know).

Some quick photos, eh? No wonder the raw came out so soon. sleep.gifU
QUOTE (Edwy03 @ Jan 6 2010, 09:33 AM) *
Not posted yet?

Full raw, apparently.

@Edwy03 - Thank you so much!! You are awesome!! Much appreciated! happy.gif

Could someone kindly make "page-by-page view", or post scans on some way? Thank you!! biggrin.gif
ETA: Thank you, Qashqai!! ^^
QUOTE (Kaori Ayanami @ Jan 6 2010, 04:54 AM) *
As for Ed's speech, it demonstrates either: a) that Arakawa lurks FMA fandom forums; b) she had thought it all along and now looks at us fans the same way Father looks at humans (well, maybe not that much, just as Ed would look at regular alchemists tongue.gif). Or even better: both. XD

I would say "B" because Arakawa is just awesome like that. I am not biased in the least. smile.gif

But either way I doubt she goes to English forums. Who knows if she goes to Japanese ones and what they were saying about the chapter. But yeah I do think Arakawa thinks things through more than fans realize. Considering how sometimes even the smallest plot points come back later and can have major impact on things.
^ @Qashqai - Exactly! Thank you!! biggrin.gif

Ouch... it's so hard to read.... sad.gif Let's see how much I can read.....
I'm gonna do quick translation for now, and edit/refine them once we get the better raw.

Chapter 103 (with the available pages) Quick Translations

*Disclaimer: I'm having a hard time reading and deciphering this scan, and a few parts are just not legible, and hence I could not translate these parts. Sorry.... I will refine the translations once we get better copy of the raw Please do not repost as is till we see the full chapter. ^^

Chapter 103, "For Whom"

Ed/Al (?): "Colonel's eyes....."
Caption: Roy has lost the light!!!

Izumi: "You can't see at all?"
Roy: "...............It seems so."
Ed: "If you had seen the Gate of Truth, that means... have you performed the human transmutation, Colonel?"
Roy: "Do you really think I would perform that?!"
Ed: "................Yeah, I know."
Selim: "He wouldn't help us, no matter what, so we have to force him to open the Gate."

Selim: "It turned out to be a nice result." "It negated the fighting ability of Colonel Mustang, who was the most troublesome enemy for us ."
Ed: "I don't understand!!"
Ed: "Just a while ago, you told us that 'Truth would hand out the misery that is just and fitting.'" "I can understand for people like us who had done some suicidally wrong-doings to get punished for that."
Ed: "But, taking the ability to see from someone who was forced to perform the act, who had otherwise no intention of performing such act..."
Ed: "Do you call this, a 'just'?!"

Ed: "I'm not going to accept such unreasonable act as 'justful'!!!"
Father: "Whether you accept it or not, this is the reality, and this was the result." "Recognize this as a fact, the Alchemist!"
Al: "Unfortunately..."
Ed: "We can't give up our own reasoning process that easily!"
SFX: (Al's armor) Clank
Ed: "Although......... dealing with BOTH of them is not going to be easy..."
Izumi: "It's not good that us 'human sacrifices' are .......*, right?" "We should run..."
(*I can't read one Chinese character in the middle line of Izumi's dialogue here. It's way too blurry )
Father: "You can not run away."

Father: "All of you are already inside my belly."
SFX: Rumble Rumble
SFX: Rumble Rumble Rumble
SFX: Rumble Rumble Rumble
Chimera 1 (can't see clearly which one): "What a heck is this?..."
Darius: "Does this thing contain the one called 'that person' or 'Father' or whatever, inside this?"
Bradley: (thinking) By now, Mustang must be at where Father is. Although, I'm not sure if he has reached there with all the parts of his body intact."
Riza: ".............................................."

May: "Mr. Eyes over there....." "'Immortality,' isn't it?" (Possible alternate translation: "You're immortal, aren't you?" I haven't decided which one yet. ^^)
Father: "......................."
May: "I see you're not denying it..."
May: "Alphonse-sama," "THAT ONE is mine."

Al: "What?! Wait..." "You can't fight against that one alone!!"
May: "You two, please take care of that small homunculus."
Ed: "You call that one small, but..." "That one is quite handful also."
Ed: (realizes something) "............................?!"
Ed: "He said 'he forced Mustang to open the Gate.'?"
Ed: (thinking) If they had such tricks under their sleeves, they didn't really have to wait for someone like us to perform human transmutation.
Ed: (thinking) They could have just caught any alchemists and forced them to open the Gate...... Why haven't they done that before?

Roy: "Did you realize, Fullmetal?"
Roy: "When he dragged me into the transmutation circle," "He said, 'I wish we didn't have to use this, but we have no other choice.'"
Ed: ".......Meaning, that was a risky move with the potential damage...... wasn't it?"
Ed: ".........Let's check it out."

SFX: (Ed) Clap
SFX: Ramble Ramble
Ed: "Good..." "We can use Alchemy!!"

Al: "Gahhhh"
Ed: "Ohhhhhh"
SFX: (Al)Thud
SFX: (Ed) Thump
SFX: (Salem) scamper
Al: "He RAN!!"

Al: "Till now, blah blah blah*." "Now, he RAN!!"
(*I can't read Al's dialogue here. It's way too blurry )
SFX: (Al) Thump Thump
SFX: (Ed) Bang Bang
Father: "Blah blah blah*" "What troublesome boys..."
(*I can't read Father's dialogue here. It's way too blurry )
SFX: Pierce
Father: "...Oh?"
May: "I am going to take," "That immortality!!"

Father: "You are not needed here." "Disappear."
(*I can't hardly read Father's dialogue here. It's way too blurry )
May: "You may not need me here, but I need to be here!!"
Father: "That is not my concern."
SFX: Sink
SFX: Sink Sink Sink
SFX: Submerge
May: "Eh"

Father: "Returning it to you."
SFX: Zap
SFX: Thump

SFX: (May) Jump
May: "That was impressive!"
Hohenheim: "Mmmm..." "Ngh..." "Ngha."
Hohenheim: "Whew!!"
SFX: Emerge
Hohenheim: "No, miss, that would not work!!" "This one can perform alchemy without making any motion..."

SFX (May) Kick

SFX: (Scar) Halt
SFX: (Bradley) Halt
SFX (Bradley's blood) Drip
Bradley: "It is a fine feeling, to be squarely facing death."
Bradley: "Right now, the only thing I have is a pure desire to 'fight to death.'"
Bradley: "No more worry, nor desire, for such things as status," "Career," "And eminence,"
Bradley: "Even race," "Gender," "Nor name no longer matters. Right now, I have no need for any of them."

Bradley: "Nothing to bind me;" "I'm fighting for no one. I just fight for my desire to fight." "How refreshing it is."
Bradley: "Ah..." "I have finally arrived......."

SFX: (Bradley) Dash
SFX: (Scar) Bang

SFX: (Bradley's sword) Clank Clink Clank
SFX: (Scar) Swing
SFX: (Scar) Thump
SFX: (Bradley's ribs) Snap Snap Snap
Bradley: "Ngah..."
Bradley: "Oh!!"
SFX: (Bradley) Swing

Bradley: "What happened to you attack?" "Is that all you got?!!"
Bradley: "Insufficient!!" That is utterly insufficient!!"
SFX: (Bradley's sword) Clank Clank Clank
SFX: Clank
Bradley: "Come, and try to defeat me," "Nameless human!!"

SFX: (Bradley) Swing
SFX: (Scar) Aim
SFX: (Scar) Slip
Scar: "?!"

SFX: (Bradley) Slice

SFX: (Bradley) Cough
Bradley: "!!"
SFX: (Bradley) Sway...
SFX: (Scar) Snap

SFX: (Bradley with his left arm) Swing
SFX: (Bradley) Stab
SFX: (Scar) Thud

Scar: "Gahh..."
SFX: (Bradley with his right arm. ...His left arm is currently holding the blade that's staking Scar...) Swing
<Scar in mortal danger>


SFX: (Bradley) Thud
SFX: zap
Scar: "Your face is telling, " That you had no idea this was coming..."
SFX: (Scar) Grip
SFX: (Scar) Pull
Scar: "That must be so," "As, even I, myself had never imagined," "Till sometime ago........" "That I would ever use something like this."

Scar: "I had pondered for a long time, about what 'I' can do." "And, finally I have reached to this."
Scar: "This is what I have gained from my brother's study note," "The Transmutation Circle for 'reconstruction'."
Caption: Deconstruction and Reconstruction, now he has both powers among his two arms!!
<Shot of eclipse-in-progress>
SFX: Rumble Rumble

(End of chapter 103)
(The next chapter will be out in Japan on Feb. 12, 2010)
Wow, the chapter came out really early. Thanks for the spoilers and raw! But I hope it's not only 30 pages, it seems too short.

It looks like another epic chapter.
Thank you so much for posting happy.gif

I'm not a shounen fan at all but I was looking forward to this fight for months! *__*
This seems really early. But I am so excited for it.

I am glad Ed has the same theory about Roy, as others have had on this board.

Go Scar!
*So* resisting the urge to look at the spoiler... the suspense is killing me!
Wait... Today's the 6th... and we have spoilers already? Sheesh! Cool!

Thank you to those who provided the raw and to Tombow for translating that last page! As always, you all make my day! smile.gif

Wow... short chapter. But intense! (No, really! Ya think?)

(No idea if we need spoiler tags or not, but I'm'a use 'em to be on the safe side.) Wow. Totally thought that May would have close to no issue taking on Father because of the foreign-ness (?) of alkahestry. It would seem that she's in trouble. But father gets props for page 13. My reaction to that: Whoa... That's not good... but it's awesome, anyway!

Now all we need is for Roy to pull a fast recovery from his shock (which, it would seem, he might be?) and somehow manage to just destroy Father. (Not saying that it has any remote likelyhood of happening at the moment, but it'd be pretty cool if it did...)
Ed is thinking !
He will find something !
We're gonna win !

Thank you for those preview pics !
Wow, this is so exciting, I can't believe it's been a whole month already!

Chapter seems a bit on the short side though...
Broken Chouchou
Nice. I'm staying away from major spoilers this time, or at least I'm plainning on, even though I never seem to be able to restrain myself. Looking forward to reading this.

Thanks for preview tongue.gif
I'm going to put this under spoilers, just in case :

Ed has exactly the same reaction as a lot of readers concerning Mustang, But I think he might not understand everything. Like I said, I don't think the Truth was being a jerk, I think Pride managed to fool it somehow, making it believe that Mustang performed human transmutation willingly.

Go Scar! Show to that man what you can do (is it me or does the look on Bradley's face really looks like a "Crap, I'm screwed!" face)! And the reveal at the end! Man, I was hoping it would come to this, but I nver thought it would actually happen! And now, prediction and guessing time : do you think that Scar is going to perform something like Mustang's alchemy? Why, you are asking? Simple : the very last panel shows us for the very first time that side of the left arm, with the words "Ignis" on it (fire in latin, or at least in's really close). It was of course predictable (logical, actually) since we knew "Water" was on the other side of the arm and that the deconstructing arm opposed "Air" and "Earth". But somehow, I think that it is suspicious Arakawa never showed something so evident before, so I believe that Scar has some tricks up his sleeves with a direct link to the creation or manipulation of fire!

And I can see the irony coming from miles away. Scar will be the one to "save" Amestris' alchemists, who will probably be unable to perform any kind of alchemy after Father is defeated. With those tatoo, he will give them a quick way to use it again.
Will use spoiler tags for my theory

I was thinking about the Roy situation:

1) Maybe somehow Ed an the gang will be able to force Father to do a human transmutation or send him back to the gate and let Father deal with his case seeing that he tricked it into taking Roys eyes. If Pride is defeated and Pride being a being that came from Father, I think Father would receive his punishment if he's somehow sent to the gate


2) In his heart, Roy wanted to preform a transmutation to bring back Hughes and somehow, Father read that will as Roy's attempt to transmute the doc's body.

I highly doubt my second theory because I doubt the Truth would be that stupid. Anyway feedback would be lovely, something doesn't fit in the puzzle here about that transmutation though...
It appears Pride is without shadows and without regeneration?
Also, King Bradley is proven to be the king of badasses all over the world once again. He purposely brought Scar on a puddle of blood to make him slip. How badass yet sneaky can one be???
Katya Martin
Re Roy's recovery: It seems he's pretty sound on it mentally already. Getting up and out of there's the problem. Vaguely related; I wonder how much the chimeras/Hawkeye have heard of the conversation: do they know he's blind yet?

Oh man, I wish I could read Japanese... Thanks Tombow for translating!!

Also, GO MEI!

...The suspense is killing me...
Well, I'm a bit disappointed with the possibility of 30 pages (I know, I know - Arakawa's a busy woman) and the lack of development with Father and the sacrifices, but the Scar revelation and the Roy Theory made it up to me LOL.

But TBH, at the rate of how the story is being paced, I doubt that we are going to finish in five or six more chapters...

EDIT: Actually, looking at this again, I am quite disappointed in the chapter. We are left off in 102 with all the sacrifices collected, with the final stage nearly set up to go, and then we have 103 with little progression. Won't go further than that. I did like the Scar revelation and Ed voicing our thoughts on the justness of Mustang's price.

Oh, and Maybe she cut the length of this chapter so she would have more time/pages for Ch.104?
Looks like there's plenty of action in this chapter, but not a whole lot of progression. I guess I'll have to wait and see the scanlations.

I have not been impressed with the past few chapters.
f*!@ yeah, Scar.
Kaori Ayanami
Tombow's translation made me realize that it's not only a set of floors what separates Father, Mei and the sacrifices from the others. The chimeras and Riza have just realized that, and Father explained it. So, apparently only Mei was capable of reaching them from the very beginning. She has the right kind of alchemy to oppose Father, and they are all inside his "belly". It's fitting.

In short, this chapter is all about "answer time"... but not much more.
Katya Martin
Gah! Arakawa, are you trying to kill us all with suspense? You've certainly mastered the art of making us all go "What do you mean that's the end of the chapter?!"

So Hohenheim's coming back. I wonder if he'll try to take control of Father's body?

QUOTE (Kaori Ayanami @ Jan 6 2010, 10:36 PM) *
Tombow's translation made me realize that it's not only a set of floors what separates Father, May and the sacrifices from the others. The chimeras and Riza have just realized that, and Father explained it. So, apparently only May was capable of reaching them from the very beginning. She has the right kind of alchemy to oppose Father, and they are all inside his "belly". It's fitting.

I've been thinking that since last chapter, actually. I figured there was some sort of barrier keeping Riza and the chimeras away, considering how Father seemed surprised that Mei was able to break through and reach him. Mei has a good chance of doing some damage, I suppose!
Fixed some "awkward" spots on my quick translations, but I still can't read a couple of lines on the raw pages. ... >.<

*Waits for better quality raw to surface for translations of these parts.* ^^

ETA: I hereby declare this thread as a "Spoiler Party" thread, so that we don't have to use spoiler tags. ^^
It's a bit ironic that the Ultimate Eye would get defeated by something he apparently didn't see...
Winry Chan
Scar!!! Mei!!!!


I'll be back after I calm down.

EDIT: Well, that was...

I'm a bit surprised that Ed and Al went after Pride instead of Father. It was nice to see that Ed has matured past the time when "if you want to shoot the general, just shoot the general!", and has acknowledged the "horse" aspect. (Hope that made sense...)

That left Mei with Father (what is Izumi, a wall decoration??), and I was cheering her on. It was also nice to see Hohenheim break through. It shows he's not dead yet (even though that is his ultimate wish, I don't want to see him die in such a manner >.>). And Mei even dodged that huge Xing dagger Father transmuted, leaving me thinking she has the skills to keep up with him. But then she had to go and get... electrocuted? I almost cried when I saw the blood shoot out. It reminded me of the many occasions in which Ed has been seen from that angle.

Although that line she had, "不老不死", made me chuckle. I'm glad Arakawa added in a 成语. It made me even more convinced that as Amestris is modeled after Europe, Xing is modeled after China.

On to Scar's fight with Wrath. It seemed the first few pages of it dragged on, until Scar broke Wrath's sword. But then his arm get stabbed (O_O), he was pinned down (!!!!!!!!), and then OMGWTFBBQ he can reconstruct! The panel of his arm between the spikes with the alchemic lightning reminds me of all those times Ed left his hand on the groud after transmuting, and there still being the alchemical lightning. WOW. This showed how much Scar has grown, too. Before he used to abhor anything to do with alchemy, even after his brother died. Now it seems not only has he accepted alchemy as a fighting tool, but he has gone beyond and learned what he needed (and not necessarily wanted) to about alchemy to win. Now that he's done this, I starting to change my belief to that of Scar being able to survive this last battle. /hope

I hope I made sense.

EDIT2: I forgot to add this. I think part of what made this chapter short was not only it being just 29 pages, but that there were only three scenes (Ed questioning to PrideFight, Mei going after Father, ScarWrathFight). But even though it was short, the last reveal for Scar was worth it (although I think Arakawa should have used a whole chapter for it, I think she's already set a chapter limit). I feel like each of these sections could have lasted 15 pages each, but since I think we're almost at the end, chapters may appear to be rushed.
QUOTE (DistantBlue @ Jan 6 2010, 03:08 PM) *
EDIT: Actually, looking at this again, I am quite disappointed in the chapter. We are left off in 102 with all the sacrifices collected, with the final stage nearly set up to go, and then we have 103 with little progression. Won't go further than that. I did like the Scar revelation and Ed voicing our thoughts on the justness of Mustang's price.

My thoughts exactly. Good chapter, but it didn't progress the story as much as I'd hoped.
Thanks Tombow for straining your eyes to translate for us!!

I like how mature Ed is acting in this chapter. Al as well as Mei are also thinking on their feet. However, Izumi is pretty quiet unless she has dialogue on the missing pages in the chapter. Scar's revelation takes the cake for me though! I hope he kicks Wrath's a$$! Sorry, over excited there about his arm! tongue.gif Can't wait to read more.
Katya Martin
Yeah, Ed's attitude was one of the best parts of the chapter IMO. It was like, "That's it, I'm going up to the Truth and punching it in the face until it gives people's tolls back." And Pride running away. YES.

Also, Roy's not panicking, which is pretty amazing given his situation...Poor guy is also getting tripped and thrown around left and right. Ed grabs his feet, he trips over the floor, Standard Izumi Throw is applied... yeesh people, cut him a break! (Though that last was kind of necessary.)

I did think the chapter was a bit of an anticlimax, though... and there are so many leftover questions that now have to wait a month. Augh.
AA battery
Gooo May!

So Scar has the reconstruction arm now from his brother's notes, nice!

30 pages felt so little, but I'm not gonna complain since she is still being very awesome at not taking breaks from drawing FMA =D
great chapter!! kinda disappointed.. 30 pages only? What??? and there's no anticlimax... still great chapoter. cant wait for next month!
...How anticlimatic.
Glad to see I was right about Roy's endurance. As I said before, the scars to his heart & mind (the Ishval massacre, Hughes' death) completely outweigh any physical injury.

I dunno about Scar's new weapon. It came out of nowhere. A lot of people complained about Mei's rescue to Riza, but at least that one had development (Mei was nearby). Was there any clue earlier about Scar being interested in using Alchemy?

And it is finally confirmed that Bradley is evil. For a long time, I gave him the benefit of the doubt over his handling of the 'Winry hostage' situation. Why would he allow his hostage to be so close to the very formidable Brothers Elric, where they could rescue her? Maybe he might actually be on the good guys' side? No, Bradley is a monster in soul & body, which means what he did was pretty stupid.
Ok, so is the Raw currently on Mangahelpers the same as posted here? I don't want to download again if it's the same file.

Sorry for interrupting.
hmm.. just post it... it's a good quality or not?
QUOTE (Animeoldtimer @ Jan 7 2010, 11:05 AM) *
Ok, so is the Raw currently on Mangahelpers the same as posted here? I don't want to download again if it's the same file. ....

@Animeoldtimer - I just asked a friend there, and yes, it is exactly the same file. smile.gif
There's a big flaw to that whole Roy sacrifice thing, you think maybe it has some sort of time limit on it? Like Roy loses his sight but only for a certain period of time since it's not he who actually sinned doing the transmutation but Selim, which is why Selim's shadows and regeneration disappeared? (sORRY FOR THE RUN-ON SENTENCE)

also, Selims time is drawing near, he lost the "pride" part of himself after all didn't he? Just like how Lust was destroyed by flames (which represent lust), Greed was eatten, Envy was revealed to be envious of humans and I suppose Wrath is being dealt not the hand of destruction/ wrath from Scar but regeneration, quite the opposite to defeat him. Selim lost the one thing he truly valued I guess which is the pride of being a homunculus and a pretty badass one at that.
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