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Full Version: Webcomics, Anyone Read Them? Which Ones
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Katya Martin
Let's talk about webcomics? Who reads 'em here, and which? Also, recommendations?

I read:
-Phoenix Requiem
-Surviving The World
-Head Trip
...aaaand way too many more...

Well? biggrin.gif
What actually was 'Webcomics?" was it some sort of manga? Well, I just read manga online . . . Is that the sort of funny clips that is posted in the net 'comic style?'
Katya Martin
Well, "webcomic" refers to any comic, manga or not, which is distributed primarily via the Internet. Usually the authors post a few strips a week. Sometimes the authors will have books made when they have enough comics, but they're mainly online, hence the name "webcomic." smile.gif
Well, if you want some manga, try to read at onemanga or manga fox, you will see completed or unfinished manga there. . . No worries it is absolutely free!
vgcats and the occaisional peak at megatokyo
Katya Martin
Heh, I guessed the VGCats from your sig (which is funny by the way biggrin.gif). I used to read that, then some of the site ads chased me away.
MT is updated so erratically... xP I wish it had more of a schedule, because it's a good comic.

Also, Order of the Stick... very nerdy, but excellent.

@kazare: Heh, scanlations, like what Onemanga and Mangafox have, aren't webcomics... Webcomics are originally released online, for example, Sorry if I confused you. smile.gif
Uhh . . . okay . . . . Sorry too if I gave much much wrong information . . .

<stupidly embarrassed>
Katya Martin
It's okay, no problem. smile.gif
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