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(Albert Wesker began to take action in his plan a while ago. To release Urobourous into the atmosphere for the sake of 'becoming a god.' Now, in the West, Wesker has developed a new facility, loaded with rockets, filled with the stuff. If they explode, his plan finally falls into fruition. And now, A man named Trent seeks to stop this act. He has recrutied some of the best people for the job. They now fly to their destination. To the Birth of a God.)

With Kari and Hades of course X3 and with a new chara!

Age:Same age as Hades? O.o
Looks:Like this (clicketh the linkith XD)
Personality:Bubbly,curious,always giggling about something or another and joking around...Basically,he's the exact OPPOSITE of Hades XD
Weapon type:A white pistol with his mark (looks like a purple pentagram)
(Right...lets wait a bit for more people...)
I'm in without a doubt! Um...I haven't finished making up my new character (cause I basically killed off Allen and everyone else in the last roleplay), so I'll post that when I'm finished.

Finally got profile!
Name: Toshiro
Age: 18
Looks: Click or you will never know. . .
Species: Human and Arctic Wolf chimera
Personality: Quiet, smart, gentlemen like, very friendly even though he has none, can be a little blunt at times.
Weapons: Carries a pistol just in case of emergency, hardly uses it though.
I'm in!! With my Smoking Aces and Psycho Vino!!!! (Mmmm...I cant remember any recent changes....Noah is a tramp, Roxy is as greedy as always and Vino is crazy....yep, that's it) SQUEE!!! Mat-Mat you life Kid Flash and Jinx too?? ARENT THEY AWESOME!! (Jinx is my favorite character)

Name: Roxanne Angeline Laforet (aka. Fuchsia)
Age: 20
Occupation: Thief/Fortune Teller (Con artist)
Personality: Roxanne is confident, independent and eccentric girl who lacks respect for authority. Though charming, she is outspoken and unconsciously childish. She prefers to live for the moment but ironically she always has time to plot the future. Has a sharp mind and can be very intelligent when she so chooses. Despite the fact she always tries to put a nonchalant facade she can be really hyper and she tends to get distracted easily (90% by shiny objects). When she is not teasing or playing pranks of other she can be a really nice and sweet girl. She loves expensive/shiny things and even when she’ll never accept it, she LOVES bunnies.
Good points: Cunning, smart, fast, charming, knows everything there has to be known about the underworld, extend knowledge in alchemy, her tarot readings have proved to be really accurate (even tough ironically she doesn’t believe in them)
Faults: Greedy (loves money and expensive things) gets distracted and daydreams easily, love to tease people, she is really bossy and she tends to be quite evil and curious/nosy.
Skills: Her primary ability is the manipulation of kinetic energy, being able to charge matter resulting in the violent and powerful explosion of said matter through touch. The objects that she charges explode with a force somewhat proportional to the size of the object, though a playing card (her trademark attack) is as powerful as a hand grenade in her hands, she uses a metal staff as her weapon witch she usually transmutes into a scythe. Whever she has a special type of alchemy remains unknown, the alchemy she has been using is pretty basic.
History: Unknown
Weapons: Her metal/staff and her explosive cards, she always carries 2 decks of cards, the regular ones and the tarot ones.
Curious Facts: Despite her cute appearance she in fact an expert gambler (her forte are cards) but there are many reasons to believe she uses alchemy cause so far she hasn’t lost, there also many reasons to believe she has connection with several important thugs. Noah has been her childhood friend since she can remember; they are as close as siblings but neither of them accepts it. She always claims she is just waiting the moment he’ll no longer be of use to dispose him. They are often found robbing stores and pick pocketing tourists and cops but once in a while they are also found in their “legal jobs”. She always carries a bunny charm hidden in her pocket. So far no one has found the reason of why she is a fortuneteller, with her being an alchemist is quite contradictory “Isn’t life a big irony after all?” is what she says.
Theme Songs: (Hasta Que El Cuerpo Aguante - Mago De Oz) (You Are Gonna Go Far Kid - The Offspring) (One Day I'll Fly Away - Moulin Rouge) (Everybody's Fool - Evanescence) (Blackbird - Across The Universe) (Ace Of Spades - Motorhead)

Name: Anthony “Noah” Russo (aka. Ashes)
Age: 23
Occupation: Thief/Street Violinist (Con artist)

Personality: Noah is an extroverted and outgoing guy. He isn't afraid of drawing attention to himself and he doesn't worry about what other people think of him. He tends to be relaxed and laid back about most things, quicker to joke than to stress. One of the bigger flaws in his personality is his tendency to lack tact or manners. Though there doesn't appear to be much going on in his head, he is very bright, yet he applies this mostly towards schemes and pranks. He has the ability to be very charming when he wants to, and his dazzling charisma gets him out of trouble on many occasions. Despite his easygoing attitude, he is afraid of being alone and attaches himself to those he cares for. He explains his nickname by claiming it alludes to his chain smoking (even when he has never even smoked and he just carries the cigarettes in his pocket) but it is actually in reference to his tendency to burn down things.
Strengths: Powerful, charming, sly, can win people’s hearts easily, impossible to find someone as good with bombs as him.
Faults: Has pyromaniac tendencies (And he just loves things going “boom”) he tends to be really lazy and he is too promiscuous for his own good sake: he has found himself several times with angry fathers and big brothers dying to beat the crap out of him.
Skills: He is really good in hand-to-hand combat with both agility and strength. But his forte will always be bombs; he can even build a bomb with his eye closed. Just as a way of precaution he carries a gun with him (Blacktail) He knows the basic of alchemy but isn’t really fond of it.
History: Unknown
Weapons: Hand-to-hand combat plus his bombs and his handgun (Blacktail)

Curious Facts: No one doubts Noah makes top-notch explosives and he's famous for his skills. He has an extensive scarring on his left shoulder from an accident with his homemade explosives when he was a child, he never talks about it and Roxanne is the only one that knows about it. Just as his childhood friend he is a really good at gambling but his forte are dices. He always carries cigarettes in his pocket but Roxanne never allows him to smoke. As his trademark attack he makes tiny bombs with great strength in the shape of dices, he calls them “Demons Dices” His motto is "I steal only what I cant afford"
Theme Song: (Hasta Que El Cuerpo Aguante - Mago De Oz) (City Of Devils - Yellowcard)
(Freak On A Leash - Korn ft. Amy Lee) (In The End - Linkin Park) (The Oogie Boogie - The Nightmare Before Christmas) (Highway To Hell - ACDC)

HE'S THE MUSIC AND SHE'S THE DANCE! *inspired chibi*
I LOVE Kid Flash and Jinx!!!! They're the best couple on the series with B.B. and Terra coming behind in a close 2nd. XD
MaiShadowAlchemist! BeastBoyxTerra is a NO-NO for the fact I dont like them ^-^U
(Well...I dislike Teen Titans as a whole so..I don't really care too much...anyway...TIME TO BEGIN!)

The Helicopter slowly hovered over the dry turain under it. In the horrison, a large metal construct was seen, with smoke coming from a silo. This was Albert Wesker's HQ.

"Is this the destination?" Asked the piloit of the helicopter, his voice filled with a course accent.
"Looks like it."

Kari said calmly,getting up to look out the window,and said frowning and scratching her head a bit while having surprisingly good balance for once

"Then again,I don't think I've ever been to Wesky's HQ."
"Right...Remember, to call the chopper, use that orange smoke alright? That will give me a good landing spot!" Called The Pilot as they drew close. "So, Kari, are you willing to kill him?" asked Trent in the back of the copter.
"....We'll see how much of a bad mood I'm in when we get there then we'll know."

Kari said sweat dropping with the vial of chemicals that would make Wesker weakened around her neck and Hades and the new Akatsuki in their holster she was ready to go and she asked grinning raising her eye brows

"Ready to jump out of a helicopter Trent?"
"As ever." Said trent as a smirk appeared on his lips. Just as he readed his large black coat, a man utter something. "Me too~!" Chimed in Armagus, recently teleported onto the helicopter, likely surprising Kari.
"....Armagus,normally I'd ask how the hell you'd get up here but I won't since I think I know how. What I will ask is,WHY THE HELL ARE YOU UP HERE WHEN YOU COULDA TELEPORTED TO THE GROUND LET ALONE WHY ARE YOU HERE IN THE FIRST PLACE?!"

Kari said/yelled with an anime big head. Definitely not your average pre-attack.
Another chopper followed them in the distance. "Are you sure you know what you are doing?" Noah asked as he put a BUNCH of bombs inside a bag "Of course!! I saw this once in TV" Roxanne said as she smirked evilly but before he could complain she made the chopper swoop low so fast he felt his stomach going up to his troath.
"You remember that werid guy that hissed alot? He hired me for a job! I gotta make sure your aren't killed by some color coated power-ranger rip-offs." He said cheerly. Trent has already jumped off, annoyed by this man.
((My computer had it's most retarded moment just now >>))

"....Great;Now c'mon,we're jumping."

Kari said grumpily,making a mental note to attempt to punch G-Man,while grabbing his hand and jumping off the helicopter intending to use him as a cushion.
"Are you ready?" Roxanne asked happily, Noah of course didnt answer, he was too laying on the floor dizzy chibi. "One, two..." Roxanne started as she opened the chopper door "Fyosh....I dont think I can..." He was saying when she grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and pushed him out of the chopper "THREE!" She said as she jumped, in less than 5 seconds the dark sky was lit with the chopper's explotion, cause NO day in the trickster's life can start without a BOOM.
"Oh co- wait, why are we not using a para-" Then he crashed into the ground. As his bones reconnected, he stood up. "JUST BECAUSE I CAN LIVE THROUGH THAT DOSEN'T MAKE IT HURT LESS!" Armagus yelled.
"Yeah I know,that's the fun part."

Kari said giggling evilly while using Trent as a meat shield
The fire and impact of the explotion engulfed the tricksters and made them go faster but somehow the managed to land perfectly in their feet. "Pretty nice for my first time" Roxanne said as she smirked lightly, she looked down just to see Kari and Armagus, in less than a second she pinned Noah to the floor "They are here" She whispered "Nice doing...." Noah whispered "Thanks" She said evil chibi.
"Oh dear. I hired you two correct? Do you know what the word subtly means?" Asked Trent as he walked up to the dynamic duo.
"Are you kidding Trent? Anybody whose known those two for 5 minutes know they can't even fathom the word subtle."

Kari said laughing,she definitely wasn't in a bad mood.
The tricksters sweatdropped "This might look bad's not what it looks like" Noah said having Roxanne on top of him, she covered his mouth "Oh....THAT....yes...sorry! Our mistake" She said innocently "You....he....HIRED us...we must be good employes" She said giving Noah a HINT.
(They werent hired by Trent they just came for their own reasons)
"If it's any consolation Trent, I'm not very subtle eit-"

Then Trent shot Armagus once in the face. "Lets's keep moving." He said sighing.
"Somebody's craaaaaaaanky~"

Kari said to Trent while skipping next to him,it figures the one time she's not 'emo' it'd be the one time Trent would want her to shut up right?
The tricksters got up "Ok...weird..." Noah whispered "I know....just....follow my lead" She whispered back as they followed the others.
"Anyway, so long as you don't try to alert the ENTIRE GODDAMN STATION to our presence, I'll have no problems. Our task is to place several high explosives onto vital beam supports. Then we take Wesker down, and then we detonate them." He informed. Then he handed the group a map. "We will go as two groups. Roxanne and Kari will be Group 1. Armagus and Anthony will be Group 2. I'll get the last one myself, and providing each of you with comm data. Any questions?"
(Gotta go! Bye everybody!)
"Wow....hell no...I'm NOT going with a creepy dude" Noah said as he anime pushed Armagus away and chibi clinged to Roxanne.
"I'll go with Armagus so the two babies can actually work."

Kari said sighing while rubbing her temples,her mood swinging to cranky,as she fingered the vial around her throat looking like she was getting cold feet which she definitely was.
(Last post!)
"Thanks!" Noah said happily and before Roxanne could say anything Noah dragged her away. (Notice that if the Noah went with Armagus and Roxanne with Kari it would have been the FIRST time people didnt see them together XDXD)
"No. I have absolutly no trust in you two as a pair. With Armagus with Anthony, the theat of exposure or anything of the sort will be over with. Armagus will be Anthony's partner." Said Trent sighing, as Armagus nodded rapidly. Sure, he was hired to protect Kari, but with Roxanne there he wouldn't even need to do it. He'd have someone else to do the job.
"They already ran off."

Kari noted and added after a minute while sighing depressed chibi

"Besides,I don't think Anthony'd have the guts to make sure I do my job unlike Armagus right?"
"Dont worry, if you cant do it...we'll do it" Noah said now calmly standing next to Kari almost as if he hadnt had a tantrum a few seconds ago "With pleasure" Roxanne addead as she extended her hand towards Trent "The map...and the other thingies? we can go....AGAIN" She asked /grumbled as she gave Noah a nasty death glare for dragging her earlier but he was too busy grabbing his bag and violin case.
"SO YOU ARE COMING WITH ME?!" Asked Armagus with sparkly eyes, in almost a mocking way.
"For the last time: NO!" Noah grumbled as he anime pushed Armagus away, Roxanne just sweatdropped. "I'm going with Fyosh and Kari" He announced stubborn chibi "We'll watch over Kari and her mission while I make sure Ashes keeps a low wont get a best deal than that" Fuchsia said smirking lightly her eyes sparkling whit a mischievous look, she was clearly up to something "The perfect threeso...." Noah was saying when Roxanne buried a punch in his stomach angry chibi "Dont even think about it" She hissed.
"But then who do I go with?!" Armagus mock-cried.
"I'd really rather go with Armagus,partly because apparently Hissy Hissy told him too,partly because Ashes is a big perv."

Kari said face palming almost comically
Armagus sighed. " I really have to work?" Complained Armagus. "Will you all STOP BICKERING AND START THE DAMN MISSION!" Yelled Trent. However, then he looked up a noticed a security camera. He then facepalmed.

"Really? Any more intimate details you'd like to share about your plan?" Asked a dry voice over the intercom- Albert Wesker's.
"Just one more thing."

Kari said taking a sharpie marker out of her pocket,God only knows why she kept these things on hand,and climbed up the wall and doodle a cartoon Wesker with kitty ears and a tail on the camera lens so it was all he could see on that camera.
"Before we go I would like to say how hurtfull it is for me when you girls call me a pervet all the tim..." Noah was saying dramatic chibi when Roxanne grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and dragged him away "I'm getting BAD thoughts now so if I were you I would shut up Ashes" She whispered sweetly.
"Move." Said Trent, as the lavender-eyed man brought his gun to bear, and seperated. Armagus followed Kari, as the group spread out in smaller groups.


At the end of the path for Kari, Armagus and co, was a oil refinery. Along the oil refinery, various plants were seen in test tubes, near by tables of diffrent colored chemicals.

Kari said with a grin as she dug through her backpack and pulled out a bomb,she hung around Roxanne and Ashes too much apparently,and taped it to the biggest oil vat and said to Armagus while continuing on

"Got to love bombs,this place will be up in millions of little pieces at a press of a button."
However, this place was more simple then thought.

"SPLENDID TIMING ALL!" yelled a voice from a higher cat-walk. This man was shaggy and had a thick accent of sorts. This was Ricardo Irving. Then, the gates began to close all around them, something that only Armagus would be able to get through. However, there were small holes in the wallks that only something like an insect could get through.
"....Armagus. Please tell me you can teleport us out of here."

Kari said gulping loudly,she was actually pretty claustrophobic contrary to what people believed.
Both the tricksters were standing in the roof "Ohh classic mistake" Ashes said looking down as he cringed lightly, Roxanne finished installing the "detonator" (she is the one that makes the bombs explode using of course her "smoking aces" XD) "Let's finish with this and we'll help them if necessary" She whispered "The worst that guy can do is let some plagas run free...or become a creepy monster....both of which I'm sure they can handle"
"Plagas! Your still dealing in kiddie s**t! Weska's created a new breed of virus! Uroborous! And frankly, thats what I want to show you today!" He said as he began laughing "To add to that, if that goes boom, we all go boom! And by the time my little pets are done wit yous you won't be worrings about that detonater over there!" Irving Exclamed. Suddenly a door opened up behind him, and then closed.

Then, buzzing came from the airvents. Violent Buzzing.


Armagus was not with the group. On the trip, he had been knocked out by an unknown force...someone Trent hadn't counted on...
Kari looked around and found that 'Armagus' was gone and cursed and yelled up to the dude with an anime big head almost comically


It was true according to Wesker.
No response. Unstead, GIANT insects burst from the vents, with blades for elbows. They had slimey tentales around their mouths, and looked ready to kill Kari and friends.
(Talking in the spanish sense XDXD) "They are all PLAGAS at the en..." She was grumbling but stopped when saw the insects "We gotta blow this place up, my bombs are strong enough to do it" Ashes said "I dont doubt it but...they are still down there....well technically, Armagus is gone" Roxanne grumbled in frustration "That would be the problem" Ashes mumbled thoughtfully.
"...I'm gonna need to do magic."

Kari said and took a deep breath and calmed down,panicking would not help at all,before all the bugs were glowing black before imploding and now it was raining insect guts.Great.
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