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Full Version: Twilight Manga-style Graphic Novel
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The news said that they are going to make a manga-style graphic novel of Twilight series.

Please post your opinions!!!
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@Kazare - I took out "Gossip Girl" topic form your OP, and made this thread solely for the discussion on "Twilight manga-style novel" because, IMO, generally it is not a good idea to try to have discussions on two different manga titles on one thread, (unless, you would like to focus your discussion on this thread as solely on "manga/manga-style adaptation/novelization of live action series," and not as a discussion thread for these manga/graphic novel titles,) otherwise IMO trying to discuss two completely different manga titles on one thread (vs. discussing separate chapters/titles in the same series, etc.) would likely end up making the thread very confusing to read and post on. biggrin.gif

Hence, if you would also like to have a discussion on manga-style comic book adaptation of Gossip Girl, please open another thread with such topic. Thank you! smile.gif

I think money grabbing is getting tiresome.

Manga adaptation of "Cirque du Freak" is excellent but that makes up for an awful film. "The Nightmare Before Christmas" manga adaptation was needless as the film is brilliant and the original poem is fun and now comes with bright colour illustrations.

The ones who will read the Twilight manga are the ones who have already read Twilight. Those of us who loath it are going to steer well clear.
Little Washu
It's not a manga at all. It's by a Korean guy, so it's a mangwa. Never expect a mangwa to be all that great anyway.
I already knew that o.o

But no, is not "manga style" its "comic style"
Because, first of all, the characters dont have the big eyes and they´re being draw
like X-Men´s

But one thing its true: in Japan, the Twilight novel was printed like a manga!
Here are the pics:

A Pierrot's Aria
*Shudders* What is the world coming to? xD

I agree with Chiyo, they're just trying to milk the franchise for all its worth. Which isn't actually a lot come to think of it. *Whistles*
Not the one to judge anything but I don't usually like any original story being turned into comic adaptation. I mean, it's... already been written.

But LOL at the first picture, they look like Tamaki and Haruhi from Ouran High School Host Club (haven't read Twilight series, haven't seen movies so don't which characters they should represent)
But no, is not "manga style" its "comic style"

They mean it reads right to left and is printed backwards.

Because, first of all, the characters dont have the big eyes and they´re being draw
like X-Men´s

I personally think the world doesn't need any more Twilight -__-"

The books and films have done enough damage. Leave other media aloooone!!
*headdesk* What is the world coming to?! This is just so wrong, in so many ways.

I agree with Aribelle. The books were poorly written and the first movie was... unspeakable. The second movie was better... by a lot. And yes, the media has been damaged enough with the Twilight series. Manga er, comics don't need to be damaged now. Come on!
EniviD EiraM
I agree with @Little Washu ...

it's a korean guy named "young" something something ...

and the cover doesn't look good ... but I think , for Stephenie Meyer, he is such a genius ....

that's blind !
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