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Full Version: Beethoven In FMA
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During Episode 39 Havoc is humming Beethvovens Ode to Joy. DOes this mean the Beethoven existed in Artimis?
Clever of you to catch that tune, however you are mistaken as to whom is humming. Watch it over and pay close attention, you will realize that it is actualy Zolt J. Kimbly humming while he is wearing the mask. It's easy to tell when he sighs then asks if he can take the mask off.

And no, just because it is humed does not mean that Bethoven ever did exist in Artimis.

It is possiable, however, that his Artimis equivilant composed it. If you have seen the movie then you shoud remember that the other side of the gate is our world, folowing the same time line, but not the same scientific trail. If you take into consideration that we know the " Ode to Joy " as a product of Ludwig Van Bethovan, who existed in OUR world, then it is safe to assume Bethovan had an equivliant in Artimis who was able to compose the same music.

As 'The_Duchess' does put it, the FMA world held a mirror populace to our world. Making it entirely possible by that story telling.
Full Metal SHORTY!!!
I noticed similar in one of the last episodes.

They were playing one of his most famous symphonies when Edward was in London (I think it was London... correct me if I'm wrong)

I found that interesting.
Ode To Joy is the bane of my friend on here Satori laugh.gif

Anywho, I've noticed that they tend to play that particular song in A LOT of anime...

As for Beethoven existing, I agree as well, he could have had a mirror persona. Intriging thought really. smile.gif
lol I loved those classical songs in FMA when kimblee was humming I was like, OMG HE LISTENS TO BEETHOVEN!?
lol and they played his symphonies in episode 50 (and i remember they were in london Full Metal SHORTY!!!)and my mom was like,"What are you watching, they're playing Beethoven!"
she loves classical music.
yeah it was really surprising, it was like ed was ranting a minute ago and now they're getting all classical. xDD
especially when they were playing it in the background of:
Ed:"What's attacking?"
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