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Full Version: FMA Questions
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Oh! Lonesome Me
Introductions: Hi. I am not new here, but this is my first post. I have been lurking here mainly for the spoilers for about 3 years(I started coming here from around chapter 70).

Now that I have gotten introductions out of the way, I have a few questions about FMA:
1) Why can't Homunculus use alchemy?
2) It seems that the Homunculus in the flask had more knowledge about alchemy then its creator(s). How is that possible? Can it be that father is from the gate?
3) Around here they show Hohenheim digging into his chest to use the souls, did they ever reveal the purpose of this?

Edit: Sorry just noticed the question topic, how do I delete this topic?
@Oh! Lonesome Me - Welcome to our board! (I mean "posting" part of our board. ^^)
Yes, I saw your post on FMA Q&A thread. I can remove this thread shortly. smile.gif
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