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Full Version: What Will You Do If Your Country Makes Your Birthday As A National Holiday
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Here is the story guys ....

Imagine that today is your birthday.... Your alarm clock rang and you get prepared to go to school/work/wherever.... You turned on the television, switched on the news and you choked on your morning toast because you heard the announcer that because it is the birthday of our national hero (insert name here) we will declare an working holiday for all of you.... ... What will you do??? (Considering that you actually did nothing??)
I will be shocked. Then .... laugh.gif I will do anything I want and tell pepz bout Anime!! Eat everything free and lots of stuff. ,, afterwards I will stay in front of my computer and stay online... :)That will be the best day of my life! (you will say that I am a liar... But what can I do??? They declared it ...)
do you mean if your birthday was turned itno a national holiday what would people do on that day?

for me it would be an excuse for parties like the ones in the smirnoff adverts
Sorry guys, seemed that I am still new to the forum the time that I opened this topic but here's the complete reason . . .
Well, there has just hadn't even got a reason at all and the National Holiday is entitled to as in for 'yourname' holiday . . .

To The Board Staff - Thank you for making me clear in this . . . .

<@kazare - Thanks for the additional info!! I tried editing the thread title and the thread opening post accordingly.... although I'm still not quite sure whether I correctly understood exactly what you meant. XD Anyway, please check out, and if these are not what you meant, then please let me know, or, please go ahead and re-edit the first post of the thread and the thread title as you see fit. ^^ And then, let's see how it goes. If this topic does not fly, we may end up merging this to WWYDI thread. smile.gif ~ Tombow>
kikuchan xx
Party all day. XD
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If we do not get some kind of meaningful post worthy of keeping this thread open by the end of the first page, I'd recommend closing this thread. sleep.gif
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