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Full Version: Food, Glorious Food (in Fma-1 Anime Series ^^)
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What's the food in the series?

I know the "Be thou for the people" (the mining town) episode had a hamburger lol, but what about the food Ed was eating on the train in the Siren episode?

talk about any other food from the show too laugh.gif
Gahaha, I like this topic idea! laugh.gif Hope we got enough "food stuff" in the series to talk about. ^^

I believe Ed was eating what Japanese people call "Dango" (steamed small round soft rice-flour cakes on a stick) on the train in the Siren episode. biggrin.gif
hmmm hmmm.. Dango.... yum! >.< I love Dango.... So that's what it's called -.-" yum yum... I NEVER EVER saw Roy ate something other than drinking beer -.-" I think i saw Roy eating something on FMA: Prince of the dawn... You know... the wii game... on this part that i wanted to kill him the most tongue.gif
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