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Full Version: Anyone For FMA Rp? (play Canon Characters From Fma, Or Make Up Your Own Character ^^)
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The Copycat Alchemist
She blinked, watching the being phase before she went over to Charles,
"...Umm... Was that thing a friend of your's...?"
she asked nervously, watching the wall just in case it came back,
"...And it wants... Kari's body?" She looked at Kari with a confused look, "Or did it want Antonia's..?"
"Wah....I..I dunno. One second..he wants Kari...Then me....Oh, I don't KNOW any more!!" @~@ Antonia said, as if she were dizzy.
"That,would be the soul of Jackal which I probably have to feed to Hades later....Which I doubt you wanna see."

Kari said sighing and her eye twitching a bit
Um...yeah, hi. It's been a while. Is it too late for me to join?
((Of Course not. XDXD We just got started))
The Copycat Alchemist
Ooc; Of course not! ^^ Everyone can join in.
((Though I'm warnin' ya Mat-Mat,it's going pretty sloooooooooooow. - -U))
((How slow are we talking? Like mega slow or Matrix slow?))
((Matrix No, It's slow, but not too bad, XD))
The Copycat Alchemist
Ooc; Oh dear. It died.
(Thats never good!)
Julin rolled her eyes,"so nice to know I am not as infamous as my sweet cousin...and yes, i am a relative of his, and if you need to know anything, it's that my cousin is a pompous pain in the arse and isn't worthy of his title...just you you know." she said, then looked at Antonio,"And Antonio, there are such things as high heeled boots...go get yourself a pair and maybe the terasing will decrease." she said simply with a smirk.
((Sorry for being late. Many, MANY meetings this week at school. Anyway, this is my character and his profile! XD))

Name: Toshiro
Age: 18
Species: Human and Arctic Wolf chimera
Personality: Quiet, smart, gentlemen like, very friendly even though he has none, can be a little blunt at times.
Weapons: Carries a pistol just in case of emergency, hardly uses it though. Can manipulate water with his alchemy.
Bio: No one knows…even I. XD
The Copycat Alchemist
She sweatdropped, listening to the cousin go on and on about Roy Mustang to Antonia, however, she stayed away from that conversation for the main reason of it seeming to be a touchy subject. She sighed, spacing out in her own little world as she looked around the area, the venture toward Central Command coming to a stand still.
Antonia looked down at the ground grudgingly, and almost sounding as if she didn't want anyone to hear, said "....Every time I wear them, they snap under my weight. My arms aren't exactly light , y'know." She looked around, "....So let's just go."

(Sorry for being so freaking late, being grounded really sucks. >>)
Name: Isha
sex: Male
age: 14
hair: Short and brown
eyes: Red
skin: Tanned because he's from Ishval
build: Average
Wears: Brown shorts and a gold sleeveless shirt
status: Having decent fighting skills and knowing the basics of alchemy he's striving to find out about the most powerful field to master in. Some think it's fire, because of Mustang's achievements, others think it's Metal because of the Elric brothers. Isha knows which field would be best according to him, the question is, is it filed or not yet invented?

Name: Shayem
sex: Male
age: 13
hair: White and stopping halfway his back, he wears it loose
eyes: Red
skin: Tanned because he's from Ishval
build: Slender
Wears: Long white pants and a brown short-sleeved shirt
status: Isha had been bullied for learning Alchemy. Shayem couldn't bother to witness and offered his friendship to Isha, he knew what it was like not to be understood because he had issues within his family. Together they ran away from home and traveled to Central City for a better life with only a little bit of pocket money, soon they'll have to work or steal for food.

OOC: What place are the people RP'ing atm located at? HQ? Central City? Library?
We're in Central right now I believe...

BTW, Welcome to the Rp!!
(I drew a pic of them cuz i decided to create them for a special fma rp but I'll still rp with them here as well biggrin.gif)

It had been a long journey through the desert all the way to Central City, but the boys had made it. Isha wearing a brown cape and Shayem a gold one to shield them from the colder temperature, they had secretly traveled at the back of the train to get a free ride. Both quickly got off at the busy train station of central city, vanishing within the crowds they managed to get away unnoticed. Both viewed their surroundings in amazement, allowing feelings of joy and accomplishments to fill their hearts. "We did it Shayem!" Isha laughed "We're in Central City!!" both boys ran away from the station in excitement, Isha on top. "Isha, haha, where are you going!?"
"Searching for the library of course"
"The Library?! Shouldn't we search for a place to stay first?"
"We can do that tonight, when the library's closed! ...please..?" Isha put on his puppy eyes. Shayem smiled, "alright alright" while deep inside he was pissed and wanted to tell Isha how stupid it was to postpone something that important.

In Isha's hurry he started running in a random direction, not even knowing whether that would lead him to the library or not. For a few seconds he turned his head to tell Shayem to hurry up, but clashed into someone at full force.

(OOC: the someone can be anyone so go ahead and post)
Chibi complex
(Is it too late to join? If not i could rp as Ed very nicely, due to my own personality there's kinda like his.)
(Can we RP as official characters? I'd like to RP as Wrath.)
Well I PM'ed everyone in this thread more then a month ago.


So my advice for anyone that wants to do an FMA RP is, start a new thread here or find yourself an FMA ROLEPLAY forum. >.>;

(like I said, I RP the chars i posted here on an FMA roleplay forum as well because this thread was so incredibly dead.)
(Then, how about... opening a new thread and do FMA PR among Chibi complex and smoothietime and Raichi, and if necessary, each would take up multiple roles? smile.gif )
Um... i just found this thread, can we still make characters or is this one dead?

Anyways ill make a character

Name: Rai
hair:Long Brunette
eyes: Dark Blue
skin:Light brown
Wears: Long White dress, little hat
status: Wandering alchemist
My previous post obviously states it's dead.

BEsides I've created a new RP, so unless you don't like the setting why not join there instead?
QUOTE (EdokunEdo @ Oct 11 2010, 08:52 PM) *
Um... i just found this thread, can we still make characters or is this one dead?

(Hi EdokunEdo, welcome to our RolePlay Community! ^^ yeah, this one has been inactive for a while now. So.. you can go ahead and go on with this setting here if you can get more RPers to participate on this RP setting, or as Raichi has posted above, check out Raichi's new FMA RP thread and if you'd like please join that RP there. smile.gif )
Name: Lunar Crescent

Age: 15

Hair: Long, Light Blue

Alchemist/No Alchemist: Alchemist

State Alchemist Name: The Avalanche Alchemist

Military Rank(Keep Blank If Not In Military): State Alchemist

Trans Circle/No Circle: Claps hands to transmute

Element: Ice/Water/Snow

Personality: Can be Stuben or can be Happy in a Click of a finger(Mood swings lol laugh.gif )
Bio: Lived In Xing and trained in the way of An Xing warrior
Know Ed, Al And Winry(made my Automail)

History: Trained by Teacher
Performed Human Transmutation(cause little bro died- i lost Leg arm AND My Older Bro)

Family: All Died in Isvalain War

Appearance:I Have automail Right Arm And Left Fore-leg(like Ed)
Really Long Aqua Colour Hair it goes to my knees
State Uniform and a Blue Coat
Big Sword-Blue(Sheath Hangs on belt)

Extra(Other Things You Want Us To Know):Half Isvalian(red eyes, White Skin)
Xing Warrior

(Sorry if long)
(Hi Lunar_Crescent_45, welcome to our RolePlay Community! ^^ Uh, I think this RP thread has been inactive for a while now. So.. you can go ahead and go on with this setting here if you can get more RPers to participate on this RP setting, or as Raichi has posted above, check out Raichi's new FMA RP thread and if you'd like please join that RP there. smile.gif I think so far Raichi and EdokunEdo above are participating on that FMA RP thread. ^^)
Name: Shane Freeman

Age: 16

Hair: Long, Black with red high lights.


State Alchemist Name: The Gun Alchemist

Military Rank: State Alchemist

Trans Circle: Claps hands to transmute

Element: Lightining

Personality: Stays to him self, never harms a women, and is friendly to childern.
Bio: Lived out in the country, trained in da woods for 3 years.

History: Trained by nature,
Performed Human Transmutation(cause parents to die and lost my left arm and both legs)

Family: Lost parents from doing Human Transmutation

Appearance:I Have automail Left arm and both legs,
Has long black hair with red high lights,
State Uniform and a Blue Coat
Has soft grey eyes,
and two guns (called Rose and Blood)

{sorry if its long, im new and idk if its ok for it to be this long}
Mind if I join in? I'm a total RP freak <3
Sorry if my way of creating RP forms is confusing, it's just what I'm used to
Lila (Lee-la)
Black hair, green eyes, light tan skin, thin
She wears a purple tee and black skinny jeans with black sneakers, and a necklace with a silver chain and a black moon pendant.

Her status? Psshh, she travels around doing her awesome alchemy stuffs <3 (Not a state alchemist, but an alchemist q: )

She transmutates by clapping her hands, and she has 2 daggers hidden in her sleeves.
Hi Scarlet! we have another roleplay open on the link Raichi posted smile.gif

(could we get some mods to close this page down since we dont rp on it and its not used for anything?)

Because this RP has been inactive for a while, it will be closed.

However, if any member would like to request that this thread be re-opened, please contact me or another Mod.
In the meantime, if anyone is looking for a more active FMA RP, feel free to check out Raichi's new FMA RP thread. smile.gif
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