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Full Version: Anyone For FMA Rp? (play Canon Characters From Fma, Or Make Up Your Own Character ^^)
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Welcome everyone to my FMA rp! just post the char you wanna be, and well go from there. Here's my char:

hair:dark blond
eyes: slate blue
Wears: blue jeans, black tank top, and old sneakers
status: alchemist, in military

<@woots13 - Welcome to the Roleplay Community! I edited the thread title a bit to see if it gets little more descriptive. Please feel free to re-edit the thread title as you see fit. You can edit the title of your thread anytime, by clicking on +EDIT button at the bottom right part of the first post on the thread. :) ~ Board Staff> (Please feel free to delete this note after you read it. ^^)
Your thread confuses me, but it's always good to see a new member. Welcome, and I suppose I'll Join.

Name: Virgil

Age: 34

Sex: Male

Hair: Short Blonde


Eyes: Aqua

Skin: Pale, with cracks of red skin on the face, looking almost like a scar. However, he generaly wears an odd blue mask over this, so it is not noticeable

Build: Moderately Skinny

Wears: Blue Mask with Blue Hood and gloves. Also wears a blue 'armor' suit that holds daggers and other supplies. Dark Blue pants and boots.

Job: 'Blue Testament' for unknown benefactor. Apparently there are 3 others, Red, Black, and White.

XD A new member!! laugh.gif I'll join your rp. (....someone's gotta keep dna in line...) XD Here's my Oc:

Name: Antonia Kortez (A slap to dna)
Gender: female
Age: 15
Occupation: Hired by the military for mercenariac purposes.
Skin: Dark tan
Eyes: Yellow/Gold
Hair: Medium length, and black.
Build: Slender
She has two automail arms, and not much is known about her. She's a friend of the Elric's, and moderately psychotic. XD
thanks, now all we have to do is wait for some canons
No one cannons here. As of now theres only Mai, Me, Kari (and she's moving)

I might be able to do Roy, Armstrong, And one or two Homunculi, otherwise I'll suck.

Oh! An Spooky. I don't know if she will though.
Of course I will!*slaps dna upside the head* I can do Ed, Al, or the homunculi.......or...Winry DX, otherwise, I'll suck!! XD And Kari is moving? It said she's been on on dA.
first and formost, we'll need an ed, then coms al, then roy, then winry, then homunculi

And the homuculi...we really don't need them all, but I can probably do Gluttony, Greed, the Fuhrer, and (maybe) Envy.
I can do a pretty decent Ed, and maybe an Al. I know I can do Envy......aannnn, I'm not sure what else.
Name: Dedric.
sex: Male
age: 16
hair: Brown
eyes: Green
skin: Slightly Tan
build: Average
Wears: Sneakers, purple Tall t-shirt, blue skinny jeans, beanie hat.
status: Lyrical Alchemist (His rhymes are his transmutation circle.)
The Copycat Alchemist
"I suppose I could join in, if this roleplay will go somewhere..."

Name: Kaiya Harlem
Age: Unknown
Sex: Female
Type: Homunculus
Eye Color: Bright Green
Hair Color: Black
Rank: State Alchemist; The Copycat Alchemist
Personality: Easily Embarrassed, Oblivious, Stubborn, Somewhat caring, Loyal.
Appearance: Kaiya's skin is a soft peach color, half of her face being covered on the left side by a bang that leads down to about the collar bone while the rest of her hair ends about her waistline. She has the usual State Alchemist uniform, however, she doesn't wear the coat as she should. It remains draped over her shoulders and if often found walking around with her pocket watch, carelessly hanging out of her pocket and licking at her calves.

Details: She's not entirely sure what she is, however, neither does anyone else except the [a. Original anime; The people who created her. B. Brotherhood; Father and the other Homunculi.] She's from Rush Valley, so she's somewhat a mechanic.
((@DNA Is a Spy now known as...A Spaniard in the Works, & The one called Spooky, & Phase, & The Copycat Alchemist - The original OP, woots13 seems to be "taking an extended vacation (xp)" at the moment, but if you guys feel like it, maybe you guys would like to go ahead and start this RP, (and in that case, DNA Is a Spy, or some others, may like to assume the thread starter's chair?) and when/if woots13 comes back and would like to join, Julin (= woots13's character) can join the RP at that time? ...Just a suggestion. ^^))

<And by the way.. @Phase, & The Copycat Alchemist - Welcome to our board! Hope you enjoy our Roleplay Community! ^^ >
I agree with Tombow,maybe woots got grounded or something of the like and can't come to the compy.

And I am joining! XD I am joining with Kari and Hades and I need to find their chara information so....gimmie a bit to edit this post! XD *shot*

Name:Kari Rika Neko
Age:....We dunno. XD
Weight:....We got slapped when asked.
Height: She is currently *she puts up censor like Ed does* feet. Not including the boots XD
Clothes:Depends. But two 'normal' outfits is a black and gray striped tanktop,black leather pants,her infamous combat boots,
black sweat shirt with 'LUCK' spelled in silver,and a black hat,to cover her ears XD,spelling 'BAD' in silver. And then there's the
black turtleneck,white and black striped sleeveless hoodie,black leather pants,her hat,and her boots.
Eye color:Changes frequently. Most of the time it's pepper black.
Hair color:Raven blue,has been known to have white and gold streaks in it though.
Race:She is *gets the list* 1/2 cat demon,1/4 lightening demon/human,and 1/4 ice demon.
Strong points:Stubborn as hell,loyal,blunt/frank,honest.
Weak points:A pain in the butt,according to everybody she knows 'stupid',can't lie worth anything anyway,very moody,and does not take loss of friends well....At all. >>
Occupation:....Good question. We'll get back to you on that.
Tools:Two guns,Hades and Akatsuki. Hades we all know I believe,Akatsuki is new however. He is a white pistol with a purple pentagram on the side.
She uses soul (I watch too much Soul Eater XD) power,can see souls,an 'electric eel in a cat's body',and I believe that's it.
Specialties:Her fists/physical fitness,her shooting abilities,saving people.And killing people.
Parents:She's had a lot of foster parents,many are unnameable XD,but the recognizable 'parents' in her life is Youko Kurama,her fox foster father in the demon world,
Zanguine Axeloake who took her in for about a year and taught her how to shoot/kick [All hail lord Xenu],and Raizen her great (God knows how many great's) grandfather one of the
Demon Kings of the Yokai.All but Youko are currently dead,and Youko's stuck in a human boy's body.
Theme song:....I'm not even gonna get into this again.
Current picture of her that I drew:Not the greatest,but okay.

Name:Hades Axeloake
Age:Seemingly 21
Weight:Uh....The normal weight for a guy? XD
Clothes:Black tuxedo,red tie,and his coat has tails X3 See chibi drawing for better idea My very cruddy drawing of him XD
Eye color:Bright Gold
Hair color:Black and gold
Race:Human,a soul eater weapon,and a fallen angel.
Strong points:Calm,collected,can keep Kari in line to an extent,very neutral to people,very very very loyal.
Weak points:Has a short temper to certain things,likes chucking knives at people from hanging around Jackal too much XD *Shot*,has a tea addiction,and is often in the 'backround'
Occupation:Kari's butler
Tools:....He's a gun? XD And he uses magic! (watch Teen Titans,he's like Raven)
Specialties:Sharp shooter,has a very odd knack for using silverware and dishware as weapons XD and he can cook/bake!
Parents:We're not sure....
Theme song:....I'm not even gonna get into this again.

Name:Akatsuki ???
Age:Seemingly 21
Weight:Uh....The normal weight for a guy? XD
Clothes:White tuxedo,black tie. Basically,complete OPPOSITE of Hades XD
Eye color:Bright Green
Hair color:White
Race:Human,a soul eater weapon,and an arch angel,basically angels that aren't the 'OMG I GOTTA BE THE MOST HOLY AND CLEAN THING EVER!' Normal people,like guardian angels.
Strong points:Calm,collected,can keep Kari in line to an extent,very neutral to people,very very very loyal.He's got a sense of humor too unlike Hades XD
Weak points:He doesn't speak up much and is generally too in his own mind to follow everything
Occupation:Kari's SECOND butler XD
Tools:....He's a gun? XD And he uses magic! White magic!
Specialties:Sharp shooter,white magic,and very good at hand to hand combat
Parents:We're not sure....
Theme song:....I'm not even gonna get into this again.
The Copycat Alchemist
Oh wow! ^^ Well, whoever wants to start off, go ahead. I can even do the basic outline of a setting if no one really wants to, but I guess the life or death of this roleplay is getting more people to actually join in. Hopefully it starts up real quick.
Nya hallo new peoples! *glomps* You'll learn the ropes pretty soon but real blunt opening statement is,our lovable DNA (Spaniard in the Works >> he changed it!!!!) is a HUGE God-mod. But he's working on getting better about it so I hope you have enough patience to deal with it XD

And I'll start I suppose.....Anybody have a clue as to what our chara's are supposed to be doing? If not,let's just have a super awesome meeting and have everybody come in and yeah XD
The Copycat Alchemist
Well, I don't mind. ^^; And I thought it was supposed to be FMA, so wouldn't people start off somewhere in Central?
I got the FMA,but what are we hunting homunculus' (sp?) or doing one of DNA's well....crazy but brilliant ideas or something? I dunno. XD let's just start in the market square....

A dark haired,pale skinned girl was sitting in the middle of the square's park,a boy with white hair and suit with a black tie and a black haired boy,black suit and red tie sitting on either side of her reading books; the white haired one reading a manga,the black haired one reading Shakespeare,with her skateboard at her feet and a laptop on her lap. She had her usual black hat saying in silver 'BAD' and her matching sweat shirt saying 'LUCK' that covered her ears and her hair was....a mess as usual. Nobody would ever think this was our cat/lightening/ice demon and human hybrid heroine,let alone the President of the multi-million toy company PHANTOM corp. that had a store not even down the street and was buzzing with kids and teenagers alike spending all the pocket money they had in that store...And that is the start and currently peaceful scene of our story.
The Copycat Alchemist
Resting her arms across the bars of a railing, on top of a wall within Central Square , a girl with long black hair slumped, her hips swinging idly behind her as did a newly acquired pocket watch. She was dressed in the traditional military uniform, however, she had lazily swung the jacket portion over her shoulders and over a black tank top. For a while, this movement continued, her bright green eyes scanning over the people below before she got fed up with this silence. She jumped up on the bars of the railing, not to jump over, but to climb onto the black pipe and she began walking across it. It was a simple movement for her, however, it quickly gathered a crowd.


Ooc; Sorry, I can't think of much at the moment. Class is murdering my brain.
(( XDXD I was the last person to post on this topic for a long I haven't been on it. ^^ Glad to see it's up and running again.))

My schizophrenic known to most as Antonia (XDXD) was idly laying on a bench in the market square, twitching her metal fingers rhythmically, as her dull eyes scanned the area. Life in the military for her was so.......BORING. Lately for the girl, there's been nothing going on, and not being an alchemist, she didn't have any special missions or anything like her friends the Elrics. Where were they now anyways?......Ah, whatever. She knew she'd come across them some other time. She sighed and pulled her be-goggled Captain's hat over eyes, and tried to drift off to sleep.

FWAA! And for those who have no clue what Antonia looks like, here's her picture:

((BTW she's leaning against a wall XDXD RPing with Antonia as an FMA character is weird...XD))
The Copycat Alchemist
Kaiya, oblivious to the crowd below, would continue on her merry way, stepping onto a thick wire that was attached to the bar and to the top of a roof across from there. By now it was more or less a highwire act as she walked along it, the wind attempting to knock her down to the cobblestone sidewalks beneath her. She shrugged at this point, knowing someone would come along at some point to tell her to stop; the question was, would she listen?

Once in the middle of this metallic rope she would notice the crowd, a expression of suprise running through her face before she laughed, shaking her head. Yes, she was oblivious, but how could she be deaf as well?

Ooc; Do forgive me, I'm not used to multi-player roleplay and with females for that matter. ^w^;
Antonia noticed the girl on the wire and jumped to her feet. "What the hell?? Is she CRAZY?!"
She ran to the crowd, and being relatively short, climbed onto some stranger's shoulders screaming, "Girl! As a Major in the Military, it's my duty to tell you to GET THE HELL DOWN!!" Noticing the girl's military uniform and pocket watch, she growled, "Look, Alchemist! Do you want to die?!" The man Antonia was standing on grabbed her and took her off. "........Please don't." He murmured. Antonia sweatdropped, and slammed a metal fist onto the other arm, and the other came loose a bit. "If you want your head!" Antonia warned to the crowd, "then move!!" The crowd shifted slightly, and Antonia shot her grappling hook arm to a flag pole on the building Kaiya had walked off, and began climbing.

"Finally some excitement around here.." Antonia thought, "Hopefully not at the expense of a life.."

((Welcome to the site by the way! ^w^))
Kari just looked up from her laptop,while raising an eye brow as she saw a familiar face,Antonia,beating up one of her employees that apparently thought the other girl stole something....Great.
She got up lazily and went over to Antonia grabbing her metal hand saying bluntly with her eye twitching as she picked up the poor bleeding and broken nosed guy up "Antonia,that was a store clerk thinking she stole something since this store," she paused pointing to the store behind her before finishing with a straight face "sells fake state alchemist watches for little kids to play pretend or for Halloween costumes."
((Antonia was climbing a wall though....Oh well. XD I'll go with your plan))

Antonia turned to Kari, and growled, "...But that girl...She-She's UP there!!" Antonia started shaking in frustration. "Mustang will ROYALLY chew me out if I let another one die while I'm on patrol, Kari!!!"
((XD She grabbed her leg then))

Kari sighed and said jumping up,yes JUMPING,and hopped up onto the telephone wire herself and following after the girl with trained ease without even a wobble

"Fine fine,I'll get her then. I'm the one with the tail."
"WAAH! Nononono!! This is my job, Kari!" Antonia wailed absentmindedly, "You just want another promotion, isn't that right?!" Her eyes shone for a second, "I'll get her. Don't worry, Kari."
"Antonia,I really don't work at the office anymore. I got a much funner life then being tied down,I'm a free spirit."

Kari said proudly while jumping up and over the girl and asked raising her eye brows at her as she faced her hanging mid-air on a telephone cord

"So....Whatcha doin' up here?"

((Gotta go,Andrew's pushing me off))
The Copycat Alchemist
Ooc; Oops! Nyeh, stupid internets.

Kaiya watched Kari quietly, tilting her head to the side before shrugging, not really sure what she was doing up here but entertaining herself. She sighed, flipping off the wire and landing in a crouched position on the ground, shaking her head as she scooped up the pocket watch that was still hanging from her pants and put it back in her pocket.

"I was bored.. So I decided to have a little fun."

She would state simply, not really sure what else to say to Kari.
((Okee Doke XD))

"That girl's gonna fall, and I don't want Mustang to come down on me like a harpy just 'cause I couldn't save civilian." Antonia said in-between breaths.
"She's fine ain't she?"

Kari yelled down before jumping off the telephone wire herself and landing on her hands in a perfect handstand before flipping onto her feet gracefully and said rolling her eyes to Antonia "I realize that you ARE paranoid but really Antonia...." and she turned to the 'telephone wire walker' and said offering hand out to shake

Antonia let out a whimper, but nodded. Then her faced changed into sudden annoyance, "Hey! I'm NOT paranoid!!" Antonia said stupidly throwing her fists in the air, thus letting go of the wall. hough it looked like a fatal end for our psycho, she landed on her hands with a loud CLANK! "..Grrrrr....Awright Kari, but if she gets hurt......" Antonia warned.
The Copycat Alchemist
She looked over her hand for a moment before grasping it with her own,


She muttered, shaking her hand before taking it back and letting it hang at her side, taking a step back before looking up at her.

Ooc; Well.. >< Nyeh, We need more people to join in.
A sigh was heard from behind Kaiya. A tall man in an expensive white suit, and blonde hair walked towards her.

"Hello there Mil'lady. What do you have there?" asked the smooth voice inquisitivly, as it grew closer and closer to the innocent looking girl. The man had a grin on his face, and small, blue eyes that peered at her curiously. His name was Charles de Schneizel.

(Did someone say MORE PEOPLE!?)
Kari being well......Kari,ended up falling ontop of the poor guy not unlike she just fell from the heavens. They would of probably ditched her. And Kari blinked saying poking him while she sat on her knee's on his back

"Um.....You okay dude?"
The Copycat Alchemist
Kaiya jumped, spinning around just in time to see Kari fall ontop of the man who had somewhat snuck up behind her. After the suprise subsided, she knelt down and poked his forehead, a little curious if he had died since he didn't move even after Kari and herself had begun poking him.

"Umm... Are you alright?"

Ooc; OMG Yey! :3
"Quite so, this happens to me all the time if you can believe it." Said Charles, laughing off the pain of having a full grown human being on his back.

"Um, Please get off of me, cat-girl." He said, smiling a bit, his bright blonde hair sticking to the cement.
The Copycat Alchemist
She would stand, her boots pressed together as she balanced herself. She was never really good at balance, however, today's feats would obviously say otherwise. She set her hands on her hips, not in a motherly way but more of a 'i don't know what to do' kind of way as she peered over at Kari,

"Maaayyybbbeee you should get off... "
"Presumably,sorry for falling on you.....And before you ask,I am far from an angel."

Kari said sweat dropping while getting off of him and pulling him up on his feet by the back of his shirt collar with inhuman strength and asked raising her eye brows

"So.....For the sakes of me squishing you and making you a pancake,I'm Kari. Not cat-girl."
"Right then. Then allow me to introduce myself as Lt. Charles de Schneizel, 2nd Prince to the throne of Westboro." He said as he regained his footing, and bowed. He looked up to Kaiya. "And you, Milady?"
Antonia jumped back in alarm, "What?!?!" She looked around in panic, "Eh-Eh!?! Did you say Westboro?!?!" She yelped as she took out a notebook and began flipping through it violently.

((Again, sorry for not posting sooner >>))
The Copycat Alchemist
She blinked, tilting her head slightly as she offered her hand once again, but this time to the male before her,

"Umm.. Kaiya Harlem, State Alchemist; The Copycat Alchemist... At your service."

She watched him for a moment before looking back at Antonia with confusion

"I get that he's a prince, but what's so urgent about that notebook of your's and Westboro?"
"Huh?!" Antonia looked up in confusion, "Oh. Well, I was told that the 2nd Prince wasn't arriving 'till tomorrow. An I'm checking the notes the colonel gave me orders to take to see if I'm right." She then began flipping through her notebook wildly again.

((I have to go back to my Band contest in an hour...>w< I'm nervous..XD))
The Copycat Alchemist
Kaiya blinked, not really sure what she was talking about, but she ignored the urge to ask more questions. She brushed her bangs away from her face for a moment before they returned to the place where they started off,
"anyway, why were you two freaking out?"
She would look at Kari and Antonia
Antonia looked blankly at her, "....freak out?..........OH! Dammit!! I'm so sorry!" Antonia said avoiding Kaiya's eyes, "I'm a, I'm well....." Her yellow eyes darted around nervously, "Well, um, uh, some would say I have have a few screws loose...." ((A FEW?! XDXD))
"Don't worry, Don't worry. I didn't think I'd be making it so early either. My early timing is a rather...happy surprise." Laughed Charles. "So then, an alchemist? Well then Madame, might I ask your field of expertise?" Asked the polite Schneizel, as he looked at her with his kind eyes, rather inquisitively.
((sorry for late response! There was....issues to be taken care of. Enough said. XD))

"She's the Copycat right? Must be something about copying."

Kari said with a small chuckle while Hades gave her her laptop back and she was typing away furiously and quickly even with one hand,God only knows what she was typing....
Antonia looked at he charming man with slight relief, "....Oh...So, does Colonel Bastar-I mean, Mustang know you're here??" ((Apparently Antonia doesn't like the colonel XD))
The Copycat Alchemist
She blinked, watching Antonia for a moment before her attention was brought to Charles. She tilted her head at the question and nodded in agreement with Kari,
"Umm... Yeah, in a manner of speaking you hit the nail on the head. I'm called the Copycat because I can copy pretty much any alchemy I see, with limitations, and change it how I want.. But it gets difficult when it's a difficult transmutation circle, takes more of my energy."
imma back now!!!

my post

Julin sighed as she also came onto the scene,"Making rude remarks about my cousin again Antonia?" she asked, smirking slightly and crossing her arms over the chest, the smirk being almost identical to that of Mustang.

QUOTE (DNA Is a Spy @ Dec 8 2009, 05:54 PM) *

And the homuculi...we really don't need them all, but I can probably do Gluttony, Greed, the Fuhrer, and (maybe) Envy.

and ok, you can be roy
The Copycat Alchemist
Turning herself, her eyes fell upon the one who came upon the scene, quirking a brow at the all too familiar smirk that crossed her face,
"Mustang's... Cousin...?"
"....Two of them....This would be the 13th sign of the apocalypse."

Kari whispered scared chibi,almost comically,while slowly inching away from Julin
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