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Full Version: Thread For The Fans Of Major General Olivier Armstrong! Let's Talk About This Bad-arse General!
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Here is the "fan-club" thread for fans of Major General Armstrong to talk about all things Olivier/Olivia/Olivera/whatnot.. ^^ You can post pics, or talk about what she did in the newest episode/chapter and implications, etc., or have some other in-depth discussions, etc., etc.
The only thing we ask NOT to do here (other than the stuff that's violating our Forum Decorum) is bashing other characters or shippers of other characters, and trashing of people who do not fancy this character. smile.gif
I love Olivier! I was kind of indifferent towards her when she was first introduced but recently she's grown on me a lot. She's tough and smart and gets things done without making them complicated, and for those reasons she is awesome. I hope we get to see more of her in upcoming chapters!
Oh, yeah. She is just incredible. A real bad-@ss. I like that when she kills someone she's not all emo about it, ya know? I'm not saying killing is right, I'm just saying that she's like a real soldier. She does what she can for the military without all the emotional convictions, she's a really rational woman, and I just love her. SO awesome.
Glad to see a thread for the eldest Armstrong.

I can't decide if my favorite scene with her is when she talks with Bradley upon arriving in Central or when she and Buccaneer have their conversation about black and white.
I heard people raving about her character all over the place. I didn't read the manga but I'm hoping to catch on with the episodes soon to see her awesomeness. So far, I'm embracing all the female characters in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. They kick butts!

So she is Major Armstrong's older sister? *sorry if this is a repetitive question*
She's his older sister. Their interactions are pretty entertaining, though at times I feel bad for him...let's just say deep down she loves him, but has an odd way of showing it.
To be honest, when Olivier was first introduced, I was thinking, "uh-oh, here comes trouble." I was kind of worried that she'd end up throwing a wrench in the works, and then she did - for the bad guys. x] I'm very glad that there's more to her character than just "PMS WITH A SWORD GET OUT OF MAH WAAAAAY >B| " (Although I guess that's part of what makes her interactions with Roy and Major Armstrong so fun to see.)
At a con recently (Collosalcon 2010), I think Vic may have accidently slipped Olivier's English voice. They were asked about Brotherhood-only characters that they liked, and he said "I like Ling..." ya know, and he was going through the characters he liked and said "and then there's the one Stephanie plays..." he said as he looks at Wendy Powell and she nodded. Anyone know a good voice actress named Stephanie? tongue.gif
I really like Olivier a lot...she's so determined and smart and awesome. She might be my favorite manga-only character...I like how Olivier does what's needed and can be ruthless but doesn't go corrupt.
Olivier is pretty awesome! It's a shame there aren't more tics and stuff about her.. Is it bad that I see her kick arse ness as a rolemodle?
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