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Full Version: FMA:Brotherhood "Gaiden" OVAs (from FMA DVD/BD Sets Bonus)
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~ Blind Alchemist OVA ~

Sorry if there's already a discussion for this or other OVA's. I checked and didn't see anything, but I might have missed something.

-Slight spoilers if you haven't seen/read it-

Anyways, I just saw this OVA subbed for the first time--never read it in the gaiden or anything before. And oh God, I felt so horrible when it was done. This was the first time in a while that FMA really scared me. Maybe it was because I thought that they were going to pull a screamer with Rosalie (I sort of reacted like Al). And Judo at the end...damn.

I'm sure there's going to be somebody telling me that the original that Arakawa did was much better, but I really liked this OVA anyways.

Also--anybody know if the 4 panel comic OVAs are available (preferably subbed) anywhere online? I'd really like to see them, too.
I hadn't realized it was subbed again. I remember reading that Gaiden and enjoying it, I'll get to the OVA as soon as I can.
Here are the comic OVAs that I found - but I haven't seen any subbed versions yet ^^;
Huh, somehow I had never heard of the gaiden before, I only knew that they had made an OVA that was included with the Brotherhood DVD collection. Better go check it out.
A Pierrot's Aria
I don't know about anyone else, but I saw this particular story in the 'manga profile' book I got online. It was at the very back. : )

I downloaded a soft sub of the OVA someone on Live Journal kindly provided (I actually think there are some hardsubs now on Tokyo Toshokan.)

I like the OVA and it's actually pretty disturbing, actually. I wouldn't know how I'd feel if I had a dead girl's body (especially if it was my daughter) in one of the rooms upstairs. xD;;

And those strawberry sundae things that Ed was eating at the beginning looked absolutely delicious. xD
The original comic version really got to me, but the OVA seemed to make it even more disturbing. I absolutely loved it, though.

Snooping!Edward made me laugh, haha.
Forsaken Love
I loved this OVA i really think that it did the original gaiden justice, it made it seem even more creepy and sad than the manga version
Can't compare as I haven't read the manga version but I liked it a lot. A super cute kid which is alive and stays so ('Armor! Armor! Armor! Armor! Armor!), Ed and his cover techinque on stairway plus the sad ending.

This OVA pretty much sums up why I fell in love with Fullmetal Alchemist - it makes you feel sad, nostalgic, happy and you soon understand that not even little girls are safe in that world and anything bad or good can happen.
I watched it last night, and it's pretty decent, but nothing special. I liked the Gaiden when I read it, but it's not something you must see.

What distracted me was some of the awful animation. You would think with it being such a short feature they could have put some effort into the production values. But, nope. No new BGM pieces, either. Pretty disappointing, production-wise.

A neat little special feature, but nothing to rave about. I want a Tales of the Master feature.
Forsaken Love
you're so negative, in fact moaning about the animation of brotherhood in general annoys me, yeh its not perfect and there are inconsitancys, particually regarding hair length, but for the most part its very good, and neally all the inconsitancies and errors people moan about I never even notice untill people point em out, its not perfect but we can enjoy what we have instead of picking it to pieces all the time, I didnt see anything so dire about the animation of the OVA and really enjoyed it, and I think it was great they animated it at all, they didnt have to, i mean can you provide an instance of this awful animation?
It should be pretty obvious where the bad animation is. In the beginning, there's barely any animation at all. Ed and Al are sitting there and they're the only things moving in the slightest, where all the other people are completely static, and even Ed and Al's movements are jerky and awkward.

Whenever they zoom out, people lose their facial features and most of the background art seems lazy and not even up to the standards of the series.

I don't like to make a big deal out of those sorts of things usually, but it's so damn blatent here, it's laughable.
Ever tried animating something?
24 frames, each one drawn by somebody, per second.
Times that by 60, then by 16.
Plus the color tracing for Ed's hair. And Al. Just...Al.

Okay, maybe they don't use a full 24 frames per second on an anime, but my point is, no matter how much new technology Bones might have, animation is still incredibly time consuming. This OVA was on the quieter side, with lots of dialogue, so it didn't need the animation Mustang vs. Lust had. Besides, some of the shots (like the pond) were pretty.

And the OVA doesn't have to have new BGM, if they use ones that work. But I guess if you want some, the credit song they used was created specifically for the OVA. Only they started using it as regular BGM music in the show.
Forsaken Love
well tbh i really didnt notice anything awful about the animation, and i rarely do to be honest, i thought it was good and liked it
Maybe there's something wrong with my eyes because I thought the animation in this OVA was great. tongue.gif

Yeah, I loved this OVA! I didn't find it as creepy as when I read the manga, but it's just b/c I've already known what to expect. The story is not something extremely brilliant but they did a great job adapting this gaiden chapter of the manga. The part with sneaky Ed was a great add, so amusing! biggrin.gif
just watched it... CRREEEEEEEEEEEEEPPYYYYYY.....

Alchemy makes you do wtf crazy things doesn't it.
It was a pretty shocking and impactful OVA. I liked it quite a bit.
I really liked this OVA and was just as good as the gaiden as well. I wonder if they're going to be doing more gaidens like Simple People and such? Anyway, it was excellent!
Bag of Magic Food
QUOTE (Radadinator @ Nov 6 2009, 08:44 PM) *
Maybe it was because I thought that they were going to pull a screamer with Rosalie (I sort of reacted like Al).

I was worried about that too. Or maybe I thought the twist was going to be "The toys all have souls attached to them! Ahhh!"

QUOTE (Alchemical @ Nov 7 2009, 01:13 PM) *
Snooping!Edward made me laugh, haha.

So I'm not the only one who thinks Bones likes to make Fullmetal into a bigger snoop than he originally was? Back when the brothers were breaking into 1stAnimeWrath's bedroom, I got the urge to say "Snooping as usual, I see!"
I remember reading this in the awesomeness guidebook! Very chilling story that is totally Arakawa's style. There is a good lesson to be told in this OVA - Don't take advantage of the blind guy! laugh.gif But I guess they were just being kind to him in a way... I mean if someone who worked for you gave up their sight for something that didn't even work, you might not want to tell them right away (If you're wimpy like that). The fact that something was still alive inside of Rosalie's transmuted body is interesting though. It's definitely not the real Rosalie, so then, who or what is it? Very curious... eek.gif

Snooping Ed was awesome of course (If I can't see you, you can't see me!).
Broken Chouchou
I don't get it. Judau still thinks Rosalie is alive, that's why Amy is there, right? But... why keep the thing he brought back up there with all the toys and flowers? Just a sentimental memory for the mother? What if Judau would accedentally walk into that room and see, ahem, feel his way forward and discover there's dead girl in there?

Anyway, enjoying as it was, this thing didn't creep me out one bit. The animation was too bright and pretty (although sloppy in some places), and you didn't get that disturbing vibe.

It's nice to have this complementing the series though. Adds a little to the impression that the Elrics have actually been trying to regain their bodies for a while now, before the main plot began unfolding, something anime1 did a great job with conveying.
Kaori Ayanami
The gaiden is better, I agree. Still, it wasn't bad at all.

QUOTE (Broken Chouchou @ Nov 16 2009, 09:57 AM) *
I don't get it. Judau still thinks Rosalie is alive, that's why Amy is there, right? But... why keep the thing he brought back up there with all the toys and flowers? Just a sentimental memory for the mother? What if Judau would accedentally walk into that room and see, ahem, feel his way forward and discover there's dead girl in there?
The Elrics may know that resurrection through alchemy is plain impossible, but Rozarie's parents don't have to know it. They may believe that IT is her daughter, and keep it for that reason. (As for Judeau, even if he came across it, he may not put one and one together, so there's no need to worry about that ^^U).
Broken Chouchou
Perhaps. There at least seemed to be something in that shell of a body. Maybe she thinks it's the soul of her daughter.
But still, if Judau found "her", I think he would begin to understand the bigger picture. I mean, a skeletal body with scrapy, rotten skin would be a little out of the ordinary to keep in the house (wasn't it the real Rosalie's old bedroom by the way? maybe not...) If nothing else he would at least ask Rosalie's mother "WTF is there a dead girl on the second floor!?", and then she would either have to explain, or come up with a very creative lie xD
I thought this was incredibly dark and disturbing...and I loved it! The resurrected girl was incredibly creepy. *shudder*

As per the animation tiff, I have a theory! The only people who complain about the animation are the ones who are intently focused on it. Because they're so focused on the animation and not the anime as a whole (story, dialogue, action, characters, etc) they get a great deal less enjoyment out of the anime. This is why you see the same people who cry about the animation disliking the anime in general.
Forsaken Love
^ lol i agree, I seriously never notice all these flaws in animation people pick up, I didnt notice anything weird about the OVA at all, the only things about the anime in general I have really noticed (and it takes a lot for me to notice something cause i dont focus on it that much) are things like hair inconsistincies, imo ed's hair in particular been generally too thick and a few awkward images from time to time, like ed's winry dive, generally the animation is very nice and I love the colour scheme in brotherhood, the animation is much nicer compared to anime 1 =3
Broken Chouchou
Hey, hey, I almost never complain about the animation. But I think you can actually feel the lack of effort put into this episode. And when it does come to the animation, it's not things such as hair inconsistencies that cathes my attention. It's rather lack of general detail, flat colouring and stale characters. All of which can be seen in this episode.
Forsaken Love
really? I really didnt notice XD I guess if i re-watched with that in mind I'd probably notice somethin but I didnt at all first time around
Broken Chouchou
Well, to be honest, I don't think I've would have noticed, (okay, I would have) or at least not paid any attention to it, hadn't penguintruth started complaining about it in the first place tongue.gif I'm not really that nitpicky. But I am a little picky.
~ Screen caps from the new FMA:B OVA "His Battlefield Once More" ~

I saw the captures and review of the new ova. Roy and Hughes story. Here are some captures.
Btw, soooo sorry for very disturbing Korean logos... :-( I got these from Korean blog.

If you want to see more you can go to
(of course, it's all Korean... sleep.gif )

How to see more captures and details:

Click these blue underlined letters on the bottom of this website.

(Man, I can't wait to watch this!!)
Oh god, this will be the best FMA OVA of them all.
wow!!it looks great!!!
Thanks for sharing
A Pierrot's Aria
That looks so awesome. And Roy looks so cute. laugh.gif And hey, they even put His Battlefield Once More in there! I kinda laughed at the way it sort of looks like Roy is stalking Hughes in those first few images. It seems everywhere Hughes is, Roy is there staring at him. xD

I hope it's uploaded somewhere soon, I'm dying to see it. xD
Riza Ayano
WOW..Thanks for sharing it Roy***..
It really great.I really want to watch it.. happy.gif ..
Looks very cool! I can guess Roy is a completely rookie maybe bullied in that strict academy and Hughes comes to the rescue? biggrin.gif

Can't wait.
That ova looks awsome ^^
i love how hughes and roy looks like they're stalking each other.
but roy's hair makes me laugh biggrin.gif
after the academy theres lots of angst faces
Wow, the OVA looks great, thanks for sharing the screencaps! I really can't wait to watch this! biggrin.gif
Wooooooops. *just saw all the screenshots* Well, no need to watch the OVA now smile.gif

I find it funny how it looks like Roy and Hughes pretty HATE each other in the beginning.
I've uploaded all (129) screenshots here or there.

@_Jelly well, the animation, music and VA yet to see smile.gif
Thanks for the screencaps! Roy***
I laughed so much on a pie scene of Roy and Hughes laugh.gif

Edit: It's very sad at the end of this ova.
I almost cried when I read this one as Gaiden. but this's even more depressing T_T

QUOTE (Kasumisty @ Aug 30 2010, 04:57 AM) *
I've uploaded all (129) screenshots here or there.

@_Jelly well, the animation, music and VA yet to see smile.gif

Thanks! Kasumisty!

(I agree with you. I really want to watch this and listen to soundtrack and VA's acting.)
The sequence with Hughes taking Mustang's pie (or quiche) and then Mustang staring at him ALL THE TIME is hillarious _-_.

Mustang really wanted that pie, didn't he.

EDIT: That's what I'm talking about.
QUOTE (Kasumisty @ Aug 30 2010, 05:25 AM) *
The sequence with Hughes taking Mustang's pie (or quiche) and then Mustang staring at him ALL THE TIME is hillarious _-_.

Mustang really wanted that pie, didn't he.

EDIT: That's what I'm talking about.

that one just cracked me up!! I laughed sooo hard!!! sooo funny laugh.gif
Hoshino Hikari
Oh, god, it's awesome! Thank you so much!!
And it seems to be quite long. Just with these pictures, we can reconstruct the story. Who would have thought that Roy hated his best friend Maes when they met each other, because of a pie? xD They're rivals! And the story with the Ishval soldier... It looks so beautiful. And very sad. I think we're going to discover others facets of Roy's personality. (He's so cute, especially with his cap and his rifle laugh.gif)
This OVA will definitely make me want to cry --' But it'll be great, and perhaps the best FMA OVA of them all, as said penguintruth.
Love Fullmetal Alchemist <3

(Maes and Gracia... Cute happy.gif)
Elisabeth Hawkeye
I found this and it's seem like it's something that surely will be used in the new OVA, but it's in japanese so translation will be appreciated happy.gif And btw thanks Kasumisty!
A Pierrot's Aria
Those images are from the gaiden, "His Battlefield Once More" which I'm pretty sure they incorporated into the OVA, I really can't wait to see it! laugh.gif

Edit: The scanlations for "His Battlefield Once More" and other gaidens are here.

(Go down on first post on the linked page till you see the part where the word "Battlefield" is marked in Red & Yellow.)
Elisabeth Hawkeye
I wasn't sure, if they are somewhere here already translated, so thank you very much happy.gif
oh my... I really want to watch it! no streaming yet?
cherry-chan. :D
Awesome! Cadet!Roy and Maes! OMG. I must watch thiiiiis. Seems to have a lot more content than the manga gaiden. (I don't remember seeing anything about Roy and Maes in the military academy anywhere before this. XD)

Gaaaah. Where can I watch this?! ;_____; smile.gif)
This OVA looks so interesting! T_T I wish someone would subtitle it already... I can't wait to see it properly!
The group that subs the OVAs is looking for a RAW. So the RAW isn't even available yet.
QUOTE (Vlyse @ Sep 1 2010, 10:14 PM) *
The group that subs the OVAs is looking for a RAW. So the RAW isn't even available yet.

Hmm... Yes, you're right. You would think it would be available by now...
Kale Mustang
Watched Yet Another Man's Battlefield (this is the official title given on the disc) OVA on Tuesday night (as I had gotten my vol. 13 blu-ray that day) and out of all the OVAs it's definitely the best one (especially in terms of quality).

Love the fact that all of the music used were all of the Amestris military related tracks, though Lapis Philosophorum was also used beautifully.

Funimation had better collect all of these OVA onto a disc and translate them...

The other thing that surprised me was how much English was actually used within the OVA, as it was used in a lot of the transition scenes.
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