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Little Washu
How many of you miss that game Okami? I sure do. I remember when it ended, I thought, "Great. Now what? They can't make a second one with an ending like this!!"


We have Okamiden: Chisaki Taiyou.

As we announced earlier this week, a sequel to the popular Okami is coming to the DS in the form of Okamiden: Chisaki Taiyou. According to Famitsu, the new game will take place a couple months after the original. For better or worse, Ameratsu's annoying, lecherous sidekick Issun is back but the lead character this time is a wolf named Chibiterasu. As the name implies, Chibiterasu is a babyfied version of Ameratsu and will be sure to charm the pants off gamers everywhere if they can stop saying "Awwwwww" long enough.

Gameplay seems to be relatively the same with the addition of the stylus as the painting tool. Seems like a natural fit for the DS and will likely be much easier than drawing with the often recalcitrant Wii remote. Another addition will be "helper characters" for the young Chibiterasu.

Aside from these few things, details are rather sparse. We do know that the game will be produced by Ace Attorney Investigations producer Motohide Eshiro and directed by Kuniomi Matsu....a, the director of the Wii version of Okami.

From the sounds of it, the game is off to a great start and I'm sure there are many of you out there champing at the bit for this title's release. Hopefully you won't have too long to champ however, as the game is set to release sometime next year.

Quoted from:

September 25, 2009 - The nice thing about this industry – and my job, more specifically – is that we get to call things as we see them. When Capcom's Darkside Chronicles showing was less than impressive at E3, we wrote it. When Darksdie improved just yesterday at TGS, we wrote it again. When I stepped off the show floor after day two of TGS just minutes ago and thought back at the best titles I've seen for Nintendo at the show, and then quickly realized that almost all of them were at Capcom's booth, I'm more than happy to write that too. Okamiden came out of nowhere for a lot of gamers, and while it was great to see the franchise continuing again I was cautiously optimistic at a non-clover rendition of the game running on 3D on DS. After sitting down with Capcom's latest pocket adventure, however, I'm ready to back to the show floor tomorrow and jump right back in.

Okamiden is a mix of classic Okami controls and mechanics mixed with all-new gameplay that is obviously competing with Nintendo's own Zelda DS series. Not to go too far down the "Okami vs. Zelda" road – we all know that's a fun, but never-ending trap – but the game has the same aura around it, and obviously uses the stylus as an integral part of the game. Thankfully Capcom does adventure on DS right, having the core controls like movement, jumping, attacking, and dodging on the d-pad and buttons, and leaves the stylus control to only where it matters; the brush techniques.

As for general control, Okamiden feels great, and there's literally nothing I'd change about Capcom's control decisions; literally nothing. Movement is crisp and responsive, attacks feel great, jump attacks work with the timing and responsiveness you'd expect, and the animation is rewarding as well. Where Okamiden obviously takes a big turn away from classic adventuring though is in the brush, and it's also an impressive implementation that does the series (and system it's on) justice.

Quoted from:

I read the overview in game informer. I, am excited.

It's set to release in 2010 (in Japan), meaning we may get it mid 2010 to early 2011. The platform this time around will be for the Nintendo DS, rather than the PS2, though, a Wii version is still a possibility I assume, since both it and the DS are Nintendo. Anyway, discuss.

I can't wait for this to come out! Okami was one of my favoirte games of all time and now this! This is deffinatley a surprise! biggrin.gif
Little Washu
Bump for release date (year), which is 2011, and this cute pic:

D'awwwwww <3

Ok.. Um.. sorry about that... I'm a bit of a major Okami fan.

But yes I am excited for Okami Densetsu (or as its now known--Okamiden) despite the fact Japan gets it now and the USA gets it next year.
But at the same time I have my doubts. What are the chances that Okamiden will be as great as Okami? I mean I saw in a trailer somewhere that Sakuya dies (Konohana sapling in Kamiki village burns) and they re-used the idea of another reincarnation to make Chibiterasu (who I believe is now Ammy's child?). Susano and Kushi have a kid and I'm happy but now he replaces what could've been Issun or another celestial envoy.
I'm not sure if the creators of Okamiden will be able to realize all the Japanese folklore and whatnot in Okami so that they may put the same symbolisms in Okamiden.

And why Chibiterasu lacks a divine instrument? That one is a mystery to me...

All-in-all I guess I'll hae to wait and see... ~5 minutes later~ .... So is it 2011 yet?
I've never played Okami, but I have always been interested in the game.
Has anyone played the game for both PS2 and Wii, and if so, what are the similarities/differences?
Just curious to see if I should play the PS2 version or the Wii one biggrin.gif
Little Washu
QUOTE (TheRuffian @ Jun 30 2010, 01:04 PM) *
I've never played Okami, but I have always been interested in the game.
Has anyone played the game for both PS2 and Wii, and if so, what are the similarities/differences?
Just curious to see if I should play the PS2 version or the Wii one biggrin.gif

I haven't played both, but most people who have agree that the PS2 version is the one you wanna play. The painting part is obviously easier with a PS2 controller, and the Wii doesn't have any additional gameplay or anything.
Shoot. That means I have to find myself a PS2
Little Washu
^PS2s go for pretty cheap nowadays. Go for a used one, and it could be less than $100. Also, I think the bigger clunky ones are more durable than the little thin ones.
Or if you have a PS3, it should play PS2 discs.

Also there are differences:
The Wii's colors are a bit enchanced in the Wii
In the Wii you get the chance to actually "paint" due to the way the remote is
The PS2 is the original therefore the best
They took out the beautiful ending credits in hte Wii
The Wii does not except the X you might've wanted to paint in the game until 20 tries later (you'll find out if you play)
It is harder to use Glaives and Reflecters in the Wii
When you bloom Sakura trees, it's not as pretty and bright in the Wii

But thats it minus the glitches. As every game has--but this game is not too glitchy at all, actually.

But yes, PS2 is the version you want to play. It's much better trust me.
ah, ok. Very good things to know.
Thanks to both of you biggrin.gif
Your welcome! ^^

Well.. since this is an Okami thread basically, shall we have actual Okami discussion? (To the best of our knowledge since it looks like only 3 people total on this forum evening recnoise the name "Okami"?)
Little Washu
^The thread for discussing Okami itself is here: Okami Thread

To discuss Okami, the original, go there. This thread is for it's predecessor, Okamiden: Chisaki Taiyou.
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