Back in the 20's women knew their place was in the kitchen and that thinking was a man's job and thus is time affectionately known as the "good old days." Sadly some lady types didn't like this. Apparently the idea of being metaphorically chained to house work wasn't appealing.

One of these lady types is Akiko, daughter of a wealthy family and betrothed to some guy who makes the wise decision to tell her women are wasting time by getting an education and should stick to the kitchen. For some reason she gets upset and decides to prove him wrong by forming a baseball team and kicking his [All hail lord Xenu].

First task is to drag her best friend, Koume, into the mess. Now this is both clever and stupid. It's clever because Koume is very dedicated and motived and will get the job done but it's also stupid because Koume is adorable and becomes the main character.
Thus the semi-dynamic duo begin their baseball career, trying to get accepted by the very strict school, desperately trying to get a team together, battling such worthy foes as ten year olds and harassing unsuspecting highschoolers just trying to go home with ninja baseball fights. There's also some sub-plot about Koume and her arranged marriage.

It's based on a series of 3 light novels (possibly on going?) and 2ch and 2chan apparently loved it so chances of a second season are high. There is also a manga series which is nothing like the anime or novels that involves tanks and volleyball robots. Neither the novels nor the the manga have been translated yet.

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