Hi guys,
i am writting again cause i haven't had a reply to a thread that others and i have posted.
For those that know full metal alchemist well, the song we are looking for is called " Devotion" but it isn't quite that version.. The version in the OST is evangelical with instruments. The one we are looking for is the exact version where either Scar kills the Alchemists in the beginning OR In episode 21 " The red glow" "Akai Kagayaki" (紅い輝き) around 16 : 30 when scar see's his brother come out with a transmutation circle tattoed on his entire body.

We have been looking for this song for such a long time and wonder if it even exists :'( If any of you could help that would be amazing... AS i said we know the OST name is "Devotion" from OST3 if i remember and is just under 1:30 in playtime. But we are looking for the evangelical version.

Please could someone write if they even have the slightest clue.