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Full Version: Envy's Worst Punishment: Manga Or Anime1?
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As the title says, in which version of FMA do you think Envy the Homunculus got the greatest comeuppance? Do you think becoming a pathetic tadpole committing suicide was a more deserving end, or as a giant-but-still-pathetic snake? Now understand that I am not an Envy fan. Whether he is just a flunky Homunculus or the elder Elric brother/Evil Edward, this murderer who manipulated people's love and trust deserved a cruel punishment. Thus, the worst suffering, least dignified end is good in my opinion.
Please give explanation for your choice.
I choose the manga as it had a bigger effect on him mentally. It completely broke him. Not that I like that XD (Envy fan). In the movie he actually got what he wanted before he died.
The Bearded One
Manga; considering he committed suicide because the person whom he hated the most, Ed, was the only one who understood him. In the anime he got to see Ho-Ho die sort of fulfilling one of his goals.
QUOTE (The Bearded One @ Sep 26 2009, 08:49 PM) *
Manga; considering he committed suicide because the person whom he hated the most, Ed, was the only one who understood him. In the anime he got to see Ho-Ho die sort of fulfilling one of his goals.

I don't know if Envy especially hated Edward. It's more like he hated any 'human ant' understanding him.

Well, I guess its time for I, Claudius to give my two cents on why I'm in the minority for choosing CoS:

You can say MangaEnvy's position as a tadpole was more humiliating, but what about Anime1Envy's situation? Sure, he's a big dragon, but in the film he gets his butt kicked. Not by Alchemists, but by ordinary humans on flying machines! Really bad for the ego of someone who was once a formidable opponent in the series. You can imagine MangaEnvy laughing his butt off over the idea of his anime counterpart being defeated by 'flying ants.' For all his size, Anime1Envy ends up a prisoner. At least TadpoleEnvy could still manipulate people, by voice (Mei) or biting them (Yoki). Without his shape-shifting abilities, Anime1Envy is an impotent joke.
The creature is lost and alone. He's stuck as a dragon, bereft of his beloved shape-shifting abilities (It's not so much fun chewing people physically, when he could do it psychologically, as seen in Episodes 25, 48, and 50). He has no Mama Dante to run home to or ease his problems (like when she soothed/manipulated his sadness over Hohenheim's absence in episode 47). For a Homunculus who enjoyed using Humanity as pawns for Dante's scheme, he is now the pawn of Humanity (or be more precise, German Nazi Humanity) for their schemes. Talk about poetic justice!
Some of you have mentioned that Envy got his way in killing Hohenheim. Does he? Remember that when Hohenheim begins to crush himself, we see a close-up of Envy's eye widening! Reluctance? Perhaps the desire of patricide has lost its luster now that he has it. He could have killed Hohenheim the moment he discovered him, but he had daddy in his mouth for weeks. That says something.
I'm reminded of a scene in the film Conspiracy about Nazis planning the Final Solution, where Heinrich Heydrich mentions a story about a child abused by his father and loved by his mother. Years later, the mother died and the son felt nothing. But when his abusive, tyrannical father died, the son was heartbroken, because his life had been based on hatred for his father, and now that source is gone.
Envy's one goal in these two years was finding his father, the source of his hatred and being. Perhaps he understands that if his father dies, his reason for living is over (In their brotherly reunion, Envy is less interested in Edward as a target than as an object for finding their father). Hohenheim's decision for suicide, even if its assisted by Envy's jaws, could be seen as the final abandonment. Anyway, Envy also knows that Hohenheim's sacrifice is to reunite his brothers. The children of that 'whore' Trisha. The children his father favored over him. With Envy as an accomplice! The final insult from daddy.
I'm not badmouthing the OWNING of MangaEnvy, but I feel Anime1Envy's OWNING deserves a deeper analysis and credit than some have given it. Anime1Envy's punishment was humiliating and long. MangaEnvy's punishment (the final one) was humiliating and short.
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