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Full Version: Question About Military Insignia (# Of Stars) On Their Uniforms In The Anime
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So I've been watching FMA Brotherhood since it started and I noticed that Roy Mustang has three stars on his military uniform, which is kind of odd for someone who is only a Lt. Colonel, but since I saw two stars on Lt. Hawkeye I thought maybe thats just how the ranks are displayed. But then I see Mustang chatting with a couple of Lt. Generals who only have two stars on their shoulders as well. Can't seem to resolve this in my head, did the ppl drawing the anime make a mistake?
@SaDeRdAY - Welcome to our board! About the military insignia.. no, I don't think those are mistakes, and I believe these stars are depicted correctly. biggrin.gif I thought we used to have the pic chart of FMA military insignia in the Factbook secton of our site, but I can't seem to find it. So, I post my own reference chart pic here. It's probably easier to show the differences with the pic chart than explaining them with words. ^^

You can check out the insignia on the following chart.
(Click to get the bigger chart pic, then click again on + to get the full size chart pic)

Or, click here for the chart pic, then click again on + to get the full size chart pic.

(I was hesitant to post the chart because I didn't make these individual pics. But, I think it's easier to see the differences with the pic chart. The above chart is what I've been using for my own reference use (hence the chart has no credit for pic creators) but pics were copied from this site. And, from what I see in anme, both in FMA:1 & FMA:B, I think these insignia look correct. Currently I have a connection problem and can't get the names of individuals who created the original pics, but the names of the creators of these pics are on that site, and if you click on each pic on that site you should get the creators' names there. All credits for the pics go to these people. ^^)


I'll merge this thread to FMA: Brotherhood anime Q&A thread later.

Anyone with more general question on FMA:Brotherhood anime, please post that on FMA:Brotherhood anime Q&A thread, and we'll try to help you with your question there. smile.gif
Oooo those are cool!
Well ya learn something new about FMA every day! ^____^
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