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In a World...without Alchemy...but with electronics...and a place...called Earth...there is A school.

Run by one of the weathest and mysterious men in the world, Spencer's School for the Gifted Criminally Insane is a place where the line between these two states of mind is blurred, with one weathy aristocrat watching over it all, silently.

As Students begin to dissappear, panic is raised among the school...'s students. the Teachers seem preety calm about it? But why?

Join in to fine out. Or don't. Be that way.


-Can be a Teacher or a Student

-Preferably a Freshmen

-Must have a Quirk about them

-...Try not to be too normal or Abnormal.

-No God Moding

-Worshiping of me and my chars are acceptable.

Will start when we get some peoples.
*reads the list of rules;bursts out laughing* 'Worshiping of me and my chars are acceptable'!? XDDDD

I am in,OF COURSE!

Name:Kari Rika Neko
"Quirk":...She's half cat/a demon?
"Special" Skills:Genius marksman/fighter,very good in music/art/writing.Also plays the violin,guitar,and piano.
Bio:Refuses to talk about it,only the headmaster and some of the teachers seem to know. Along with her 'brother'.

Name:Hades Axelokae
Quirk:Can turn into a gun and be used by Kari.And he eats souls.
Special skills:A VERY good cook,good in math too.Plays drums and the piano occasionally.
Bio:...Same as Kari.

Looks? Like this. Hades on the left Kari on the right XD
All Right! Here's meh Characters:

Name: Antonia (8754) Kortez
Gender: Female
Occupation: Student
Age: 15 and a half :3
Notes:Antonia's psychotic, and has one mechanical arm, and a mecha hand too. tongue.gif
She's very violent, and stubborn, and knows WAAY to much about weaponry. She has the intelligence and stealth of a ninja. She and her sister are escapees from a scary lab place. :3

Name: Monica (8755) Kortez
Gender: female
Age: 15 1/2
Occupation: Student
Notes: She's a zombie from an experiment lab, who is very sweet, and knows a lot about killing someone silently (......), and loves her twin Antonia. Too much.

Antonia's lookin' at map.

Joining with...

No L? *pouts* Kumagoro said so!!! DX
Monica speaks up:
"Um, Antonia...."


"Edward's not gonna be in this FMA at all, actually."

*Starts hyperventilating*

"Oh No!! Antonia!!"

*Slaps her 'cross the face*


"Now let's get to school!"
*skips off without Monica*
No L for you.

And sadly, we must wait...for Kari to tell me when Autumn can join....
In the middle of asking >> and we demand L!!!!! DX Lord Kumagoro ordered it!
No. Instead, you get the Walrus.

Ku Ku Kacho.

*smacks DNA upside the head* Yeah no.
"The walrus?!?! Why not Ed?? Or L?!?!?!?" >:(

SShh!!! It's cause Dna said so!! Do you want him to kill you off?!?!?

*Antonia's pouting*
Spooky knows personally why she should not incure the wrath of the Walrus.

*Stares at and kills Antonia ala head explosion*
And you know personally that pissing off Kari-nee is not a smart move *eye twitch* especially when she's stayed up all night,it's currently FOUR THIRTY IN THE MORNING,to RP >>

And Autumn says she'll think about it.
Oh No you DI-INT!! Antonia 'RESPWANS' *jab-jab*

"Hey!! Respwan's a STUPID word."

No it's not.

"Umm...Isn't this Rp about highschool?"

"SHUT THE [bleeeep] UP, Monica!!"

Hey no yelling!!!!!

... Alright then. I suppose we can start.

And a note to Spooky:



I suppose start at the entry way to the place and meet up with the other characters that yes.


Spencer sat outside a glass window, over looking the dark woods not far from the back of the campus. He sighed in his wheel chair. His medical equipment beeped abnormally as he saw a silhouette on the outskirts of the woods. "Hm...More of them...excellent." Escaped his lips.
"Dammit Hades why are we lost this time?!" "BECAUSE YOU HAD THE MAP UPSIDE DOWN!!!" "You know I have no sense of direction what so ever so why the hell'd you give me the map!?"

And the bickering continued as the gold and black haired boy carried the much smaller pitch raven black haired girl on his back while she had a map upside down and was trying to read it as they managed to stumble out of the forest and onto the campus part and they both sweat dropped and said in unison while looking up at the huge school

"Indeed." Said a Dry voice behind them, a man in a white lab coat behind him. "Albert...Is this the place tha- Wow. Thats big."
Hey, um I have to log off now. Parents freaking rules. sad.gif I guess I'll continue tomorrow. *sobsob* 'Night! ^^
((I gotta go too if I want any chance of sleep >>))
((I am joining!!! XDD so do not fear! Autumn is back from 'retirement' XDDDDD))
I'm in!!! (If it's ok) XDXD And with a few profile changes XDXD

Name: Roxanne Angeline Laforet (aka. Fuchsia)
Age: 14
Occupation: Thief/Fortune Teller (Con artist) (Once worked in a circus)
Personality: Roxanne is confident, independent and eccentric girl who lacks respect for authority. Though charming, she is outspoken and unconsciously childish. She prefers to live for the moment but ironically she always has time to plot the future. Has a sharp mind and can be very intelligent when she so chooses. Despite the fact she always tries to put a nonchalant facade she can be really hyper and she tends to get distracted easily (90% by shiny objects). When she is not teasing or playing pranks of other she can be a really nice and sweet girl. She loves expensive/shiny things and even when she’ll never accept it, she LOVES bunnies.
Good points: Cunning, smart, fast, charming, her tarot readings have proved to be really accurate (even tough ironically she doesn’t believe in them)
Faults: Greedy (loves money and expensive things) gets distracted and daydreams easily, love to tease people, she is really bossy and she tends to be quite evil and curious/nosy.
Skills: Her primary ability is the manipulation of kinetic energy, being able to charge matter resulting in the violent and powerful explosion of said matter through touch. The objects that she charges explode with a force somewhat proportional to the size of the object, though a playing card (her trademark attack) is as powerful as a hand grenade in her hands, she uses a metal staff as her weapon witch changes into a scythe. Many people belive she's able to see the future trough her cards but so far she hasnt confirmed this.
History: Unknown. There are rumors about them running away from home and joining the circus where they learned everything they know.

Curious Facts: Despite her cute appearance she in fact an expert gambler (her forte are cards) but there are many reasons to believe she cheats. Noah has been her childhood friend since she can remember; they are as close as siblings but neither of them accepts it. She always claims she is just waiting the moment he’ll no longer be of use to dispose him. They are often found robbing stores and pick pocketing tourists and cops. She always carries a bunny charm hidden in her pocket. So far no one has found the reason of why she is a fortuneteller 'cause whit her belifes it's quote contradictory “Isn’t life a big irony after all?” is what she says.
Theme Songs: (Hasta Que El Cuerpo Aguante - Mago De Oz) (You Are Gonna Go Far Kid - The Offspring) (One Day I'll Fly Away - Moulin Rouge) (Everybody's Fool - Evanescence) (Blackbird - Across The Universe) (Ace Of Spades - Motorhead) (Roxanne - Moulin Rouge)

Name: Anthony “Noah” Russo (aka. Ashes)
Age: 16
Occupation: Thief/Street Violinist (Con artist) (Once worked in a circus)

Personality: Noah is an extroverted and outgoing guy. He isn't afraid of drawing attention to himself and he doesn't worry about what other people think of him. He tends to be relaxed and laid back about most things, quicker to joke than to stress. One of the bigger flaws in his personality is his tendency to lack tact or manners. Though there doesn't appear to be much going on in his head, he is very bright, yet he applies this mostly towards schemes and pranks. He has the ability to be very charming when he wants to, and his dazzling charisma gets him out of trouble on many occasions. Despite his easygoing attitude, he is afraid of being alone and attaches himself to those he cares for. He explains his nickname by claiming it alludes to his chain smoking (even when he has NEVER even smoked) but it is actually in reference to his tendency to burn down things.
Strengths: Powerful, charming, sly, can win people’s hearts easily, impossible to find someone as good with bombs as him and he's very good with the violin. (One of the few things he carries with him)
Faults: Has pyromaniac tendencies (And he just loves things going “boom”) he tends to be really lazy and he is too promiscuous for his own good sake: he has found himself several times with angry fathers and big brothers dying to beat the crap out of him.
History: Unknown. There are rumors about them running away from home and joining the circus where they learned everything they know.
Curious Facts: No one doubts Noah makes top-notch explosives and he's famous for his skills. He has an extensive scarring on his left shoulder from an accident with his homemade explosives when he was a child, he never talks about it and Roxanne is the only one that knows about it. Just as his childhood friend he is a really good at gambling but his forte are dices. As his trademark attack he makes tiny bombs with great strength in the shape of dices, he calls them “Demons Dices” His motto is "I steal only what I cant afford"
Theme Song: (Hasta Que El Cuerpo Aguante - Mago De Oz) (City Of Devils - Yellowcard)
(Freak On A Leash - Korn ft. Amy Lee) (In The End - Linkin Park) (The Oogie Boogie - The Nightmare Before Christmas) (Back In Black - ACDC)
(AUTUMN! MAI! AUTUMN! YOU EXIST! I thought you died! Alrighty then, post as though your walking to the entrance of the school.)
((Aye aye, sir XDD though I have to work on my characters XDDD))
"Come down and join the circus
It's the end of your world
Come down and join the circus
All you dead boys and girls
If you still have a pulse
We can remedy that
You can check your life
While you check your hat" Anthony and Roxanne sang happily as they walked toward the school carrying their few belongings: Roxy's bag and Noah's violin, they stopped "There it is....our personal hell" He mumbled "Our hell....but perhaps also the ticket we need to reach out goal" She said, they looked at eachother, nooded in agreement and started walking again.

(Ok perhaps their "circus origins" ARE real XDXD Circus freaks and con artists *nod nod*)

"Oh. More of them? Birkin I thought you said the enterance was on the other-side."
"I thought it was."
"Well, it wasn't."
"I can see that Albert..."
"....WHY are we coming here again?" "Koenma said either here or kindergarten." "....Right."

Kari groaned and sulked childishly at just the thought of being at the current school or worse...kindergarten as Hades walked/carried her towards the actual entrance of the school
Wesker Adjusted his Sunglasses, thankful no one had tried to introduce themselfs to him. He stood by the doors, and decided to sit on a nearby bench, observing the people as they walked by. Observing the competition.
Kari got off Hades' back when he went off to go find coffee for her before she'd fall asleep and be IMPOSSIBLE to wake up and she asked yawning sleepily while sitting down next to Wesker pulling her hat down over her ears a little more

"Hey,can I sit here?"
"Too bad."

Kari retorted,clearly just being polite for the sake of being polite,as she was busy looking for something in her messenger bag
"Go away please. More benches are over there if you feel the need to sit."
"I already told my brother I'd sit here and wait."

Kari said bluntly while finding a simple black notebook and started doodling in it
"Hey. What's up? Mind if we sit down? No? Thanks!" Anthony said happily as they sat down in another bench "Do you think they'll say something if we earn some money around here?" He whispered "There's only one way of figuring that out" She said as she took out her cards
"Is it true what they say? Is it all just fun and games? Or is there more behind the makeup? And the faces full of paint?
Step up and FIND OUT!!" Anthony announced loudly as he took his violin out of it's case, Roxanne sweatdropped "How many times have I told you I DONT want that damn introduction" She hissed as her eye twitched "But I thought it was cooool" He said sad chibi, in less than a second they were fighting.
Then a Large Encyclopedia flew at them. "Shut. Up. Please." Said Wesker from the bench. "Albert...Why do you always use such brash force?" "Sometimes, a punch in the gut, is worth much more then subterfuge. Sometimes being the key word."
Kari couldn't help but giggle at the performer's complaints and sore heads from the encyclopedia and said looking up from her doodle

"Nice aim."
"What's your problem man??!!" Anthony hissed as he got ready to burn the book to ashes "Knock it off" She hissed "But he started it!!" She grumbled "I'll give you a cookie" She said, there was a minute of silence as he looked at his violin "It better be a GOOD cookie" He hissed as he sat down, she just shuffled her cards.
"Whilst I appriciate the compliment, I have no need for alliances." Said Wesker. "Albert, is that really an-" Birkin started to scold, until Wesker cut him off. "In this place, it is Dog eat Dog. You know how the Old man works. It's a wonder I'm keeping you around."
((This is my characters here, so I'll post in a minute or so))

Name: Mio Amakura
Age: 15 (youngest by 3 minutes)
Personality: A lot more outgoing than her older sister, mischevious, and often times very sporty (if that's a word XDDD). Mio is often found talking to herself (or is she?) or will be taking pictures with an old polaroid camera of the scenery or the room itself, as if trying to record memories that were in there.
Strengths: Hardworking, outgoing, fun, a large amount of stamina for a young woman, quick to act, puzzle whiz, and not easily 'possessed' by spirits (will be explained in her skills part).
Faults: Not good in school, often hard to trust, would rather be by her sister than other people, and easily distracted.
Skills: She has a strong sixth sense (but not as strong as her sisters) and is able to repel ghosts from possessing her with a strong will. She also is able to exorcise vengeful spirits that are around her via her polaroid cameras.
History: Mio and Mayu were born in Osaka Japan in August of 1994. They were very active and curious. Mio blames herself often for the accident that gave her sister a permanent limp in her right leg when they were traveling through the woods and Mayu fell off the side of a steep drop and twisted the tendons that hold her knee in place. She won't say anything else other than that she and her sister lived normal lives.

Name: Mayu Amakura
Age: 15 (Oldest by 3 minutes)
Personality: Quiet, shy, and kind, she spends most of her time at the library, reading and trying to find solace in the books. Mayu will find herself missing several days of her memories and will sometimes not 'act herself.'
Strengths: Inquisitive, book smart, and willing to help those who need it.
Faults: Easy to manipulate, physically weak, and low will power.
Skills: Extremely high sixth sense and often able to project what she sees to others, especially her sister.
(Excellent. I patiently await your post.)
Mio and Mayu were just feet away from the gate when Mayu stopped, shaking like a leaf as she stared at the wrought iron gate to the school Mayu? What's wrong? Mio asked her sister, who held her arms as she stared wide eyed ahead. Mio touched her sister's arm and felt the psychic link between them connect, and she saw lots of people, all of them screaming in horror and pain as one by one, they disappeared, leaving nothing but blood on the ground, or soot marks in the shapes of their forms. That vision disappeared and left the Amakura sisters shaken. Something has happened here... something worse than what we went through... Mio whispered to herself and after a few moments, they pressed forward, Mayu limping heavily on her weak right leg.

I don't want to be here, Mayu whispered to herself as they passed through the threshhold of the gates and saw the scene before her. It was a strange sight, that's for sure. Mio instinctively pulled out her polaroid camera and snapped a picture, as if already investigating a 'crime scene' so to speak.
Wesker noticed the flash of the camera from the cornor of his eye. His Sunglasses prevented him from being to effected by it. Birkin was less fortunate. "Ah! Albert, I think someone's shooting at us again." "Don't be an idiot Birkin. Nothing but an active camera." Wesker stated, as he got up and walked towards the two, stoping infront of them, not saying a word.
Mio turned to Wesker, her eyes watching his suspiciously before she stood in front of her older sister, her duty to protect her weaker sibling. Is there something you need? She asked him, lowering her camera to let it hang from her neck by the thin black strap. Mayu was looking at the ground, unsure what to do with him standing so meanencingly above her, and the fact that he had several evil entities around him. She didn't want to say anything about it, but she couldn't stand to be near him for any longer, and went over to the benches, her limp obvious as she walked. Mayu! Mio called and went after her twin, not wanting to let her leave incase something like that time happened again.
"Hm...You've given me all the data I need." He said to Miyo, as he slowly walked towards the one with limp. "Hello there. My name is Albert Wesker. Dare I ask you yours?" He asked, a light british accent noticeable within his deep voice.
"Photoshoot!" The tricksters said happily as they struck a pose both of them back to back, winking an eye. "Camera loves me" Noah said proud chibi "You cant just accept the fact camera only wants ME" she said evil chibi as they sat down, the bells in her hat chiming. (They wear the EXACTS outfits they have in their profile pics XD)
Another Book Gracfully flew onto the duo's head. "Please keep it down. Your giving me a bloody headache."
Mayu was visibly shaking as she stared up at him, and past him. A-a-amakura... Mayu... she said quietly, her habit of speaking her family name first was hard to break, especially when you just came to the school from Osaka, Japan. She saw Mio coming towards her and she gave a weak smile, before she winced as her knee throbbed painfully. She bent down into her bag and pulled out her perscribed medicine. Onee-chan... Mio whispered sadly to her older sister as she took the recommended dose of two of the 100 milograms of the powerful drug. I see them... so clearly... Mayu whispered in her native tongue, grasping her sisters hand in her own.

Could you please leave us? Mio asked of Wesker, protective the information that they are seeing through their psychic link again.
"Albert...I don't think she likes you."
"I've noticed...Well then, tell me, what makes her so afraid of me. And for that matter, you." Said Wesker, as he walked a bit closer.
Mio narrowed her eyes at their quiet discussion before she looked away, and blinked as she saw a bunch of kids, probably around 8 or so giggle before turning and running into the forest that surrounded the large boarding school, before they disappeared, quite literally, but their giggles were still in the air.

We are in for another looong adventure, Mio said as she took another picture, and waved the picture that was spit out to help get the image to appear. She looked at the first picture and noticed that around Wesker was a rather large... entity of ferocious energy surrounding him. Deffinetly suspicious. Best to keep on her toes.
"Albert, you know full well that I'm not 'scared' of you."
"Yes you are Birkin. You'd be stupid not to be. But...I would like Our Dynamic Duo over there to answer the question that I just posed to you. So tell me, Amakura two. What makes me so intimidating?"
Mayu looked at up at Wesker and narrowed her eyes in a glare. For one, it's Mio, and second. This is why she's so scared of you, I said and handed him the polaroid picture that showed the menacing entity that hovered around him. Now please leave us, Mio was trying to be polite and was doing a fairly good job, except for stressing the word 'leave.' Mayu stood up and motioned for Mio to use her camera once more, facing the gate.

T-t-take the picture, Mio.... Mayu stated, trembling from the image she was seeing.
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