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I used to prefer Vic to Romi but after watching the whole show in Japanese... I dunno, Vic just doesn't sound right for the character anymore. He doesn't really capture Ed's rude, jerky side very well.

I'm also knida iffy with pride's voice. I was wondering how they'd do his voice, since it's kinda funky.
I'm sooo glad they didn't have Mei in that episode... VA=T.T to the ears.
Ling is awesomus. lulz. And I just love that sword thing he does while fighting Envy.

All I gots for nowz.
For many years I was extremely anti-dub. But when the manga ended, I found myself watching the dub series on Adult Swim every Saturday...I guess it's my way of keeping FMA alive. And since then, I have started to appreciate the dubbed an extent. And Pride's voice went beyond the extent lol.

Honestly, I was very dissapointed when Pride started talking. I personally felt they should have deepened his voice. Later during the scene with Selim reading his essay about his "dad" it was very obvious that it was him talking to Wrath earlier.
@Icy12: I agree with you on Pride's voice. I did not like it a bit. Sure, it kept whole essence of "Whoa Pride is just a kid, so him being Selim Bradley makes "sense"". But that's just it! Because his voice was as "squeaky" as it was, if a viewer was smart enough, or at least thought it out hard enough, Pride's alias would be dead obvious. I feel that Pride's voice needs to have more of a "creepy", maybe scratchy feeling. With the same VA, sure, but toss in the scratchiness of Envy and maybe that could fly. You what, now I'm thinking of anime1 Wrath

But lately, I've been watching the dub with a friend who recently just got into FMA (and is only following the dub) and he has no clue at all to who Pride is. In fact, he keeps insisting it's an alien since Pride's name wasn't even mentioned in the conversation he had with Wrath and he won't even let me tell him Pride's name is Pride and so that he can be put into the league of Homunculi and not aliens tongue.gif. biggrin.gif So maybe it's not as obvious as it seems.

Other than my complaint for Pride, I think everyone else did fine. I've always been a fan of Ling's voice. It works for me, and here, his VA seemed to be getting more comfortable with Ling as well. It's starting to feel more natural now smile.gif. I have a minor complaint with Knox, but he's a minor character anyways. Raven was... okay. Didn't really care, honestly. Bradley was amazing- he's always been IMO. His wife on the other hand sounds so fake, it makes me think she's actually aware of Bradley being a homunculus, with her fake "happiness". Maxi's Al was great, but when that scream came after Gluttony ate Ed, Ling, and Envy, it sounded really girly. Travis and Colleen did fine this ep, though I still think Riza's a bit erm... deep. Ed and Envy were awesome too. smile.gif

My 520 cenz two cents there.
Add me as someone else who's not a fan of the Pride voice. I know of at least two people on another board who are watching Brotherhood for the first time and picked up the similarity between Pride's and Selim's voices. They should have done something to make it a little raspier.

Other than that, I thought that the new Marcoh had markedly improved, and the rest of the dub was generally up to the standards of Brotherhood so far.
I like Riza's new English dub a lot, much more than her last one. Roy's voice suits him too (did he get a new VA?) Lanfan's is very good well. Ling's... I'm not crazy about. I'm looking forward to hearing Greed though! biggrin.gif

I don't know why people dislike Envy's. It suits an androgynous character that leans towards a male quite well. Yeah, strange description, but hey, Envy isn't exactly normal.

I gotta admit, I really don't like Vic for Ed anymore. Romi's voice fits Ed like a glove, so hearing Vic just doesn't work. =/

Overall, Sub > Dub
Admittedly they should have done something to differentiate between Pride's and Selim's voices. But if it was scratchier he might sound just like Truth. I dunno. I liked it.
i have to say that although the dub has been improving , pride's voice wasn't up to scratch . otherwise i'm pretty satisfied with the thing. ling's voice is good...)))

For anyone who missed episode it's on again on Adult Swim (U.S.) tonight. smile.gif
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