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Full Version: Wwe Smackdown Fma Style!?
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Apparently someone created wrestlers in the game based on FMA characters. very amusing.

Ed and Al tag team(OMG, look at Al)

Ed vs Envy

Roy vs Lust

Izumi vs Koga(Inuyasha)

Scar vs Nakaru (inuyasha)

Al vs Pride Ed

Ed version 2 with Melissa for a theme

Ed version 3 with the FMA ending 1.
I had a look at the person's channel, and I lol'd.

Seriously, I should force my sister to make FMA characters on RAW/SMACKDOWN 2009/ ;A;
Disco Shrew
HaHa Al in the first one was hilarious.
this is just too good....wahahahahahahahah......
This.. Made my day. Thank you. :3
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