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Forsaken Love
does a thread like this allready exist? I had a good look and didnt see one, but please merge or whatever if I missed it!
Anyway this is a thread on another forum I go to and I quite like it 'cause ya get to know other forum members a little better happy.gif lol of course you dont have to do 20 facts if you don't want to, you can do 10 or 30 or yeah, lol whatever ya want XD well anyway I'll start first

1) I'm half british, half Morrocan
2) I'm 5ft2
3) I wuvs animals, specially cats!
4) I have an obbsessive hatred for central heating
5) I love to act and perform
6) My favourite colour is Scarlet
7) I love the Legend of Zelda series
8) I'm interested in horoscopes and am allways reading up on them
9) I share my birthday with Buddah (April 8th)
10) I'm very lazy, one of those people who generally does well in stuff without trying, and I allways leave work to the last minuit
11) I currently own 2 rabbits, still havn't got over the loss of my cat
12) I have 5 half-syblings
13) My hair and eyes are very dark brown
14) My favourite food is smoked salmon
15) I love the Rain, and like cold weather (I do dislike the dampness afterwards though for practical reasons)
16) I enjoy horseriding
17) One of my best friend has moved to New Zealand today! *cries*
18) I'm religious, but don't class myself belonging to any particular religion, I prefer to learn about them all, I've been brought up a muslim though
19) My dream job would be to pursue my childhood hobby of writing, but I'm studying science
20) My name, is the name of a rare flower, and means sweet in persian, it's also the name of a persian princess in a romeo and julliet type story, can you guess what it is? wink.gif
Jealous Rogo
Sure why not, sounds interesting enough.

1. I'm 5''9'
2. I weigh 10st 9/10lbs
3. This time last year I weighed 13st 2lbs
4. I have dark brown hair (exciting eh?)
5. Every girl I've known suddenly one day looks at me and exclaims 'wow, you have such beautiful blue eyes!' in spite of the fact some of them had known me for years beforehand.
6. I have a huge family. At last count I have at least 21 cousins, 8 aunts and uncles, 2 grandparents, 2 parents and 1 sister, as well as various other relatives.
7. I'm Westcountry born and bred, but I now live in Lincoln in the Midlands.
8. I'm Pavophobic. I have a crippling fear of Peacocks.
9. I am about to graduate from the University of Lincoln with a Degree in Animation.
10. I have back problems, if I tweak it the wrong way I'm laid up for two or three days afterwards. This last happened a week before deadline.
11. I had my legs crossed when I was in the womb and thus had problems with my leg muscles when I was a child. Nothing major I just ran slow and had a slight inturn in my step.
12. I wanted to be a cook when I was six
13. I never listened to music until I was about eighteen. I'll explain that, I basically didn't listen to music recreationally, I just didn't. Thus I had no real taste in music. Around when I arrived in university, I got exposed to alot of music I hadn't heard before and quickly developed my own taste in music and started listening to it recreationally. Weird I know.
14. I'm impressed by the weirdest things in animation. While others will gush about action scenes and beautiful camera work, I'll pick up on hand movements, shifts and little things no one cares about. This is mostly because of my animation training, my friends are the same.
15. I hate banks
16. I insist that my DVDs, Books, Games, etc are organised in a very specific way. Usually alphabetically, and it annoys me when they are not. They currently aren't and its driving me mad. I also have a compulsion to straighten things that are crooked on shelves.
17. However my room is generally speaking, a tip 90% of the time. I'm fairly relaxed about the state of things that aren't DVDs, Books, Games, etc or aren't on shelves.
18. I used to have a heavy westcountry accent, resulting in my speaking like a farmer/pirate. I still slip into it accidentally but mostly my accent has toned down alot.
19. I struggle to tell left from right and am generally directionally useless.
20. Whilst I really some anime, I actually can't be bothered with what seems like 80% of it. I can't stand shows about nothing and even shows about mechs I find boring most of the time.

Well that was exciting wasn't it? Was struggling to think of stuff by the end haha.
I'll give it a go:

1. My name is Heather
2. I'm Irish/German
3. I have blue eyes
4. My hair is naturally blond but I dye it black...
5. I love anything Japanese, people, art, music, culture etc.
6. I have two cats
7. I live in a one bedroom apartment.
8. Where I live, it get down to -30 in the winter.
9. I'm a merchandise supevisor at Walmart
10. My favorite colors are pink, black and teal
11. I have a teal iPod
12. I have two Oscars, both are about 9 inches long
13. I bought a Japanese fan that's hand painted in oil paint for 40 dollars... what a steal!
14. My shoe size is 12 women's ohmy.gif
15. I love to read yaoi happy.gif
16. I love walking down the street late at night when the snow is falling.
17. I'm married
18. I collect cobalt glassware
19. I'm 24 years old
20. I'm a huge fan of the Detroit Redwings wub.gif
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This should be fun >:D

1. I have honey brown hair and sea green eyes.
2. I am half Lebanese, half Iraqi.
3. Because my appearance doesn't match with people's stereotypes of a 'normal' arab, I get mistaken for a million other nationalities.
4. No one can ever seem to pronounce/spell my name correctly.
5. I am 15.
6. I am the youngest of 6 girls (and have a ridiculousy large family)
7. I have lived in London all my life. It's pretty.
8. People seem to think I will go into architechture or something arty/creative - I really want to go into science.
9. I hate it when people are late.
10. I have grudges against inanimate objects and shapes.
11. I like to stay up all night and sleep all day.
12. I will be starting school in 3 days and have never been so underprepared.
13. My dad wants me to write a book. I don't see that ever happening.
14. I strongly dislike ignorance.
15. I am a student librarian.
16. Michael Jackson died on my birthday.
17. I love bluetack.
18. I don't like going outside (London has too many people/crowds/pigeons)
19. I don't value music more than life. I only listen to it to pass the time.
20. I'm glad I've reached number 20 because I was really starting to struggle.

Edit - Oh yeah, and I'm pretty antisocial so the likelihood of me making friends on this site is 0-12%
Eh... why not?

1. I have light brown hair with natural blond highlights.
2. My eyes are brown in the middle, greenish-hazel, then out to the dark-ish blue I had as a baby.
3. I'm 5'7", tall on my mom's side of the family, short on my dad's.
4. I'm mostly German, but also Italian, Scottish, Dutch, Flemish, and a few other things.
5. I live near several bodies of water, the largest (and closest) being Puget Sound.
6. I am a freshman at the University of Washington this year.
7. I have 2 older brothers, but both my mom and my dad come from large families, so there's no shortage of people in my life.
8. I'm pretty concerned with being on-time, despite my family's long-standing propensity for tardiness.
9. I can't sleep through unnatural sounds. Earthquakes? Usually. Thunderstorms? Yep. Rain? I'd be sunk if I couldn't.
10. I'm very much a morning person.
11. Music is a very important part of my life, despite my inablility to play much of anything.
12. Writing and reading are two of my strongest passions.
13. On the whole, I'm more introverted, but I still love to get out and meet people, or even just people-watch.
14. I have a rather eclectic group of friends from high school.
15. I'm 19 and still love my stuffed animals.
16. I went to Catholic school K-12th grade. (Not the same one all 13 years, thankfully.)
17. I love salad, sushi, and nutella with a burning passion, but food in general is good. smile.gif
18. I live in comfy clothing. It must first be appropriate, then functional, then comfortable, THEN stylish.
19. I have a pretty nasty temper if I don't eat at regular intervals.
20. Babysitting has taught me some of my most important lessons and skills.
I'll join in.

1. I am an Atheist
2. My Mother's Family is 100% British
3. I am the Second Child of my Family to be born in America
4. My Father's family is composed of Italian Americans
5. My Hero, Idol, and all other things of the sort, is John Lennon
6. I am on a slow slow road to learning an Instrument
7. Said Instrument is the Bass Guitar
8. It may have already been implied with the Lennon worship, but I'm a Beatles Fan
9. I am a Very Very sarcastic person
10. I am Anti-Authority
11. A big fan of Sci-fi
12. Got into Anime due to a person I once hated
13. My Step-Father is a good opposite of me, but is still a man I like don't mind living with
14. I was born in New Jersey and moved to Texas Three years ago. Please save me.
15. My Mother and Father are divorced, and live in separate states.
16. I am a Gamer
17. I have a messy messy room
18. Oddly enough, the rest of the rooms (I own the upstairs) are rather clean.
19. I Am Pessimistic
20. I Would like to be someone who works in a Social field

There you are than. Enjoy.
Interesting thread.

1.I got reddish brown curly hair.
2.I got blue/green/gray eyes.
3.I love reading.
4.I want to be a writer/librarian/book store owner in the future.
5.I was born in Germany.
6.I lived in the United States until I was *counts on fingers* 11/12
7.I lived in Buffalo NY.
8.I'm currently living in Italy. Save me too.
9.I've got 2 little brothers (biologically anyway >>) and a little devil sister.
10.My favorite band is My Chemical Romance.
11.My favorite movies are Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Johnny Depp X3) and The Lost Boys.
12.I've been told many times that I must be a vampire.
13.I USED to like Twilight until it became a pop idol to everybody....
14.I still don't think Edward Cullen is all that hot movie or book version.
15.I'm a L/Near/Mello/Matt supporter~
16.I love Soul Eater if you couldn't guess from my current avvy/signature.
17.I'm an RP-fanatic.
18.I like Pokemon.
19.I LOVE Yu-Gi-Oh.
20.I think Mike Teevee from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is a big brat. DX
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Here ye goes:

1. I'm Chinese, though my dad was born in Vietnam and my Mom was born in Taiwan.
2. I'm a shorty, ~4'10" (149 cm for you metric people). Like Edward, what a coincidence.
3. Cats. Love them. I want one but my family insists on a dog. sad.gif
4. Cold-weather is love. Guess that is because I'm born in January. biggrin.gif
5. I'm 13 years 7 months 16 days 17 hours 50 minutes and 34 seconds at the time of writing.
6. Laziness! I'm lazy lazy lazy. Bleh.
7. I somehow maintain a 4.0 at school, even though I'm really lazy and do everything at the last minute. Srsly.
8. I'm a clean freak.
9. For some reason, my room's always a mess, which contradicts #8.
10. I like pie.
11. And Mudkips.
12. Previous two statements are a lie.
13. I hate it when people go slow-- walking slow in front of me, taking too long to get things, etcetc. It baffles me.
15. Been Photoshoppin since I was 8, coding since I was 9.
16. Bet you didn't notice I missed 14.
17. [you just checked if 14 was missing, right?]
14. I've read Twilight but I haven't read Harry Potter
18. Fanfiction is fun.
19. No, I hate Twilight. Now stop telling me about your pretty sparkly vampire. It gets annoying. Please please please, if you're going to obsess, don't go to me. Yeah, I DID read it. Uh huh. Kay. I don't care if you slap me since I didn't love it. Grr. Go away. Geez.
20. 90 pounds. [40.8 kg]
Let's do this!

1. My name is Adam.
2. I'm 23 years old; 24 in November
3. I live near Washington DC, but grew up in upstate NY
4. I'm a meteorologist (forecast the weather), but not on tv
5. I love nerdy stuff like anime and video games
6. And then more typical guy stuff like sports and metal
7. I graduated from Penn State 2+ years ago, and I miss those 4 years dearly (espeically once I turned 21 wink.gif)
8. My hair is currently far shorter than I like (looks like I'm joining the army) due to a grave mistake by the barber yesterday
9. I'm 5'10 and weigh ~140lbs
10. I moved into my own apartment a month ago (previously lived with a roommate for 2 years) and it's AMAZING.
11. I went to a few anime club meetings at PSU, but didn't stick with it because super-duper geeky anime people scare me (sorry if that offends anyone!)
12. I desperately want a slice of NY cheese pizza
13. I love thunderstorms and huge snowstorms
14. Back to - Mets, football - Giants, college football - Penn State, basketball - Knicks, hockey - Rangers, soccer - meh
15. Back to video games...just beat Batman: Arkham Asylum - well, 88% done with it (the challenge rooms are BRUTAL)
16. I watch a lot of tv and movies...a lot...way too much. What else is there to do on weekdays after work!?
17. Thank god for FMA:B, because I haven't found another super-fun anime to watch in at least a year
18. I think Fotia has an awesome sense of humor
19. I think tombow is a kickarse moderator
20. I'd love to live in either Europe or Japan for just a couple years..we'll see if that ever works out
Aha, I'll bite~

1) I should be reading for my theology class right now.
2) I'm currently obsessed with D.Gray-man.
3) I'm 20 years old, but I have the tolerance of someone about four times my age when it comes to excessive noise after 9:30 pm.
4) The West Wing makes me infinitely happy, as do real life medical shows.
5) 6/7 days out of the week are spent worrying about clinicals. The other day is spent going to clinicals.
6) I procrastinate like no other.
7) I could probably watch wedding programs all day and be perfectly content.
8) I am deathly afraid of spiders.
9) I am also scared of crabs because they remind of spiders. With shells. And claws.
10) I love Trader Joe's.
11) Oprah is one of my heroes.
12) I crave salty foods on a regular basis, which is bad because we don't need any more salt.
13) I am a horrible, horrible cook.
14) Although I make pretty bomb macaroni and cheese from the box.
15) I'm halfway through with nursing school and just learned how to start/manage IVs \o/
16) My three most visited sites on firefox are Yahoo, the Mangashare forums, and Facebook haha.
17) I can't handle weather over 68 degrees F DX
18) My favorite mangaka is Clamp
19) Today is my last day of work sad.gif I need to get another job.
20) I've been having a really hard time finding quinoa sad.gif
Looks like fun:

1) I'm British...
2) but I was born in America. Yay duel citizenship!! happy.gif
3) As bad as stereotypes are, I live up to the english stereotype pretty well - cream tea is my life.
4) I'm very much addicted to glitter glue, I swear it cures all ills. (not in a glue sniffing way, in a ooh shiny kinda way)
5) I was forced to return to the dreaded SCHOOL today sad.gif
6) Which sadly is all girls
7) I was born at midnight...ooh spooky!
8) I, like Aribelle, cannot cook to save my life - once, I cooked porridge on a trangea and by the time I was done with it, there were mysterious red, black, and green things floating in it. Yummeh.
9) Very obsessed with lockets.
10) Ooh ohh we're half way theeere, ooh oh! Living on a prayer...
11) The 'His Dark Materials' trilogy rocks ma socks.
12) As does Pirates of the Caribbean (I want Johnny Depp's hat so much!!)
13) But alas, I would make a awful pirate. I'm a coward, I would cry if I had to kill someone, and I hate rum. Very sad.
14) I'm a feminist (no, I don't hate men, burn bras, or want to abort babies like there is no tomorrow tongue.gif). I really fail quite badly at living up to feminist stereotypes.
15) Olives are tasty!
16) I'm a veggie.
17) As well as FMA, Inuyasha rocks my world (yep, I know it has more than a few issues, but I luffs it anyway).
18) Mika is my favorite singer and his hair excites me tongue.gif.
19) Is my lucky number
20) Blah.
Forsaken Love
'his dark materials' trilogy is epic awesome, I dislike the ending though XD
Yes Tombow thats fine, and on the subject of spamming, please don't do it Forsaken Love ^

Glad to see this thread is proving popular with many of you taking part. It's a simple way to learn about everyones tastes but also a deeper way for new members to introduce themselves. On one last note, the British are coming!
This seems like fun

1. My name is Hannah
2. It is a palindrome
3. I have one brother, he is older
4. I want to be an elementary school teacher
5. I am 5'10"
6. I weigh 120-125 lbs, not sure the exact number I don't weigh myself
7. I have blonde hair, but sometimes it looks red
8. I have blue-green eyes but depending on what i am wearing they can look blue, grey, or grey
9. I can juggle
10.I am 19, going to be 20 in February
11.My brother was the one to introduce me to FMA, now I am more obsessed with it than him
12. I like to bake cookies and brownies
13. My legs are 41 inches long
14. I love living at college
15. I am a member of my college's anime club, we do other things besides watch anime
16. I am in college and I still play four square, but hey it is an awesome game.
17. I suck at math
18. I can be a competitive person
19. I have a second degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do
20. I check this website everyday for FMA updates.
20 facts is a little much, but I'll give it a shot

1. My name is Kristen. (Though, no one calls me that here. XD)
2. I have brown hair.
3. I have brown eyes.
4. I am short.
5. I've been informed that I speak formally. Lots say I speak like an old woman.
6. My adult friend to peer friend ratio is probably 50%/50%. I have a lot of respect for my elders.
7. I usually dress in flowy and colorful clothes. Kinda like a hippy.
8. I'm pretty intelligent and political. I always have my 2 cents on something if you ask me.
9. I love travel.
10. I'm a good artist. Sketching is my specialty, though I'm not very good with anime.
11. I'm want to be an author when I get older, which means I'm gonna have to mooch off my future husband for the most part. XD (Gotta find a rich guy!)
12. I get good grades except in math.
13. I usually get to bed pretty early. (Around 9:00 or so.)
14. I live in the south. I have to deal with a lot of rednecks.
15. My parents are divorced.
16. I have one brother and one sister. Both older than me.
17. I'm just scrounging for facts about myself right now... I don't have much character, it seems...
18. I'm not very good with modern technology.
19. I'm in the marching band.
20. I play the tuba.

1: My whole name is Franchesca.
2: My nickname is Fran which is a rare name.
3: I live in the Philippines.
4: I loved anime ever since I was 5 years old.
5: My cousins influenced me to watch anime.
6: My first anime was Dragon Ball.
7: I was labeled as a tomboy by my relatives because when I was a kid I hang out more with my boy cousins.
8: I'm an atheist.
9: I study in an all girls school.
10: Single since birth.
11: I'm a first year student.
12: I was born on Dec. 1 1995.
13: I'm 1/4 American.
14: I'm 13 turning 14.
15: I want to be a surgeon.
16: I'm obsessive compulsive with my things. I want everything in order.
17: I'm a member of the math club and debate club of my school.
18: I love history!
19: I'm friendly and talkative.
20: I speak Japanese.

1.) I've been nicknamed DaiDai
2.) I'm a nice person, I hope XD
3.)I've only gotten into anime about a year ago
4.) FMA is my fave shounen manga
5.) Hana Kimi is my fave shoujo
7.) Hana Kimi was the first manga I read
7.) I play flute
8.) I'm learning violin
9.) I'm easily bored
10.) I go to a co-ed school
11.) I have heaps of friends (guys and girls)
12.) Apparently, I'm exremely curious and weird
12.) I love to make new friends but am pretty shy...
13.) I'm trying to think of a no 13
14.) I have MSN
15.) And I use it alot
16.) I have bebo
17.) I go on facbeook wayyy too much
18.) I speak only 2 languages =(
19.) I'm a Royai fan
20.) I like uh... Angels and Demons XD
Serb Alchemist
I need more then 20 smile.gif

1. My name is ALEKSANDAR SAŠA MIRKOVIĆ, 19 years old.
2. I have blue eyes, blue hair.
3. I am 205 cm. tall, and I weight 100 kg.
4. I have about 24 nicknames (some of them: Saša, Miki, Mirko, Komir, Shorty, Srbin, Lepi...) I have a lot of friends.
5. I understand, and I can speak 10 different languages: Serb, Montenegrin, Croatian, Slovenian, Macedonian, Greek, English, Russian, French and German.
6. My family is huuuuge.
7. I am a professional basketball player.
8. I'm pretty intelligent and political. I am national socialist, and I love my country more then anything.
9. I am a football (soccer) hooligan, I live for Partizan Belgrade, I am a member of Gravediggers firm.
10. I study Geoeconomy on Megatrend University here in Belgrade.
13. I am a member of Nacionalni Stroj.
14. I looove Ice Hockey, and I am a huge fan of Boston Bruins, and Milan Lučić.
15. I love to travel, I was in every European country, I was also in USA, China, Japan.
16. I am a biggest fan of Linkin Park, here in Serbia.
17. I have a girlfriend, we are together for 8 months now.
18. I am making album art for bends.
19. I am an Orthodox, and I am very religious.
20. I have many friends in Russia.
Serb Alchemist - I have edited your post. We DO NOT promote racial hate on this website, nor hate of any kind. I do not wish to see it again anywhere.
The Bearded One
1. I have brown hair.
2. I have green eyes.
3. Iím 6í2í (187.9 cm).
4. I have 4 cats.
5. Iím Taoist.
6. I meditate every day for 30 minutes.
7. I have 11 cousins, 5 uncles [1 deceased] and 5 aunts
8. I like old rock music.
9. I love Japanese film [Kurosawa, Mizoguchi, Miazaki etc.]
10. Iím missing the first digit on my ring finger on the left hand.
11. I spend about 3 hours on the computer every day.
12. Nihongo wo hanashimasu. [I speak Japanese]
13. My sister introduced me to Fullmetal Alchemist.
14. My hair is long for a guy [shoulder length]
15. I love winter and snow although I have to travel to see it.
16. I love it when it rains.
17. Iíve had my nose broken 4 times.
18. I hate it when people act stupid.
19. Iím politically independent [neither right nor left].
20. This is the fifth forum on which I have membership
1. My name is Maria Angela Intriago (M.A.I!!!)
2. I'm 15 years old.
3. I have a lot of nicknames (*twitch* Some which I hate) my favorites are Mai and Usa-chan
3. I'm struggling between choosing between wiccan or celt beliefs.
4. I'm into profesional dancing. (Ball room dancing!)
5. My favorite anime is FMA and my favorite (live action XD) movie is Moulin Rouge.
6. I love bunnies and sparkly things :3
7. I know it's a bad thing but....I'm reaally greedy. (I'm the kind of person that belives you can get happines trough small things...a small mansion, a small yatch and a small Ferrari ^-^)
8. I have four sisters.
9. I love reading, listening to music, dancing, watching anime, writing, playing the violin, hanging out with my friends.
10. Yes...I play the violin, a little guitar, some piano, flute and I sing (Either if it's good or bad I dont know XDXD)
11. I'm a fan of crime...the Mafia, the perfect robbery, criminal masterminds....I'm into the kind of stuff XDXD
12. I've just realised it's hard for me to finish things...for example...I know a little of japanese, italian, french and portuguese but I havent finished learning them completly XDXD
13. I love ALL kinds of music!!
14. I HATE cold...tomatos...bones...and any girl that gets close to my dream guys. (Either fictional or real)
15. I hate rules...I just follow the ones I approve ^-^U
16. I get bored easily so I need NEW THINGS!!
17. I have a mania with love and cupid and fashion.
18. I talk A LOT!
19. In a period of time I plan to work at least once as a bartender. (Soo many cool cockatails to make!!!)
20. My deepest secret is the fact I still dont know what I wanna do cause I have TOO many dreams and goals. My darkest fear is failure, failing to my family, to my dreams. And my biggest dream is being free.

Meitantei Conan
1] My name is Matthew

2] Im a guy

3]I'm diabetic

4]I don't really like it when people call me Matt, Matthew is the name i like to be called by.

5]I own a Japanese Ps2, and an American, both are white.

6]I have both my ears pierced.

7]I have one tattoo on my right leg, and Its about a game, Let see if you can guess :]

8]My all time favorite game is Kingdom Hearts

9]I'm 19

10]My all time favorite anime is DBZ, but My favorite anime to this modern time is Detective Conan

11]Music is life for me ^^

12]Eminem is my favorite rapper.

13]Im a white boy

14]I text too much.

15]My favorite actor is Adam Sandler

16]Favorite Sport: Basketball

17]Im Lame :]

18]to be honest, I don't care about what people think of me, so don't try to talk smack, you're making yourself look like an idiot.(yes thats a fact I dont care)


20]California is where I live that I do!
1. My name is Anne Catherine (Mhacy for short smile.gif )
2. Anime/Manga is a part of life
3. Edward Elric is my most favorite character.
4. I lived in the Philippines smile.gif
5. I'm a Roman Catholic.
6. Michael Jackson was the best singer for one can ever surpass him.
7. I hate comb, powder, lotion, accessories or anything that a normal girl loves to do, to make, to use...etc..I just can't relate..(But I'm combing my hair before going to school, after taking a bath and after I woke up. I'll look crazy if I don't do that tongue.gif)
8. I'm an anti-social type of person. I don't have a lots of friend but it doesn't matter because my worth as a person is not measured by how many friends I have^^
9. I love to draw but I'm not good at it.
10. I love using English though sometimes I missed or altered some words that made my grammar wrong, I hope I'll improve this time.
11. I love my Family so much, They're my most precious treasure!
12. I'm a certified member of trP. dHuD'z and United Students of Copernicus.
13. I hate looking in the mirror.
14. I love Royai Tandem^^
15. I'm short-tempered..
16. Unlike Ed, I love milk xP
17. My hair is long and black biggrin.gif
18. I dreamed of becoming a writer/mangaka someday.
19. My goal is to finish college and take the board exam.
20. I'm a proud FMA Fanatic^^
1. I am making a post,
2. I hold this thread in contempt,
3. I am certain no one is honestly interested in any facts posted in this thread,
4. This fact is filling space,
5. Even you don't care about most of the facts you posted,
6. I am learning stuff in a place that teaches stuff, none of this is interesting,
7. I live in a country you may or may not wish to visit,
8. I was born a number of years ago and if you are interested in how many you'd probably check my profile rather than this thread,
9. I am of an ethnicity you may or may not of have encountered,
10. I have a gender. It's a 50/50 guess as to what it may be,
11. I'm not taking this seriously,
12. I like things and one of those is anime. This obvious though because this is an anime forum,
13. I have the internet, this is also obvious as this is an internet forum,
14. I have a personality,
15. I have likes and dislikes,
16. I have 3 dimensions, hight, width and depth, none of which could possibly interest you unless you're making a coffin or a suit for me,
17. I have family,
18. I am fond of breathing,
19. This is the 19th fact,
20. I have numerous opinions, none of which are facts and this irrelevant to this thread.
^ Above post has been approved and agreed with.

On another note...shouldn't this thread be in 'Spam Central'? o.O
<Program Note>

QUOTE (Rosicrucian @ Oct 8 2009, 02:35 AM) *
On another note...shouldn't this thread belong in 'Spam Central'? o.O

This thread was moved FROM "Spam Central" to this forum to go along with other "additional personal info about our individual members" group of threads that are located in this forum. For example, we have threads for members to post their IM addresses, their heights, their personal pics, their gender, their language, their heritage, the country they currently reside in, their pets, what grades they are in at school, their school schedules, favorite childhood toys, etc., etc., (the list goes on and on because this forum is mostly filled with these "member info" threads. XD) and IMO I think this thread can go along with these "get to know more about our individual members (with the info supplied by member-selves)" type threads in this forum. smile.gif
And, BTW, anyone who 'loath' this thread, I respect that. At the same time, there are members who like posting and sharing info about him/herself, and this thread is meant for those people, and in that regard, IMO this thread is like any other "if you'd like, share you personal info" thread, and as such, in general, if you don't like to participate in the way the thread is meant for, then we ask you to kindly stay away and let members who do like to participate in the way the thread was meant for to enjoy posting, much the same way if you don't like people talking about their heights, I recommend you don't go to the thread where members are posting their heights, or if you happen to loath people sharing their fanfics or fanarts, then I recommend that you don't go to fanfics/fanart sub-forums part of our board, etc.. biggrin.gif


~ Thank you, and now if we may, let's get back to posting "20 Facts About Yourself." biggrin.gif
I just wanna see if I can actually come up with 20 facts about myself.... o_o Can't it be 10? Lol! Sometimes I wonder where my mind is...

Here I go!

1. My birthday is August 23!
2. I wanted to be an astronomer when I was in 4th grade.
3. Now I'm an animator. XD
4. My first anime was Sailor Moon (9 episodes before it was taken off air...), but my first anime obsession was Rurouni Kenshin.
5. I'm Armenian!
6. I talk nonstop with my close friends or when I'm online, but I'm terribly shy when I meet new people in person.
7. I was named after two English queens (Victoria and Anne) but I'm not British. D:
8. My mom wanted to name me either Angus or Malcolm (AC/DC members) if I had turned out to be a boy. o_O
9. Um... I love sushi and black sesame ice cream. And peanut butter. (No, not all together!)
10. I'm slightly anemic and have a weak immune system, so I get sick many times a year. (I'm sick right now, actually.)
11. I have two Deviantart accounts.. one for my regular artwork, the other for my plethora of fanart. biggrin.gif
12. I go to Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, but right now I'm on foreign exchange at Glasgow School of Art in Scotland!
13. I'm horrible at math. HORRIBLE.
14. I love to cook, but I don't know how to make many things. That will change eventually!
15. I also love photography... I'm a wannabe photographer, really. tongue.gif
16. I really really hate loud noises. They scare the crap out of me!
17. I'm a night owl. And I can't get up in the mornings... ever. sleep.gif
18. I really like writing, but lately I haven't been able to write a single thing. My inspiration for that has been dead for two years and counting.
19. My favorite band is Aerosmith. But... my favorite Japanese band is JAM Project!
20. My favorite movie is Finding Nemo! Love it so much!!

Hey, I did it!
1) I'm 19/Male
2) I share a birthday with Don Vito Corleone
3) Conversely, my birthday is on the anniversary of the Pearl Harbour bombings
4) The first Anime I ever watched was Sailor Moon on Fox Kids when I was like 6 years old
5) I'm prone to fantasising about having various supernatural powers (teleportation, fireballs... alchemy)
6) I'm British and proud!
7) I suck at online gaming
8) My favourite game of all time is Final Fantasy VII
9) The first Manga I read was Volume 4 of Dragonball
10) I play World of Warcrack
11) My favourite drink is a tie between a Black Russian and Southern Comfort and lemonade
12) My favourite soft drink is Diet Cherry Coke
13) My favourite recording artist is Eminem
14) I'm pretty handy in Photoshop
15) I love reading about the lore of different franchises (especially Warcraft)
16) My second favourite Anime is BLEACH
17) My first tattoo will be may family's names in Kanji with a Flamel (or some other FMA symbol) next to it
18) My favourite TV show is CSI Vegas
19) My least favourite TV show is CSI Miami (Horatio, Caliegh and the general overall cheesiness of the series being why)
20) I'm 5'8" tall, and therefore not a bean ^^

1. My name is Kaitlyn.
2. I'm 18 years old.
3. I'm about 5'3
4. I have a beautiful, 6 month old baby girl, by my boyfriend of almost 3 years.
5. I am very loyal and deeply devoted to my boyfriend, baby, friends, and family.
6. I love being in the sun.
7. I'm outgoing and not afraid to say what I think. I never let people walk all over me.
8. I have learned in life to never trust anyone fully, everyone will disappoint you sometime in life.
9. I'm an outdoors girl, I love going to the lake, beach, river, etc.
10. I graduated from high school back in June and am starting college in Jauary.
11. I'm going to school to become a physical therapist.
12. I was a cheerleader for 9 years.
13. I love working out and staying in shape. Running helps me burn off steam when I'm pissed.
14. I have dirty blonde hair, summer sun brings out more blonde hilights around that time of year.
15. My eyes are a mixture of blue and green, so they're pretty much teal/turquoise, whatever.
16. I live in central Florida, hoping to move up to Panama City, FL with my boyfriend and daughter soon. I'm about an hour away from Orlando.
17. I love music, it helps me express myself when words fail to.
18. Yellowcard is my absolute favorite band, followed closely by The Fray and Paramore.
19. I love cooking, I'll watch the food channel from time to time and write down a recipie and make it for my family.
20. Be yourself, you're beautiful.
EniviD EiraM
1. My name is Divine Marie
2. I'm from Philippines
3. I ♥ good-looking nerds ..
4. I ♥ popcorn !!
5. I ♥ my family so much
6. kinda clumsy and noisy and naughty
7. I ♥ Taylor Swift
8. I ♥ the Japanese name 'Kumiko-h'
9. music lover
10. hate skirts ...
11. lazy !
12. can't live without t.v and computer
13. loves hell girl
14. trying hard in drawing ! laugh.gif
15. cute in flats
16. rode 6 tummy-turning rides in an amusement park for one night
17. afraid of horror booths
18. daddy's girl
19. n.B.S.B
20. not good in accents laugh.gif

that's show bizz !
1. my school hates me. lol.
2. i have a suprisingly large group of friends
3. i can type without looking at the keyboard (lol just did it)
4. i have long dirty (almost light brown hair) but i plan on growing it for much longer and maybe dying it black and white
5. i play the guitar.
6. i'm in a band (we have facebook page biggrin.gif)
7. i'm english as in ye olde england
8. i LOVE metal
9. killswitch engage is my favourite band
10. i am part of a music, acting and comedy club. i take part in two of the activity sections
12. i write stuff (currently writing a book called the company of death. pt 1 the devil has curly hair)
13. i draw real goodly :3
16. i'm about 5'5
17. i'm 14 years old
18. i wanna do art as a gcse
19. i have a short temper
20. i hate people with a god complex
^Be prepared to have no free time if you do art as a GCSE.
1. My real name is Samantha.
2. I can be shy, but once you get to know me I'm not like that anymore.
3. I have a huge group of friends, most of them are asian. xD
4. I live for photography/art
5. I'm a nikon owner.
6. I also own a horse.
7. I've been riding horses for over 9 years.
8. My eyes turn grey sometimes.
9. I'm 5'2
10. I play piano/really love music.
12. I'm good at accents/imitating people.
13. I'm a book nerd.
14. I'm slightly obsessed with venetian carnival stuff
15. I love horror/macabre things too
16. I'm Polish.
17. I can be a very loud person (except in school)
18. I'm in love with Edward Elric.
19. I play video games.
20. I really dislike rude people.
: 5 feet
: Owns a 2600 classic phone
: Loves anime
: Hates spoilers
: Almost allergic to anything
: dog and cat hater
: picky eater
: got lotsa secrets
: plain filipino
: lives in a house
: going on 12
: likes to make friends cyber
: game addict
: loves facebook,friendster, twitter
and other networtking sites
: never punctual
: always asking questions
: poor in english
: hates liars
: uh , , pretty boring
: quite nonsense
+1 : loves books // bookworm
Broken Chouchou
Okay... Don't even know if I can come up with 20 facts, I'm pretty damn boring, really xD

1. My name is Erik.
2. I am 17 years old, turning 18 this spring.
3. I am pretty tall, about 6'1 feet.
4. I have dark blonde hair.
5. I like to draw, but I've almost always hated art classes.
6. I also really like writing - mainly in my own language of course. But I like to write in english too.
7. I like reading as well - when it comes to english books I prefer to read them in english, rather than the translated versions.
7. FMA is currently my favourite manga; it's the only manga I've followed for such a long time.
8. The first series of FMA (which I love) is also what introduced me to the world of anime (and manga), about 2 years ago.
9. I don't get how people can prefer dubs over excellent japanese voice acting! (unless in rare cases where the english dubs are better than the original jp cast)
9. I don't go to school as it is, but I'm going to start studying again in January.
10. I am veeery lazy. I find it really hard to get up in the mornings, and even though I want to start working out, I haven't really gotten myself to do it yet.
11. Fortunately, I have fast metabolism, so despite that I'm still skinny.
12. Did I mention how much I love sleeping? 'Cause I do.
13. I might give the impression of being very serious when discussing topics on forums, but I'm actually very immature (not in a good way, I think xP)
14. I listen to rock music, mostly heavy metal and alternative rock.
15. Iron Maiden was the band that got me into metal.
16. I looove home cooked food! My dad is awesome at cooking, it's like eating at a restaurant whenever I'm at his place. And even though it don't compare, junk food is really good too. Basically, I guess I just love eating.
17. I'm totally into the HBO series Tru Blood!
18. I have soo many favourite books and movies, but when someone asks what they are, I rarely seem to be able to come up with any...
19. I love watching movies at the theatres/cinema. It's the best way to experience them!
20. I'm thinking about piercing my eyebrow, but both my parents are against it. Which is silly, considering I'm 18 in a few months. (18 is the legal age of getting tats or piercings where I am, I think that's a rather international "rule" or law though)

Phew. I made it. Hope that didn't bore ya to death...
^I had my eyebrow pierced, two bars in one eyebrow actually, and they grew out within a few years and I'm left with a scar. It's not obvious and I don't mind, but thats why my parents were against it.
Broken Chouchou
You mean the piercings grew out, of themselves?

The reason my dad is against it is because he thinks you risk getting your face torn up if you get into a fight... like, why you would even think that way is beyond me xP Also, he thinks it looks indecent if you're going to a job interview or something like that. Which also really doesn't feel like a valid reason, since you can take it out at any time (after the first couple of weeks).
Hmm, interesting. I'll have a go at it.

1. IRL, I go by Kep. You can call me Kep. Or you can call me Sidekick. Or Both.
2. I'm 2nd gen. Filipino.
3. Born in New Jersey, my childhood was in Jersey. I have lots of Jersey Pride, and whenever someone bags on it, I take it as a compliment.
4. Moved to Houston, TX as a teenager. I'm still a teenager.
5. I am 16.
6. Gonna get my license in February.
7. I have two dogs- Bravo (aka Bobo) and Jimbo. I love Bobo more because I've known him longer and Jimbo (he's a puppy atm) has a tendency to steal and gnaw on my shoes.
8. I have two brothers: Daryl, 14 going 15 next week, and D.K., 6 turning 7 in Feb. I also have two happy parents.
9. I have an Xbox 360. Favorite games include Halo 3, any of the Rock Band games, Gears of War 2, and I've just been exposed to MW:2. I'm xFLAMETALx
10. I'm a theatre kid. NO, I don't act. I'm a technician. Right now I'm a set techie, but I'm hoping to go and work booth and hopefully end up as a 'super techie' before I graduate.
11. I love music. Screamo, rock, alternative... stuff like that. And thanks to FMA, I am also aware of JPop, JRock, and Visual Kei.
12. In school, I'm always wearing black skinnies. Unless some event in theatre forces me into jeans or khakis.
13. I'm a lazy person. I'll get hyped about something, start it, and will end up not finishing it.
14. I like to eat. Food is good. I will scrounge your leftovers. Watch me. And i won't get fat either...
15. My favorite sport, unlike most Texans, is baseball. I am a Red Sox fan and Jacoby Ellsbury is amazing.
16. FMA gets me distracted from what I need to do. No matterwhat. I must get my priorities straight...
17. I'm socialy awkward. I will give lots of "um"s, "yeah"s, and "uh"s when speaking.
18. I'm very prideful. While knowing constructive crit (and it's friends) are good for one's improvement, I tend to shy away from them.
19. I get depressed in the springtime. IDK why.
20. I listen to music in school. My hair covers my earphones.
^I've got Jersey pride too! biggrin.gif
Yay this seems like fun.

1. My name is Sanna
2. I'm girl
3. I'm 15-years old
4. I'm from Finland, city called Pori
5. I'm sorta tall, I've brown hair, brown-green eyes and um I'm not pretty in the slightest XD
6. I love cat's, we've four
7. I complain about everything, all the time. seriously. you can't have a conversation me without one complain - and I love to argue too, yeah, I'm not very fun people to talk with
8. I've do to something all the time, and I'm always moving, 'cause I can't stay still, and everytime I explain something my hands goes crazy XD And I speak too loudly
9. But at the same time I'm the laziest person you can find. And most boring
10. I suck at school, seriously, and I hate it too. For example you can see how bad my english is. And btw I hate school too z---z
11. I hate chocolate bars, and how many times I've bought them - they were never worth it!
12. I'm not very clean and tidy person, for example my room is a mess all the time. But sometimes, last time in the middle of the night, I go crazy like "MY ROOM MUST BE PERFECTLY TIDY". And then it will be.
13. I got excited about things easily but I get used them just as easily and be like "blah boring"
14. I've such a boring and worthless life XD Nothing to tell to this
15. yawn

okay this wasn't fun. blah. yeah that's not 20 but who caaaareees
QUOTE (hand-made-city @ Jan 10 2010, 07:02 PM) *
^I've got Jersey pride too! biggrin.gif

Awesome!!! happy.gif Where you from? The Perth Amboy/Woodbridge area is my hometown.
QUOTE (sidekick.kep37 @ Jan 12 2010, 01:00 AM) *
QUOTE (hand-made-city @ Jan 10 2010, 07:02 PM) *
^I've got Jersey pride too! biggrin.gif

Awesome!!! happy.gif Where you from? The Perth Amboy/Woodbridge area is my hometown.

I'm from Westwood... most people don't know where that is, so I just tell them it's near Paramus. ^^
1. My name is Justyna Barbara (pronounced as Yu-stee-na and yes, I'm formally using both names, like everyone in my family)
2. I was born and I live in Poland, near the capital city, Warsaw.
3. I'm a deist.
4. I hate Math, Chemistry and Physics.
5. But I love Polish, English and Japanese. I'm learning German too, but I don't really know anything except modal verbs xD.
6. I used to train gymnastic and swimming.
7. My whole room is covered with various fanarts.
8. I want to set up a publishing company.
9. I'm the laziest person I know.
10. I'm almost always late to school.
11. I own a ps3 and I'm totally Uncharted-obsessed.
12. I'm obsessed with FMA, too. But that's pretty obvious.
13. I can't cook. I simply can't.
14. I'm in the volleyball school team.
15. I'm 173cm tall (that makes me the highest girl in my class)
16. I don't like going outside, but paradoxically I often spend my whole week outside my house.
17. I hate it that manga / anime related products are so hard to get here in Poland.
18. I hate it that Asian music is so hard to get here, too.
19. I'm music addicted. I won't fall asleep until I listen to my favourite songs.
20. And I hate shopping. A waste of time. But I like visiting bookstores with English books and magazines.
1-I'm British...
2-...and Dutch...
3-...and I live in France.
4-I love cats
5-My parents are divorced
6-I'm 160 cm tall
7-My bedroom walls are covered in posters, news articles, photos, etc
8-I'm a bit of a geek
9-I love music
10-My fave bands/artist are: Blondie, Talking Heads, Daft Punk, Beck, Amon Tobin, Artie Shaw
11-I am NOT a fangirl
12-I think of writing crossover fanfiction but I never get down to it
13-I HATE yaoi but I have nothing against gays
14-I like wearing goggles on my head
15-15 is my lucky number
16-I'm crap at sports
17-I LOVE reading
18-I create all types of OCs but I've never written a fanfic
19-I love Fullmetal Alchemist (duh)
20-I think this list is too long
Alrighty then I'll give it a go

1) My names alexandra
2) I likes yaoi
3) I'm obsessed with edward elric, gaara, fai d flourite and Dark Mousy
4) I likes horror movies
5) I like soccer and basketball
6)I pretty much love every anime there is
7) I have a sister and i dont like her very much
8) I have 3 chickens and 1 rooster, the chickens are called pearl, hana, topaz and the roostrer is called rogan, we had a chiken called kiev but it got eated
9) i gets bored heaps easy and im kinda bored right now
10) I haves depression
11) I gets angry real easy, so dont piss me off
12) my shoe size is 9
13) My user name for everything is TeamEdwardElric
14) My least fave subject is geography
15) My fave subject is PE or electives
16) I have a friend called Angus, sometimes hes really annoying, his username is Kingofall
17) My sisters username is FMA_Fan_Girl
18)I am a fangirl
19) All my friends are really weird, but then again so am I
20)I likes to read ... alot!
LET US BEGIN THE ANSWERS TO THE 20 QUESTIONS.... What? There weren't 20 questions? TOO BAD!

1 - I be Emily
2 - I prefer to be called Myst because it isn't as common
3 - I likes writing, but I don't know what to write about! D:
4 - I haven't read the manga... I know... lame... BUT I WILL, YUSYUS!
5 - I've read about 9 books in the span of a week... last week.
6 - Me owns a dachshund named Baby Doll.
7 - I've been drawing the pictures of all the homunculi lately, XD
8 - No, I'm not a fangirl for all of them... In fact, I hate Lust.
9 - Me likes chickens. Someone called me a cannible for eating chickens and I got mad.
10 - I have tendencies to talk too much.
11 - I'm also shy, so... don't scare me, D:.
12 - I play the cello.
13 - I am 6' tall...
14 - Me lives in da USA.
15 - I talk like this on purpose... because that's how I think inside my head. Fo realz.
16 - I have OCD for adoptables sites. *squees*
17 - I'm good at playing basketball, but I hate actually playing.
18 - I be lazy, foo.
19 - I be blunt, too. So don't ask me something if you don't want a straight answer.
20 - Me likes me some Dark Knight(Batman), yusyus
1) I can wiggle my ears.
2) I'm mostly German.
3) I'm also Irish, British, Portuguese, and Russian. (I'm such a mutt. XD)
4) I live in America.
5) I'm afraid of being tickled.
6) I want to be abducted by a UFO someday. XD Lol, kidding. Sorta.
7) I love wearing ridiculous and colorful socks.
8) I hate the beach.
9) I think there's a ghost dog in my house.
10) I love puns.
11) I think VHS > DVD or Blu-ray.
12) My favorite Disney movie is Hercules.
13) I love animated movies.
14) I think Farfetch'd is an awesome Pokemon.
15) I love writing.
16) I'm extremely stubborn.
17) I'm cautious.
18) I wish I could live in the Land of Ooo.
19) I love older music. Especially Elton John.
20) Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down...
von Hohenheim
1) My favorite field in mathematics is number theory.
2) I learned how to skate through physics.
3) I read a book called Dr. Tatiana's Sex Advice for All Creation.
4) I have never played The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker in English. I have only played it in German.
5) I played some Rammstein songs at work. Because nobody there understands the disturbing lyrics in German, nobody raised an eyebrow about it.
6) My favorite Full Metal Alchemist character is Van Hohenheim.
7) I once received a hairline fracture on my skull.
8) I like sauerkraut. REAL sauerkraut.
9) I am translating Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth into German with a team of people from Germany.
10) I am a math nerd.
11) My favorite TV show is The Simpsons.
12) I usually prefer to have less than 6 hours of sleep.
13) I am insensitive. And not afraid of pointing that out.
14) I have no fear of loneliness.
15) My favorite character from Naruto is Jiraiya.
16) I find watching horror movies with my cousins is more amusing than scary.
17) I am not afraid of insects. If they end up in the wrong place, I squish them with the nearest object available. Including my bare hands/feet.
18) I graduated from the University of Toronto with a degree in applied math.
19) I like digital painting in realism.
20) I played Pokemon Smaragd Edition. If you haven't heard of it, it's because it's German for emerald. Yes, that's the only reason I bothered to play it--because a version in German existed.
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