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1. I prefer speed over strength as well as vanilla over chocolate.
2. I speak enough Japanese to survive Japan, yet I read no Hiragana/Katakana/Kanji! =D
3. I am obssessed with tea. Unless stated otherwise I will not share my tea.
4. I live in Florida yet hate the beach.
5. My dream-job would have to be working as a pychiatrist.
6. I'm not even five feet yet! In fact, I'm shorter than I Ed! 149 cm! Ha! xD
7. I don't get excited. I get hyper.
8. I play too many sports for my own good.
9. Despite fact 8, I'm on the computer way too much.
10. I'm obssessed with Tales of the Abyss.
11. I speak 3 languages.
12. I've been role-playing ever since the age of nine.
13. I have a wierd habit of "walking like a maid" due to a play I participated in. It's.. so.. wierd...
14. My average bed-time is one o clock in the morning.
15. I get paranoid really easily.
16. Online I'm some crazy person who loves to chat, out-side the internet I'm anti-social and its hard for me to carry on conversations that aren't awkward. My friends understand why and that's why they're there.
17. In my world, everything cute is automatically squishy.
18. I hate the taste of coffee.
19. I'm a strawberry addict.
20. I am an author of 30 novels. None of which are or ever will be finished. x3
A Pierrot's Aria
1. I was born in Yorkshire, however, all of my mum's side (including her) are Scottish and all of my dad's are Scottish and Irish.

2. Sometimes what I say and what I mean are two different things entirely. Unintentionally, though.

3. I can't stand it when people get their "their", "they're" and "there" mixed up, as well as their "your" and "you're".

4. I also dislike it when people can't grasp what a plural is. It's not 5 pound, it's 5 pounds. It's not 2 week, it's 2 weeks.

5. I can talk for the world when I'm face to face with someone, but on the phone I'm stumped.

6. I'm pretty damn clumsy!

7. I'm a very messy cook! Kitchens...beware!

8. I don't like confrontation.

9. I don't anger easily. And those rare occasions that I do get angry, it passes very quickly.

10. I have brown hair and dark green eyes.

11. I don't like hot drinks...not even hot chocolate. xD

12. My lowest grade in secondary school was in Maths.

13. My highest grades were in History and English Literature.

14. I like to read classical literature from around the globe.

15. My height is 5"7.

16. My favourite colour is green, my second favourite is orange.

17. I have a twin sister who is 2 minutes older than me.

18. I don't like the type of anime fans who wish they were Japanese, and add stuff like "desu" into their sentences.

19. I don't drink alcohol or smoke.

20. In college I took Geography, Graphic Illustration, Classical Civilisations and Medieval History. (Also, IT and General Studies by force! <.< )
QUOTE (Chiyo @ Dec 4 2009, 11:18 AM) *
^Be prepared to have no free time if you do art as a GCSE.

ha i think i'm ready now i'm taking it but yeah there's alot to do tongue.gif
(oh if this post isn't allowed just remove it please)
1. I have blue eyes.
2. My natural hair color is brown.
3. I'm half Polish, French, Irish, and English.
4. I'm nearsighted.
5. I work out.
6. I like scary movies.
7. I have a scar on my forehead from when a kid threw a rock at me when I was about 9 years old.
8. I love chocolate.
9. I'm horrible at math.
10. I hate being short.
11. I used to be able to play the flute.
12. Aside from English, I can speak German and Japanese.
13. I used to be able to speak a little Italian. I might take it up again.
15. I like RPG's.
16. My favorite stories are The Count of Monte Cristo and The Outsiders.
17. My favorite pop is Dr. Pepper.
18. My hair almost reaches my waist.
19. My ears were first pierced when I was 3, then re-pierced when I was 5.
20. Sailor Moon and Fullmetal Alchemist are my favorite anime.
Hmmm, let's see...

1) My name is Thylacina (not my REAL name, of course)
2) I'm 5'9
3) My favourite animals are horses, thylacines (hence my username), tigers and wolves
4) I LOVE karaoke
5) My birthday is the same as Naruto's
6) I have two older sisters
7) I live in a tropical region and I HATE hot and humid weather
8) I've never seen snow before
9) My favourite colours are purple and green
10) I'm 25 years old and single (and planning on staying that way!)
11) I live in a haunted house (and sometimes I see dead people. Seriously, I do)
12) I get spooked very easily
13) Horror movies give me nightmares (hence I don't watch them)
14) I'm allergic to cats
15) I rode my first horse when I was 3
16) It is IMPOSSIBLE to teach me maths
17) I once got my tongue stuck to an icecube
18) I'm the only daughter in my family who isn't married
19) I DO NOT get along with teachers at all
20) I'm not weird, I'm just different with a twist! laugh.gif
This is going to be more than 20 facts, 'cause 1) I love trivia.

2) I am half swedish, half finnish, but the finnish part is invisible and inaudible as my mom was adobted to Sweden when she was 3-4 years old.

3) I am very, very clumsy.

4) I am very shy and quiet, until I get really close friends with someone; then I talk a lot (and FAST) about almost everything. (It seems like I communicate with my brothers through pauses, body language and single words, though.) In a bigger group of friends or family, I mostly let the others do the talking.

5) It is tons easier to start "talking" to random strangers on the internet. As you can see here. *points at post* (I HAVE done it in real life though. I didn't want to spent the whole school year alone, so the first day, I picked a girl that looked alone and shy like me, and now we've been best friends for three years! She is so great!)

6) But I hate to talk on the phone. Expect long, akward pauses.

7) I ususally only have one best friend at a time, and a very small number of almost best friends. We're not a big group.

8) I hate being alone, especially in crowds. (Except when I'm home alone; that's just quiet and comforting...For a while.)

9) I can't watch horror movies. Even 'Scary Movie' scares the crap out of me. I'm very easily scared/surprised, I might add.

10) I used to have waist long hair, but I got it cut a year ago. Now I miss it and plan to let it grow out again.

11) I am a cry-baby. Even 'Extreme Makeover Home Edition' starts the waterworks.

12) I love to bake, and then treat people with it.

13) I don't like the winter, which is a bit strange 'casue I'm rather insensitive to cold. And I like the summer, but I can't handle very high temperatures. Hm. Spring beats it all, though.

14) I love going on fast vehicles. Boats are high on the list, but roller coasters are on the top.

15) My head and mood is connected to the weather and air pressure.

16) My grand-parents on my father's side had 13 kids (my father included). They had 36 children (me and my 4 siblings included), 33 grand-children (my only nephew included), and 4 grandgrand-children. We have regular family gatherings. (My olderst cousin is in his 60ies. I'm 18. 8[ )

17) I love my nephew so much I could risk my life for him.

18) I'm gonna start my second year in collage in a week. I'm studying biology.

19) I'm quite good at math, if I may say so myself, but really bad at explaining it and everything else.

20) I hate politics.

21) I don't drink alchohol, or coffee. I hate smoking/smokers/cigarettes with a burning passion and disgust. My father, who smoked, died in lungcancer when I was 10 and he 50.

22) I love to swim in lakes, but only if it has a nice clean sand bottom. Seaweed... *shudder*

23) I hate having a cold and not being able to breath with my nose.

24) I'm not allergic to anything, yey!

25) I have nice, long nails, becasue I never bite them.

26) My ears are sensitive and get easily plugged.

27) I like to sing even though I'm not good. You are warned if you ever ride in a car with me.

28) I have glasses.

29) I hate fights, even when I'm not included, and I try to make peace. (I'm Libra after all.)

30) To clarify, I don't believe in horoscopes, but I read a little book about Libras last month and it was so like me I got tears in my eyes and felt seriously spooked.

31) I love cats. Except all the hair that fall off.

32) My room has always been proper for a teenager. I make my bed every day. I never put up poster either.

33) I LOVE to read. Funny books, must be sci-fi/fantansy. I can read the same book over and over again, with a year in between because...

34) I have a horrible memory. Therefore I like to write notes on small scraps of paper about random stuff that I want to remember.

35) I hate bugs. Especially dead ones. But not as in "I'll kill them as soon as I see them!". I can't kill them; that's even more disgusting for me. Splat! *shudder* I just shoo them away. I litterarly can't hurt a fly. Especially not with my own hands. *feels nauseaus*

36) I don't think I have ever NOT drawn. Maybe not every day all the time, but I don't stop for longer than a week.

37) I am really bad at all kinds of TV/video/handheld games. I also tend to scream and howl when I play. Especially Mario Cart.

38) I am extremly patient/stubborn, and it takes some time for me to get angry. But when I do, I can hold a grudge for a long time, IF I remember why I'm angry. Which I rarely do. I often forgive and forget the next time we meet 'casue I hate being on the wrong side with a good friend.

39) I probably drink more than five liters water per day.

40) Sorry. I like to ramble.
1 I'm from France

2 I never managed to perform a cartwheel or a headstand or whatever since I'm a kid. I blamed myself for many years and recently I've learned it's just genetics >_<

3 I'm a scientist and chemist geek

4 I'm 25 and I never have a driving license

5 I love cats. I had two cats but now they are at my parent's

6 My favorite TV shows (excepted anime) are Daria, South park, Dead set

7 I was told I can easily stand horror movies

8 But I just can't stand watch a birth in a movie or something, or just hear about this

9 I wear glasses

10 I don't really like wine and Champagne, but I love beer

11 My favorite movies are Ghostbusters, Star wars first trilogy and Back to the future

12 I live in south of France and I can't stand hot weather

13 I'm no good at ski at all

14 I'd like to learn to draw but I'm no good at organization so I never find the time

15 My favorite books are Discworld and Dune

16 I'm an only child and it sucks

17 I love swimming

18 I love Eurodance (E-type, Ace of Base), Blur and Gorillaz, Moby and Radiohead

19 L love pasta and chocolate (but no pasta with chocolate)

20 And I haven't no inspiration anymore
Read a lot of posts, this looks fun!


1) My first name is Nikki
2) My absolute favorite color is lime green, although I also love strawberry pink and cream
3) I have a love for reptiles, and own a bearded dragon, a pacman-frog, (and soon to be corn snake)
4) I have a very mixed background. My dad is Scandinavian, while my mom is half Persian, half German, so my skin is very light, but my eyes and hair are dark
5) I have a pure blond younger sister, and nobody believes we are actually sisters (I look more Persian, she looks VERY German)
6) I am a strong believer in the Baha'i faith
7) I never judge people on thier beliefs of outer appearance. If I see someone being judged unfairly, go out of my way to help them.
8) I LOVE legend of Zelda video-games
9) My computer is a HP Pavilion entertainment PC
10) I can move my ears on cue
11) I am left handed
12) I love to draw, and am saving up for a bamboo fun tablet
13) I am currently teaching myself how to play piano
14) I play and practice my Bass Guitar religiously
15) I have a pool in my backyard
16) My home backs out into a forest with a creek, and so we own some of the land there
17) My first crush was way back in grade 4
18) I love Fullmetal Alchemist (>.<)
19) One of my life goals is to meet Vic Mignona in person and receive one of his famous hugs
20) I love the band "Maximum the Horomone" and would kill to see them live


Hmm. That was fun!
Lucky Lucy
1. My name is Lucia. It fits me.
2. My hair is red/black(black is natural), neck-length, and my eyes are dark brown. I used to want it to be long, but I realized that it was pretty deteriorated, so I just cut it.
3. I absolutely LOVE red lipstick.
4. My favorite color is blue and I also love the sea..and water.
5. I really want contact lenses.
6. My personality is fiery; I'm a Sagittarius. In spite of that, I'm quite shy.
7. I just love dogs and horses...but any animal is cute <3(I have a Norwegian Forest cat which is black and white) . I've been obsessed with biology for almost 10 years now. I know what I want to do in the future biggrin.gif[I want to be a Marine Biologist. biggrin.gif]
8. I know Japanese(still studying tough) and I find it easy and fascinating to learn any other language.
9. I'm kind of childish. I just love swings.
10. My parents are divorced and everybody who is close to me seems to have the same problem.
11. I'm a vegetarian, but I really want to be a vegan.
12. I like studying all religions and I think that each one of them has truth in it.
13. I used to be an A+ student. I guess high school killed my hardworking skills. I'm really ambitious tough. biggrin.gif
14. I consider myself lucky. It seems like I've overcome even death.
15. I like martial arts and the discipline they offer. I've practiced Taekwondo before, and now I just want to go to a certain Aikido dojo.
16. I love flowers and their symbolism.
17. I used to have a condition similar to asthma. It seems like it's gone now.
18. I'm used to pain. I can take it without showing I'm hurt. I'm not used to rely on everyone else. I prefer the close ones to rely on me.
19. I love music and I can play the piano(not very well tough...still learning).
20. I'm in love with Edward Elric. laugh.gif
1. My name is Julia
2. I'm fully German
3. ..I even have blonde hair and blue eyes xD
4. I'm 169cm tall (5'7)
5. I'm 17
6. I've never been in love or had a crush on somebody so far (except anime characters xD)
7. I'm very lazy >.<
8. I have a big brother and I love him very much wub.gif
9. I'm left handed
10. I LOVE hugs x3
11. ...and I love winter and snow
12. My family is very small
13. I'm horrible at math
14. I love and play Pokémon games since 1999
15. My first anime was Pokémon
16. my dream is to meet Vic Mignogna
17. I have no idea what I should do after school
18. It's not easy for me to show any emotions
19. I love animals ever since I can remember
20. I can't cook and I have no interest to learn it
Alrighty folks, here's twenty five facts about myself.

1. My Name Is Greg
2. I'm 18 years of age
3. I stand at about 5'5" (Some say 5'4", others say 5'5") and I have a short complex similar to Ed
4. I've been a fan of anime since my childhood...
5. Yet it wasn't until about a couple years ago that I made it public to my parents that I loved anime (which they accept and support as anything else I love)
6. Music is literally my life. Music has saved my life many times in the past, and helps keep my spirits up.
7. I come from a family of loud mouths and at times I can't keep my mouth shut, which I wish I was a tad bit quieter.
8. I have a colorful cast of friends. I got my two best friends (one's a furry, the other is a gay otaku), I got some with colorful imaginations, some who have the attention of the opposite gender all the time, etc. And I love them so much.
9. I've never been in a real relationship. And many a time I compare my luck with females to that of Havoc.
10. My top FMA pairings are as follows (No specific order): EdWin, RoyAi, LingFan, AlMei
11. I'm a helpless romantic. I think anything (especially in anime) that relates to pairings or couples is adorable.
12. (As my name states) I'm a drummer. I've been playing for about 6 years now.
13. I'm a part of three different music projects. A post-hardcore/experimental band called Circusseaux, an experimental/humor/crunkcore/electro-pop duo called Tristan's Cerulean Unicorn's Pool, and (now) an Electronic project called The State Alchemist. (Yes, I nerded out with my name. so what?)
14. My dad got me into hard rock at a young age
15. My parents divorced when I was real young.
16. I have a very strained relationship with my real mother. She decided a long time ago that she'd rather be an alcoholic than a mother and thanks to her, for the longest time I had a huge trust complex and couldn't trust women. But thankfully I'm finally getting over that.
17. My friend and I have this thing where we can instantly tell certain voice actors when we hear them. (I.E. Vic Mignogna, J. Michael Tatum, Chuck Huber, Todd Haberkorn, Greg Ayres just to name a few) yet some to this day always stump me.
18. I've always had a dream to play music. As childish as that may seem, I still am working to achieve that dream, and I will until the day I die.
19. I'm a diabetic. It runs in my family and I got it 6 years ago.
20. Not only do my dad and I share the same taste in music, but also a passion for video games as well.
21. I've gotten to meet some awesome musicians over my short span of life thus far, and I gladly get to say that I'm friends with one of my favorite bands of all time, which is amazing.
22. I have a scar over my left eye after I gashed it open at a concert. Funny part was that my friend's band was playing, and they got me up on stage to play bass and sing while my face was covered in blood. It was pretty epic but painful at the same time.
23. I think I have seen just about all of my musical influences live in concert at some point in time. (Only one left is Deadmau5, and I see him live in a couple weeks)
24. I live in Southern California...
25. And unlike most people from here, I hate the heat of summer and prefer winter. I love being able to wear my hoodies and flannels and warm clothes.
1.I am 1/8 Japanese and 7/8 American with a whole bunch of other things in my blood.
2.I have brown hair, green eyes.
3.I am skinny.(got the hour-glass figure going on)
4.I wear classes... dry.gif
5.I am 14 years old, going to be 15 in Feb.
6.I love reading.
7.I am 5'4"
8.I have been into anime/manga since I was little.
9.I weigh 116 pounds.
10.I live in the U.S.A.
11.I want to become a manga drawer
12.I love video games.
13.I listen to all types of music.
14.I have three older brothers and two younger sisters.
15.I want to meet Hiromu Arakawa(FMA/FMABH creator) and Akira Toriyama(DB/DBZ creator)one day.
16.I have a loud and obnoxious family, because of my older brothers and myself of course and I am not ashamed of that.
17.I love/hate school.
18.I don't like Praying Mantises
19.I have a cat named Lucky biggrin.gif .
20.I am afraid of bridges.
21.I want to go sky-diving/bungee jumping one day biggrin.gif
22.I want to see the world when I am older.
22.I would like to go to outerspace one day.

that's all I guess.
Lucy The Lightless
1. I am Julianna. But you can call me Lucy.
2. I'm 5'8"
3. 17
4. I like music.
5. Like, a lot
6. I write new music constantly.
7. I also play like 17 instruments
8. In general, I just constantly create.
9. Writing is a hobby. (I've done some FMA fanfiction. I'm Lucy The Lightless there too.)
10. My strongest european bloodline is german.
11. I'm learning Japanese and german.
12. I like My Little Pony: Friendship is magic. Shut up it's good.
13. I live in Alaska. Yes. Getting internet in my igloo was quite the excitement. My pet polar bear's name is Melvin.
14. I like switchfoot.
15. Drawing is also a thing I do.
16. Did I mention that I do a lot of music?
17. Like seriously. A LOT.
18. Other anime/manga that I like are Fruits Basket, Sand chronicles, Soul eater, Death Note, Tsubasa Chronicles.
19. Acting is also a thing.
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