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A Pierrot's Aria
Just thought I'd post some cam pics of set 3 for those who would like to see what it looks like. happy.gif

Box Set Cover:

Click to view attachment

Box cover 1:
Click to view attachment

Box Cover 2:
Click to view attachment

Inside Box 1:
Click to view attachment

Inside Box 2:
Click to view attachment

Post card thingies:
Click to view attachment
can't find the new one anywhere D:
A Pierrot's Aria
You might have to look online, failing all else? happy.gif I got my copy above from Amazon.
^ Thank you, A Pierrot's Aria! biggrin.gif
(Edited the first post with the info. ^^)
A Pierrot's Aria
I'm not sure if this is just something to do with or not, but I've received an email informing me that Part 4 will instead be released on April 5th instead of March 29th. Oh well, it's only seven days difference. laugh.gif
The trailer for Part 4 is now online:

(Warning, though. If you haven't seen episodes 40-52, this trailer contains MAJOR spoilers. )

And yes, the trailer confirms the April 5 date.
That was the best trailer ever! Wow, I'm so impressed. I'm usually not a fan of English voices (even in FMA), but this was far by amazing. When Pride came on...o___o epic. Part 4 is the most climatic arc in FMA, I'm so glad they did it justice with the trailer! The whole Hohenheim thing was wonderful. :'D


The only thing was that I couldn't quite hear what Hohenheim was saying in the begining (the music was too loud), I had to replay it to understand.
Thank you, hawkflame! happy.gif

Awesome trailer!! I get goose bumps.
And, I was correct about the cover. biggrin.gif
A Pierrot's Aria
I won't get into how I managed to view that trailer....hahaha...But..

Wow that trailer was intense! Young Hohenheim sounds brilliant! I've been really looking forward to Aaron Dismuke's take on him-- I can't wait to get this set!
Oh wow! I didn't know the trailer for part 4 was out yet. Sounds fantastic, I am so excited skdjfhasdf
Aaron's back now... and he's all grown up :'D That's going to take some getting used to. The music was a little loud in places, but this is going to be epiiccc.
That trailer seems kinda spoiler-y. But maybe that's just because I already know what happens.
Does anyone know anything about Brotherhood Parts 1 & 2 and 3 & 4 being sold together? I was browsing and came across this.

It's cheaper to buy the series this way, but I'm a bit leery about ordering either of them since I haven't seen them anywhere else. Especially Parts 3 & 4, since the description is only for Part 3. I'm afraid this might just be a mistake and it's only Part 3.

Can anyone help me out with this?
^ @EndersCatalyst - I double-checked Walmart site, and they seem to be quite legit to me. smile.gif The list price (price before mark-down) for set 1&2, and 3&4 are both quoted as $99.96, and that seems correct, since official list price of Englished dubbed DVD set 1, 2, 3, 4 are each with $49.98, so set 1&2, and set 2&3 should come out to $99.96, and they are selling that for Walmart-discounted price of $34.96, and that's a nice bargain! ohmy.gif

Walmart on-line site says these are not available in stores and that means we need to order on-line (taking pre-orders now) with credit card or whatever other payment method they accept, plus applicable tax and S&H, but even then this is a really good buy, IMO, for anyone (in the U.S.) who'd like to have official licensed DVDs of English dubbed episodes of FMA:Brotherhood with reasonable prices!
Please keep in mind that they would likely to be just DVDs, and quite possibly no fancy bonus items, such as postcards, etc., but still, the price is so tempting! ^^

Bottom line, I think they are legit; And, they're sold by Walmart, so if anything is wrong we can return it for refund according to their refund policy. smile.gif

...By the way, EndersCatalyst, I see this is your first post! Welcome to the forums! ^^
Whoa-ho nice deal indeed. Definently worth it.
Wal-mart about 2 months ago had box sets of soul eater for sale, normal price at bestbuy was 49.00, price at walmart was 10.99. I bouth parts 1 and 2 to soul eater.
I hope my wal-mart will carry it, seeing as they never have parts 1,2,3 at all ever. tongue.gif
A Pierrot's Aria
After all the rigmarole, I finally got my copy of part 4 today. (Even though I was supposed to get it on Monday! xD)

As usual, I'll post cam pics I have taken below, so anyone who is interested in what the set looks like/includes, can take a look. I'm sorry for the darkness of the room is pretty dark even with the light on, and using the flash just causes huge light flares because of the plastic/shiny material. laugh.gif

Box Cover:

Cover of DVD box 1:

Inside Box 1:

Cover of DVD Box 2:

Inside Box 2:

Collectable Post Cards:

How do you get those? do you have to buy a special pack? iv been buying the Dvds in a double pack with nothing like that.
A Pierrot's Aria
I'm not sure where you are in the world, but depending on that, yours might be different...Because I know that our region 2 version doesn't include/look like this. This isn't any sort of 'special pack' or anything, I just get the normal region 1 version imported from the US instead of getting the European, region 2 releases. happy.gif
squueeee, they used the japanese cover of dvd 13 for the second disc~
I'll definitely get it when I can!
Thanks so much EndersCatalyst, I bought those DVDs from Wal-Mart today, can't wait until they arrive!

[5 days later] They came and I watched them ALL, both parts, and now I'm falling asleep but I want more! Can't wait till July 26 for Part 5 to come out!
I actually ended up buying part 3 from Amazon because they had a sale, so it cost about the same as the Walmart pack. I just like Amazon more and I get free 2 day shipping.
Anyway, I must be behind on my news, I just saw that part 5 is coming out July 26. Do we know what the cover will look like yet?
A Pierrot's Aria
As far as I know, they haven't given any clue as to which cover they will be using for the main cover. But I'm willing to bet the following three images will be used within the set:

[Warning! End of series spoilers ahead--->]Pic 1
Pic 2
Pic 3

I'm thinking they may use the first image for either the main cover of the set, or the cover of the second DVD box within the set. (That have the final episodes on it).
Though I wouldn't like a delay beyond 3 months for the final part, it's just weird to me that they'd let the finale not premiere on Adult Swim first. A date of July 26 would only mean episode 55 on Adult Swim (given there's a new episode every week)...only 3 episodes of part 5 before it comes out on DVD.

I saw they used Pic 2 on for the cover, but I don't know how accurate that is. I would prefer they use that, though, as it's more "fresh" than Pic 3 (Mustang is already on a cover) and Pic 1 is too spoiler-ish.
A Pierrot's Aria
^Yeah, definitely; if I were to hazard a guess, I'd say they'd use pic 2 as the main cover of the set (as the website you mentioned suggests), then for the first DVD box, use pic 3 and for the second DVD box containing the last episodes, use pic 1 due to it's spoilerish content. smile.gif

On a separate note, it would also be nice if the collectable postcards within the set had the image that's used for the cover of the Final Best CD; [Warning! End of series spoilers ahead--->] The one with Ed and (Human) Al in Resembool looking out to the horizon.

ETA: Pic 2 definitely seems to be the cover! It's on now. smile.gif I preordered my copy --can't wait! biggrin.gif
Box five looks so awesome *dies of exposure to awesome* Wooot
A Pierrot's Aria
The trailer for part 5 of FMA: Brotherhood English dub is out. ohmy.gif

(Warning! Contains major and potential end of series spoilers!) Part 5 Trailer And this one should be the HD region 1 version of the trailer that I can't watch. laugh.gif

Now I really can't wait to get this set! biggrin.gif
Wow... I'm so excited for July 26! I've got my copy pre-ordered! Viewing party at my place! wink.gif

I've already watched subbed versions of part 5, but the thing I love best about the English dubs is the writing is so amazing. With a subtitle there's only so much subtlety of meaning they can convey. The writers at Funimation do an amazing job translating not just the words, but the characters into the dialogue. And then of course the voice cast delivers.

I can't wait to watch it!
Thank you, A Pierrot's Aria! That trailer looks so good!

Part 5 is packed with actions, and it should be really good! And, I like the cover! biggrin.gif
Brotherhood Part 5's release date has been pushed back. It now comes out on August 2nd. It's bad enough that the last manga volume doesn't come out until December, but now we have to wait longer for the anime too sad.gif
A Pierrot's Aria
Oh yes, I noticed that, too, when I looked at Funimation's release schedule... wacko.gif

Although, Amazon hasn't changed the date on my order yet. But I expect them to do so soon. laugh.gif Not to worry, though, only an extra week to wait; not to mention that in some cases it can be dispatched (when ordered online, at least) a day or so earlier. ohmy.gif August does seen pretty far away, but it really isn't too bad. xP They did pretty much the same thing with set four...

|/ I'd love to order from rightstuf, but since I'm not from the US, when I order for the first time I have to scan in my debit card and send on the scans to them to verify. I've never felt comfortable with that, so I'm stuck with Amazon. laugh.gif
I've ordered every set from Rightstuf and have gotten all four that are out 14-17 days before the official release date. I've been a very happy camper with them. XD
I already got my delay notice from Amazon and rescheduled my FMA party accordingly. smile.gif
A Pierrot's Aria
My copy of part 5 arrived in the post today and as I usually do, I took some photos for anyone who may be curious as to what it contains/looks like. happy.gif

Slip Cover

Case 1

Inside Case 1

Warning! Case 2 contains end of series spoilers!! Click here to see it!

Inside Case 2

Collectible Postcards

I'm really happy with the choice of images used for this set! biggrin.gif

I'll update the first post of this thread with higher quality scans soon. happy.gif
Thats looks awesome, I wish the sets I bought came with that stuff sad.gif
Thank you, A Pierrot's Aria! biggrin.gif
They look awesome! And, I love those postcards!

I'm portuguese (european), so I can't see the Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood OVA Collection trailer (, because they say that only the americans can see. So, someone could upload that on youtube to me and to the european fans of FMA that trailer, plz?
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