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Full Version: What Would You Classify Yourself As?
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To my fam i am a Tomboy, but i just dress like one, but i think i'm weird, but i really don't know....
My father always told me that the coolest kid in school would be the one who is wearing a white t-shirt and jeans. Me, on the other hand, take the hitchhiker look (I'm serious). I always have my roughed up backpack with me, my Mp3 player is blairing, and I walk everywhere. You would be suprised how many people have pulled over to offer me a lift, I think I've counted 8, but I'm not sure...

Oh, and whats a baller?
QUOTE(What @ no bacon?,Jul 6 2005, 09:08 PM)
Right now, I'm a tortured artist. tongue.gif

tortured artist = out of work porn star laugh.gif
I am mostly emotionless. I rarely get angry and I get serious when I am mad. cool.gif
Le Monkey
Really now..
i'm VERY emotional and I'm never scared to pick a fight well i wont go looking for one but if someone ever touches me they'll have to pull me off cuz' i wont stop till i'm stopped
I don't classify myself, I just go with the flow. If someone doesn't like me, screw them. If they have a problem with me, then fine; go get your brass knuckles kid, cuz you're gonna need em'. tongue.gif
Excel Aishi
I don't classify myself. Other people stick their stereotypes on me, some good, some bad, but i am me and there's no more to it than that.

I'm hyperactive, a loner, angry all the time, the only one remotely like me in my entire school (hell, my entire town), the outcast American, a 'goth' , a 'punk' a 'geek', and sometimes it seems like i'm entirely alone. i am not afraid to stand up for what i believe in no matter what, always trying to stand out above the rest of the crowd, not afraid to express myself, and lately people are thinking i have "gone goth." I haven't 'gone' anything... sorry, im getting angry about this LMAO. I have gotten into a lot of fights because of the way i am, but i am a bit proud of that. And i am a VAMPIRE!!!!!! *swoops down on unsuspecting mortals*
i classify myself as a person that thinks a lot, a person that will protect my friends, a quiet person and a good/bad person....
QUOTE(Celestial Fangirl @ Jul 7 2005, 06:43 PM)
I didn't even know there WAS such a rank huh.gif

[quote=Destati,Jul 7 2005, 07:36 PM]
I don't classify myself, I just go with the flow. If someone doesn't like me, screw them. If they have a problem with me, then fine; go get your brass knuckles kid, cuz you're gonna need em'. tongue.gif

thats how it is too for me... so i'm alot of stuff a dork and a short fused blondie lol
Le Monkey
I think your getting confused fullmetalalchemistchick..
You added a quote from another thread..
oops sorry i pressed quote but i pressed fast reply so it screwed it up later sorry you guys
Le Monkey
Quite alright Caity..
We all do it sometimes..
I'm a rebel. If it's popular I don't wear it and I'm just rebeleous.FIGHT THE POWER!!!!XD
my parents say i'm rebelous i wonder if its the same hahaha lol js
I'm my own thing. lol I really can't place my self in any one class. I'm a little bit of everything, I suppose. I'm often mistaken for a goth however, because I wear black often. laugh.gif
i ones mistakened this guy to be a goth and he yelled at was funny cuz' i just blurted it out in front of everyone and alot of people were laughing lol and i guess thats why he was so pissed but thats alot of what i do too i'm not afraid to speak my mind one time i blurted to this guy in my class in the hall are you gay and he was furious and walked away so i'm still curious i'll have to yell a little louder next time hahaha i'm such a little shit
I pissed of my english teacher because she said that if we didn't want to be there to just leave and that she didn't care wether we were here or not. So I hate that class and I really didn't wanna be there I got up grabed my binder and said "where to?"and I had this little smirk on my face which made her really angry and she said "What!" And I said "you said I could leave if I didn't want to be here and I really don't wanna be here."So she sent to the principles office and my friends Phill, Frank, Tito, Ashlly, and Briann and like 5 more people got up and left. And I called my paremts and they got us out of trouble. So I kinda started a rebelion.It was really cool. laugh.gif
well its by what people call me as. some people call me scary some dont. some people call me strong. some doesnt, aome people call me stupid, some dont, some people even call me a bad person, most of them do. *head looks down*
Le Monkey
Why do you have a Poke'mon on your signature?
you're a rebellious one aren't you JudasPriest *grin*
I'd have to be border line with this one guys. I'm basicaly An Athiest now but I do have tendency to be rebleious to very very phciz(spelling)makes my a charater so I dont know.
The Man Who Laughed
Rivithead-its part of the Industrial culture,similar to goth yet not.I don't wear any make up or nail polish but I do dye my hair alot.
I would have to say punk skater p.s. punks rooks not dead wait it is the joey died
hi everyone!!!!!!am a newbie in to the topic...well

am a mysterious one (since that is the major comment everyone is throwing to me) a weirdo...(reaally?) bwahahahahahaha
Berserker Alchemist
Im the kind that adapts right a punker/skater/geek/loner...
According to Magnus's "Are You Subcultured?" I'm like a Metal/Geek hybrid thing
Berserker Alchemist
Who meh? o.o?
I was talking about me..
Mr. Mix-of-Everything XP
Berserker Alchemist
XD Well now i feel dumb.
I'm having fun responding on these forums!!!! biggrin.gif Anyway, I'm more of an individual though everyone from school thinks I'm the scary/depressed punk-goth girl... Oh well......
Ah well, what ya gonna do?

Berserker, it's ok to feel dumb because I've done the same thing before lol
Nya I don't like classifying myself but if I would probably tomboy/punk-ish sorta
Kakashi's#1 girlfriend
I'm classified as a very tomboyish person[that's what every body says]
and good at drawing. dry.gif
I consider my self very competitive. smile.gif
i wear basic clothers, and im not any of those. i have friends that are preeps/goths/punks/nerds/skater.

i classify myself in my own catergory and that catergory is "yawn"
People classify me as "weird."

I get that a lot, and a lot of people also call me the otaku or animejunkie, thus, my name. tongue.gif
Nerd. Very, very, very geeky nerd at that. Normally I'm increadibly quiet and shy, but bring up one geeky subject and you won't be able to shut me up.
Carnal Malefactor
There are all kinds of nerds. Anyone with any serious vested interest in anything outside their own sphere of existence is a nerd. I'm a nerd over all sorts of things!
I am just me.Normal/weird at times and can get hyper after dirking tons of soda tongue.gif
i dont really know what to classify myself as......just me biggrin.gif
let's lots of video games, on computer a lot, like roleplaying, love The thing is I'm friends with a lot of people, lots of nerds, lots that aren't, so it doesn't really matter how you are classified...
I'm A Freakn SK8ER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!/Death Rocker
I'm Sup'a Freakin :3 *cough* Everyone knows I am a freak =D Also, I guess from Bacon's previous definition of nerd, I guess I am one of those as well :3
Carnal Malefactor
QUOTE(DarkBlade_Alchemist @ Sep 13 2005, 06:25 PM)
I'm A Freakn stupid kid

Celestial Shadow
I've still never gotten what this topic is asking. I keep thinking they mean how do you dress, but how I dress isn't exactly what I am...I just know I'm a psycho with mental problems ._.
Mrs. Edward Elric could say I'm a mix. I'm sometimes a prep, girly-girl, wierd, and closer the the "cool" group. I can also dress punkish when I'm in a bad mood.
I have a new classification. Now I'm the weird otaku/outcast-ish/geek person. I sit at the "Outcast" table at lunch. biggrin.gif
im me and thats that if someone said i was normal id kill myself. im weird as weird can be and im not afraid to say so.
QUOTE(Celestial Fangirl @ Sep 13 2005, 05:01 PM)
I've still never gotten what this topic is asking. I keep thinking they mean how do you dress, but how I dress isn't exactly what I am...I just know I'm a psycho with mental problems ._.

It is about how you think of yourself.If you think you are a prep or a nerd.Not by the way you dress.(but how you dress could be apart of who u r)Like if you sk8board alot you are a skater and stuff like that.

I am me!!!!!Me and my friends r al weird.But we r not nerds.We are in the high middle of the "food chain" laugh.gif
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