The true story of Roy Mustang is dead sexy in a miniskirt!

It was a quiet a normal day, in Central. As both Edward and Al were called to Fuhrer Mustangs office just after a mission in Xing. Roy stood up, yelling "WHY THE HELL DID YOU GO AND DESTROY A BUILDING!!?" Ed jumped a bit. He knew he had this coming. Ed than said, "Its all Envy's fault for calling me Short!" Ed said crossing his arms. Roy stared at Ed yelling "So you go and Destroy a building?! With people still in there???" Ed shrugged. A vein in Roys head nearly popped, as he pointed to the door saying "Get out." Ed and Al looked at each other thinking 'Thats it? I thought he......' Before they could finish that thought. Roy yelled "GET OUT!!" Both Ed and Al ran out the door. Once outside the door. Al asked "Brother why must both of you fight Each time we are back in Central." Ed glared at him, saying "He's the one who started it." Al let out a deep sigh. as he said, "Brother try to say one nice thing about him." Ed looked at his younger brother in confusion thinking 'Where the heck did this come from?' as he pondered, Ed paced around for a moment than with a big grin on his face he said jokingly and slowyly " sexy!" Als jaw dropped. His older brother scared him sometimes, as Ed finished "IN A MINISKIRT!!" So loud that everyone in the building could here him. The door behind him opened to see Fuher Mustang fuming in anger as Ed finished the line saying "NOT!!" as he noticing Mustang right behind him. Roy mustang than put his hand on Edwards shoulder saying "Full metal alchemist!" Ed immediatly stopped laughing. as he tried to run away. Roy mustang has a strong grip on his shoulder saying "So what were you saying about me being dead sexy in a mini skirt?!" Ed shook his head frantically saying "Nothing at all." as he continued trying to run. Noticing That Al was gone, not wanting to be in the way of the Fuhrer wrath. The last thing Al heard as he left the building was Ed screaming "AL!!!!!!!" Later that night, Ed arrived back at Resembool, to get beaten by a wrench by Winry after she saw Ed covered by burns, blood, cuts and lots of bruises. and his automail nearly destroyed.


Soon to be a manga. Drawn by me. Currently in progress

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