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Full Version: My Fma Drawings: Edward Elric Punkountry
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Hey everyone! This my first (official) post. The other one was ruined xD Anyway, here's an artwork of FMA, Edward Elric punk-country style. Hope you all like it! biggrin.gif
And for the rest of my artwork, you can see them here at deviant art: Artworks

edo little kid
Hello K0NN7
Welcomeee here ^^
Wooooow your draw is really niceee
I liked it happy.gif
you did good job !!!
thanks! laugh.gif
@K0NN7 - Welcome to our board! ^^ I saw your other thread, but I wasn't sure whether you meant that thread to be the thread for posting all your Ed drawing collections, or a thread for everyone to post his/her Ed drawings, as this point was not clearly indicated on your first post and hence the thread could be taken either way, and I was waiting to see your reply post to Full-Fledged Alchemist's post on that thread to find out which way. smile.gif

Anyway, I edited your thread title for this thread and added "MY" to the thread title ... if you notice, usually, the "personal collection" thread for this forum has the artist's name or a word "My" in the thread title, indicating that the thread is a "personal album" thread, and distinguishing it from "multi-artists" threads. ^^
So yeah, now this one is designated as your own art collection album thread. I like your Ed drawing, and hope to see many more of these posted here. biggrin.gif


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QUOTE (Full-Fledged Alchemist @ Aug 15 2009, 03:13 PM) *
I drew this a little while ago, I still have to color it though...enjoy!

No stealing art! ;D

@Full-Fledged Alchemist - As you can see, K0NN7 meant this thread to be a "personal art collection" thread, and hence I moved your post with your drawing to Beauty of your own artworks thread which is an "open posting, multi-artists" thread.

Usually, unless specifically invited to do so by the OP on his/her post, I think it is better to AVOID posting your own artworks on OTHER ARTISTS' "personal collection" threads
Instead, I recommend opening your own thread if you are planing to post many more of your own arts, or if you have only a few to post, then posting your artworks on a thread that is clearly indicated to be the "open posting, multi-artists" thread. smile.gif
sorry about that xD I'll be sure to keep that in mind! thanks smile.gif
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