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Full Version: The Link For Ads Broken
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Been getting a lot of IPS driver errors from this server/database lately, needless to say it's a bit worrying. I have no idea who runs the site and sorts these issues out - just wanted to know what was up with it? Will it ever be fixed? I'm concerned one day the site will go down and not come back up D8

Also, one of the ad servers ( is dead and just goes to a domain squatter page. I get that one more often than not, so there's got to be some ad revenue loss there.
@Zii - Ah, yes, the board has been down a few times in the last few days. This is just my guess but it often means that the Admins might be taking the board off their servers in order to add some new codes or some additional anti-spampot measures, or otherwise doing some tweakings for the board, and my guess is that this was probably the case this time also. And, as for the broking link for one of the ads in the forum, we had a post from one of our members that she got a trojan report from an anti-spyware program on her computer for one of the ads on our board just a few days ago, and I'm guessing the admins might have taken that one off while they check it out, and hence the ads with the broken link you're getting might be that one. That's my guess, and if you would like to know more specifically, you can send messages and ask our admins. smile.gif
You misunderstand - I don't get a page missing error or a 404, it's not a broken link. It's an ad server that has gone out of business and a squatter bought the domain name. ->
I've been seeing this since before the 15th of August (when that other topic was opened). And I imagine if an ad server is removed from the list that sorts out what gets displayed, it simply wouldn't show up - I'd get a different, working ad server instead.

The admins don't read the forums? :C
@Zii - Ohh, I see. Sorry for misunderstanding about "ad link" part of your post ^^ (It was probably quite obvious if I were seeing the ads, but my ad-blocker completely blocks them, and hence I don't see them on my computer screen, so yeah, I read your post wrong. tongue.gif )
And, Admins may not post in forums (not often, anyway ^^) but they do read posts in Site Support (and other) forums, so yeah I think they'll see your posts, if not already. smile.gif

ETA: Edited the thread title to reflect the thread content . ^^
I have it checked for yes in my profile but i dont get the pm pop up window when i have a message. Is that a problem on my end?
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