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Full Version: Fullmetal Alchemist Re-animated (with New Drawings and real animations)
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Fullmetal Hippo
Here's a little animation made by a couple of fangirls: my brother and I.

Episode 1

And here's the theme song that goes with it.

Do you guys have any suggestions for Episode 2?

EDIT: Scratch that, episode 2 is already at the drawing stage. Any suggestions for episode 3 then?

<We know this is AMV, but since it's consisting of the new & original FMA drawings by the OP and the OP's brother, keeping the thread in Fanart section rather than Fanworks section where we usually keep AMV threads that are just manipulations of existing images. ^^ ~ Board Staff>

"you can turn lead into gold but you cant't understand how a gigant suit of armor can sink in the sand?!"

"du-du-tu-du-li-tu-du-du-li-tu-tu" *trying to not wake my mother by laghing to hard* clown.gif

"Al, how many grams of phosfor are there in people?" His voice in that sentence >.< LOL!

"So you don't belive in Jesus Chr--I mean..." *epic win*

"No, I only belive in science...And a magical gate full of evin ominous (?) shadow children!" *This is so good*

I know I just, like, qouted the entire epiosode, with no constuctive critisism, but it was just THAT funny!

Tell me if you want help with any art-stuff. I don't start school until the 18th jan, so I can draw something, if you gave me credit. It would be an honour.

I listened to the song too, and commented. Again, it was awesome! At the end where it got all high-pitched! dance2.gif

Just lovely. More!
Fullmetal Hippo
Whoops, sorry for the late reply!

Thanks! Glad you liked it! Unfortunately the art pages have to be measured out in a strange way, so it might be rather hard to have others send in art, but any joke suggestions are quite welcome as we have run out of terrible Star Wars jokes.

Oh, by the way, here's episode 2
We're gonna try to get episode 3 out a little sooner seeing as I'll be in my 60's when we finish if it takes us a year per episode.

Also, to the moderators (Tombow, I think it was?) - thanks for moving this topic!

ETA: Aug. 21, 2010
Not sure what the double posting rules are here, but I guess this counts as an update...

Episode 3 is up
Don't forget to watch in high quality.

Edit: Oh, shoot, we have a different rule on some other forums I go to, so I just assumed it was similar. I better read the rules... Sorry about that. If you want to merge this post with my last one, that's fine.

<@Fullmetal Hippo - No problem! ^^ Merged thread. :) ~ Board Staff) >
von Hohenheim
^ About the double posting:

From Fanart Forum Rules And Guidelines:
QUOTE (xrninja @ Jun 5 2005, 05:42 PM) *
- Please do not double/triple/multiple-post when updating your thread with new fanart. Please just edit your previous post. Understandably, no one wants to update their thread with new art if it's buried on page 5 and leave it buried, but currently we only allow double-posting for authors with new chapters in the Fanfiction section. A way to avoid breaking this rule and bump up your thread is to comment on someone else's fanart, and then ask in your post if they'd like to check out your own thread and comment. It's a little tedious, but we've had problems in the past with people trying to keep their thread bumped up and having multiple updates a day, one after another, of just a single picture each time. There are also people out there overly concerned with raising their post count and doing the same. So, until we come up with something more efficient, this rule is in effect.

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That's what it says.

<Thank you, von Hohenheim! ^^ Added the link also. ^^ ~ Board Staff>
Fullmetal Hippo
Soo... I suppose this post is legal then, right?

Episode 4 is done, with real animation now!

Nice to see you again, Fullmetal Hippo!!

And, you brought us a new episode!! Nice!

I like your style, and enjoy watching your vid very much! Please keep going!! biggrin.gif
@Fullmetal Hippo: Haha, awesome camoes in ep 2! I saw Patrick and Flap Jack! And the Death Note thing was hilarious!! XD I was trying not to grin because I had a facial mask (smelled chocolate, mmm) on and I didn't want to crack it, but oh how I failed!
And ep 3! XD "Yes Sir! Should I wear clothes, Sir?" "It wasn't the math or the science, it was us" "No it was you, I don't think you understand how fractions work" XD
And the graphics are getting better!
Woo, and the animation was cool! What program do you use?
Kepp it up, its hilarious!
Sweet, i found these a while ago, i didnt know the people who made it was on the forum biggrin.gif

The doll they make for Winry is awesome "this happens more often than not"
Fullmetal Hippo
Thanks, all, for the encouraging words! It's great to know we've got some fans.

Regarding Episode 5: Recording is done, hopefully it will be out by February. School is the worst thing in the world.

@MsLinn: I use Adobe Flash CS5 now to animate it. It's a great program, and I would recommend getting it, but it's kind of ridiculously expensive. (Fortunately, we were able to get a discount on it) If you've ever gotten an Adobe Creative Suite package, though, Flash is always included!
I like episode 4 but it was different to see it fully animated, love what you did with the majhal thing biggrin.gif
And alexander lol

"Daddy said mummy left because of her daughters horrible voice" So true So true
OMG. These are hilarious. XD I was literally cracking up at everything. Keep 'em coming! I can't wait to see more episodes! biggrin.gif
Fullmetal Hippo
I'm back, with episode 5!

Thanks again for all of the comments!
Aha, finally I got around to watching episode 5! tongue.gif
LOL on finding Marcoh. laugh.gif
BTW, Fullmetal Hippo, I think your animation is getting better and better each episode!
Please keep up! biggrin.gif
(Oh, and please keep containing it PG13 so that we can keep showing it here. ^^)
Haha, I always love these reanimated episodes you're doing. biggrin.gif They just keep getting better and better.
I just watched reanimated episode 1-5 and I loved them! I laughed so hard. I loved how you incorporated random stuff into each one like Patrick, Pokemon, Link/Zelda and whatnot. It was awesome and probably the most legit entirely fan-animated thing I've watched.
Fullmetal Hippo
Sorry for the late reply. I figured I should only show my face around this topic if I had a new animation.
Thanks for all the comments! We really appreciate it!

Here's episode 6: (It's PG 13 this time around, sorry about that)
Deviant Art:


A Pierrot's Aria
I've never watched any previous episodes, but I watched episode 6 out of curiosity and I loved it. I couldn't stop laughing. xD The animation is great, too.

Me and my lack of imagination thought that Al was going to say his original line "no fair, sky, I'm the one who feels like crying" so when I heard instead "no fair, sky, I'm the one who's retarded " (spoiler tagged so people like me can still be caught off guard!) I totally laughed my head off. laugh.gif

And it's probably just me, but whoever does Ed's voice kind of sounds like he's doing a cross between a Trunks and a (male) Marge Simpson impression. xD I like it. Haha! tongue.gif
I saw all the episodes today after stumbling upon them. God they were freakin hilarious. Great job!

Edit: Ok so I've showed them to my best friend and he and I have kept quoting them ever since. We really enjoy them.
Finally got the chance to watch the latest episode!

@Fullmetal Hippo - This is so funny! You are getting better and better! laugh.gif

Thank you so much for making my day! laugh.gif
I hope this isn't a necro but I just wanted to say I watched all of it together with my friend and dying of laughter! Will there be a continuation? ;v;

<Glad you & your friend enjoy the vid! ^^ The thread is till very much alive, and Fullmetal Hippo is still working on making new chapters of the video, and brings the new chapter here every few months or so. C: And, on our board it's quite all right to add new posts on old or inactive threads. C: ~ Tombow>
I came across this series about a month ago and watched all the installments- they're hilarious! XD They include their own humor, while still being an affectionate parody of FMA-1 and pointing out some of the odd bits. The animation is fantastic as well.
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