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Hurray biggrin.gif I can't post links ayway D:

Can I go on reserve for chapter 101 if no one else has allready?
xxMr Brownstone
I'm back in university for at least seven weeks dry.gif so I won't be able to claim a chapter for now, and if I do, It'll go slowly as I'll only be able to work on it during the weekend. Sorry sad.gif
DoxyWings already beat me to going on the waitlist for Ch.101....well, I guess it'll be impossible to get that chapter, so could I be put on the waitlist for Ch.102 please? I'd just really like to get one of the two if the original owner changes their mind since they are technically my 'birthday' chapters (101 was in the December issue, 102 will be released in December), and probably the last ones before the series is over.

EDIT: Oh, and I'm not trying to pull a sap story so I get my chapter, so, whomever has the chapters, please do keep them unless it is too stressful or whatever!

I'll offer doing a half/half with chapter 102, if you like. (And if you can even do that, I don't see why not, though...)
Thank you very much for the offer, but due to consistency and flow in the chapter, whoever claims the chapter has to write the whole chapter and not parts of it. I truly do appreciate your generosity.

You know, everyone just kinda ignore my previous post. It's fine. XD
You guys can definitely collaborate if you want, it's allllll good.

I finally updated the list! Poke me if I made any mistakes.
I-I asked for chapter 28... D:
Ahh sorry sad.gif you can of course have it. I've just been busy with school, and thus have been somewhat scatterbrained in other aspects of life DX
I don't see 46 up there...can I go ahead and reserve that one?
I get the feeling it's been taken, though. D:
Sure! If it's not listed as being taken it's fair game. Unless I missed it earlier in this thread or via which case please don't hesitate to let me know!
Katya Martin
Hey, this looks intriguing. Has anyone got 72? Also, are the finished ones going up somewhere?
May I please claim chapter 54? Also is it okay to reserve 93? If 94 and 95 become available please let me know.
@Katya - 72 is open; I put your name down for it smile.gif and yes, once these are finished we'll compile them and post them for all to read. Of course individual authors of chapters can do whatever they want with their finished work - posting it on or whatever.

@mellulah - you can have 54 and 93 ^^ although generally you can only reserve one chapter per week, but since it's been a week since you've posted this and things have been rather quiet I'll just count your post as two. Sorry if I'm being incoherent lol (tiiired), but in short yes smile.gif
Can I reserve chapter 82? And just a random question. Can you switch points of view mid-chapter? Like if the scene changes?
Yes and yes (:
Ooh, sorry, can u make that 83 not 82? Sorry, got confused sorry.gif
'tis done :3
Ryan Hawkeye
How does this really work? I'm kinda interested... laugh.gif
Hey! I'd like to claim chapter 75 please! And I'm ALMOST done with chapter 5. Hopefully I'll have it done in a few days. (Sorry for taking so bloody long...) *cringes*
QUOTE (Ryan Hawkeye @ Jan 11 2010, 09:44 AM) *
How does this really work? I'm kinda interested... laugh.gif

You can go here to read what this is all about! Project FMA

This thread is for claiming what chapters you want to write for.
Ryan Hawkeye
so, basically, just followed the manga from 3rd person POV and turned it to a novel? oh good! can I've chapter 96?
Twilight Warrior Alchemist
can we request a chapter that isn't on the list? if so, then may I claim chapter 67?
Ryan Hawkeye and Twilight Warrior Alchemist: You can't claim the chapters that aren't up yet, for now you'll have to reserve them. I'll update the list and put you both down for reservation of your respective requested chapters ^^ If you want further information on how the system for claiming and reserving chapters works, check out the first page of this thread.

In Aribelle's absence, I also took the liberty to reserve chapter 75 for you, Dearheart, seeing as you asked for it earlier.

(If any of you've changed your mind regarding these chapters, that's totally fine, just let me know so there won't be any future confusion.)

//Broken Chouchou~ temporary stand-in for Aribelle
Can i reserve 108=)!!
Um um I haven't thought about how to do the last chapter, since it has so many pages and since it's, you know, the last chapter lol. I'm wondering if splitting it up would be a good idea? I'll actually open it up for discussion, and if the general opinion is that one person should do the whole thing then you'll be the one that gets it smile.gif
You know what I think would be cool for the last chapter? If everyone contributed to it. It's such a long sucker and there are so many great scenes in it. Maybe we could have a claim-and-reserve thing for the chapter itself and people could claim the scenes they want to do. I have my heart set on the EdWin part/picture montage thingy. tongue.gif

Dearheart... that is an amazing idea. biggrin.gif

Oh, and I guess no one is taking chapters 26 and 27... and despite the fact I haven't submitted any chapters yet, I'm willing to take 26 today. (Yes, people, I'm not dead. XD)
I like that idea! Thanks Dearheart~ I think that when the time comes for that chapter to be assigned I'll make a poll or something, or if enough people are on board with your suggestion we can just go with that (personally it has my vote lol).

For now, however, I'd like to hold off on any claiming/reserving until we can get a few of the already assigned volumes out; let's just focus on what we've already set out to do before we get ahead of ourselves. Once we get moving I'll open it up again. Sal_san, You can go ahead with 26 though since you asked for it before this post haha.
Thanks. XD

(What a lucky girl I am!)
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