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Gundam Seed Destiny is really good! Also Beck's not that bad. Also Tenjou Tenge!
what station do you find that on?
hmm well, you could try Slayers (either of the seasons Tv, NEXT or TRY, or the OVAs and movies, for which you don't need to have watched the show cuz they're chronologically placed before the tv series) it's a funny show, you have humour, magic, THE Lina Inverse of course, nice plot and great characters, not to mention is a classic heh oh and it's also cheap to buy! XD

others could be:
- Yami no Matsuei / Descendants of Darkness: 13 episodes only *snif* fun with angsty moments, dark pasts, great plot and surely one of the sickest (and sexiest XD) villains of all time: Muraki Kazutaka.

- School Rumble: 26 eps. Try this if you wanna laugh your butt off XDD it's not lovey-dovey, just insanely funny. Gotta love Harima-kun lmao
*ahem* uhh I wouldn't wanna reccomend tenjou tenge but uhh..if ya want go ahead take it but i'd prefer Samurai Champloo yeah yeah...
QUOTE(CodeAlchemist @ Jun 22 2005, 12:57 AM)
Trigun & FLCL are my recommendations.

Isn't FLCL only about 6 episodes long?
Love hina inn has been one of my favs for a while and it is funny as hell
I noticed that you said Yu-gi-oh, so I'm going to say Cased Closed. It's a kid show, but I think it's fun to try to solve the mysteries. Azumanga Daioh, Cowboy Bebop, Wolf Rain, Fruits Basket like everyone else said are really good. There isn't too much violence in those five. Another good one is Witch Hunter Robin. It's a short series, but I thought it was good....kind of old though. Another old one would be. hack//SIGN. This one made you think. biggrin.gif
Gensomaden Saiyuki!! Saiyuki Reloaded!! Saiyuki Reloaded Gunlock!!
erm...d.n. angel (a veri sweet story!!)
Chrno Crusade??
Getbackers (action Packed!!)
Konjike No Gashbell...also known as Zatchbell (immensely funnie!!)
Hikaru no go!!

haha...too many to say them all... laugh.gif
.Hack//Sign if ur into games
Dn angel
You may want to give Bleach a try. It can be rather violent, but not overtly so. At least I didn't think so any way. lol laugh.gif The Tsubasa (Clamp) Anime currently out in japan is good as well, D.N.Angel and Fruits Basket are good and fairly innocent as far as Anime goes. tongue.gif You could always try Card Captor Sakura, but only if you like sugar coated anime. It's a cute series, so you may want to give it a try. Naruto is good too, but there are some pervy themes occasionaly (Which are hilarious) and there is violence, but it's all pretty minor.
Naruto... anything a shonen girl would enjoy. bloody, violence, and pervs everywhere... j/k but its funny... Kakashi reads "Make out Paradise"
Fullmetal Alchemist, Inu-Yasha, Trigun, Naruto, and Di Gi Charat! ^-^;;
You should try shaman king ,there isn't much blood in there unless you are scared of ghosts. XD
alchemist x
darn I want an anime that is full of sex XD
darn I want an anime that is full of sex XD

welcome to speed grapher :]
Naruto- great show with lots of good characters, some good fight scenes but completely bloodless (well, a trickle of blood coming from a character's mouth every now and then, but that's about it). Very melodramatic, though. Be prepared for 5 or 6 shots of completely irrelevant characters reacting for every 1 plot twist. Takes about 10 episodes to get through the action in one episode of FMA, but, nonetheless, very good.

GunParade March- only 12 episodes. Short, sweet. A love story between two enlisted kids in the military in an alternate universe. Some confusing fight scenes (they *are* in the military), some death, but other than that... uplifting. Uh, wait, now that I'm remembering more about it, some isolated innuendos (and some not-so-innuendos) among the secondary characters, but nothing worse than Miroku groping people in InuYasha. Am trying to avoid over-use of the word "sweet," but that's all there really is to describe this one...

Vision of Escaflowne- The movie has more blood and sex than the TV show (more than Trigun and InuYasha, less than Cowboy Bebop), but still not very much. The show is pretty clean. Good fight scenes, great music, solid plot. What I like most about Escaflowne is the time they spend developing the characters (which is most of the time). It's like a soap opera almost. By the time you get to the end, you know exactly why characters do the things they do because you feel like you know them (hmmm.... getting a little creepy obsessed, there, shio, eh?). AND, they respect the Viewer's intelligence enough to not keep up a steady bombardment of flashbacks as with Naruto (I've seen them show the same flashback THREE TIMES in the same episode, but that has nothing to do with anything, does it?).

Ranma 1/2- I've only read the manga for this one, I'm assuming they clean it up a little bit for the anime? Fanservice bits aside, I really liked the manga and am gonna get around to watching the show eventually. I don't know what they changed for the show, but the basic thing is about a boy and his father who fall into a cursed spring and are, well, cursed. Since this all comes out in, like, the first chapter, I don't think it would be too much of a spoiler... So, Ranma's curse is that he turns into a woman every time he's hit with cold water. And hilarious antics ensue!

Anyone have recommendations of darker anime? Not sex-and-violence stuff exactly (am NOT looking for Blood the Last Vampire and like that), but with more substance, than, say, Inuyasha?
alchemist x
witch hunter robin maby?
Fruits Basket
Here is a link to the anime thread at penny-arcade

I found that first post to be very well done, and very informative. I have the same opinion of most of the examples.

I would definetely have to add Azumanga Daioh to that list as well.
look at fooly cooly
Fruits Basket!
I'd recomend Cowboy Bebop. It's my holy grail of anime.

It's full of pop-culture references, it's very eposodic, but there is a good, over-all plot line. It's got a wacky cast of characters, that's for sure.

First there's Spike Spiegle, an ex-syndicate man turned bounty hunter who pines for his lost love Julia. He's a bad-ass hero with a dark past and an interesting story line.

Then there's Jet. Ex-cop turned bounty hunter. A solid, fatherly charcter if there ever was one. Has a soft spot for bonsais.

Then there's Faye, a woman who's past is every bit as mysterious as Spike's... Only she doesn't remember it. You find out later she was cryogenically{sp?} frozen after a bad accident, and revived some fifty years later.

Lastly, there's Edward. She's an eccentric 13-year-old hacker genius who refers to herself in the third person and sometimes doesn't seem to posses anything more solid in her body than skin.

I'm not doing the anime justice- it's a very quick overview of the characters, which make the show. I implore you- please watch this. You won't be disapointed.
Thanks for the replies have already checked a few of them out ... now I have another question ... where do you buy your anime? What is your favorite on-line and/or off-line place to purchase anime?

Thanks for all the help so far! ~ K
Gosh. I can't believe I haven't recommended anything. mellow.gif

Well, aside from those already mentioned, I'd like to add Saikano to the list. It's an unconventional love story during a warring Japan. At first, you'd think it's just like any other high school romance...that is, until the girl sprouts wings and guns from her body. Many trials and tribulations later, the two main characters discover the truth about their love and themselves, and are forced to confront what threatens to destroy them.

A very good anime, indeed, and I demand anyone who hasn't seen it to watch it. smile.gif
Celestial Shadow
^ You're like obsessed with that anime laugh.gif

I recommend:

X/1999 and Chrno Crusade if you like darker, Good vs. Evil things (Pretty sad though)

Gundam Wing if you like deep thinking.

Last Exile if you want an interesting anime that's a bit different from the norm.

And that's it for now!
QUOTE(Celestial Fangirl @ Aug 14 2005, 04:56 PM)
^ You're like obsessed with that anime laugh.gif

I can't help it. It's that good. tongue.gif

I fully believe that anyone who describes her- or himself as an anime watcher must watch Saikano in order to witness the true mastery of the art.
Celestial Shadow
*Shakes her head* I'll put it on my list if you're that adamant about it...
I am. biggrin.gif

And, ah, make sure you underline it. Several times. Bold it, too, if you can.
Celestial Shadow
I changed it. That good? biggrin.gif
Very good! Now that practice is over, you can bold and underline a certain "Saikano" title on that Mighty-List-O-Anime-Celes-Is-Going-To-Watch. biggrin.gif
Celestial Shadow

Mighty-List-O-Anime-Celes-Is-Going-To-Watch/Anime that was recommended to me



Card Captor Sakura

Tsubasa Chronicles



Yami no Matsuei

That good??

Well done.
Mrs. Edward Elric
I just watched the first episode of Naruto, it was pretty good. I'd recomend it, but FMA is still the best biggrin.gif
Carnal Malefactor
You know, I still have yet to see Naruto, even though it's like the most popular anime ever.
Celestial Shadow
Same here. And Bleach.
Carnal Malefactor
I finally took the chance on Bleach last week, and I wasn't all that thrilled with it, like I said. People say it gets better, but I don't know if I have the patience to wait until it does.
@Bacon: So far, Naruto isn't great, but I heard it gets better... in the 20's! I have eps 1-25, but still, I am kinda miffed that it took like 14 eps just to beat Haku and Sazuba or whatever that guy's name is dry.gif
Celestial Shadow
Bleach seems interesting...But I doubt it lives up to the hype.
I feel left out, I haven't seen either Bleach or Naruto. (There are no good channels with anime except Cartoon Network and the action channels Animidnight) If I get the chance I'll try and watch them though.
Carnal Malefactor
The solution to your problems: Satellite + TiVo tongue.gif
Or illegal downloading. biggrin.gif Bittorrent is your friend.

Yes, I agree that Naruto isn't as good as it's said to be. I has a good story, but it takes a very long time for the plot to move along. But it's definitely worth watching just to see Naruto use the kyuubi.

And Bleach isn't something you should miss either. I admit that the first episode isn't too great, too flashy for just the smallest development in plot. But the second episode is much better. The later episodes of Bleach are just... godly.

Btw, I wouldn't suggest watching Yami no Matsuei. It's just so typical. I stopped half-way through the first episode because I couldn't take anymore.
QUOTE(Koori @ May 28 2005, 03:12 AM)
Hmm I can buy the box set of "Trigun" on Amazon for $150 ... or on e-bay for $2.00  *chuckles*  Would $2.00 even pay for the pirated DVDs they are printed on?  Will look into it, thanks for the suggestions ~ K

its illigal to sell pirated DvDs. if the user finds out they can alert the company and get the selers sued.

ill reccomend Naruto, Love hina, cowboy bebop, fruits basket. those are my favorite animes of all time and judging by what you like you would probably like them too
Celestial Shadow
QUOTE(StrawberryShampoo @ Aug 15 2005, 08:20 PM)
I feel left out, I haven't seen either Bleach or Naruto. (There are no good channels with anime except Cartoon Network and the action channels Animidnight) If I get the chance I'll try and watch them though.

You should check out G4TV and watch Last Exile... rolleyes.gif

@Bacon- I have sattelite and DVR (which is the same thing as TiVo) and I still can't watch Naruto and Bleach.
I have to recommend:

Chrno Crusade
Full Metal Panic!
Tsubasa (if you live in Japan)
Naruto (this one takes some time. I think ep 2 is funny though. XD)

That's about it for now...
well, i would recommend spiral, its good, really good

if it was recommend one WITH lots of violence and sex i would say grenadier...look at my sig to see why.
QUOTE(Celestial Fangirl @ Aug 16 2005, 07:07 PM)
@Bacon- I have sattelite and DVR (which is the same thing as TiVo) and I still can't watch Naruto and Bleach.

That's because both Naruto and Bleach aren't playing on any Western channels. I doubt we have the Japanese channel that they play on... *Also has DirecTV and Tivo* Naruto will be playing on Toonami on Sept. 10? but it'll probably take a few years before Bleach comes to America, but you never know...
Celestial Shadow
I don't think so many years...

It's pure genius. Very long at 96 episodes, but the first major story arc is just amazing!!!!
Cowboy Bebop: Good music

One Piece: Funny, Serious, Easy to follow

Bobobo-bobo-bobo: So random, iit's hillarious!

Fooly Cooly: same as bobobo, but easier to follow

s-CRY-ed: Emotional, Comical, and Action packed

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