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Talk-back/content discussion for English dubbed episode on Adult Swim starts on page 4. smile.gif

Please post the discussions on the content of episode 18 here.
This thread is declared as a Spoiler zone for the content of the first 18 episodes.

* Where to watch this episode

* HD Screen caps of this episode to be posted on this link address sometime later

* Episode Preview from FMA-2 official JP site:
(Translation by Tombow, with episode title from official sub on
Episode 18: "The Arrogant Palm of a Small Human"
Ed is ordered by Roy to return to Resembool with Armstrong. But, as soon as they arrive at Resembool they are met by Breda who tells them that they are secretly leaving to visit the ruin of the legendary capital of Xerxes. After crossing the vast desert they finally reach the ruin where Fu was waiting for them. Fu guides them deep in the ruin where they meet with another unexpected person.......

Also, FYI, preview of the next episode (episode 19) from FMA-2 official JP site
(Translation by Tombow, the episode title is from official sub on
Episode 19: "TBA"


Episode Summary: (To be filled)

Characters in this episode: (To be filled)

Locations: (excluding review and preview scenes, to be filled)

Sound Track info for this episode that's known to us so far: (To be filled)

FMA manga reference: To the readers of FMA manga (To be filled)
My initial thoughts:

- Still find some of this event shuffling to be annoying. The big Maria Ross reveal came too soon and weakened the impact of the whole thing since it just came on the heels of the events of the last episode.
- I think I actually heard a new piece of music play during that particular reveal, though, so I guess it wasn't all bad.
- Why did I picture Barry's body as having white hair instead of blonde hair? I mean, even in the first anime his human body had blonde hair.
- I still don't like Maria Ross' voice in this series, not at all.
- Loved the scene with Roy talking in code.
- They chose to end the Ed portion after he discovers who killed Winry's parents. Does that mean he'll see you-know-who immediately in the next episode or will that be pushed to the end of it?
- It's the next episode that should really be something. Don't screw it up, Bones!
Can I dare say that this ep was one of my favourites and I can't darn wait for next week to come since I'm hyperventilating like crazy and... I should calm down.

Will write more coherent post when I see the ep RAW and subbed.
I'm really happy now, that the Riza vs Gluttony won't be left out.
The preview for ep. 19. looks awesome. Next week is so far away!

And as I saw, Riza's eyes looked normal in this ep.
The episodes are getting better and better. Bones did a good job now, so let's hope they won't screw up the next one.

Can't wait for the raw and the subbed version. biggrin.gif
Screenshots are up:

Brb hyperventilating.
Forsaken Love
OMG! those screenshots look epic! the re-aranging is still annoying but omg! i need to see this ep now *fangirl spasm* KYAAAAAAAAA! MUST WATCH MUUUUUUST WAAAAAATCH!
Broken Chouchou
Looks awesome! And that makes me a little depressed. Why couldn't they get this series right, dammit?? When it looks this good? Arrgh...

... sigh...

Still looking forward to seeing the ep, though.
Hmm Ed body look more stronger in this episode tongue.gif
(wow, Raws still aren't out >__< Edit: Finally! they are up =D)

Great episode! I loved it all ^___^ (Especially, Havoc, Barry, Falman and Riza! They were awesome!)
Bones are doing really well!, the pace has really improved and the cuts are pretty minor now.

I can't for the raws/subs =D

The next episode preview has made me so excited!
Forsaken Love
nyah! i cant find any RAWS could ya gimme a link? pwweeeeeeeeeeeeese? *looks pleadingly*
QUOTE (Forsaken Love @ Aug 2 2009, 05:55 AM) *
nyah! i cant find any RAWS could ya gimme a link? pwweeeeeeeeeeeeese? *looks pleadingly*

PLZ PM me the link! I've searched two whole pages of links on Google. PLZ HELP. XD

(and thanks in advanced)
So did they adapt Envy's humorous line about Ross' death?

"And so Roy Mustang avenged his best friend's death and lived happily ever after."
QUOTE (Claudius @ Aug 2 2009, 04:58 PM) *
So did they adapt Envy's humorous line about Ross' death?

"And so Roy Mustang avenged his best friend's death and lived happily ever after."

If I'm not mistaken that was in Ep. 17.
QUOTE (amestris_star @ Aug 2 2009, 11:21 AM) *
QUOTE (Claudius @ Aug 2 2009, 04:58 PM) *
So did they adapt Envy's humorous line about Ross' death?

"And so Roy Mustang avenged his best friend's death and lived happily ever after."

If I'm not mistaken that was in Ep. 17.

Ahhh... I did not understand Claudius's post, and I was wondering. I should have just taken it straight forward. laugh.gif
Yes, I agree with amestris_star. I believe Envy said that line in episode 17.

I'm still waiting to see the episode, but meantime, thanks, amestris_star for the link for the screen shots!! They look great! ^^



Please don't post the link to the sub. You can post and tell us that you watched the sub, and if anyone is interested they can ask you more by PM, but don't post the link, please. smile.gif
QUOTE (alphonse-fma @ Aug 2 2009, 08:30 AM) *
Hmm Ed body look more stronger in this episode tongue.gif

Is it bad that the first thing I noticed from the screenshots was this shot of Ed fanservice? XD

Anyway, Royai fans should be pleased about the Riza vs. Gluttony encounter. I'm currently hunting around for the raw...
Looked really good. Didn't understand what they were saying, but none-the-less looked really good, can't wait for the sub.

Given the military are my favorite group of characters from the manga/anime I'm really pumped up to see the sub version and next weeks episode.

One little observation, based upon the preview for ep. 19 it looks like they kept the whole Riza going berzerk and then breaking down part (not that I thought they'd cut it, but I'm really glad they kept it). The first bit of the preview is when she's unloading into lust (my guess). The last bit you see her starting to cry.
Great chapter.. One of my favorites.

The pace was perfect, and they included everything that was important.

Loved the scene with Roy talking to Barry (and he pretending to be a girl happy.gif ), they finally made Riza's eyes the way they were supposed to be!

The next chapter has to be epic! I hope Bones will make such a good work like in this one.
Mr. Deathy
Meh I wish they kept more of the Breda scenes during the Ross conversation, 2 ones I liked were missing and it stole personality from the scene as usual.

Where the heck was Ranfan at the end too? I wonder if they'll even keep the scenes with her and Ling in the next ep?

Preview looks good anyway but I know the episode is GOING to have omissions and I just seriously hope none of them are unforgivable ones. There is VERY little I could forgive them for cutting from the next episode.
Noes! I was so caught up in the rest of this episode that I forgot that Ran Fan was missing ;_; I really hope they keep the part where she fights Envy, although if they put that in next episode they're going to have a lot of ground to cover. I'll just try to think positive!! Because if they cut out the Ling and Ran Fan parts I will be exceedingly sad =(

But otherwise I liked what I saw from the RAW. The animation is looking sooooo much better - thank goodness! And I liked the Havoc - Falman - Barry - Riza part, I thought that was done well ^^ I loved the scene where Barry calls Roy haha.
Mei is at the Risembool station at the beginning :-P
edo little kid

Well ,,,,
I don't understand any thing in this ep
(because , I don't read this chapter in manga)
soooo , I can't wait the sub !!

my impressions:

the art was Woooooooow !!!
Havoc was awesome , Riza too!!!
she looks sooo pretty this ep ~<3
Maria & Alex hehehehehe
(Winry's mom & dad was so cute T__T)
aaaaah Edooo was so hot !!

*(fangirl shouting!!)*

I want the sub now , I want to know what they talking about !!!

also , the next week !!!
Royai!!!!!!!!! Weeeeeh can't wait!!

see ya~

Sorry this is so late XD I just woke up.

If anyone is interested, I have the link to raw/sub. PM me if you want the link.

this episode was so great..
Riza is <3 same with Havoc..
Ed is awesome..i dunno what word can described his awesomeness in this episode...xD
winry is getting cuter xD
i hope ranfan will removed her mask.
I really want to see here face..sleep.gif



I thought this episode was pretty good, but DAMN did it go by fast! This will probably be in the next episode, but I was kinda waiting for the 'Elizabeth!!!' from Mustang. Well, that just adds to the Royai overload next week. Along with the game, new volume, and possible appearance in Ch.98. OMG YAY.
Sword Alchemist
I miss Maria already. We wont be seeing her until near the end. I loved Armstrong chasing her around trying to hug her.

Poor Maria was crying as she left. Please don't cry. You'll be able top come home real soon.

I wish they didn't cut the scene out where Armstrong told Maria that Denny was very depressed. Then Maria tells Armstrong not to say anything to him as he doesn't keep secrets well.

The Ishbalians look really weird in this series.
Mmk, just saw the subbed (I tortured myself waiting for it, buz I'm not a raw person...) and it's really pretty good. I loved how they got Riza's eyes right (finally!) and Havoc was great, though I was hoping they kept the "fashion statement" line. Glad they kept Roy and Riza's telephone conversation and I absolutely cannot wait for next week's episode. The preview was amazing. They made it seem as if Riza was going die... especially those who haven't read the manga, the preview kinda makes it seem that way. Ooh, isn't that nice... I will be counting the hours till next Sunday.

My teeny-weeny-complaints-that-I-can-actually-live-with (meaning please don't attack me for my opinion... it's just an opinion after all:
-Revealing Maria Ross was too early IMO, especially, like someone else said, since it was right on the heels of the last one.
-I was also kinda hoping the kept the Ed in Xerxes scene stuck with that scene and then moving over to what's happening with our military dogs, instead of switching back and foth between them, but still
-Can't say anything about the quality of the subs though.
I can't fine the subs! Can you PM me the link please?

I saw the raw and I can't wait for next episode!!
I also have a link to sub (the same link as posted by fullmoon above.) PM me if anyone wants it biggrin.gif
Awesome episode, the only things i can complain about is revealing Maria Ross so fast , and Ed not being even a bit surprised to meet Fuu there lol!!!
I guess the lack of impact as in manga can be guessed due to arrangement.
xerxes:actually quite nice.ed & co is drawn quite well.and i like where they put the music in xerxes-not greece music,ut still fine for me(i know they played it b4).Xerxes is grand and i think it has the feel in the manga.
I'm dissapointed at 2 breda scene is cut out.i like where in the manga bread holds a gun at his back,and where he pulls edward hair.

Barry & co.
I like the Bunny jokes,but it's cut out(again-but i'm not that pissed off in here).i hope ranfan will be included next scene.
The fights between barry & co and Barry -chimera are quite exciting,ruin a bit perhaps by the scene jump suddenly to somewhere else.
EDIT:I think I can comment on Bones,up till now,have not screwed up on full-fight fact i think they done a great job for the fight.and hawkeye's shot is awesome.

Code Scene
on a personal level however i am glad they did not delete the scene.i comment on this later.

overall the music are least one(or two cues) are brings out emotion level especially at maria ross farewell.

I think maria ross seiyuu d...maybe she sounds too soft..not like someone who escapes from Ameritis,leaving everything behind...i am not sure but she doesnt sounds quite like for me --on maria ross case to xerxes(ie exclude the 5th laboratory arc)

Ed,ling's seiyuu sounds good as usual..
I am not sure if they toggled the sequence...and lol,i didnt think beuaty means lust...still i'm glad u point that out @ hand made city

some dissapointment-probably i expect too much,and i put the volume quite low.cant hear shinichiro miki speaking in code.
The Ishbalians look really weird in this series.

Grey hair, they all have grey hair, it's a racial particularity along with their eyes and skin tone. But I admit that that color does look better in manga tongue.gif

Speaking of Ishbal, no new-comer to the manga's story has comments on the revelation about Winry's parents murderer?
Epic episode. Great music, nice animation and awesome story with awesome emotion. The only problem I see is that it's all going too fast. In 17 we know about Maria's death and just one ep later that she's alive. In manga it was better. Anyway, it's still great: the history of alchemy i Amestris and Xing (hopefully they didn't reveal that both philosophers looked similar to Edward, it might have suggested that they are Hohenheim and Father too early). The stuff with Barry was nothing special, but the fight was great. And next episode is going to be epic too, because We'll watch the fight with the Homunculi and Lust's death (shame she died but fight between her and Mustang was awesome in manga).
The preview was actually very interesting when I saw it with subs...made it seem like Hawkeye was going to be killed, as strong and unbeatable as she was, and that at the face of death she revealed herself to be a selfish, uncaring person, but died in vain anyway(new fans obviously wouldn't know the announcer was speaking of Lust). GAAAAH I CAN'T WAIT FOR NEXT WEEK. D:

Also, as everyone has noticed, Hawkeye looks perfect in this episode and the previews of the next! No more doe eyes! XD And also, was it just me and my observation skillz, or did everyone look pretty much like how their supposed to? (I gotta find what other episode this team did...)
edo little kid
the subs is out !! weeeei \^o^/
I loved this episode. It showed the right things and even if they didn't include every manga moment it made sense and the story flowed nicely. Feel like it was for the first time that I actually heard Breda's voice, it make take some effort to get used to him... And regarding VAs - I, Ling hater, adore Ling's voice and I'm begining to look forward to see Ling, actually.
I thing this episode was balanced and well done and wonderfully animated.

Full Metal Elf
I REALLY enjoyed this episode! It was done really well. Honestly, I haven't read these chapters in forever to know what little pieces they many have left-out, but it didn't bother me.

I'm starting to have faith in this series again and really like it. I'm really, really excited for next week! ROY VS. LUST...ZOMG. I have wanted to see this in action since I read it years ago ^____^

I'm getting really excited now. They're starting to pull things together nicely, and the animation was beautiful, especially of Xerxes.

I also like how they revealed that Scar killed Winry's parents, it was nicely dramatic.
What an absolutely fantastic episode! But somehow I've got a feeling next week will top it. FIGHT!

Its funny how last week I was complaining about the music, yet this time they got it bang on, and I thought it fitted really well. Sounded very grandoise and ethereal in places - like when Ed first sees the engraved circle in Xerxes. The animation was really fluid too. Certain areas such as the fight scenes never fail to impress, but I'm glad the Hawk's eyes seem to have regained normalcy Please stay good for next week..! and the colours really seemed to shine in this ep. The backdrops of Xerxes were beautiful. Also, I liked how Mustangs expression was obscured by the sun when he turned to Breda and said 'I'm skilled at making burnt corpses.' Creepy! Even though he may be saving a life now, it reminds you in the past Mustang has killed in such a horrific manner. The mixing up of the manga sections has kept the suspicions about his true nature from dragging onto next week, which I am still slightly put out about. Reading the manga, I was having such trouble deciding whether to root for him or not until the Maria-Ross-is-still-alive revelation. Maybe, I'm dumb to pick up clues, but don't answer the questions so fast next time, Bones!

I noticed they skipped alot of the dashes of comedy which is understandable, although I missed Mustang and Barry pretending to flirt on the phone and Breda telling Ed off for talking to Gracia and yanking him up by his hair. Armstrong chasing Maria and Ed spazzing about the Colonel were great though. Oh, I'm so pleased they planted lots of the panal artwork I love in too. Like Maria crying on horseback and the Scar flashback for instance. Wow, there were so many things I enjoyed about this episode. LING! Such a perfect voice. Poor Falman XD. Ed looked older and pleasing in particular (Not that I'm picturing that scene where he has his shirt off at all, mind you) and its nice to know that in future episodes he will actually age and not be constantly fitted in that damn red coat. The mood of the Isbalan scene was interesting in how it turned from threatening, to happy remembrances of the Rockbells, to shock at discovering how they died. Action, conversation, drama, comedy all rolled into one episode ... FMA2 keeps getting better!

Mr. Deathy
<Note: please try to avoid getting into discussions of fan-subs on this thread.
~ Board staff>

I have a random complaint with the ep - Eclipse's subs ruin some of the lines. I with there were better translation groups working on FMA2 though I know what went on with the C&D early on. I feel like Eclipse probably aren't familiar with the manga material as some of their lines feel poorly worded and lose the effect from the manga.
<Note: please try to avoid getting into discussions of fan-subs on this thread.
~ Board staff>

QUOTE (Mr. Deathy @ Aug 3 2009, 05:45 PM) *
OT: I have a random complaint with the ep - Eclipse's subs ruin some of the lines. I with there were better translation groups working on FMA2 though I know what went on with the C&D early on. I feel like Eclipse probably aren't familiar with the manga material as some of their lines feel poorly worded and lose the effect from the manga

I downloaded Tomodachi & AsunoSubs so I don't know how Eclipse screwed up this episode...
<Program Note>

@Mr. Deathy - Sorry, but we really would like to avoid getting into discussing about fan-subbed materials for FMA: B episodes on this thread. sad.gif
(Though, I agree that it seems eclipse is not doing as well as it has been, with FMA:B. tongue.gif )

To avoid misunderstanding of the FMA:B episodes based on mistranslations on fansubs, those who can watch official sub, we definitely recommend watching OFFICIAL-SUB episodes. For anyone who is relying on fan-sub viewing because there are no official venues available in your region, try watching a few different versions and see if that would help.

Also, if any particular scene or line does not make sense to you, then try asking about that to those who have access to official subbed version (for example, U.S. and Canadian residents can watch official English sub on Thursday of the same week the episode is aired.)

We also have a thread with the transcripts of official English version for each episode, but currently no volunteers to post the transcript after episode 4. If there is a demand/request for reviving the thread, then post and let us know on Official English sub transcriptions, and we will try to step up our efforts to find volunteers who can keep this project going.
If anyone has the access to official English subbed version of FMA:B episodes, and would kindly volunteer his/her time to post the transcripts, please drop a note (post) on Official English sub transcriptions thread and let us know. smile.gif
Another very good episode! I've been very pleased with the episodes so far.
Even though they switched events, it is all coming along nicely.
Though, I kinda wished they didn't reveal Ross being alive til next episode, for more suspension. Oh well..
I LOVED the code conversation! It was one of my faves in the manga, and they are doing a good job of it! I especially liked when Falman smelled tobacco from Havoc, then outed him. lol Havoc's reaction was win.
Can't wait until the next one! It's going to be made of EPIC WIN!
I love how devious and clever Roy can be, even if there were certainly a lot of plot conveniences for him to work with. In fact, I find that, especially around this portion of the story in the manga, that what Roy and his group are doing is more interesting than what Edward and Alphonse are up to. His whole "fishing" idea and the code name us is interesting and funny. It's too bad they didn't go into Barry being "Bunny" like in the manga, that's one of my favorite bits.

The shuffling is still a tad annoying. The Maria Ross reveal came too soon, and it was much more interesting to see it after the battle with Lust in the manga, because it made you continue to think that Roy was that brutal for a while. I think in general, that having the Xerxes portion broken up, as well as it was handled, was annoying, and would rather have seen that at least in the second half of the episode.

I never liked that scene with Ed and the Ishbalan refugees. It seemed a little tacked on, just a device for getting Ed to realize who it was that killed the Rockbells. It seemed like an awkward place to leave him in the episode, too. The ending of that chapter in the manga would have made one of the best endings of an episode, so one wonders if they plan to end the next episode that way.

The next episode preview is so friggin' clever! I love it. I can only imagine what people who never read the manga will think next week. Makes me wish I was in that position.

Anyway, I didn't go crazy for the episode like some of you (I'm holding out for the next episode), but I thought it was good. I think I heard a new piece of music!
Red Shrimp
I expected too much for this episode, somehow I find it boring (especially when Ling, Al and Winry have gathered in the room).

I agree with the posts above, the series is surprisingly going too fast. I wonder if they're eager to reach the recent chapters in the manga. Aside from that, I enjoyed listening to the music. I think it's much better than the first season.
QUOTE ("penguintruth")
In fact, I find that, especially around this portion of the story in the manga, that what Roy and his group are doing is more interesting than what Edward and Alphonse are up to.

Well, at that point the brothers don't have a clue to anything and Mustang is the one with all the cards, so Alphonse just joined and Ed had to be directed. Lin, as the leech he is, is always on the good plan.

After that,

the ones taking the initiative will be the brothers while Mustang would be the one to jump on the band-wagon and taking a piece of the loot.
Jealous Rogo
Good episode, as much as I'm a tad dissapointed by the fact they moved this ahead of next week's episode, I think they made up for it in other ways. Primary one being explaining WHY Ed was dragged out there in the first place (so he wouldn't get in the way) was amusing and made a tiny bit more sense than in the manga (he was just taken there to get information from him).

I'm starting to get fed up of Ed gasping at every revelation...

Surprised to see that Lan Fan is with Lin... which makes me wonder if Envy will turn up at all next week... seeings as in the manga he only gets involved because Lan Fan senses him

Also kudos to whoever came up with the idea for the preview for next week, very well done tongue.gif
Great episode! Animation was good, characters were drawn really well, too. (I'm also happy to see how Ed actually looks older in the anime now. biggrin.gif )

However, I can't help the feeling that the whole 'ishbalans and ed'-scene looked a little.. out of place at times. It really bugged me how Ed kept changing his face expression every time they switched the camera from Ishbalans to Ed. It's just like he wasn't sure whether to be shocked, just normal, or serious while talking with them. I dunno, but that's just me. XD It didn't come out as fluent as I was hoping it to be.
(or then it was just my media player that skipped out important frames.. it does that sometimes.)

But still.. Bones really did improve with this episode! smile.gif
Broken Chouchou
Wow. Seriously. I'm surprised. And impressed. I felt, you know, felt, emotions, I felt 'em, while watching this episode. Emotions. Brotherhood. Beats the hell out of me how and why this happened. Maybe I was more receptive. Or maybe this episode simply just happened to be the best episode to come out of Brotherhood so far. I don't know.

Watching Maria appear on that slope, and the triumphing music playing, and Ed's and Armstrong's reactions, the happiness of the scene, all that made me feel all warm inside. And it's weird, I haven't even felt anything remotely close to that before, and there's been a lot of sad/deppressing stuff going on before this, and then I didn't feel a thing. Barely, anyway. And Maria was only gone for half an ep, so I don't know what provoked this reaction in me.

One thing is certain, though. This episode was great. Animation was beautiful. Music was even more so. The structure of this episode, all the components of the story connected in just the right places, the even, perfect, pace of everything. The flashbacks, the ruins of Xerxes, the tale of The Philosopher from the West, (which felt very powerful) the revelation of the murderer of Winrys parents, everything was so, so, soo good. It all kicked in into making this one of the best episode so far. I barely have any complaints.

The new musical pieces introduced here were all very, very good. And that would be the only thing I could even start to imagine bitching about; not that they were so great&awesome, but that they waited so long to introduce them, they overused the old themes a bit too much, IMO. Does that mean these new pieces will get old really quickly as well? Especially seeing as 3-4 new pieces were introduced all in this one ep, I mean, shouldn't they balance out the introduction of new pieces to a more even pace, to avoid having the "old" ones get old all too fast?

Well, whatever. All the new pieces were part of what made this so awesome. Just hope Bones got a nice collection of songs just as good to use in the future, instead of just doing different versions and remixes.

Sigh... If only all of the series episodes were made of this much win.
<Program Note>

QUOTE (Skorpious @ Aug 4 2009, 10:59 AM) *
I'm new to this forum (obviously tongue.gif ) so I hope this isn't the wrong place to ask a question....

@Skorpious - Welcome to the forum! biggrin.gif I moved your post to Where to watch FMA:B episodes thread, and kind of replied on that thread.
The new location of your post is here and I'm writing the reply post there now. smile.gif
Kale Mustang
I thoroughly enjoyed ep. 18 - they did a really great job condensing everything together.

One thing I'd like to note were that there some really great shots in this episode, and I loved the use of color for them.

Hopefully ep. 19 will keep the action going - as the gunfight scenes were fantastic.

<OT: Terribly sorry for not being able to keep up with the Funimation Transcripts. It's been hard finding the time to get them done as work and other commitments have taken priority. When I get the chance, I'll definitely try to get to work on them again, but any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!>
I think that Brotherhood does get better with each new episode. I enjoyed this one. I did feel that Maria Ross was revelead too quickly. The manga probably felt more suspensful because we had to wait a month or more. I thought that the Ed confronting the Ishbalans was done well.

Also loved the Ed fansevice. biggrin.gif Bones really loves to put in Ed shirtless scenes whenever they can. But I am not complaining.

I liked this episode, but they really should have left in the part where Major Armstrong asks Maria if he should tell Denny about her being alive. And Maria says no, because everything shows on the Sergant's face.

Episode 19 should be epic though. Cannot wait for that one.
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