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Full Version: Wolf's Rain: Journey To Paradise(rp!)
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Vampyre Alchemist
(Mods, lock if there is a thread like this, this is in the wrong section, or if this is not a good idea.) <@Vampyre Alchemist - It is fine as far as I see. ^^ Your thread is in the right forum, and it is done properly. Good luck with your RP! smile.gif ~ Tombow.> (Please feel free to delete this little note anytime after you read it. ^^)

The wolves have come to power once again. The humans have made a fatal mistake to think that they have become extinct.
They believe that two hundred years ago was when they have been destroyed. They just happen to be wrong though. The
wolves are in hiding, waiting for their appropriate time to strike and put the humans in the supposed "extinct" position. You
play a part in this war of shadows and deceit. You are either a human who is hunting down the wolves one by one, or a wolf
trying to survive and hunt.

All the while, flowermen are in military labs, being forced to act as medics and to flush out the wolves. The wolves seek
out the flower, and the flower seeks out the wolf. Cheza, the masterpiece of the flowermen, is also in hiding with Kiba, Hige, Toboe, and Tsume.
Still, there are still stray wolves that have ignored the sent of the flowermen, but have gone elsewhere, knowing that the scent of the nearby flowers
will only bring death and disgrace to the wolves' neverending pride.

Your role:
Wolves-You are convinced that there is such place as "Paradise", and have set out to search for it, despite the fact that others have tried to convince you otherwise. There will be many hunters that will attempt to end your journey, so this is no cakewalk. Do your best, and keep moving forward. This journey will be a hard one.
Humans-You are convinced that wolves are "evil", and you believe that in order to restore piece to the human race, you must kill the wolves. This may be because of something a wolf did to you during your childhood, whatever. You plan on getting revenge by ending the wolves journey once and for all.

No Godmodding
All site Rules apply here.
No bunnying
Keep all romance to make out. Which means NO SEX!.
Mild swearing and profanity.
You are allowed to do Role Play with one of the wolves, such as Kiba.
Keep blood to a minimum.

If it is necesarry, I will add new rules, but let's try not to let that happen.

Sign up sheet:
Appearence:(Pictures accepted)
Human or Wolf:
Wolf appearence:(Same here, Ignore if human.)
History:(At least 3 lines)
Personality:(At least 4 lines, PLEASE!!!)
Good or Evil:
Other:(Anything special?)
Never seen Wolf's Rain, but I don't mind joining.

Name: Albert Wesker
Age: 49
Race: Once human. Now he's...something else.
Wolf Appearence: No wolf appearence, but he can mutate.
History: Albert was raised as part of "Project Wesker", an assembly of children from parents with above-average intellegence kidnapped by the Umbrella Corporation and given the surname Wesker. He showed particular promise out of the other children, which pleased Umbrella's founder, Ozwell E. Spencer. Spencer saw in Wesker the makings of what his children needed. Coincidentally, Albert would eventually go into the service of the same company that moulded him and become a close employee under the watchful eyes of his creator, Spencer, all the while unaware of the pharmaceutical president's true intentions and his own destiny to serve him.

Wesker joined the international pharmaceutical enterprise Umbrella at the age of 17 and began working as one of its researchers. In 1977, Wesker was assigned to the Management Training Facility under Doctor James Marcus. Wesker became friends with fellow trainee William Birkin, becoming colleagues and accomplices for years to come. Both Wesker and Birkin were regarded by Marcus as his best apprentices, and when the Training Facility was closed down on July 29, 1978, the two were personally transferred to the Arklay Research Facility (underneath Ozwell E. Spencer's estate) to continue their own Tyrant virus research (An Illegal Biological weapon devolped by Umbrella), becoming the facility's chief researchers.

Wesker and Birkin's research of the T-virus lasted over 13 years and three different stages. In 1988, when the research reached its third stage (the creation of the Tyrant bio-weapon), Wesker and Birkin were then ordered by Spencer to assassinate their former mentor, Marcus and steal all of his research. Shortly after, Birkin's research yielded the discovery of the G-virus in Lisa Trevor's body. When Spencer approved his project in 1991, Wesker began having doubts about Spencer's intentions and requested a transfer to Umbrella's Intelligence Bureau that same year.

In 1996, Wesker formed the Raccoon City Police Department's S.T.A.R.S. unit and served as its captain and as leader of one of its two squads, Alpha Team. Two years after the formation of S.T.A.R.S., a series of homicides occurred near the Arklay region. While the public feared these deaths were the work of a local cult, only Wesker knew the truth. In an effort to control the public outcry, S.T.A.R.S. Bravo Team was dispatched to the region to investigate the situation. Wesker used the time they were gone as an opportunity to gather battle data by pitting the members of S.T.A.R.S. against Umbrella's Bio-Organic Weapons (B.O.W.s).

At the same time, Wesker and Birkin were ordered to reclaim the Umbrella Training Facility. Unfortunately, the resurrected James Marcus destroyed any chance of reclaiming it. Forced to destroy the facility, Wesker realized this to be the perfect opportunity to leave Umbrella to pursue his own personal interests. After barely escaping his superior Sergei Vladimir, Wesker prepared to dispatch the S.T.A.R.S. Alpha team to the region.

During that mission, he was presumed dead. In truth, he had faked his death, and injected him self with a virus, enableing him superhuman abilities, among other benifits. The fact that he is alive shocked the grounds of Umbrella, as he seeks to destroy it and then rebuild it for his own purposes...

Good/Evil: Evil

Personalilty: Power-hungry, intelligent and cunning, Albert Wesker was a man who sought power and domination over the entire human race, all for his own gain. To this end, he was affiliated with the Umbrella Corporation, as one of its most promising researchers, and at the same time participated in illicit activities by going undercover in the Raccoon City Police Department's Special Tactics and Rescue Squad unit (S.T.A.R.S.), becoming one of its team captains and overall leader.

Other: Superhuman. That is all.
Vampyre Alchemist
@DNA Is a Spy - Yours is most definately accepted.
(thank you. I hope you don't mind If I use another charictar as well. I'd make a profile, but I'm too lazy...)
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