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Please post the discussions on the content of episode 17 here.
This thread is declared as a Spoiler zone for the content of the first 17 episodes.

* Where to watch this episode

* HD Screen caps of this episode to be posted on this link address sometime later

* Episode Preview from FMA-2 official JP site:
(Translation by Tombow, with episode title from official sub on
Episode 17: "Cold Flame"
Ross is under the military custody as an suspect for the murder of Hughes, and the situation seems turning worse for her. Then, to her surprise, Barry attacks the brig where Ross is being held, and together with Ling, helps Ross escape from the military custody. The military issues an order to capture Ross, even shoot to kill if necessary. Ed and Al head for the Headquarters to find out the truth. But, even before Ed and Al find out more about the situation, Roy shows up before Ross, and shoot the flame toward Ross.......

Also, FYI, preview of the next episode (episode 17) from FMA-2 official JP site
(Translation by Tombow, the episode title is from official sub on
Episode 18: "The Arrogant Palm of a Small Human"
Ed is ordered by Roy to return to Resembool with Armstrong. But, as soon as they arrive at Resembool they are met by Breda who tells them that they are secretly leaving to visit the ruin of the legendary capital of Xerxes. After crossing the vast desert they finally reach the ruin where Fu was waiting for them. Fu guides them deep in the ruin where they meet with another unexpected person....


Episode Summary: (To be filled)

Characters in this episode: (To be filled)

Locations: (excluding review and preview scenes, to be filled)

Sound Track info for this episode that's known to us so far: (To be filled)

FMA manga reference: To the readers of FMA manga (To be filled)
My initial impressions of the episode:

- As expected, Ed discovering from the paper that Maria Ross has been arrested loses some impact now that he already knows Hughes is dead.
- Though I hate Ling with at least sixty percent of the fiber of my being, I sure do like seeing his antics with Barry the Chopper.
- I still can't get used to Maria Ross's voice in this series. The first series voice was far, far superior.
- Henry Douglas still looks like vomit. I mean, come on, are they even trying?
- I felt like they wasted an opportunity by reshuffling the events covered by the past few episodes, because the scene in the alley with Roy should be an episode ender, not a halfway mark like here.
- Doctor Knox appears. Wooh, I guess. Sounds as I expected him to.
- Can we get some new background music for this show at some point? Seriously. There's more variety of music in Lupin III.

While it was okay, I wasn't really blown away by the episode. Maybe my expectations were too high.
Screenshots from usual blog:
QUOTE (amestris_star @ Jul 26 2009, 08:19 PM) *

Thanks amestris_star ^___^
This will make up for the laggy Keyhole experience.
I missed so many scenes and there was no sound. XD

Forsaken Love
judging from the screenshots this episode looks pretty good! And the xerces thing is next ep, thank god they will leave us hanging a bit before they reintroduce maria, and the armstrong randomly punching ed is great XD and we have ed lieing around on the hotel bed yay, the only thing is that the newspaper scene will be kinda unepic now they know about Hughues death, I really wish they left it alone, but im looking forward to watching this later
I actually really enjoyed this episode. And it was definitely much more faithful to the manga than episode 16. In fact the only negative things I can say about this episode (certain scenes not having the same impact as they did in the manga) was because of changes that were made in episode 16 not anything in this episode. In fact the more I think about it the more I dislike episode 16 but well that's past us now.

The alley scene probably would have been better at the end of the episode for the most impact but the scene itself was still done very well. I also really liked the scene with Ed, Al, and Winry talking in the room and Ed asking Winry what he should do (it was much better than the apple pie scene I will say that).

Lots of great comedic moments too such as Roy flirting with Elizabeth and Ling & Barry driving Falman crazy all made me smile just as much as they did in the manga.

There were also a lot of great Armstrong moments in this episode (both serious and humorous)
Ooh, screenshots look awesome! I see lots of manga panels biggrin.gif I'm glad they kept in the part where Armstrong punches Ed and drags him off. laugh.gif

@penguintruth: Remind me who Henry Douglas is, for some reason I completely forgot...
QUOTE (kkg22104 @ Jul 26 2009, 03:47 PM) *
@penguintruth: Remind me who Henry Douglas is, for some reason I completely forgot...

The officer who was questioning Ross.
QUOTE (amestris_star @ Jul 26 2009, 09:53 AM) *
QUOTE (kkg22104 @ Jul 26 2009, 03:47 PM) *
@penguintruth: Remind me who Henry Douglas is, for some reason I completely forgot...

The officer who was questioning Ross.

Oh yeah, that dude. Well it's not like he was that good looking to start with. Thanks amestris_star happy.gif

And something else I noticed, they forgot to change Ed's outfit! He's supposed to have a different black jacket on; it has a different clasp at the top: manga vs. anime.
Forsaken Love
oh craps i forgot to put a spoiler tag! er thanks to whoever put it in! sorry sorry!

eeeeeeeee I really wanna' watch this episode! I wonder if RAWS are out yet *goes to look*
Please forgive me again for another Anime1 comparison. Yes, I'm sure you like MangaRoss better, that the manga portrays her better, etc.
But I liked Anime1's portrayal of Maria Ross as the series' honorary cavalry officer. When a character is in trouble, She and Denny Bloch would come to the rescue! 'Mr. Trouble never hangs around when he hears that mighty sound..."Here I come to save the day!" and you'll know Maria Ross is on the way!'
Winry and Schiesza about to be attacked by Sloth? No Need to Fear! Ross and Denny are here!

The Brothers Elric considered fugitives! No Need to Fear! Ross and Denny are here in Reseembol to help them!

The Brothers Tringham ordered to be executed? No Need to Fear! Ross and Denny are here!

Izumi Curtiz coughing up blood before RoboArcher? No Need to Fear! Ross and Denny are here!

Sorry, I just have a thing for females coming to the rescue. Goes way back to the Three Good Fairies in Disney's Sleeping Beauty.
Yeah like other people, I think the Roy in the alley scene could've been at the end of an episode for greater impact, like a cliffhanger. I dunno about anyone else but it felt to me like he was dropping tiny hints about Ross still being alive after that scene..
I preferred the manga's newspaper scene better, since Ed would have more of a reason to anger at Mustang (I mean in the anime he learnt about Hughes's death, but didn't seem to have any reaction towards Mustang between that and the newspaper scene, so it'd be weird to suddenly have him anger at Mustang about that). But it still ended off quite okay.

I really liked the phone flirting scene, ha. Can't wait for the next ep.
(Mustang really sounded like Urahara in that scene, I think xD)
Mr. Deathy
A few of the cuts were a bit unfortunate (they took out Hawkeye saying Mustang was out and wouldn't be back soon, also Barry knocking out Falman with the phone and stealing Ling's sword) but I was glad that as a whole the majority of this episode was intact, even if it was in a very different order from the manga.

I knew the Ross scene would be in the middle of the episode ever since the titles came out basically and knew it wouldn't feel as effective as the manga but meh, they've had tons of cliffhanger manga moments in the middle of episodes now and it's not going to change, just have to get used to it.

Art was a tad off in the episode but I think this was by the worst team (also done ep 7) so it wasn't too bad considering that.

I'm glad they snuck some of chapter 37 in, it looks like next episode will cover chapter 40, the rest of 37 about half of 41. That leaves episode 19 to focus exclusively on chapters 38 and 39. I'd still rather it was slower pacing for those scenes but at least they're not doing anything crazier than that.

QUOTE (penguintruth @ Jul 26 2009, 04:46 AM) *
- Can we get some new background music for this show at some point? Seriously. There's more variety of music in Lupin III.

I didn't recognise the music in the Armstrong scene near the end, was that maybe new?
I agree though there really needs to be a good few new tracks. Definitely by episode 19 too.

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QUOTE ([b]Radadinator[/b] @ Jul 26 2009, 03:12 PM) *
I still need to watch this episode, but the screenshots look good, and I'm looking forward to...what, Episode 19? Is that the one with the fight?

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QUOTE (mellulah @ Jul 26 2009, 03:27 PM) *
Any I liked some of this episodes background work. I mean the lighting in the alley was beautiful and atmospheric. I think the order switch hasn't done much damage and I suppose they don't want Roy to seem like and [All hail lord Xenu] for too long.

And just another can anyone hate Envy with the cute little faces he was pulling this episode! I mean you can't despise something that looks that adorable. I mean sure theres the mass murdering and killing.. laugh.gif anyway I still wanted to give him a hug this episode.

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QUOTE (rzerox21xx @ Jul 26 2009, 03:55 PM) *
I love this episode, they did a good job and I like the music in this series. I don't see the bad about this, most animes I seen always repeat the same piece over in each episode. Let the series progress and become better.

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Serb Alchemist
I have [Eclipse] sub. 17th episode,... If anyone wants it, I he can ask me by message, and I will give him the link... cool.gif
Just watched it RAW. Most of the time, based on the manga dialog, I could guess what they were saying, but I think I'll watch the sub later, just to be sure. My initial thoughts are these:
I don't know, the characters just seem to be shifting slightly in appearance every episode. (Except maybe Ed, Al, and Winry.) Hawkeye especially, I mean jeez. Pick an eye shape and stick with it, am I right? Other than that, I was happy with the way the showed the body language of the characters, and the added expressions of Edward during Winry's "blah blah feelings" speech were a nice touch.
Voice Acting:
Not bad, but not particularly notable, in my opinion. But Ling's voice continues to satisfy me, and Dr. Knox was as expected as well.
The messed up order of things is finally evened out, but is it just me who, during the preview of the next episode was like, "What the... they JUST killed her and one episode later they reveal the 'OMG she's alive' moment?! I had to go through about 5 chapters of thinking she was dead, the new FMA viewers should have to go through more than just a week!"?
QUOTE (Hagaren_4ever @ Jul 19 2009, 07:50 PM) *
I haven't wanted to kill the "Fullmetal Alchemist!" guy in such a long time. I'm liking him lately.

Curse you, jinxes!! Cuuurrrsee yoooouuu!!
Just watched the sub. Mustang sure makes a good villain. I thought this episode was up to par, and definitely leaves the viewer with uncertain thoughts about everything by the end, which is what it was supposed to do.
Great episode!
Even though Mustang killing Maria would have done great at the end (like a cliffhanger), I still liked the ending.
I loved Ling and Barry driving Falman crazy! hilarious!
The animation was good, but I thought Envy looked strange.

Can't wait unitl the next episode! The ruins of's gonna be awesome!
QUOTE (Jen_Elric @ Jul 26 2009, 10:26 PM) *
The animation was good, but I thought Envy looked strange.

I also think Envy looked odd. Good thing Envy didn't have center stage. I think they nailed Mustang though. I also liked the image of Ed scowling at Mustang in the alley.

Did anyone notice the unusually long pause before Ed asked Winry for advice? They could have made it shorter lol
I absolutely love Ling XD I think they're doing such a great job with him. He and his retainers are my favorite thing about this adaptation thus far. I'm really, really pleased with how they turned out wub.gif

And the Barry and Falman parts were good too :3

I liked the Roy and Maria subplot as well. He was such a villain in this episode...

one thing I wasn't thrilled with was that little bit with him at the end being all "now they won't hinder me"...that was unnecessary foreshadowing that I think they could have easily done without. Although I suppose it did make him seem much more evil, because if you don't know what he's referring to it makes him sound like he's going to try to take over the world or something XD

Anyway, I can't wait for next week. I hope we get a lot more Ling :3
Maybe my expectations were too high, but I was sort of let down by the "big event" of the episode, the scene in the alley with Roy and Maria.

First, because Ed and Al already knew about Hughes' death, their finding out about her arrest and running out to get answers isn't as dramatic. In fact, I sort of don't believe they would even run out right away like that just for Ross' arrest. It was that extra jolt of discovering Hughes was dead that led them to run out like they did in the manga.

Second, the scenes leading to the "event" didn't really build the way it did in the manga, and you don't know how Roy could even have known about Ross' escape. It could just be because I know how these events pan out from the manga, but there was a little too heavy hinting for my liking, and the lead-in to the scene was a little too quick.

The events in of themselves do amp up the tension in the story. I only wish they could have kept the proper manga event order and had the aforementioned scene at the end of an episode, not halfway through this one. If anything is an episode finale moment, it's that one. The first series was always good at doing things like that.

I can't be too picky, I suppose. I did like the episode, it just didn't enthrall me like I expected it to.
Forsaken Love
Lol anyone find the epic music when Armstrong was punching Ed and dragging him off was soooooooo inappropiet XD lololol, I was like eh?? Normally I don't notice too much wrong with the music even though a lot of people go on about it, but that was really random, serious music in a comic scene lol XD
My thoughts after watching the subs:

-They mentioned Ling's age when he was in prison, so maybe they're not going to do the Ling/Ed height comparison. sad.gif
-Soundtrack is getting way to repetitive. I think they used the same melody/theme within like five minutes of each other, just with different instruments.
-Lol @ evil babysitter Hawkeye laugh.gif (I wonder why she slammed the door...)
-Poor Falman tongue.gif
-Winry was really cute in this episode :3
-Maybe I'm being nitpicky, but they forgot to change Ed's jacket!
-Switching the events around didn't really bother me, I thought it still flowed even if Bones didn't follow the manga exactly.

Looking forward to Xerxes biggrin.gif
Personally, plot-wise, I loved the whole episode. I'll admit that the Ross killing would have been epically dramatic at the end, but whatever. I think it was still a great episode.

The music - at the end of this episode it didn't fit at all, and they are using the SAME FRICKIN' FOUR OR FIVE PIECES. Seriously, new music would be nice, BONES.

art - I thought it was well-animated, but some characters did look kinda funky. Like Envy and Ed. And I agree with Hagaren4eva - they need to fix Hawkeye's eyes! Honestly! Earlier in the series they were okay, but now they are huge (and changing shape)! It doesn't even look like Hawkeye anymore. (But if anyone has seen Hawkeye in the Wii game trailers, her eyes look fine. O.o)

Anyway, I still really enjoyed this episode. I can't wait for the next one. biggrin.gif
Serb Alchemist
I HATE MUSTANG!!!! angry.gif angry.gif angry.gif

Ross sorry.gif sorry.gif
Kale Mustang
Watched this subbed last night, and overall I'm content with this episode. Not completely happy nor completely disappointed, but content.

The re-working of the events was fine, though I wanted to see more from Ling & the others - loved that part when they're all in the hideout eating. Poor Falman... laugh.gif It's always the straight man that suffers...

Couple of inconsistencies with the art, but that's normal.

Glad they kept the babysitter line and Winry's speech (and delivery of it) was great, I liked that her voice was just near-whisper as it's clear that she's been keeping her thoughts private.

Maria was adorable, especially when she was in her cell, struggling with her 'options'.

Roy's exactly how he's supposed to be at this point - the truth revealed should be excellent.

Also liked the VA for Knox, he's got that world-weariness in his voice, which fits.

I look forward to next week's episode.
Jealous Rogo
QUOTE (kkg22104 @ Jul 27 2009, 07:15 AM) *
-They mentioned Ling's age when he was in prison, so maybe they're not going to do the Ling/Ed height comparison.

That was my first thought when he mentioned his age. I'd actually forgotten that Lin even mentioned his age while he was imprisoned, well it's a shame we've lost the height scene most likely but we'll live no doubt.

Onto the rest of the episode:

- So they changed Ross relaying everything that had gone on during her interrogation to Armstrong to just straight up showing the interrogation. The cyncial part of my brain can't help but think this was done to give Henry Douglas more screentime and therefore to justify his appearance in one of the eyecatches. But that's just crazy talk.

- This results in Armstrong now being told he's not allowed to speak with Ross, which I can't decide is realistic or not. This probably means it doesn't matter.

- As slow as the scene was, I really like the scene with Winry trying to form an opinion on what the brothers should do. It's a nice scene that shows some nice characterisation on Winry's part.

- Kinda dissapointed that they took out Barry asking for the phone, as well as the small scene where Falman comes to. No big loss as we're not idiots who can't put two and two together. Also we'll probably see them soon anyway

- I'm actually in favour of Barry not stealing Lin's sword during the escape. Why? Because in the manga, Barry pretty much says 'this is mine now' but in later chapters Lin has clearly gained his sword back. Now I never much bought the idea that Barry just gave Lin his sword back so I'm happy to see that scene gone.

- Speaking of Lin, glad to see almost all of his humourous scenes were kept in tact. I especially love the smoke signals scene. Barry's reaction was pretty much perfect as well.

- I thought adding the scene where Hawkeye asks for leave and then slams the door upon leaving was a tad... odd. I'm not bothered by adding new scenes, it just seemed a tiny bit unecessary. I guess they're trying to make it seem like Hawkeye is angry at Mustang (Envy's dialogue before that supports this) and thus make it a bigger surprise when it turns out that the girl on the phone IS Hawkeye

- Now while I agree that Ross' death would've been a better cliffhanger, I think that BONES deserve praise for the way they ended this episode. Using what had built up over the course of the episode, they managed to portray Mustang in a way that could make you question what he's planning. It's nice to see Mustang portrated as the scheming little so and so that, let's face it, he is.

All in all, not a bad episode at all in my opinion. Not one of the best so far. Alot of held frames in the animation and alot of cheating as well (oh thought you could slip Ed sitting up between shots and no one would notice, eh BONES) and Barry in particular looked off model but, as I said last week, I wont condem them for that.

Next week looks... dissapointing to be honest. I expected next week for them to be getting into the gut of the action during this story arc, but it looks like most of next week will be devoted to Xerxes and more talky talky.

I wouldn't mind so much if I didn't suspect they've only brought Xerxes forwards so a. we know Ross is alive and b. Scar can get mentioned.

See ya next week
I really liked this episode. The pacing was finally normal, and it was better than last week. Ling was the best part...and Barry, too! Ross was funny and cute as well.

Roy was win, but all the foreshadowing was a bit much. Unless people DO interpret it like Aribelle says, that he's trying to sabotage the planet or whatever XD

So it was a great episode, only thing I'm going to say is why add Riza slamming the door, which seemed to do nothing for the plot, and then cut short scenes about the same length like Barry on the phone or Falman calling Riza and her saying Roy won't be back for a while?

Oh, and why isn't he on the phone at the end? At this point, Fuery's supposed to be calling in. Oh well, hopefully it'll be in next episode.

I was waiting on tenderhooks for this episode and it didn't disappoint...on the whole. Again, music needs to change. The repetitiveness is beginning to grate. Although the death of Ross was as dark and dramatic as I was hoping for, it really, really should have been placed at the end as a cliff-hanger, like others have already mentioned. It was just too good to have as a midway point.

Also, and I suppose this probably sounds utterly ridiculous, but that announcer completely ruined the mood for me coming in halfway through Ed's confrontation with Mustang (when I totally didnít expect it XD) with his booming 'FULLLLL METALLL ALCHEMIST!!!~~' Yes, thanks for making me accidentally snort during a serious moment Mr. Announcer. If this series turns out bad it will be your fault entirely. tongue.gif

Argh. I love to hate Mustang. He really is playing villain in this episode. Just one example, aside from the obvious - the comment he made to Armstrong about all the beautiful women in Eastern HQ straight after killing Ross made him appear so despicable I just wanted to punch him even though I know what comes next, its a knee-jerk reaction! I truly wanted to murder him when I read it in the manga.... Ed's reactions were well portrayed - his anger, shock and confusion. I really felt for him in this episode. Al too.

I liked the early scene between Ed, Al and Winry, although what was with that looooong pause? Haha. Maybe it was because Winry's face didn't move during it so everything looked frozen. But I'm glad they didn't miss this scene out; I understand Winry's dilemma and its good to hear it voiced.

Dr Knox! Can't wait to see more of him. He has the perfect VA.

Can I adopt Ling please? I loved him in this episode, he and Barry were hilarious!

Well, that's all that springs to mind right now, roll on next week!
Unimpressed again. And kinda bored for the beginning and toward the end.

Usual changes from the manga and the event reshuffling meant that things didn't work out half as well. And the stuff with Maria Ross came off a little too...Suspicious.

They did seem to get some humour in there at last though. Though it wasn't the smartest of comedy. :\

Didn't think the music in this episode was too good either. That tune when Winry was talking was just...Not good. At all.

Also the first time I've actually noticed Hawkeye's ridiculous changing appearance.
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The episode was nice. Not really awesome and not really bad. Nice one. The music was great as always, drawing and animation too. But it lacked certain emotion from manga and previous episoded. Also, I find FMA episodes too short :< But EdXWin ftw

edit: also, there were no annoying super deformed characters. great.
I liked that episode. Some things were different, but it was still done so that it made the episode flow. It really feels that they are moving it along though. I enjoyed the part where Barry and Ling meet. Also the part where Ed finds out that Roy burned Ross. I do enjoy the music, but like penguin truth I do think that there needs to be more variety.
Yeah, I also think the episode was nice and all, but it lacked some of the emotion that manga had. It just didn't feel as dramatic this time D:

Still, great episode. I'm really looking forward to the next ep again! I've been waiting for the desert part, for some reason. It somehow 'truly' turns the story into manga-only plot (therefore- things we see are going to be something never seen on the first anime from now on. ) I'm kinda excited about that biggrin.gif

..though yes, I have to agree with Hagaren_4ever: It's still a bit funny to see the story going this fast, even now. revealing Maria's situation right at the next episode just doesn't give that surprised feeling people had in the manga. The whole death thing just feels like an unnecessary side-addition in anime now. She dies - poof- then she's alive again. What the. o.o
^Although her death was kinda the spark of the whole Mustang group becoming awesome and devious. I mean from here on out they're, well... pretty awesome. And I feel if Maria hadn't died this awesomeness wouldn't have occurred. But still. One episode? Really?
Sorry for the whole comment being in a spoiler block, guys. Bear with me for a few more episodes here. >_<
My complains mainly lies with last ep .it should have move ahead of ep i think this is quite goodthough it does not have the manga ones-which made me speechless,and would like to hit mustang plus getting annoyed at his phone calls(lol).i guess it's bcos they move the scenes and the newspaper scene is slightly changed.
the part where roy suddenly appear in front of ross is awesome,and overall the part of the story is very good.I think the tempo is intact,and it's quite exciting for me .
for music,,it's mostly repeated.however i dont feel really annoyed as in ep 15 ranfan fight scene.there are a few pieces where i think might be new/variation,such as where winry talk(i think it consist of a harp and xylophone/celeste/glass harp).the only slight complain i have is a fine piece of music where ed meets armstrong and armstrong beats him-the music there played too early
my main problem is with the early part of the ep-of its art's somewhat rough,and ross was not well drawn(if u notice her neck),along with some scenes of roy's face,but in a few scenes he's well drawn.i like its background art though,esp in the alleyway.another problem is they made mustang less evil here,so i think that barry line should be excluded,even if it's included in manga
i dont think his laugh sounds like urahara,but the his convo got urahara vibes
he and riza seiyuu corraborated b4 in bleach-a few yrs b4-& she sounds a bit like where ichigo meets rukia first time in class.some forumers says it's like rukia hitting kon(dont sounds like it to me)
Yeah, the part where Ed finds Mustang and the smoking corpse on the ground was well done. Also, the music that starts playing in the background is that weird music that so far has always been associated with the homunculi and the gate, but this time it is being played as we see Mustang turning and going "yo, fullmetal" as the smoldering flesh is laying between Roy and Ed. Very effective. Anyone who doesn't know the manga story has to have been thinking "What the hell is going on?" from then all the way to the end of the episode.

One thing I thought was interesting was that Douglas essentially accused, or at least, suggested, that Mustang organized Maria's escape from prison so that he could kill her himself. This seems like a plausible case to the viewer, because naturally Falman and Barry are directly under his command, and Falman had spoken to the colonel on the phone before all of this happened. But then later on when Falman was speaking to Barry, he mentioned that if the Colonel found out that Barry got out he would be in trouble, which indicates that Mustang did not know what was going on with how Maria escaped. I wonder if they'll clear that up in the next episode
Sword Alchemist
Poor Maria. The sad look in her eyes in the beginning of the episode was heartbreaking. She looked so weary.

Henry Douglas is now on my list of hated characters. Stupid nazi.

And poor Denny Brosh was so desperate to help Maria but couldn't.

Barry and Ling make a very good and funny team.

Why did they give Henry Douglas the eye catcher. Why not give Maria another eye catcher. After all, she was the main character of this episode.
Please add FMA:B English dubbed episode 17 (on CN on Adult Swim) talk-back/discussions here. smile.gif
Kale Mustang
Just watched the dub, and the episode was really well done.

Voice-wise, it sounds like everyone's hitting their comfort zones, so now everyone sounds natural. The only voice I wasn't really happy with was Knox, as he didn't sound as weary as I thought he should of, but the voice did have a quietness that matched the Japanese seiyuu.

I loved the Roy-Elizabeth phone call, only because it seemed more natural in the dub. For Elizabeth, it sounded like Colleen used her natural voice so it was very easy to make the distinction between Elizabeth and Riza. I wish Elizabeth sounded more 'air-heady', but the voice was still fitting.
They cut out the sexism >_> as horrible of a thing as it is, it made me hate Henry Douglas even more (which..I like?) . So I was hoping they would keep in his "The shot was at point blank, so even a woman could have done it" line. sad.gif

Other than that complaint, I loved the ep biggrin.gif I'd forgotten about all the funny Ling and Barry parts in this ep. So it was good to see it again. My favorite part of the episode though was Roy and Riza on the phone XD Always makes me giggle.
I thought all the VA's are really getting into groove. I though Vic could have sounded more LOLANGRY at Mustang though. :/

Anyone else take note that the opening song still says that it is "again by YUI" ?
You'd think FUNi would have noticed this.
I'm disappointed they cut out the sexism, too. However, it's still implied, I think. Douglas's English VA sure makes me hate him.

I was always confused if that was Riza or one of the women from that bar on the phone, but I guess now I know it's Riza. Sometimes Japanese voices don't sound distinct enough for me.

Travis Willingham continues to "do his thing". I thought Dr.Knox was well-cast, though I wasn't expecting anything from him. I'm starting to like Barry's VA, maybe since he's somewhat of a good guy in Brotherhood.

This episode was darker than I remember it being. Travis's first line in the alleyway (don't remember what it was) sounded like he'd just avenged Hughes' death.
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QUOTE (Vlyse @ Jun 6 2010, 06:20 AM) *
I was always confused if that was Riza or one of the women from that bar on the phone, but I guess now I know it's Riza.

Lol yeah, after a second I thought "HELLO AGAIN, COLLEEN CLINKENBEARD."
Oh man... Roy's phone call was hilarious. I think I'm just loving the variations on Roy and Riza's voices too much in this series! tongue.gif
For those who missed this episode, it will be on again late tonight on Adult Swim (U. S.). smile.gif
For those who missed this episode, it will be on again late tonight on Adult Swim (U. S.). smile.gif

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